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Provo City Power invited the students of East Bay Post High School to the power station for a very special event. For the first time since before the pandemic, the employees of the Provo City Power set up booths, displays, and demonstrations in a fair-like extravaganza.

They centered the themes of their party around power line education and holiday cheer, with activities like a turkey bowl – a ten pin set up where participants would bowl a frozen cornish hen at a triangular set up of coke bottles – and cherry picker rides for the students and adults.

The event was kicked off by a demonstration of a live power line. The power line, charged with 12,500 volts of electricity, set the top and bottom of a melon-headed dummy aflame. The exercise was informative and cautionary, but mostly the children and adults were tickled to see the faux-human spontaneously combust.

Throughout the party, the students of East Bay also enjoyed games of corn hole, Christmas Plinko (with toys and treats were given as prizes), an opportunity to change a power line’s fuse themselves, mini-Christmas tree decorations (the small trees were donated by Thrive Nursery), and a toy truck construction project.

Finally, the event was closed up by the main event: a special in person visit from Santa Claus. With a warm invitation, Santa invited each student up by name to sit with him and presented a personalized goodie bag for the students, consisting of the student’s favorite drink, candy, fast food gift card, and a $15 gift.

PCSD gives a very special thanks to Provo Power, who not organized and orchestrated the event, and Thrive Nursery, for brightening these students’ lives.

Alexander Glaves
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  • Alexander Glaves