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Dixon Middle and Provo High students performed outstandingly at the state Technology Student Association (TSA) competition this year, bringing back six 1st place team awards, three 2nd place awards and six 3rd place awards. Provo City School District lead the way at the competition. Way to go!

Congratulations to the following students:

3rd Place Awards

Grant Peterson, Cody Puertes – Dixon – Challenging Technology Issues Kaitlyn Gates – Dixon – Prepared Speech Henry Harrison – Dixon – Dragster CO2 Bethany Bowen – Dixon – Career Prep Aubrie Miller – Dixon – Essays of Technology Hallie Gee, Kaitlyn Rasmussen, Lauryn Call, Brianna Gates, Jason Herring – Provo – Children Stories 2nd Place Awards

Kaitlyn Gates, Aubrie Miller, Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Daisy Bennett, Audri Wilsey – Dixon – Chapter Team Makayala Milord – Dixon – Essays of Technology Henry Harrison, Eden Wilsey – Dixon – Design Process Challenge 1st Place Awards

Jessica Redmond, Kaleb Ahlfors, Logan Corless, Grant Peterson – Dixon – Catapult Design Challenge Kaitlyn Gates, Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Kaleb Ahlfors, Logan Corless, Henry Harrison – Dixon – Construction Challenge Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Bethany Bowen, Daisy Bennett, Aubrie Miller, Kaitlyn Gates – Dixon – Community Service Video Kaitlyn Gates, Sarah Bartholomew, Brieanna Lee, Jessica Redmond, Audri Wilsey – Dixon – Environmental Engingeering Makayal Milord, Daisey Bennett, Aubrie Milller – Leadership Challenge Jane Wight, Hallie Gee, Kaitlyn Rasmussen, Lauryn Call, John Reid, Riley Jensen – Provo – Chapter Team Jane Wight was elected state TSA officer to the position of Reporter

Provo City School District has 20 students eligible for the TSA National competition, 14 from Dixon Middle School and 6 from Provo High School.

Keep up the great work!Provo students

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson