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It’s hard for any Head Secretary to handle the dizzying amount of spinning plates that a high school has in the air with style, grace, and humor– luckily, Provo High School has Amy Adair. 

For this and many other services, we’d like to celebrate and congratulate Amy Adair with the Provo Way Award.

As Head Secretary of the Main Office, Amy juggles class lists, student records, mail, office files, bulletins, appointments, calendars, and, most importantly, she sets school spirit as the first to greet guests to the school.

Amy’s nomination comes from Janessa Zeyer, Provo High School’s Counseling Office Assistant. The two work in the front office with one another, giving Janessa several opportunities to watch Amy work through highs and lows and keep people motivated and happy throughout. Here’s her nomination letter:

“Amy is an incredible employee and friend to all! She is outgoing, excited, and amazing to work with. Provo High is so blessed to have her work here. She goes out of her way to help things run smoothly. Amy helps others feel loved and included and is just so fun to be around.”

Congratulations on the award, Amy, and thank you for bringing joy to the halls of Provo High School.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei