2020 Return to School Plan


The objectives of our Return to School Plan include protecting the health and safety of our students and staff, and engaging students in meaningful learning opportunities.  The district has presented two options for the fall, full-time online or in-person learning. A third option has now been developed that will allow for greater social distancing, reduction in the number of students in our buildings at any given time, and continuation of face-to-face instruction when necessary. We are calling this third option Home Study. As conditions continue to change in our community, we recognize the need to closely monitor and adjust this plan when needed.


Provo City School District is committed to identifying ways to fully meet the learning needs of each of our students while providing the flexibility needed to adjust to the changing health situation in our community.  As a parent you have options that will allow you to choose the best fit for your family.  The first option allows students to return to school for in-person instruction on a reduced schedule.  As part of this option, you can keep your child at home if they are sick or if you have concerns, and they can continue learning with the same teacher.  The second option is an extension of the first, which allows students to participate through home study. Students will remain with the same in-person teacher as option one and access learning materials online.  The first two options are designed to be interchangeable and allow students to smoothly transition between the two as needed based on circumstance or choice.  The third option allows students to enroll in eSchool full-time for the term.  As shown below, schools will reopen in phases to allow students and staff time to adjust to the new processes and procedures.

Phase 1: Early Dismissal Schedule – 50% Building Capacity 

  • Early Dismissal Schedules will run Monday – Thursday Early dismissal times and Fridays will be used for teacher consultation, planning and feedback, as well as enhanced sanitation efforts.
  • Students will atend in-person 2 times per week
  • District wide, students will be assigned which days to attend alphabetically by last name to ensure that families with multiple children in the district are on the same schedule
  • If students in the same household have different last names, we will work with the families to allow their students to attend on the same days
  • Emphasis on teaching health and hygiene procedures, and accessing Home Study materials

Phase 2: Early Dismissal School – 100% Building Capacity

  • Early Dismissal Schedules will run Monday – Thursday
  • All students attend Monday – Thursday

Phase 3: Regular Schedule – 100% Building Capacity

  • Regular Monday – Friday schedule resumes as permitted by health conditions

Bell Schedule During Phase 1 & 2

Elementary Schools

  • Lakeview, Timpanogos 8:20 – 1:20
  • Provost 8:25 – 1:25
  • Amelia Earhart, Edgemont, Franklin, Provo Peaks, Rock Canyon, Sunset View, Wasatch, Westridge 8:40 – 1:40
  • Spring Creek 8:45 – 1:45 Canyon Crest 8:50 – 1:50

Secondary Schools

  • Centennial Middle School 8:05 – 1:05
  • Dixon Middle School 8:00 – 1:00
  • Provo High School 7:30 – 12:20
  • Timpview High School 7:30 – 12:20
  • Independence High School 8:00 – 1:00

Specialty School

  • East Bay Post High 7:40 -11:40

Elementary Students K-6 Available Learning Options

1. In-Person Reduced Schedule Classroom Option

Students are assigned an in-person teacher and will receive instruction on a reduced schedule. The level of face-to-face interaction will depend on the current status of the pandemic. The system will adjust or flex to support our board objectives.

Elementary In-person

2. Home Study Option

This is an extension of option 1. Students will keep the same in-person teacher as Option 1 and all essential learnings and course materials will be provided through Canvas. The Home Study is aligned with in-person instruction to allow students to move freely between the two.

Option 1 and 2 are interchangeable to accommodate potential needs of families dealing with any illness.

Elementary Home Study

3. Online Option

Students may choose to enroll in eSchool full time each quarter. Students have the ability to access information, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and communicate with teachers online on their own time separate from the teacher.

Elementary Online

Secondary Students Available Learning Options

1. In-Person Reduced Schedule Classroom Option

Schools will provide in-person instruction on a reduced schedule. The level of face to face interaction will depend on the current status of the pandemic. The system will adjust or flex to support our board objectives.  

Secondary In Person

2. Home Study Option

This is an extension of Option 1. Students are assigned to an in-person course. Whenever a student is unable to attend a class in person, the student may stay current in the course by accessing materials through Canvas. Students are encouraged to move back and forth between in-person and online as needed and without penalty.

Option 1 and 2 are interchangeable to accommodate potential needs of families dealing with any illness.

Secondary Home Study

3. Online Option

Students may choose to enroll in eSchool full time each quarter, with curriculum provided through BYU Independent Study. Students have the ability to access information, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and communicate with PCSD teachers online on their own time separate from the teacher. 

Secondary Online

Meeting Family Needs

attendanceAttendance Policy

Students must enroll in either eSchool or their neighborhood boundary school, but mandatory attendance is waived to permit students to freely move between In-person and Home Study options. Engagement is required for success.  Incentives for attending are discontinued. Given the contagiousness of COVID-19 and other illnesses, students and staff SHOULD NOT attend school while experiencing any symptoms.  

gradesGrading Policy

Engagement is required for success.  District leadership will work with the school board, school administrators, and teachers to develop a fair and equitable grading process for this coming year.  All processes will be based on state rules and state school board guidelines. 

technologyTechnology Support

Chromebooks will be distributed to every student as part of the school registration process. Each student will receive a Chromebook and will be expected to bring it to and from school every day. If school is held on site, students will be using these devices periodically throughout the day as part of their day-to-day learning. In the event that schools are required to go strictly online, the Chromebook students have been using will stay with them. We ask that parents encourage students to charge their Chromebooks every night.  Parents and students with specific questions or concerns can contact technology support at homesupport@provo.edu or by calling 801-373-2188.

sack lunchMeals

Provo City School District will resume breakfast and lunch meal service on the first day of the 2020/2021 school year for both in person and home study students.  Until the Federal Government grants a waiver, students enrolled in e-School are not eligible for school meal service. Find out more details and ordering here.

  • Breakfast
    • A grab-n-go breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria in all elementary and secondary schools following proper social distancing guidelines.
    • Please check your school’s website under school information for specific breakfast serving times.
  • Elementary In-School Lunch
    • Lunch meal service options will be consistent across all elementary schools for in-school learning. However, each school is unique and school administrators will plan their lunch meal service accordingly with regards to logistics and proper social distancing guidelines. For the fall school opening, lunch meal service at the elementary level will include a grab-n-go lunch with:

      • Students eating in the cafeteria

      • Students eating outside while the weather permits

      • Students eating in their classrooms

  • Secondary In-School Lunch
    • For in-person learning at the secondary school level, lunch will be offered for students in multiple serving areas as a grab-n-go option.
  • Breakfast and Lunch for Home Study and  Quarantine Students
    • Students participating in the Home Study option while enrolled in one of our 18 schools have the option to pick up a grab-n-go meal sack. Grab-n-go meal sacks may contain breakfast and lunch for multiple school days as shown on the table below. Students enrolled in the Home Study option full time may order and pick up meals daily following the steps listed below. If any family enrolled in the Home Study option experiences a hardship with daily meal pick up, please contact Laura Larsen at (801) 374-4867 or at laural@provo.edu to make other arrangements. Until the Federal Government grants a waiver, students enrolled in e-School are not eligible for school meal service.
      •  Parents/guardians must pre-order meals for their students by calling (801) 373-2183 between 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. at least one day before the meal is needed. If preferred, parents may choose to call only once per week, and then must provide the dates with the meals needed. Meals may also be pre-ordered online at ITSMealsProvo.com or on any schools website under Parent Resources.
      • The students’ full name and school I.D. number are required at time of food order.
      • Meals will be charged according to student’s meal eligibility, i.e., free, reduced or paid.
      • Home Study and quarantined students only may choose to pick up a meal sack at another Provo District school closer to their home. Parents must then also provide the name of their student’s home school and the school they wish to pick their meals up at.
      • The parent or guardian, or secondary school student may pick up pre-ordered meals from the school’s designated pick up location between 10:30 to 11:00 a.m.

planSpecial Education

Special education is about meeting the needs of the individual student. Students with disabilities who are served under an individualized education plan (IEP) will continue to receive their specially designed instruction and related services consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of students and the educators that serve them. Additionally, these students will be afforded the same educational engagement options available to all students, in some cases including both remote (e.g., online) and in-person services as determined by the IEP team. The recommendations from our State Board of Education and our State Health Department enable us to be adaptable and innovative in meeting the unique needs of students on an IEP. Please contact your school’s special education teacher leader for more information.

girlCenter for Accelerated Studies (CAS)

The CAS program will be provided for students and will follow the guidelines and schedules set for schools.  Please refer to the reopening plans, learning options and school schedules provided in this document for specific details.

