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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Our Plan

Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative

boy with circuitWhile our recent efforts have been to ensure that our teachers have a large number of instructional “arrows in their quivers,” the overall teaching model will be that of Blended Learning. A specific subset will be Problem-Based Learning. Ultimately, our classrooms must be transformed to settings where, in addition to learning the important foundational understandings of a given subject area, they are given relevant and applicable problems to research, study and solve. The regular usage of technology (both via devices and online research) is a large pillar upon which the Blended Learning approach is founded. However, our pedagogical foundation is John Hattie’s Visible Learning research, which has identified the most impactful teaching components that have the greatest effect on student learning. Employing the most effective components is an essential component of this initiative.