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Last modified: October 28, 2022

Teacher Page

Are you wondering if your student needs extra help in P.E.?  This referral will help us understand your student.  Please click on the following link and fill out the referral form.  This referral form is not a test but gives us a good idea of where a student’s ability is.  If they are struggling with skills on the referral form, they might need my assistance and formal testing. 

After the survey has been filled out, I’ll contact you for more information and times to come visit.  If more testing is needed, we then need to fill out an official permission to evaluate form and have it signed by the student’s parents.  

For elementary age students, I use the TGMD-2 (Test of Gross Motor Development-2) to get standardized scores and see where they are compared to their same age peers.  Testing information is then recorded and reported to the student’s parents, and the student’s teacher.  

Does your student have problems with playing multi-step games, understanding rules, having problems linking skills together?