Kindergarten buildingKindergarten and Sunrise Preschool

  • All Day Kindergarten Students in our all-day kindergarten classes will follow the schools A/B Schedule with an early out schedule.
  • ½ Day Kindergarten and Sunrise Preschool-Students in AM or PM classes will have their schedule adjusted to be ½ of the AM class on Monday,  ½ of the AM class on Tuesday, ½ of the PM class on Wednesday and ½ of the PM class on Thursday. Half day kindergarten will be only one day a week but with extended hours to match the early release of the rest of the school. These kindergarten classes will be extended days to allow for transportation to support all students across the district. Students will also have access to lunch as they will be there most of the day. If a parent wants or needs to pick up their students early they will need to check their student out through the main office.

playgroundTitle I Preschool

Our District Title 1 preschool program is a vital part of our educational system, but it is provided as an additional resource to families in our community. Students enrolled in the Title 1 preschool program will not have a full-time online learning option unless the school or district is closed due to COVID. For the fall opening, Title I preschool students must attend in person following the A/B schedule for a two-hour block. Students who have already been screened and enrolled in the Title I Preschool will continue to be served in their respective school locations. 

language dictionaryDual Language Immersion (DLI)

Dual Language Immersion is best served face-to-face. DLI students who opt for the full online learning (eSchool) will receive all instruction in English, not the target language. We will support these DLI students who choose the online option in the following ways:

  • Current DLI students will have their spot held for them for the 2020-21 school year. This includes first-grade students who have been accepted into the program but have not yet started.
  • Whenever possible, we will provide additional resources to support students in the target language.
  • Students will have access to online classroom programs available to them (e.g. Mandarin Matrix).
  • A connection to the DLI classroom through Zoom or another online platform once a week.
  • Students will have the option of attending DLI in-person and dual enrollment in eSchool. Dual enrollment will be handled through Student Services.

language bubbleEnglish Learning Students

Students who have been identified as English Learning students (ELs) will continue to receive English language acquisition services and support for both in-person and online instruction. To ensure EL students have access and support for academic learning, the Title III Department will work closely with each school’s EL Supervisor who directly oversees support for EL student learning in each individual school building. EL Supervisors will collaborate with classroom teachers, parents, and administrators to determine appropriate accommodations to ensure students access the general education expectations. Students who have not yet been identified, but may need to be identified as EL students, will continue to be assessed following the current district identification procedures.

A Safe Environment at Our Schools


In person learning will take place Monday – Thursday with accommodations made to ensure social distancing and safety.



All employees will wear masks at school and will work with school plans to maximize social distancing.

cleaning suppliesCleaning

The custodial services department has received specialized training regarding COVID-19 and enhanced sanitation efforts have been implemented.

hand sanitizerHand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the district in classrooms, offices, lunchrooms, and on buses. Hand sanitizer and/or regular washing of hands is recommended several times per day.

hand washingEducation

During Phase 1 of schooling, an emphasis will be placed on teaching students health and hygiene procedures.


According to state mandate, masks are required for all students, employees and visitors in schools and on buses.  One cloth mask will be provided to each student and employee.


Schools will work to maximize distance between seating and desks.  Where separating desks may not be possible, dividers and other ways to separate desks will be provided.


air ventVentilation

Over the summer air filters were replaced at every school.  The air exchange and mechanical systems that are in our K12 schools are much higher quality than what is experienced at home. 


traffic linesTraffic Flow

Flow of foot traffic will be posted and directed at each school to accommodate social distancing.  


water bottleWater Bottles

Traditional drinking fountains will be temporarily closed.  Water bottle filling stations will be available. One water bottle will be provided to each student.


A Safe Environment on Our Buses


While on the school bus, face coverings are required and should be worn properly. A full, or even half-full, bus will not allow for social distancing.


social distancingSocial Distancing

Everyone should maintain 6-foot distancing at bus stops and while loading and unloading.


hand sanitizerHand Sanitizer

Students are encouraged to use the provided hand sanitizer upon entering the bus.


load to backLoad to the Back

During morning pick up, students should load the back of the bus first to help minimize possible transmission.


seatingAssigned Seating

Students must sit in their assigned seat. (Assignments will be established during the first 2 weeks of school for contact tracing.)


scheduleRoute Changes

Due to COVID-19 routes may need to be changed or canceled. Parents will be notified as soon as possible via ParentLink and should check the district website daily for any updates to routes.


Our Commitment

In this uncertain time, Provo City School District and the Board of Education are committed to providing plans and processes to protect the health and safety of our students and staff and to provide meaningful learning opportunities.  It is our commitment to work closely with employees, parents, students and state and local officials to ensure the success of these two efforts.

The school board has set five goals that help drive their work.  Those goals are: 

  1. Continuous Academic Improvement
  2. Support for Teachers and Teaching Aligned with Research, Best Practices, and Teacher-Identified Needs
  3. Certainty and Stability in the Direction of the District
  4. Financial Prioritization, Long-Term Planning and Transparency
  5. Teamwork, Professional Conduct, and Civility

While the methods may be different, or the processes may be adjusted due to the pandemic, the work of the school board and the district will continue to be guided by these goals.  Through working together as a district and a community, we can provide a safe, healthy, and quality school year to our students.