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Chloe Winget, a sixth-grader at Timpanogos Elementary school, was chosen as a district art contest winner for her artistic interpretation of social distancing.

When asked about her inspiration Chloe said, “I tried to think about what would happen if we didn’t social distance, but wanted to make it light-hearted and humorous.”

“Chloe is a considerate, funny, and passionate young lady!” said Teresa Tovar (Chloe’s sixth-grade teacher). “She is aware of those around her who may be struggling or in need and strives to help them in any way she can.”

She adds, “Chloe is also a talented writer! Recently we watched the Presidential Inauguration and, afterward, wrote reflections. Chloe was very impressed by President Biden’s call for unity and his declaration that though we may look different and have different opinions, we can still show kindness by hearing, seeing, and respecting one another.”

Chloe’s art teacher, Jolin Cook, also chimed in. “Chloe not only excels in art but in everything she does. She is a true scholar. Whether we are in a thoughtful discussion, analysis of artwork, or creating, Chloe is engaged in learning. She is thoughtful, purposeful, and takes the time she needs to complete the scope of each assignment; giving the same attention to all details. She extends her learning beyond the classroom, and will often engage in extra challenges. It is fun to see where her thoughts take her and how she applies the specifics of each project.”

We are inspired by students like Chloe every day. We are thankful for her and her contribution to her school as well as the many other students and personalities! It is our students and community that makes Provo City so great. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger