More About F1 Visas

F1 Visas Students interested in obtaining an I-20 form to apply for an F-1 visa to study in the public schools can do so for one year only, between 9th and 12th grade. Students on F-1 visas are required to pay the local school district the full, unsubsidized cost of their student’s education for the year, including the cost in local, state and federal funds. Attendance at a public elementary school (K-8th) is not permitted on an F-1 visa.

Total amount of students permitted for the 2021-2022 school year – 30

Please Note the new requirements for Seniors mentioned in the application.

Foreign Student (Non-Immigrant) I-20 Application for the school year 2021-2022 

General Information Provo City School District is happy to welcome and support students seeking entrance from foreign countries, this opportunity provides a cultural experience for both the incoming students as well as our District’s students. Important Things to Know:

  • School Dates 
    • Full year – Wednesday August 18, 2021 to Friday May 27, 2022 
    • 2nd Semester is from January 19, 2022 to May 27, 2022
  • Schools 
    • Provo High School (9​ -12​ ) 1199 N Lakeshore Dr. Provo UT 84601
    • Timpview High School (9​ -12​ ) 3570 N Timpview Dr. Provo UT 84604
  • No. of Students
    • 30 in Total. Space for Senior is very limited 
  • Per Capita Tuition
    • $8600.00 Year
    • $4350.00 for one Semester
    • $100.00 non-refundable application fee is included  
  • Application Due Date
    • June 15th, or as soon as filled. Seniors is March 31st
    • 2​ Semester due date is November 20. No exceptions.
  • Submit to:
    • Liz M Robles, Principal Designated School Official  280 W 940 N Provo UT 84604 Phone: 801-370-4640 Fax: 801-374-4985 
  • Student Arrival Date to Provo
    • August 9, 2021 for the full year or 1st semester
    • 2nd​ semester arrival date Jan 10​ , 2022. 

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Students should be 17 years or younger as of September 1st of the year intending to enroll in school.​ ​Students must also be 14 years or older (high school age).

We will accept a minimum number of seniors capable of graduation, and the remaining number in freshman through junior year per high school. All must demonstrate good academic standing.

Only 12th graders that could meet Utah graduation requirements will be accepted. All others will be denied. 12th graders must attend Aug-May to apply for graduation. We will not consider early graduation for younger students than 12th grade. Please see Graduation requirements for Language Art credit.

Students that have graduated from secondary education in their home country will not be considered for admittance. Students are not allowed to only audit classes.

Students can apply to come for 1st Semester,​ ​or a Full Year. If space is available we can consider students for the 2nd Semester. Once we have 30 completed applications, there will be no more considerations.

Acceptance is for ONE (1) year only in a public high school anywhere in the U.S. Students may transfer to a private high school or college from the public high school.

This application request is for an I-20 form and the application fee is $100.00. This is a non-refundable fee.

The Board shall charge the nonresident child tuition at least equal to the per capita cost of the school program in which the child enrolls. (​See Utah State Code 53G-6-306 (2)). The School Board cannot waive tuition for an F-1 student as per Section 625 of Public Law 104-208 in which Immigration requires F-1 students in the public-school system to pay the per capita cost.

The full per capita cost of an F-1 visa-seeking student needs to be paid prior to the time an I-20 form is issued. If the student will not be able to attend, a refund can be requested through a written request. A refund will be given within 10 working days.

Applications are available online at ​​ click DEPARTMENTS, click Student Services, and scroll down to Foreign Admissions.

The student must meet Utah State immunization requirements prior to enrolling. Once the student is in Utah, they must complete a TB test (Tuberculosis test -also known as PPD) and provide results to our office.

It is required that the students arrive 10 days prior to the start of the school allowing them to register for classes and be ready to start on the first day of school.

No Internet classes are allowed.

The student must have major medical insurance coverage while residing in the US with a Host Family.

Please be aware that Provo City School District does not find Host Families.

All Application information is due to the Provo City School District by the given deadlines or until we fill up.

