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Students at Rock Canyon Elementary School are EveryDay Strong, and United Way of Utah County came to the school to prove it. On Thursday, November 16, representatives from United Way of Utah County implemented their EveryDay Strong program to help youth facing anxiety and depression.

Each year, the number of students facing anxiety and depression goes up. According to the Utah Student Health and Risk Prevention survey, in 2011, 13.1 percent of students faced two or more weeks of feeling hopelessness everyday. In 2015, that number raised to 21.5 percent. United Way of Utah County’s goal is to stop this number from continuing to raise and provide support and tools for parents to better help their children.

Rock Canyon students are learning how to combat mental health through the EveryDay Strong program. Anxiety, depression and suicide are very real concerns and United Way of Utah County is determined to help provide our students and parents the resources they need to stay strong. We are grateful for their support and the strength they give our community.

Shalee Hiskey
  • Shalee Hiskey