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Each year, the Provo City School District awards mini-grants that enhance students’ education through funding projects. Teachers are invited to apply and this year, Mrs. Frame has used her mini-grant award to help her first-grade students bridge learning between home and school.

“I want to use my grant to buy my student’s over-the-ear headphones with a microphone,” stated Frame. “This way they can use their microphone to record their reading voices!”

Frame also used her grant to purchase a platform titled SeeSaw. “SeeSaw helps my students get that community component, something I feel is vital when considering blended learning. Not only will students be able to upload video and audio recordings of their readings, writings, and thoughts, but I also have instant access to their work.”

After being awarded the grant, Frame and her students have been reaping the benefits. “I have been loving the new headphones, and I’ve been able to do some really fun things with their microphone with recording their reading voices!” shared Frame.

“Thanks to the SeeSaw platform, I can more easily differentiate my instruction, and keep students more engaged in learning.”

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger