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Video: Provo High School receives the good news that they are a winning recipient of the Generation Esports Build an Esports Lab Campaign Grant

Provo High School was recently awarded a state-of-the-art Esports Gaming Lab in partnership with Generation Esports, the Army National Guard, Asus, and Intel. Out of thousands of applications, Provo High was one out of 25 schools in North America to receive this grant. 

As a winner of this grant, Provo High will receive six gaming PCs, monitors, and accessories from the brands Asus and Intel. Additionally, our students will receive STEM learning curriculum that teaches them how to build and maintain the lab. Generation Esports will also offer career and college advice.

“Esports has done a lot for me,” shared a student. “Being part of the Esports team has helped me grow socially and academically. I’ve been able to make friends from all around the world. I’d never want to jeopardize that so I keep up my grades to be part of the team.”

“Video games are the next thing,” shared another student. “They are creating jobs. You can make careers out of them.”

During the application process, Provo High received a Zoom call interview from Generation Esports representatives. Provo High Principal, Mr. McAffee, was present and advocated for the team. “We are fully committed to our students and giving them a space to hone their talents,” stated McAffee.

“Since we don’t have a gaming lab, most students have to go off-site and this can make it difficult to practice or compete. It can even prevent students from joining who have the desire. Having a lab, here at the school, would broaden the net giving more students opportunities to join the club leaving a positive impact.”

Shortly after his statement, Generation Esports was happy to announce that Provo High had been selected as one of the schools to receive this grant. 

The students beamed with excitement after receiving the news and cheers roared throughout the school. 

Due to the help of students like Grant Peterson—who petitioned for the high school Esports program when he was in middle school, and instructors like Tory Norman—who chairs the club, Provo High was able to reap this opportunity. 

Generation Esports will visit Provo High School onsite and help build the lab come this spring.

Congratulations Provo Bulldogs! We look forward to seeing your Esports team grow, expand and build a positive influence. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger

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