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Last modified: July 30, 2020

Elementary Students K-6 Available Learning Options

The objectives of our Return to School Plan include protecting the health and safety of our students and staff, and engaging students in meaningful learning opportunities.  The district has presented two options for the fall, full-time online or in-person learning. A third option has now been developed that will allow for greater social distancing, reduction in the number of students in our buildings at any given time, and continuation of face-to-face instruction when necessary. We are calling this third option Home Study. As conditions continue to change in our community, we recognize the need to closely monitor and adjust this plan when needed.  Here are the options available for elementary students:

1. In-Person Reduced Schedule Classroom Option

Students are assigned an in-person teacher and will receive instruction on a reduced schedule. The level of face-to-face interaction will depend on the current status of the pandemic. The system will adjust or flex to support our board objectives.

In school

2. Home Study Option

This is an extension of option 1. Students will keep the same in-person teacher as Option 1 and all essential learnings and course materials will be provided through Canvas. The Home Study is aligned with in-person instruction to allow students to move freely between the two.

Option 1 and 2 are interchangeable to accommodate potential needs of families dealing with any illness.

home study

3. Online Option

Students may choose to enroll in eSchool full time each quarter. Students have the ability to access information, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and communicate with teachers online on their own time separate from the teacher.

On line