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No child is vaccinated and will not be for the remainder of the year. Please continue the current management that has been successful and begin in full next school year.

At this stage, I’m not convinced the disruption and hassle to move to full days is warranted. I’m sure learning outcomes have been impacted by the pandemic, but everyone has settled in and found an equilibrium that works. Will 10 weeks of extra hours really make a difference? There are some things that are preferable about the current, hybrid approach: we’re a lot more involved in learning at home because we have afternoons to do school work. Also, my children are developing better self-directed learning skills.

“Elementary students would probably benefit with more time face to face with their teachers. It is much harder for them to learn online. Most Middle and High School students have gotten use to the time frame of their classes. They know they have only so much time in class with their teachers, and from my experience, the students that want to learn will stay focused. You give the students more time, and those that goof off now will make it harder for those students who want to learn. By extending the school day now, there will be more behavior problems and students skipping out of classes early. What about the students who have paying jobs? Now for the teachers, they need time to plan,. their lessons and plan for lessons for students that are absent and needing online for a short time. As it is, teachers spent more time before and after school already. You want to make them spend longer time in the evenings working on lesson plans to encourage and motivation students. Are we trying to send the message that teachers are not worth keeping? A lot of teachers use the early out times to talk with and help students.”

No to full time school… Unless you stop making these kids wear masks. Once they can stop wearing masks in comfortable with full day school. They should not have to wear masks this long.

“Our profound thanks to the army of those associated with the PCSD schools. Teachers, assistants and aids, administrators, all of the staff who work at the schools — we have witnessed wise and prudent leadership in the State, local government, and in our school district over the course of this tumultuous and disruptive year.

Ruth and Paul Kerry”

“I am not agree with the phase 3 at all. We are under pandemic still.”

You keep having changes which is not good for the kids. Keep the current schedule, 5 days a week with a shortened day. It is working as is, why cause potential problems with a chance of increased exposure. If Covid is truly at a better level by the end of the summer, then start the school year in August with a full day schedule. Instead of being so worried about a certain number of hours of instruction, be more worried about the children and their potential of being infected and spreading it too family members.

Kids are bored at home, they need social activities and learn from their friends and classmates in the classroom. Most kids can not concentrate on their study at home, because they are used to study at school in person. On the other hand, the COVID-19 is being controlled well in Utah, with precautions kids shall be ok when they return to school with full time study.

I think the elementary & middle school kids can transition back to full day easily without any problems. However, those in high school have sports, jobs & internships worked around the current school schedule. I think changing to full day at this point in the year with only 2 months left would only add more stress to our high school kids.

“First of all, I really hope that the new school intending to replace Timpview is being designed for the year 2040 at the minimum. I think 2020 has given us all a glimpse of what things are working toward: smaller classrooms and yet more classrooms with an overwhelming variety of choices with the option for virtual training, futuristic teaching tools and high-tech security. We need to be prepared for another pandemic’ or lockdown that allows teachers to teach and students to continue too learn without parents being forced to wear 10 hats/day. Second, please start being future-minded thinkers. Do not stay stuck in the traditional ineffective, boring, unused old fashioned way of looking at the way we should’ attend and teach school. More class time, with a longer time for kids to sit in one class at a time is not working. The kids are wilting in this format. They are living in a fast-paced world, and I believe they can and will learn more useful information if the class periods were not 90 minutes. Please stay at phase 2 until the school board can adjust the schedule to the new normal. Everything has evolved this year – educating the kids needs to follow suit.”

I would not be in favor to disrupt the schedule that we have worked so hard to establish. Making a change right before the end of the year just creates more difficulty for my family and I.

The science has been very clear on this for months. Children are not at risk of Covid. Masks have a negligible impact on prevention. Let’s move on.

With the way that almost the entire year has been either phase one or two I have become accustomed to a schedule with work and school. I am a senior at Timpview and I know my fellow classmates feel the same way that I do, which is if we go back to phase three, I will be forced to miss school for work/internship. I am getting my MA certification through Timpview and my office closes at 5. I attend my internship 10:30 till 5 and if we go back to phase three and end school at 215 I wouldn’t be able to make it to work till 3. Many seniors including me will be forced to miss school. So just keep this in mind if you decide to go back to Phase three for the last semester of school.

Personally, my children learn more in person than via zoom, it is difficult to connect with the two children in different classes and at times it has been very frustrating since there are many answers that I have not been able to help them solve.

I support going back to normal as long as an effort is made to make sure students wear mask and social distance

I see the pros and cons of both sides. I think it is important for my kids to be in school and be learning, especially my high schoolers who are taking difficult classes. I would like to know how the teachers of difficult classes(like the AP classes in high school) feel about going full day. Do they feel like it would be beneficial? Would the extra 20 minute give them time to cover more material or would it end up being social time? I wonder at this point in the year if kids are so burnt out that the cost would out weight the benefits. It has been an exhausting and difficult year for my kids. I also worry that it would hard on the teachers. Just for the record, I’m not very concerned about covid transmission at the school. I feel like provo school district has done a good job of keeping schools clean and enforcing mask wearing.

“I will support if that’s what is decided, but I am uncertain what is going to be best for the kids at this point in the school year. I know my high schoolers are struggling and feeling overwhelmed under the current model. I don’t know whether it would help them at this point or not. Would the extra time in school help them understand the material better and offset the time they’re having to spend outside of school? If not, and it merely takes more time without easing the time/effort they have to work thorough the material outside of school, then it may do more harm than good for the high schoolers. It really depends how the teachers would handle it.

For elementary it’s probably unambiguously good to go back to full days.”

I would rather my child attend as she does and continue with the online school. Changing to fill time school will add stress that is unnecessary during this school year. Start full time school with the 2021-22 so these kids don’t have any more changes than they have already experienced.

“The kids have been in school with early release times for so long that I worry that keeping them in school longer will decrease their opportunities for time with family, outside activities, and may increase their stress levels. During this time, increasing stress is the last thing I want to do for my kids. I recommend continuing the schedule as it is through the end of the year.”

If there was full day school the students would need to eat lunch at school and take off their masks for that. I don’t believe that would be a good idea.

It would be better to start this transition next school year. The changes implemented have been hard already.

I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of children 7th grade and under going back to regular yet. I believe they should finish the school year and give chance to heard immunity to become effective. People feel since the vaccine is out they don’t have to protect themselves or children and I worry that normalizing the school schedules will give chance for covid. You (pcsd) had done so well with the changes we should stick to what has worked for our schools teachers family’s and kids. Plus there will be parents who will have a hard time adjusting schedules once again to they kids benefit again.

If there were more of the school year to have a full schedule, than I would be for it. But we’ve gone 3/4 of the school year with a shortened schedule- routines and work schedules have been adjusted and readjusted so many times already.

I don’t feel safe for kids stay full day of school yet.

Elementary should have moved to phase 3 a long time ago. There is no reason we should have waited this long. Get these little ones into classes full time!

“I don’t want it because the children can not wear face mask for that long , it’s so unhealthy. And I definitely do not support the idea of taking off the face mask the risk is too high. My opinion let the children continue with the half day schooling for now till the pandemic is over.”

We like the shorter days. From our vantage point, they are getting the same amount done in less time. We like that.

“I have students in high school and elementary school. My senior has an internship where her schedule is based on the current school schedule. I see very little academic value for her to change for the last two months of high school. The elementary school kids have already missed many of the opportunities that would have been available in full time attendance, such as 5th grade band. Again, I see very little academic value for my younger kids too. As parents we have had to adjust work schedules to work around the current school schedule. These would be disrupted again by a school change. There is still COVID risk, but it should be significantly better by the start of school in the fall. Fall would be a much better transition to full time.”

Covid is still real and our kids need to stay protected

I like the kids getting out early.

Get this over. Help the kids farther their education.

No real worries on our end. I think the school district has handled the covid issue well.

Si estoy de acuerdo que vuelvan los estudiantes a clases pero con las medidas sanitarias y no vuelvan más s los contagios Gracias.

My child has spoken to me about how this change would negatively affect their mental health. As parents we need to be responsible & prioritize their well being mentally in such a fragile time of their life.

We are in a rhythm and schedule I would prefer to keep through the end of the year.

Covid-19 has changed the way we live life, and in most ways, it has taken things from us. I am a junior in high school who has not only watched 2 classes of seniors get their senior years taken from them, but I have also had many things taken from me. There have been so many highschool experiences ripped from our hands without a second thought or notice, and it has been nearly impossible to adjust. The only thing that has made this adjustment slightly easier is the change in the school system. Going to school until 12:10 has made work schedules easier and it has given people time to live and breath outside of school. Going to school 5 days per week from 7:30 to 2:15 was still extremely draining when we weren’t dealing with Covid, so I can not even fathom how draining it would be now. There are students who have a hard time finding reasons to stay alive, and the district will be dealing with a much bigger problem than Covid if they minimize the reasons that these students do find. We are BEGGING the district to listen to us, to hear our voice, to SEE us. Please stop making decisions just because you can and instead think about how you will be affecting the people who suffer from the decisions you make. Please stop taking things from us, because before we know it, we will have nothing left. If you are truly in the best interest of the district, listen to the students and what we need. We need to want to be alive, and the change you are threatening to make makes that very hard.

I guess what I’d like is full days with Friday removed for extensive cleaning. I still want all safety measures and cleaning maintained’”strictly.

I feel like we have been doing many transitions and some students can’t function well when they keep doing big transitions like going from online to two days a week or four days a week to five days a week and now five days a week and getting out later and we are going to finish the school year in two months so there’s no point

Moving to phase 3 creates more problems than it solves. All the students are already used to the schedule that we have, and major schedule changes such as this don’t help students at all. The beginning of this year was super hard and all the different phase changes impacted my grades in a super negative way. It was awful. Why can’t we just finish out the year in phase 2.5 or whatever we’re in, we only have 2 more months left of school.

please do this

I would like to retain from a full time schedule until further vaccination has happened and the data shows a positive trend as it has been

The students have finally gotten used to a normal schedule. They need & want their routine to be consistent. NOT yo-yoing back & forth between this schedule & that schedule. I want my kids to like school, not despise it because of constant changes.

I’m only in support of full time school if there are no masks.

Get the kids back to full time!

The part time school that is occurring now seems to be working in terms of kids being educated and covid cases stabilizing. I vote to leave it as is.

Would love to go to full time school Monday – Thursday and online Friday:)

Going full time schedule there will be an increase in covid cases again. Stick with the schedule that is currently in place, it’s safer for everyone that way.

Timpview HS is unable to sustain social distancing with the school population size. Would rather wait for Utah County not to have the highest rate of transmission before allowing students back full time.

Please don’t rush this, we are doing well and can keep going just how it is until the end of May. All is well right now and we don’t want to ruin it. We are enjoying the shorter days of school and the relief of coming home early and taking OFF the mask at home.


My children are doing great right now. Their grades have never been better and its not because the school work is easier. I help them often and there are times that I think the teacher thinks they are a college professor. There is always a balance in life and I truly believe what we have going on right now is not perfect but dang near. I feel like we have quality over quantity and that’s always best practice. From what I can tell the fluff of the end of the day has been eliminated and why not! Since the beginning of time the last period was a waste, the teacher knows it, the student knows it and bye golly the state legislator should know it.

Early release has provided the opportunity for my children to have a more balanced day–time at school for in-person instruction and time to participate in extra-curricular activities (music and sports) and still have time with family in the evening (dinner together, etc). In addition, they’ve been getting better sleep at night than if their days extended later into the evening like often is the case with full-time school. My hope is that we learn from this pandemic and keep those things that have improved the quality of our children’s lives, like an earlier release time from school.

Just wait until next year

“Highschoolers are finally figuring this out… just leave it alone and let it ride out… the constant change and transitioning takes a toll on parents teachers and most of all Students. Rough year… just leave it alone for the last 3 months with no surprises…”

I feel like wearing masks is the biggest deterrent to COVID, I don’t believe class size matters at this point. Cleaning practices have been enhanced and as long as things are still being cleaned regularly and students wear masks consistently I support a more normal everyday school schedule

I’m supportive of science, evidence, and data. If all of these indicate it’s safe and a healthy choice for students, then yes to full time.

We still have many who does not qualify for the covid shot my family has lost multiple loved family members to covid please remember covid can take anyone regardless of age . We are a high risk family, some battling cancers and other health issues.

Students need to continue increasing hours at school for their development and learning

Yes my son is in special education and he has fallen behind so much it feels like he’s back at the beginning of kindergarten

The schools are trying to create that illusion that safety is important and they are telling everyone that cleaning protocols are in place. The teachers are not following through to make sure it is getting done. Out student has seen multiple teachers say not to worry about cleaning. You say that the spread is not happening at school. We are scheduled for the vaccine this week. We just got a notice from the school nurse that our student was around someone who got Covid. We have been very careful in our home and social settings to prevent the spread. If our household gets infected it will be from the school. Don’t go back to full time until you can be truthful with what is really happening and the protocols are really in place. We are close to the end of school anyway. I think you should leave things alone. My fear is that you won’t listen to the opinions of the parents but do whatever you want and whatever fits your agenda.

No comment

Si. Estoy de acuerdo que estudien una jornada completa.

Will Centennial go back to late start Mondays and Timpview early out Mondays?

I feel that is is very important for them to go back full time. My kids have already falling behind with the short year they have had.

With strict observance of the COVID guidelines and implementation

Yes we have no problems to go in phase 3

COVID is still an issue. Thinking it would not be a good idea to transition to full time. My other thought is school is done in May so not sure why you’d want to change for two months

No do not move forward

Not for this year.

I think students going to school for the full day will increase the learning, support, safety, and socialization the children need.

It’s long over due. These kids deserve a better education.

I am concerned that longer school days will increase my child’s chance of being exposed to Covid.

There are still alot of parents who have not had vaccines for covid. I personally do not want to get sick.

No, I am not for it. There has been a lot of change and adjustment already. Each time the transition is difficult. We are close to the end of the year, it will be another adjustment in homework schedules, and work schedules. I really just want this year to finish and start it right next August.

Let’s do it.

Kids of all ages need socialization

Finish the school year in this phase (2.5). for the safety of students, teachers, and staff working in the school

I have a high risk child. And I will not send him or he’s 1 grade higher brother back to school this year.

Let the school year end like this. Start full time next fall.

But I think we need to wait for the vaccine.

I don’t think they should go back full time until they don’t have to wear masks.

I do not think it is safe for middle school children to be doing full days right now.

“1:40 pm is good enough Teachers have time for sanitizing everything for the next day”

My only concern is that the school is still cleaned as thoroughly as it has been.

I don’t think it’s a good idea. I know they aren’t learning as much, but I don’t think we can make up for that in two months. I think it will actually be worse for the children. I feel like the children’s feelings haven’t really been taken into account. Kids are just as stressed and worried about Covid as we are. It’s not just about the numbers, but all of the ramifications it is going to leave in it’s wake. They know their future is going to look very different. Kids are resilient but I think an extra two hours of school won’t be taken well. What we see as learning they see as work. I feel the extra two hours a day isn’t really going to make up for all that we’ve lost and it will just add one more thing to the children’s already full plates. I think the schedule now has been working well and we shouldn’t change it.

It is really hard to go back to school because now it’s so hard for mental health and students need some consistency in their lives and it’s so hard when things are always changing.

We should not be moving to phase 3 with a mask mandate in place in Utah. Students are not wearing their masks properly in school and it will just get worse if we increase time at school.

“It is a yes if the following conditions are met.

1. A social distancing plan is made and enforced during lunch hours and any other time when the majority of the school is involved. 2. Masks are required and enforced at all times.”

Would appreciate/request continued disclosure of status markers/data driving decisions. By that, I mean case counts, vaccinations and related data, not numbers of how many support this or that decision.

With the strange year this has been, teachers and students are finally feeling a flow and to completely throw a wrench in that with only a few months left would be ridiculous and only self serving for the district and administration.

I am supportive of transitioning to full time, however, I do like the shorten school days. More time to spend as a family, work on personal goals, and as a parent be able to help them with school work more.

No full time until mask requirement ends.

I agree on transitioning to full time school.

All for it!!

I still don’t think all the activities associated with high school are ready, but the younger groups could be going full time by then.

This should not happen until next year once EVERYONE ( children under the age of 18) has had a chance to be vaccinated. As you know vaccines are still not allowed for school aged children yet. Let us have that chance first PLEASE PLEASE! My youngest is a long hauler, has a pulmonologist & asthma. He had perfectly healthy lungs before getting COVID-19. He is in eschool because he isn’t healthy to attend in person. My oldest attends high school in person. I dont want him attending 5 days a week right now. I’ve seen how damaging the virus can be. Wait until our children have the vaccines available to them. I’m a widow and single full time parent. I work full-time. I don’t have time to homeschool my son’s. My youngest is being homeschool by no other choice. This was a life or death situation.

PLEASE!!!!!! The kids need this!!

Time to leave the fear behind. Back to school!!

I think extra hours at school will not really add more risk of contracting covid but it will give them 2 more hours of learning.

It’s god for me

I don’t think it’s good for a child to wear there mask all day everyday to school. If we are going into phase 3 it should be without a mask !

People are still dying every single day, and I don’t think the school should be jumping info full day just yet.

I like it that my kids can be home earlier and be kids. I work but my job allows me to work from home when they get out of school b

As one of the physicians on the front lines dealing with Covid, I can tell you that while we are seeing important improvement, we are still far from the finish line. Kids are just as likely to catch and spread covid as adults. Kids typically have very mild symptoms though. Usually just mild cold symptoms. Parents are often shocked when it turns out their child who had just a mild sore throat or mild runny nose has covid. These same parents usually tell me that because their child only had mild symptoms and they didn’t suspect covid, they have been sending the child to school with these symptoms. These kids that spread covid in schools then go home and give it to parents and grandparents who don’t do nearly as well. Relaxing our efforts to curb the spread of covid at this point would be like starting smoking again because your lung cancer is showing signs of going into remission. It’s not time yet. Also I would add, that even I get “mask fatigue” from long shifts with a mask on all day. Attending school with masks and other covid precautions is taxing on our kids. Keeping shorter school days makes it easier to tolerate these additional challenges. Finally I would say, that longer school days usually means more “filler time” at school. For example, individual reading time or individual time on worksheets–things that can very easily happen at home. Let’s keep short, focused school days and look forward next year when hopefully this pandemic will be over.

Yes all schools

I think it would be nice!

Full day as long as masks are required.

I am not in favor of Students going back to school full day. Especially this late in the year. The extra hours only add 10 days. In the elementary grades the learning will consist of reteaching students procedures and fillers. Teachers will not add more essentials not because they are not being great teachers it is because students will need help adjusting to all day hours. Please do not vote to have students go back to school for the full time.

School never should have closed down ever. Open up the schools let the kids live their lives. Let’s get them the education that they deserve.

How will be the class number of students if 6 ft social distance still needed?

It seems premature. There are still various students and families in quarantine…a shorter day allows teachers time to support them online. The shorter day seems more efficient, but still effective for school instruction.

There shouldn’t be a rush. I felt like we’ve gone to every stage too soon. When vaccines are ready for everyone who wants one, six weeks later you can return to a normal schedule. Fall 2020 would be my guest. I appreciate all the work that has gone in so far, but letting students who are falling behind use that extra time is a smarter plan to my mind.

I think we should not return to full schedule til the fall. Give more time for vaccinations to get completed.

“We have and have had a number of children go through the PSD. We had our concerns of how this year would go academically at the beginning. In retrospect, we have found our kids have actually thrived in this shortened school day. Although my high school students have had increased homework load in AP classes due to shortened class time, they have had more time in the day to complete those assignments, do extra curricular activities, spend time with friends, work, and still get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Their sleep quality this year has been substantially better and in result a great deal less tears and better metal health because they are getting adequate sleep. In addition, because teachers have been forced to be executive about class time to fit in the curriculum, my high schoolers have reported substantially less frustration about teachers wasting class time and busy work, and feel like class time is more valued than in past years.

As for my grade schoolers, we have loved that they get out earlier in the day and have time for physical activity, outdoor play, and exploratory independent learning. We feel this is an essential part of child development that has been made more available by the shortened school day. We have also felt like the grade schoolers have been learning at a similar rate to older siblings in previous years. We have not personally seen a decline academically.

Each of our children would rather stay in the current phase. Thank you!”

Kids need to be back in school period.

There are more facets to human growth than education that takes place in our schools. by denying a full spectrum of formal education we are denying our children healthy mental, psychological, spiritual, and social growth patterns. By denying these vital aspects to our children’s growth and development, we are in essence denying all science and all studies that have been foundational prior to the pandemic.

It is time to return.

Iong over due!

Kids need to start working and learning again so they can learn these principles while they are young.

We’re almost at vaccinated why would we mess up what is working at mile 25 of the marathon when we are so close to actual safety with.the hybrid stuff that is working to control spread while providing some in school it’s a really good balance currently.

Would prefer normal no mask no distance

The kids don’t keep their masks on. Children cannot receive the vaccine. The children don’t wash their hands well. They should not be exposed for longer time periods

This is not an easy question to just answer yes or no. We assume mask-wearing will still be enforced and enough time will be left for cleaning but what happens in large gatherings? We assume that health guidelines are being followed and a decision to return to Phase 3 is not just because people want kids back in school for their own personal reasons without considering reasons for others not wanting to be back in Phase 3. The personal preference of those wanting to make this change should not trump the opinions of principals and teachers who are on the front lines along with health guidelines. With that said, since high school students are already in 5 days a week, it doesn’t seem like a big stretch to go to full days. Elementary students don’t seem to be at the same risk. If returning to Phase 3, it should be made clear that we are still in a pandemic and precautions should still be taken.

The COVID situation is getting better.

Yes, We feel that Provo school district has done really well with this crazy year.

We don’t need cases to rise anymore also students have been telling me you don’t enforce masks in school, you fake it…wow nice job

I don’t support the kids going back to school because the risk of COVID-19 is constantly present; however, I do understand that it’s also difficult can be difficult on some families to have their kids be home during the day. I would understand if we did decide to reopen the schools fully; however, I don’t support it.

We love the schedule as is and hope to finish the year out that way, but are supportive of the school district

Phase 2 is working just fine.

Get back to full time school or refund our tax dollars so that we can enroll our children in private schools which actually follow the science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this time, do not introduce another schedule to the students, teachers and parents. It is too disruptive, IMO. Let them finish the year under this format currently.

I see the benefits for the children to go back to full time schedule, but I also worry about them having to wear a mask for so long and potentially be exposed longer to possible illnesses.

Our children need their instructors more than ever. We appreciate all the heroes at PCSD and we are amazed at the work they’ve done over the past year providing an education to our children under the circumstances. However we need our kids to continue to work on their scholastic goals. I’ve noticed a difference in my children over the past year. I feel they don’t seem to be retaining concepts as well as they used to.

We have had so many changes it has been difficult to keep changing schedules with our children. We are also very concerned about the lack of time for cleaning the schools, the stress put upon the teachers to rearrange schedules again, teach full days, and still help those students learning from home! We feel it would be best to keep the schedule as is for the rest of the school year and start phase 3 with the new year.

We need to undo the damage that this reduced schedule has caused to our kids. My kids don’t learn remotely.

I don’t think that we should go back full time until we are sure that most people get the vaccine and that the vaccine doesn’t result in illness.

I feel like elementary school students aren’t together with friends as much as middle schoolers and high schoolers

What is the point with 3 months left in the school year. At that point you should just let them out early .

the kids aren’t ready for this.

“That is too long of a time to wear masks. It is better to have a shorter school day then come home to complete work without masks on. High schoolers can eat lunch at home and not be together eating with masks off at school with the shorter day.

I vote for staying in phase 2 while masks are required.”

“No. The reason kids are limiting their time at brick and mortar schools is because of the current high risk pandemic. Numbers are worse bow than they were when the school year started and the risk to families, including parents and grandparents has not decreased.

At a minimum, the school district may offer the option of longer days, but for my family, going to school at all during this time is stressful enough. I am high a high risk physician, and I don’t want to take any more risk of exposure based on my son attending school than we are currently taking.”

I am grateful for the patience of the teachers and the caution of the administration.

Student interactions matter

The kids need the opportunity for in person school to help all better understand the concepts being taught and also for the socialization needed to help them develop.

good opportunity to restart all classes.


I feel a 4 day week is plenty for kids. Do full days 4 days a week. No homework. The amount of homework is ridiculous. The pressure we place on our children in this day and age is beyond me! I think reconnecting and having time time for family, friends, and activity is vital! I know our Dr. has mentioned seeing a lot less RSV, flu, strep etc! Possibly because it is no longer okay to send a sick child to school?! I am concerned for our teachers! The amount of time it takes to prepare lessons, grade, support children etc. takes away from their valuable family or personal time! Just my PERSONAL opinion.

Maybe for the older kids it would be good but the shortened schedule 5 days a week is working well for Elementary schools and changing it will be a huge disruption.

Still worried since utah county is still in high transmission, and want my high risk for covid complications child to be safe in school.

Full-time school should start gradually.

The level of exposure is no different in a shortened schedule rather than the regular schedule. My understanding for the shortened schedule was to allow for cleaning and to allow teachers to time to provide schoolwork for children who are learning from home. First, I hope that basic cleaning continues. However we have found that masks and hand washing are more effective rather than sanitizing surfaces. Secondly, in our families experience, teachers have been providing inadequate support to students at home. The school district changed their policy at the beginning of the school year to not support students at home long term. I am unsure if the early release every day is a good use of time. I would prefer they return full time. I do however feel strongly that masks are playing an important role in keeping kids safe and masks in school need to continue at this time. Thank you.

