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From creating culture, implementing equitable processes and programs to meeting student needs, founding a community of educators supported to develop professionally, and, most importantly, by leveraging high-engagement instruction, principals matter.

On these fronts and many others, we are proud to celebrate and congratulate Spring Creek principal Ruth Ann Snow with the Provo Way Award.

Her initial nomination came from a parent, which speaks volumes about Ruth Ann’s ability to connect with students and make families feel welcome. 

This parent could not make it to the nomination, but Spring Creek Facilitator Lori Carlson and Title 1 Coordinator Michelle Blair shared how they’ve seen Ruth Ann serve the school. 

“Although a parent nominated her, any of us could have nominated her,” Lori said.

“She’s always working hard to know each student personally, and she spends a lot of time working on plans to help our teachers.”

Michelle Blair continued.

“We are so lucky to have Ruth Ann as our Principal. She’s stepped into the role, and it’s been fantastic. She’s such a hard worker. She puts her whole soul into everything she does. There’s a happy, joyful feeling at school. She’s so supportive, and everyone- the teachers, the staff, the students- feels it. We can’t thank you enough for everything you bring to Spring Creek.”

Congratulations on the award, Ruth Ann, and thank you for making Spring Creek the best it can be for our families and faculty.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei