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Black/African American Advisory Committee

What’s the purpose of the Black/African American advisory committee?

The purpose of the Black/African American Advisory Committee is to bring Parents/Legal Guardians/Caregivers and the Provo City School District (PCSD) together to accomplish goals that will enhance the academic/social needs of all Black Students and to build on relationships and communication.

Committee Goal:

  • Provide parents/legal guardians/caregivers to have the opportunity to participate in the school life of their children.
  • Unite parents/legal guardians/caregivers and district by fostering positive communication to help understand cultural differences.
  • Nurturing community involvement by providing various cultural/social opportunities to help educate the various populations within the Provo City School District and celebrating the various cultures/differences in Provo City.

General objectives: 

Establish a supportive relationship between parents/legal guardians/caregivers of students and the Provo City School District. This relationship will be built through constructive discussions in which parents/legal guardians/caregivers will discuss the challenges that students are having in any of the schools of the Provo City School District. In addition, the Black/African American Advisory Committee will present recommendations to those problems to the Provo City School District, Student Services Department. Furthermore, the Black/African American Advisory Committee will plan activities and create strategies to strength the relationship between, parents/legal guardians/caregivers, students and the Provo City School District. 


  • To identify educational support and resources for Black students in the Provo School District.
  • To work in partnership with the Provo City School District in strengthening the services provided to Black students. 
  • Help foster a cooperative working relationship between the district and parents/legal guardians/caregivers.
  • Help increase more parent/legal guardians/caregivers’ involvement in schools.
  • Provide a forum for all parents/legal guardians/caregivers to take an active part in the education and well-being of their children.
  • Advise and present recommendations to the Provo City School District in regards to the specific difficulties that Black students are dealing within the school district. 
  • Plan family and community events that will celebrate and educate the various Black/African American cultures in the district and bring awareness to the community.

Committee Meets:

Committee meets every 4th Tuesday from 7:00-8:00 pm. During the 20-21 school year all committee meetings will be thru Zoom. Contact Brian Yazzie for the Zoom meeting link. The last meeting for the 20-21 school year will be in May, the committee will resume meetings in September for the 21-22 school year.