I’m supportive of full time return in April after more Utah residents have been vaccinated. Phase 2.5 makes more sense until then.

I am more comfortable staying at Phase 2.5 until mid-April until more people have been vaccinated.

We just have to keep the safe procedures going on

I would prefer to do 4 full days with Friday off.

“I’m not Agree with the full time because is 2 months and half left for the school year. I think parents like me has to make changes at work to take our kids to school and sometimes is harder to do it just for few months when suppose to be earlier. My personal opinion in to finish this year how it is but a new fresh start full time next calendar.”

Very interested in having my children transition into full time school. Worried about the effects the mask will have on their ears but on a scale of problems going on in the world that seems minor.

Kids now need to get used to the fact I say wait until the new school yr.

“I think this is dangerous because there is actually no social distancing in the classrooms or hallways. I almost loose my husband due to covid and he still in the hospital and it has been 2 months now. This is a serious matter and I don’t want to expose my son to covid more than I have to. I do actually think that the school should go back to phase 2. I want my son to get his education but not at risk of his life. Thank you.”

While I am generally a strong supporter of students being in the classroom, I feel that the timing is not right for a return to the classroom. The change from remote to in-person learning will be too disruptive at this point in the year. It is best to have students finish the year with the current remote learning program in order to maintain consistency in the learning process.

There has been so much back and forth this year. I think it would be best to finish out the year as it is, in the High School. My kids have some anxiety about going full-days at this point.

The present scenario works best for our family. We have a special needs child and have organized everything around the current schedule. It is finally working for us. After the tumult of this year, changing again would be a huge burden on our family, and our child on the spectrum would become unbalanced by it. Consistency is key, and changing again is simply too difficult for us.

I think this late in the year we should just stay with the same schedule and regroup next year and address it then. Cause most parents have adjust there schedule for the early schedule for the rest of the year thanks

it is important that students reinforce their learning

I think it’s a great idea.

Thanks for organizing a responsible return to productivity and normalcy.

I support what you think is best. I do believe the current schedule of monday thru friday–7:30 -12:30 is plenty of time at school for my high-school son.

The transitions between phases have been really emotionally taxing for my children. Sometimes I feel like we’re barely hanging in there. My youngest has struggled with anxiety thus school year and is having frequent stomach problems and is often in tears, my middle child is having behavior problems, and my oldest is struggling to navigate high school having never had a real high school experience since this is his first year of high school. Moving to full-day would be unfair to these kids, and would cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, and pressure during a time that is already full of difficulties.

They don’t wear their masks or if they do it only covers their chin

I agree with the dessision to past to phase 3

“I believe the procedures put in place for cleaning schools and education on the why we are doing what we are have contributed to the positive trends. As well as many other behind the scene things happening. I think our children will do well and parents will continue to do what we have been and watch for symptoms, if any, and act accordingly.

Also wanted to give a shout out to all in the district who have worked hard to keep our children safe and to be where we are today with school in person.”

I think the current schedule with early out each day is perfect. Gives the kids time for in school instruction, and then time for work, friends, and homework after.

“Switching between phases can be challenging for teachers, students and families. I don’t support changing the high schools to Phase 3. I’m ambivalent on middle schools and think it could be helpful for elementary students IF elementary teachers are strongly supportive of a change to Phase 3. Talking with my two high school students, they feel they are just adjusting to the most recent change (with homework, extracurricular activities and work schedules). Changing again for just the last couple months of school seems like it would do more harm than good for this age group. From what my teens have told me, this would also be challenging with lunch schedules because of the need to maintain social distancing in the lunch room requiring 3 lunch schedules. Please do not change the high school schedules again. Let them complete the year without additional onerous changes unless those changes also include a full opening to regular school activities (ex: no masks, no social distancing, regular extracurricular activities, etc.). If we are not at a point to have a “”regular”” school experience then let the school schedule remain as it is.

To give a little context to my response, I have been fully supportive of all of the decisions the school district has made to date (mask mandates, social distancing, Phases 1 & 2). I strongly oppose going to Phase 3 for the high schools unless it accompanies a return to a truly “”normal”” school experience.”

I really appreciate the measured approach the school district has taken to navigating the pandemic. Thank you for all your hard work!

Given that the school year is close to the end and students have had so many changes throughout the year, I believe going back to full time now won’t help much. Instead, it will just cause more disruption and adaptation creating more difficulties for learning and preparing for the next school year.

We’re still very much in the midst of the pandemic, with the most recent strains shown to have a greater impact on younger populations. I’d much prefer keeping the status quo through the end of the school year.

“Our children are not getting sick while wearing masks at school. Adding a little more time at school is not going to likely increase their risk.

I am a physician and strongly believe in keeping people safe as covid is a scary thing. People are getting very sick. People who were previously healthy. I am a firm believer in masks and the research has shown that masks reduce transmission.

I believe that our children should continue wearing them in school and since they are not eligible for vaccination they should indefinitely wear them (at least through the end of the year) but they are missing out on education and need to be in person.”

It has been hard enough for me to figure out having someone to take him to school and pick him up with all the schedule changes. Going back to full time would just be another struggle. They should just finish out the year how they are now.

Let’s do this.

just leave it as is till the end of the year at this poin. changing schedules again is too disruptive

Lunch is the problem I see. I would not like to see my kids having to take off there masks to eat lunch.

“I believe we need to stay the cours as they say. We’re almost out of the woods. Opening the schools full day too early, can just set us back again. I understand some parents, including myself, need daycare, but our teachers aren’t daycare providers. As it stands, I see kids pulling their masks down for pictures, INSIDE THE SCHOOL, on the school Facebook page. It seems things may be getting more lax in regards to social distancing and PPE. Im so glad our teachers have been able to be vaccinated, but there’s still people like me, immune compromised or other issues, that haven’t been. People like me, older grandparents that are raising these children. Daily I send my grandchild to school with fear for my life, because she’s delayed and can’t afford to not have her teachers. If it weren’t for that, I’d keep her home, but to send them full day, less time for cleaning, no thank you, PLEASE. Even if school time is added to the summer months. That would be better. It’s a HUGE misconception that children don’t get Covid. They can also carry it home and be asymptotic. Also, they’re already wearing masks for 5 hours a day. That’s already so long for these kids. Adding more time seems inhumane, and more time they’ll want to pull it down. Thank you for reading and considering our views.”

Stop the nonsense. Let’s get on with life and let people choose for themselves how they wish to protect their health. Open life.

the high school students are in a good routine let’s leave well enough alone

I like it the way it is now.

