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Provo City School District offers a great adult education program that aims to promote, facilitate and expand educational opportunities and employability of the community.

The program has a variety of courses that are tailored to fit student needs. Students enrolled in the program are able to receive both college and high school credit for courses completed while enrolled at Utah Valley University or other approved colleges or vocational schools.

Students, such as Tania Malone, have had great success while attending Provo’s adult education program. “I decided to come to Provo Adult Education to finish my high school diploma. When I was a teenager, I was not motivated to finish high school. I didn’t know what my passion really was or what I wanted to do as my career. As I matured, I realized finishing high school was important. Provo Adult Education has done great things for me. The teachers are kind, sweet, and very helpful. They really care about giving the best education to their students and helping them accomplish their goals. This program has been just what I needed.”

Ella Burrows has had a similar experience. “August of 2016, my family and I were told of this program. Enrolling at Provo Adult Education has helped me feel good about myself and helped me to know that I still have a chance at graduating. My goal is to be done by January 2017 and then attend Utah Valley University. My future will consist of me using my CNA and helping others as I go to school to become a nurse. I am happy there is a place like this that allows people like me to have a second chance.”

Provo Adult Education will be celebrating its graduation ceremony on January 13, 2017 at 7pm. The ceremony will take place at Independence High School and all are welcome to attend.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger