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A few weeks ago, Spring Creek celebrated the close of their annual “Freedom Week” with a “Freedom Week” assembly that included a visit from Mayor Kaufusi and Congressman Curtis. However, the highlight of the assembly turned out to be speeches from Spring Creek’s students that were about their heritage and how they can make a difference. These students included Ashley Garcia, Kea Hopoate, Micah Laughlin and Desdon Davis.

These students were selected to represent the diverse student population at Spring Creek. They wrote their speeches and submitted them to Principal Jill Franklin and were given feedback. Spring Creek’s music teacher, Julianna Gylseth, also helped the students rehearse and perfect their speech presentation in the weeks leading up to the assembly.

Listed below is information about each individual student, along with a copy of their outstanding speech.

Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia, a sixth grader, is described as “a very thoughtful person. She is aware of others and tries her best to help them, even without being asked. She has a positive attitude towards school and finds joy in her learning. She does anything that is asked of her with a smile and encourages others to do the same. Ashley is a quiet natural leader.”

In her speech, Ashley talked about how her ancestors have showed her great examples of hard work, happiness, honesty, and dedication. She stated that she will follow her ancestors examples to make a difference.

girl gives speech

Kea Hopoate

Kea Hopoate’s sixth grade teacher said, “Kea is an amazing student!  Her effort in all she does is exceptional!  If she misses even one problem on an assignment, she wants to fix it to get a better score.  She is a good friend to everyone around her and treats everyone with respect. She’s very respectful of teachers and values the opportunity to get an education.  She has a fun sense of humor and a winning smile! I’m so excited to see all she will accomplish is life because she will definitely be a leader in her own quiet, humble way.”

In Kea’s speech, she broke down seven different values from her family’s heritage that help and encourage her to make a difference. She talked about how choosing to follow these values brings peace, strengthens relationships, allows positive contributions to the community and increases her intelligence.

girl student gives speech

Micah Laughlin

Micah Laughlin is also a sixth grade student who, according to his teacher, is “a very motivated student.  Regardless of the subject area or difficulty level, Micah always pushes himself to do his best.  He loves a challenge and is excited by a difficult task. Micah is also very kind and responsible.  I can count on Micah to be nice and helpful with any desk partner, to do high-quality work, and to have a positive attitude.”

Micah used his speech to discuss what his family heritage has taught him about the Freedom Week theme “Freedom Begins with Me”. He told the story of when he received his eagle feather and how he had to promise to help members of his tribe. He explained that, since his tribe is not nearby, he views the community as his tribe and tries to make a difference in his community as often as he can.

boy gives speech

Desdon Davis 

Desdon Davis, a fifth grader, is described by his teacher as someone who “can light up a room with his smile.  He is bright, witty and inspiring. His early school years have been filled with challenges.  In this current year he has dealt with the death of his father, his teacher leaving shortly after the school year began to get married and move to another state, and the complete turn over of teachers in his resource classes.  These challenges would rock any fifth grader’s life. Desdon has met the changes head on and is winning.”

In his speech, he talked about his dad and the strong example set for him. He discussed how he wants to follow his example and honor his heritage.  He closed his speech by stating powerfully: “There’s nobody else like you in this whole world. That’s pretty cool”.

boy gives speech

Through these students’ powerful examples and words, they were able to showcase their great heritages and demonstrate to others how to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives and communities.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger