Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Introducing ProvoREADS Theme 2020-21

ProvoREADS is a Provo City School District initiative in association with Provo City PTA to promote literacy and facilitate a broader and deeper appreciation of reading. 

ProvoREADS has made changes this year to include other district-wide literary activities and events.  The opportunities of developing that love of reading in students have broadened.  ProvoREADS has become an umbrella to which additional activities fall under.  

ProvoREADS 2020-21: Readers Are Winners! 

The new theme for this year is “Readers ARE Winners! The program will start on Sept. 21st and run thru Dec. 11th 

Students are encouraged to submit online, through Google Docs, or in-person entry for book drawings for each book they read.  Books that are counted in this includes, e-books, audiobooks, books that are read to them or they read to others.  We are in hope of a surge of student reading for pleasure. 

The question that will be asked is “What are you Reading?” to start a conversation of favorite books and books that have made a difference in their lives.

Our goal with ProvoREADS is to bring people together reading common books, increase their desire to read, and discovering the pure joy that comes from reading. 

Other Programs through ProvoREADS are:

Battle of the books Utah Beehive Book Awards Utah Online Library

For more information about this program contact your school librarian or Christine Durst at: christid@provo.

Download 2018-19 ProvoREADS Poster