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Last modified: September 21, 2023

Speech and Language Services

Speech language pathology services means services provided by or under the supervision of a qualified speech language pathologist and include:

  • Identification of students with speech or language impairments;
  • Diagnosis and appraisal of specific speech or language impairments;
  • Referral for medical or other professional attention necessary for the habilitation of speech or language impairments;
  • Provision of speech and language services for the habilitation or prevention of communicative impairments; and
  • Counseling and guidance of parent(s) or adult students, students, and teachers regarding speech and language impairments.

For more information, please contact your school principal, your school’s speech language pathologist, or your child’s special education teacher.

Speech Language Pathologist

Sarah Decker
Christie Kapenda
Abby Parry
  • Speech Pathologist / Amelia Earhart Elementary and Provost Elem
  • Abby Parry
Sarah Payton
Randall Pierce
Joy Smith
  • Speech Pathologist / Canyon Crest Elementary and Centennial Middle School
  • Joy Smith
Cheryl Thornton
Rachel Warner

Speech Language Technicians (SLTs) and Speech Aides

Karen Caldwell
Miranda Kofford
  • Speech Language Tech / Provo Peaks Elementary and Provo Peaks Cluster
  • Miranda Kofford