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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Project Overview

Provo Way Innovative Learning’s InitiativeStudents in lab

  1. Teaching/Learning Innovation Labs: Enable one teaching/learning innovation lab in each Classroom where the most effective and relevant pedagogy, curriculum, technology, and assessment practices are on display with model teachers leading the way.
  2. Digital Inclusion: Include teachers and students in all relevant classes from across the district; We currently have nearly 350 classrooms with one-to-one chromebook labs. This provides digital access to virtually all of t and PD Library: Train and compensate teachers to submit high-quality, standards-aligned learning assets to the shared digital library.
  3. Provide Personalized Learning Sour 4-12 students.
  4. Motivated Teacher Advocates: Allow several teachers in each building, grade, course to “opt-in” for participation as model teachers, with recommendation/approval from the school principal.
  5. Personalized Learning PLC: Enable teachers to form a Personalized Learning PLC to organize and regulate their plans and progress. This PLC will be facilitated by the district project manager.
  6. District Curated Digital Conteneminars: Participating teachers will attend several training sessions in advance of launching this initiative in the classroom.