Kids need to be back in school. The mental health impact has exceeded the danger of death from COVID months ago. It is past time.

November and December have holidays so in January and February it is reasonable that the numbers would lower. Lets not use the change to jump the gun.

The youngest grades yes since the virus is less likely to transfer at that age.

I don’t suppose further disruption of the students routine. Return to full days in fall 2021

“Due to the changes seemingly on a bi-monthly basis we feel like the high schooler should be allowed to continue out to the end under the current conditions without implementing any new changes it’s true that the high school seniors will probably want to have their activities as a culmination point for their high school life But that can be accomplished without the use of the rest of the school having to implement new changes again”

I don’t think it’s safe enough yet for full time school.

Time to get back to normal

I don’t think kids having to wear mask all day is healthy, and I don’t see any indication of the situation getting better. It really doesn’t make sense to me to move back to full day at this point.

My son’s have not been doing good on this alternate schedule.

Let’s get back to normal

Kids need to be in school

I am very supportive of all of the schools transitioning back to school full time. Given that all students are attending school each day, from my perspective there is no reason for them not to be back in school full-time. Staying at school an extra hour and a half is not going to expose them unnecessarily any more than they already are. And I think that many students are struggling and could use as much schooling as possible.

I think school going 5 short days a week is working fine. Why change it.

What would be the point in going back full-time now? You’re just screwing up these kids schedules and routines.

I would be okay will the transition for every day school attendance

The kids are in a set schedule

My feelings are to continue to keep our kids and their families safe this year. Start fresh next year once more family members have been vaccinated.

Until our kids don’t have to wear masks, they don’t need to go all day.

Our most disadvantage are hurting the most!! These kids need the education, nutrition, structure and support from a full time education. Much like the head start program advocates, every hour of education has huge implications. Just like the lack of education has already done. These kids do nit have the luxury of hiring a tutor to make up for lost time. Please take care of the kids that need it the most and will pay for the lack of education for years to come.

“Please don’t go to phase three this school year. My kids and I have made accommodations for this year for this new process and feel we’re thriving well and learning all that is needed with the hours spent in school and online learning at home. More mask time at school is detrimental and will further make one of my children dislike actually going to school even more. Until it is safe for no masks, I feel it’s best to stay in phase two. Thanks for considering our wishes.”

The students have gone through enough stress of schedule changing and another schedule change would be hard on them and lots of them have jobs that they can potentially lose and they can have the risk of the schedule changing again

Just leave it as it is until the end of the school year. 5 days a week- all 1/2 days. We have less than 3 months left. Start with a fresh full schedule next school year.

If we get Rid of Masks then I’d love to move to full time. But kids CAN’T be in masks all day. They shouldn’t be in masks at all. We’ve tolerated it only because of the shortened schedule.

I’m in favor of full time school but not with masks all day. If masks are required then I don’t want them there fill time.

Nobody has been vaccinated… what’s the rush?

My high school and middle school kids would benefit from more in-school instruction. They have a lot of time on their hands after school, but I would prefer that my elementary-aged daughter’s schedule stay the same because: 1. I have heard that the elementary teachers are overwhelmed and adding more hours to their workload would be too much 2. Wearing a mask all day, and learning from behind a protective shield all day is too long!! Given the additional stresses that we are still experiencing with social distancing/being in the middle of a pandemic, I think my daughter really benefits from the shortened day. I don’t know that these little kids or their teachers have the bandwidth to add more hours and work to their schedules right now. I feel like she is learning very effectively with the current hours of instruction in the class, supplemented by the right amount of work done at home. I feel like the current schedule is good for her overall health (physical, emotional, social, etc), and adding more in-person instruction would add unnecessary stress.

I think it is time to go back. My father actually died of Covid and so I don’t take this lightly. I feel the benefits of school out weigh the risk at this point.

Yes, Lets go back full time.

Schools should be open!! All for going back to full time..

In full support of full time school for psd

I think a hybrid approach is much better

Thanks perfect!!!

Most of our youth can benefit more from spending more time at school with children their age learning than playing video games at home

I think it is healthy for mental health and for college prep to be back full. My daughter is struggling to prepare for ACT’s.

My child is doing E school through Provo District now, so she can remain at home with me, because I am high risk and have two babies under two. Just trying to keep us all safe.

Listen to the teachers. The ones I’ve spoken with do NOT want yet another change to the school schedule this year. It takes a lot of time preparing the lesson plans, and to have everything change again has them scrambling to change their plans accordingly. Please just let the teachers and kids have some sense of consistency this year and stop worrying about moving to phase 3 this year.

I think it would be too disruptive to their schedules so close to Spring Break and end of year testing.

We should wait until august for the mental well-being of our children.

Changing the format of school once again will only bring added pressure to the students. At this point I think we should Finish the School year as is and then start next year fresh with regular hours, activities and no masks.

Not enough time for cleaning between classes. Too stressful with so little time left in the school year.

“There has been enough change and emotional stress this year for students, teachers and parents that I believe that we should finish the school year in phase 2. I worry about our teachers, who already have had to navigate so much. My high school children have dealt with a lot of emotional stress and I fear that unless homework was dramatically decreased, adding two more hours at school will just compound that stress. Thank you for all you have done this year school board, we appreciate you so much.”

Until everybody get covid vaccine then that’s the time that I will be more comfortable sending my kids to all day in school class. I am after for my kids safety and for all the faculty and school workers safety.

I hope that we will defer to what the teachers would like to have happen. It seems that they would know how things would work best. If is challenging to redo online to in person learning and back again.

The kids all need to be back in school. They are falling behind!

Continue enforcing social distancing, the wearing of masks and cleaning of buildings and furnishings.

It will be great to move on to phase 3

I think I would be good for the kids to have back a full time at school so they can get more education in the day instead of half a day where they all have to cram everything in at once.

I agree it’s time to normalize schools.

Don’t see a big difference in two hours (1:40 to 3:20). I’m pleased with how seriously the school board has taken this. Thanks.

Too early. The current schedule is working and mitigating exposure time.

My children are involved in extra-curricular activities. Those activities have schedules all based on the current school schedule. Abruptly changing the school schedule to 1-2 hours later each day would throw a wrench in the rest of the day for our family schedules and activities. Why change it for the last 2 months of school, when by now most of us have planned our lives around the current schedule, and have expected it to back to normal again in the fall. Children and families need consistency, and we can’t cancel the rest of the scheduled activities just so they can stay in school for an extra 1-2 hours per day.

