*Budget As Per Bid Budget From Bond Funds Budget From Capital/Other Sources To Date Expenditures
Rock Canyon $14.5m $13.8m $620,000 $14,755,927.30
Sunset View $13.9m $13.9m $14,129,931.55
Provo High $79.7m $55.5m $24.2m $72,573,072.15
Edgemont $14.5m $13.4m $1.1m $14,989,073.19
Provost $14.1m $11.5m $2.6m $10,722,234.51
  $136,700,000.00 $108,000,000.00 $28,520,000.00 $127,170,238.71

*This represents an all-inclusive budget: Construction, Architects, Engineering, furniture, fixtures, etc.. Bid Budget subject to change for value engineering/ change orders.

Rock Canyon Elementary and Sunset View Elementary are wrapping up their first year in operation in...