Send questions and a complete applications to Liz M Robles 280 W 940 N Provo UT 84604 801-374-4838, Fax 801-374-4985 email: ​​ ​(subject line: Foreign Admission Request)


In order to ​approve​ a student, the district must receive the following:

●  Complete ​APPLICATION ●  High School ​TRANSCRIPT​(s) translated into English ● If the student is younger than 15, include 7th, 8th and 9th grade th​ February 2021 update ● If the student is seeking graduation or to enter in the 12​ grade they must submit a transcript for th​ th​ th​ 9​ and 10​ and current progress report for 11​ grade. Please see page 6 for information on Graduation Requirements. ● Must provide proof of English ​PROFICIENCY​ such as a TOEFL Junior score or other assessment of English, if the scores on the test are not proficient, we will require a school transcript showing their English classes with proficient grades, and a letter from a private English instructor that supports the student’s ability to comprehend the English language at a proficient level.

In order to ​accept​ a student and ​prepare​ the I-20 the district must receive the following:

● Tuition payment ● Copy of ​PASSPORT​ (this is used to match the I-20 with exact information) ● Copy of a ​BIRTH​ ​CERTIFICATE ● Student ​IMMUNIZATION​ Records ● SIGNED ​AGREEMENTS​ by Parents and Students and Authorization Release

Upon ​arrival​ to Provo City

● Fill out a pre-registration form ● Receive a TB test ● Visit Student Services (bring passport, proof of medical insurance, and any other pending documents) ● Complete registration ● Schedule an appointment with the school’s counseling office

In order to ​enroll​ a student, ​the district​ must receive the following:

● Copy of Passport with Admittance Stamp from the Department of Homeland Security ● A Signed Host Agreement ● An Original Durable POWER OF ATTORNEY signed and notarized by the Parent and the Host family ● The student must present proof of MAJOR MEDICAL COVERAGE.

In order to ​enroll​ a student, ​the school​ must receive the following:

● Copy of the Birth Certificate ● Complete Immunization Record ● Proof of Address from Host family ● A copy of the Durable POWER OF ATTORNEY signed and notarized by the Parent and the Host family ● Copy of the TB test results ● Updated and Complete Transcript(s) for 12th​ grade students ● Authorization to enroll from Student Services

Dates to Remember

  • March 31st​ – Senior applications deadline.
  • June 15​th – ​Application period will close for the year unless spots are still open at which time they can be filled with 2n​d​ Semester applications. 
  • August 9th​ – Students should arrive in Provo City. 
  • August 18th​ – School begins.
  • January 18th​ – 2nd​ Semester starts.
  • May 27th​ , 2022 – School ends.

Please see the School Calendar to know specific holiday breaks.

Financial Items:

● Pay the $100 non-refundable fee ● Pay the per capita cost ● Pay for any missing immunizations needed to start and continue enrollment ($18 per vaccinations) ● Pay for a TB test ($20 dollars) ● Pay additional registration fees at the school (approximately between $200 – $400) ● Pay school lunch fees, if desiring school lunch ● The I-901 fee must be paid AFTER the I-20 is received; this is needed for a visa appointment. Visit ​​ to set up your appointment ($350)

Immunizations and TB test:

The student must have all their immunizations to attend school and a TB test done here in Utah. You can visit a private physician or The Utah County Health Department (UCHD) provides immunizations and TB testing. For information about them please visit ​ 

Major Medical Insurance Coverage:

It is required that the student have Major Medical Insurance Coverage while residing in the United States. Purchase an insurance plan AFTER you have received your Visa ​and​ ​show proof when you arrive to Provo City School District​ for approval to enroll. Here are some insurance contacts that are familiar at insuring students from International Admissions these are only suggestions, you can find your own as well.

●  Wiseman Insurance – Local Provo Contact – (Craig Wiseman) 801-377-3060 * ​​ ​ ●  International Student Insurance, an Envisage International Company 904.758.4391 ext. 104 (Jennifer Frankel​)​ * ​ ●  CISI Cultural Insurance Services/International 800-303-8120, ext. 5088 ●  ISO, Student Health Insurance 800-244-1180 * email: ​