Kids need to be in school

I think this decision should be left up to teachers. The hybrid model seems to work well, it allows me to keep my kids home when they aren’t feeling well or have been exposed and they don’t fall behind. So if teachers need the extra prep time to accommodate the hybrid system, then I think they should have it. If they feel that full time school would work better, then we should switch.

I believe that transmission rates are very low in the school setting and the students and teachers will not be exposed any more than they are with the current schedule, however if they can do more in school and less online it would help my students have a better school-life balance. As it is now with a lot of work still being done online, our students spend too much of their day on the screens doing assignments that could be done better in person.

Not if the mask mandate is revoked and all students are attending. This is not the year.

Yes please do daycare costs are expensive

The students have been through enough changes for the 2020/2021 school year due to COVID-19, including school Phase 1 and Phase 2, and extended family, religious, community constraints. Saying this, Phase 2 has been a very positive experience for the students. It has allowed the students to come to school for the regular 5 days/week, in-person teaching/student learning has greatly enhanced the education of the students, and students have been able to settle back into a routine. I feel that going to Phase 3 now will be yet another additional change that can easily be implemented at the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year. Students will expect and know that after the summer break, the next school year will be back to normal – 5 days a week full-time. Yes, students have lost time in their education learning and progress during the end of the 2019/2021 and the 2020/2021 school years, but, despite some student resiliency, I believe it is best to give them some actual stability by remaining in Phase 2 for the remainder of the current school year. Thanks.

I wouldn’t like it until all the kids are vaccinated. At this time only teachers and school staff are protected. Children are not protected. It would be selfish to start if only you are protected.

Moving to phase 3 is ideal. More time at school = more learning (or at least more time dedicated to learning). I don’t feel like my children are getting the same quality of education as they have had in non-COVID years. Let’s try to get back to ‘normal’ or as close to it as possible.

No keep everything as is

The school year is about over I think we just need to let the kids finish the year out phase to worry about next year this is a joke that we have to go through all this.

From my experience so far, I feel like the older kids are the ones who are not engaging in behaviors that would help them protect themselves, their families, and others from COVID infections. I worry about fostering more opportunities for more infections while so many still don’t have access to the vaccine.

I don’t want my kids in a mask that long. The parents I’ve talked to agree. That’s too long of a day with masks. They are doing fine in this phase. wait to move to full day until they don’t have to wear masks anymore.

Wait until vaccines are available to everyone.

It is all messed up as it is. Finish the year and let’s move on.

It seems INCREDIBLY counter-intuitive for children to return to a full day with masks ALL DAY, not have normal social interactions, and to have them reinvent themselves AGAIN. There may be MANY things that I don’t see. I KNOW there are MANY kids that are behind. I wonder if trying to quickly catch them up in 6 weeks will be more pressure for everyone. Could we establish a good face-to-face summer school for those that are behind and then begin fresh with all day in August. It seems the BEST solution.

I believe that you should leave the schedule alone. These students have had to deal with so much change in the last 12 months. Please let them finish the year without more changes.


I would very much like schools to go back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need more vaccines completed

I think that if our chileno should study full time it will help them to progress better in what World be the study and they World be better in the social and student sense

“We have sacrificed so much to be in the strong position we are currently. Please don’t ruin it now. People are going to Spring Break and I don’t want my son to get it a second time. We isolated and he ONLY could have contracted it the two days you moved Timpview to Phase 2 too early. Don’t throw away what has kept us up and running.

Also, your teachers are exhausted. Doing this invalidates all they have given. It’s like saying ‘you had the chance for a shot so suck it up.’ Teachers and students need consistency. What we are doing works until the fall then full steam ahead.”

My elementary school kids are in Portuguese immersion and are already eating lunch at school. They would really benefit from full days. My high schoolers are doing well in their classes and homework and benefit from finishing the day before lunch and coming home.

I honestly believe school should have remained at twice a week in person with half of the student body until we had the majority of people vaccinated. Remaining vigilant for the next couple of months will allow this to open up with less risk in the fall.

Let’s do this!!

Let’s finish the year minimizing the risk of falling backwards again to a previous phase. I vote to finish the year as we are and start next year with a full schedule.


As parents, we agree that our daughter, attend every day of the week, only after the effectiveness of the vaccine is demonstrated.

I only agree with phase 3 if masks are no longer provided.

Do you even care about the students? Like 90% of Timpview students don’t want phase 3, yet you insist on moving forward. The past year has been so stressful with all these changes. Can we just finish out the school year with our current schedule?

i like the half day school, if you do goback ill comply. I just like the half day

I would be more comfortable with it if all teachers and staff are vaccinated and we continue masks and precautions, but I don’t think it’s much different than half days.


Yes please! I would love my boys to be able to go 2x a week instead of 1x for preschool

I agree if they back, the students need to have the most classes that they can have.

“I have a student at Provo High School. My student has concerns, because it is packed with students in classrooms and hallways. So it is very difficult to maintain social distance. Also, There is a lot students who don’t wear their mask properly.

My concern is how they will do lunch. How will they maintain social distance during lunch especially without their masks on, while they are eating. As a parent, I would like to know how they will handle lunch time. What schools individual plans?


Everything should go back to normal. Masks are not necessary. Kids shouldn’t be wearing them.

“I used to substitute teach and that last hour of the school day was awful. Kids are zoned out and their brains are fried after 6 hours of school time. 1:30 is the perfect time to end school.”

It’s too late in the year and will be moral downer.


We cannot live in fear

I would prefer we finish out the year on the current schedule and try to go all Phase 3 at the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year. Schedules have already been altered so many times that I would hate to see us jump to phase 3 and then get bumped back again. Let’s give this thing the summer with vaccinations etc to see if it can get reigned in enough to go back to a normal FT schedule and STAY THERE:)

I would prefer to have my children finish out the school year with our current format and return to full day school starting in the fall of 2021.

Stay where we are now. Consistency is more important than getting a full day with educators who will be overworked and stressed due to the continued need to create digital content for quarantined students and home study students.

Has anyone consulted a child psychologist to see what would be best for the kids? This school year has been so inconsistent and chaotic for all these kids so I don’t know if changing the schedule AGAIN is the best.

I think this fluctuating on school schedules is very hard on kids and parents to manage! I understand the school is doing the best they can to figure out all the changes but the kids need consistency and its hard to find that at home when everything around them not consistent. Especially for young children! Older children can handle to change and flexibility we need to consider how hard this is for families to plan and schedule everything with their children since learning at home and parent participation is the most important roll a young child needs.

