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Our Provo CAPS students had their pick of Utah’s premiere businesses, selecting a client from the host that they’ll work for across the semester.

Each of the businesses pitched projects and products they’d like to see completed before the end of the quarter. The projects fell into one of the four CAPS strands: digital design & software development, business, marketing & entrepreneurship, engineering & industrial design, and medicine & health science. 

Students heard an eclectic group of projects falling under each of the four strands. Whether developing a P.S.A. for Provo City’s water conservation initiative (falling under the marketing and entrepreneurship strand, for example) or constructing a mechanical arm to automate broadhead production (sitting below engineering and industrial design), professionals from all walks of life invited our students to take on niche, elaborate challenges.

The Project Pitch marks a leaping-off point, a threshold crossing. Complex problems offer an opportunity to put their classroom knowledge to the test, but just as importantly, to work outside the box, to stumble and pick themselves up, to mentor one another when needed, to break previous assumptions, and build up a schema for problem-solving– and it all starts here.

A special thank you to our sponsors, partners, and project pitch cohorts to whom Provo CAPS wouldn’t be possible:

  • Provo City
  • Nu Skin Women Rising ERG
  • IHC
  • Invest Nest
  • Sensum
  • Provo Kindness
  • NuDawn
  • Grim Reaper Broadheads
  • Provo High
  • Thread
  • U.V.U.
  • Literal
  • Nu Skin
  • Nani Swimwear
  • P.C.S.D. Communications
  • Keeping the Faith
  • Sunroc
  • US Synthetic
  • Encircle
  • Pontis Architectural Group
  • Provo Bicycle Collective
  • Hall Labs
  • Utah A.H.E.C.
  • Muscles for Mobility
  • R.E.A.L. Curriculum
Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei