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Last modified: March 9, 2020

Provo Communities that Care

Provo CTC Vision Statement

Provo is committed to being a safe and engaged community that provides a foundation for all youth through healthy family relationships, education, and service.

What is Communities That Care (CTC)

What is Provo Communities That Care (CTC)? It’s a coalition of local people solving local problems. We use the CTC system because it’s proven to work at reducing youth violence, delinquency, and substance abuse. It’s based on prevention science. What is prevention science? It’s all about working upstream of the problems rather than reacting over and over again to problems after they happen. The focus is on promoting positive development before young people become involved in problem behaviors.

The Five Phases of the process

Step 1: get started; Step 2: get organized; Step 3: develop community profile; Step 4: create a plan; Step 5: Implement and evaluate.

To learn more and how to get involved, please email

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