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23 educators from Provo City School District participated in an interdisciplinary trip to a part of the Great Basin in southern Utah during the weekend of April 13-15, 2017.

Millions of years of geologic history, landforms and delicate environmental regions were explored by Provo STEM educators. It was a hands-on, dusty learning experience. Participants returned with supplies and samples to use in the classroom.

The trip included walking through caves, digging for fossils, discovering crystals and topaz embedded in igneous rock. Participants interacted with the beautiful landscape and captured their experiences by journaling and drawing.

Educators from seven different schools participated in this professional development trip organized by Jared Ferguson, Provo City School District STEM director.

Another trip will be offered in June. Interested? please contact Jared Ferguson at

Educators dig through rocks

Educators dig for science materials

Samples gathered

Samples gathered

Educators examining rock materials

Educator with rock

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson