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For the past few months, Provo City School District board members and officials have been conducting information nights to gather community feedback about a potential bond.  The bond would include a rebuild of Wasatch Elementary School, Dixon Middle School and Timpview High School along with a classroom addition at Westridge Elementary School.

These information nights have generated much discussion about the overall condition of Timpview High School . For the past several months, the district has worked with multiple groups to assess the overall condition of Timpview and the resulting reports have been referenced at these meetings.  As requested, the district is releasing these reports to provide the Provo community an opportunity to review them.   In total, there are seven reports.  We encourage anyone interested to take a few minutes to look at the reports to more fully understand what has been presented at the information meetings. 

Dynamic Structures Report

Calder Richards Consulting Engineers Report

RB&G Engineering, Inc. Report

KMA Architects Report

CMT Engineering Laboratories Report

Curtis Miner Architecture Report

AIG Report

You will notice that the AIG report begins on page 9.  Pages 4-8 were a separate report regarding general services at Timpview and not related to the structural report or bond discussions.

Caleb Price
  • Director of Communications
  • Caleb Price