If they are safe, I am for it

It would be great for them full time however having them wear the masks that long is a lot to ask at their young age

I feel like the kids have had so many schedule adjustments this year. Keep the schedule as is for the remainder of the 20-21 school year.

It’s already been a rough year, things seem to be going good now. I think we should finish the year out strong and go back to regular school times in the fall. I’m also not excited about my kids wearing masks longer each day.

Prefer to remain the current schedule until this school year ends.

I just got notified by the school that my child was exposed to COVID at school. We have been so careful at home. I am so frustrated that so many cleaning protocols are getting lax in the classrooms and students and even others are thinking that masks don’t need to be worn in the buildings. I believe going to full time will only further the illusion that all of this is over and that the need to be cautious is over. There have been so many changes already this year and we are getting so close to the end of the school year. Why make changes now….let’s finish out the year with the current schedule and look forward to a better start next school year

The data shows that our children are not at risk, and there are very easy ways to keep our teachers “safe” from them, even though there is not data that shows that teachers are getting covid at significant rates from their students. It is stupid that we don’t have our children in school full time already. We are doing damage to our kids by not having them in school full time. They aren’t getting the quality of schooling that they need, and they aren’t getting the socialization that they need. Lets start actually thinking about what is best for our children and get them back in school full time where they will learn and interact the best!

It has been a very hard year already and to have them go back full time all at once does not seem right to me. I think they should continue what they are doing as of right now and then when the new school year begins go back to normal.

Everything the school district has done so far has worked in my opinion. That being said I do feel it is time to go back to full time, our students need education.

En los niños el contagio de COVID no es tan alto por eso creo que ellos si podrían regresar tiempo completo

My endorsement of full time school does not necessarily apply all extra curricular school activities. I would like to see that treated as a separate issue.

Given still elevated rates of transmission, I think giving it another month for people to be vaccinated makes sense.

If you don’t open our schools we will stop wearing masks!

we have been waiting and wanting this for a long time. lets get back to full time school.

Bring back school.

My only concern about moving to full-time is that many high school teachers are not utilizing class time well this year, and the kids have a lot more after-school work. If we go back to full-time, let’s please make sure teachers use the school day well.

I don’t think the amount of time they are in school will make a difference on covid-19 spread. The moment they get there they may already potentially be exposed. As long as we continue making sure parents and students know not to come to school at all if they’re sick, and as long as people get the vaccines as soon as they’re available, I think we’ll be fine.

My wife has medical problems that could be exacerbated by COVID-19 infection. While I don’t worry about my child’s health as children seem to weather infection well, I recognize that the primary vector for the illness in my family resides in the school system. Additional school time increases the chance that my child will infect my wife and posses a direct threat to my families health.

“All district and board members should not get paid until we have an option for school full time.

Fuck the Provo School Board Members.”

Full days no masks COVID is a plandemic

The young ones need to have in person instruction as much as possible as often as possible. The high school is not super prepared to maintain lunch service and other things at this point.

Wearing the mask is annoying, but everyone’s been doing a pretty good job. Let’s open the schools up completely.

We should already be going school full time like the rest of the US.

No comments

Not worth making a change. Schedules are set. Students wouldn’t receive that much added class time. My students are exhausted emotionally. Phase 2.5 is working great. It’s preferred. Not worth the hassle. Finish the year in phase 2.5.

I believe that with the help of everyone, both parents teaching hygiene methods at home and in schools providing the necessary materials , so that it is safe for everyone to return to normal hours.

As long as they continue to wear face masks and the schools keep following cleaning protocols I would be supportive.

You’re going to have kids wear masks for 6+ hours at school??? Lift the mask mandate then I may support full time school.

“for the most I am, but I think there needs to be some kind of adjustment to allow for proper cleaning and sanitizing without killing the janitorial crews….maybe graveyard crews or back 4 days full with Friday for deep cleaning or getting out an hour early to allow for extra cleaning…I don’t know, but for me to feel really good about them going back that’s what I would need addressed.

also, why have the all schools option if it’s going to make you answer all of them anyway?”

We are so close to the end of the year, making any changes would be more disruptive than helpful.

Thank you

I am acorde full time.

“I think moving to phase 3 is a quite risky option because if the number of kids increases in the classroom that will not able to maintain a safe distance and in crowded spaces spreading Covid is quite possible. Secondly, the number of teachers or assistant staff needs to increase in each classroom. Phase 2 is good for all kids and this does also not bother parents. If possible, don’t move to phase 3 until this semester end. Good idea is to go for phase 3 in the new semester. Anyhow, the school vacation will start at the end of May so only for 1-2 months why we move to phase 3 means it will not affect the school study at least for elementary students.”

I don’t have kids at high school, so I’m open to discuss about it

Would like to give more time for individuals in our community to receive the vaccine. The Covid numbers are at a plateau and would like to see numbers decline further before returning to full time life.

I worry about additional change and stress on our students and teachers. By the end of March we will be 75% done with this school year. I think the right time to go back to full time school is in the fall.

Let’s do it. It is better for the students to be in school.

Too early. Wait until vaccinations are readily available for adults.

I believe that if there is no risk and in the same way the sanitary measures are maintained there would be no problem.

Is almost the end of school year. It will be good time to try to see if it works.

Unless we have herd immunity in Provo I don’t think it’s a good idea to transition to full time school. I don’t think it will happen until sometime in the fall.


No comment.

It seems like the school year is almost over. Let’s not make more changes for students and especially teachers. We can start everything back to normal in fall when a greater percentage of people will be immunized.

Back to normal, asap

Absolutely open.

I believe it will be easier on everyone and especially kids to not have to change the schedule this year and start fresh next year.

Let’s just finish out the year as is. Jerking families and kids schedules around is doing more harm then just establishing a solid pattern and leaving it alone for a minute.

I think we’re not it ready yet to full time school. Specially because wearing masks are very uncomfortable and adding more hours to their schedule at school would be harden of the students.

“With the assumption that students and staff are following the proper social distancing and mask guidelines, I support moving to full-time school. However, I feel that teachers should have a significant say as well. They are the ones that are able to observe how students are interacting. I feel that teachers’ opinions should carry more weight in the overall process.

As a parent, I am appreciative of all of the hard work everyone in the Provo City school district has been doing to ensure quality education and safety. Thank you”

They need to retain the grab and go lunches. Allowing the lunches to be eaten in close proximity of each other, continues to expose the students to the COVID 19. At Provo High the return to lunch choices has Hugh number of students with NO social distancing. 1500 to 2000 charging for lunch lines. Social distancing is about 2 – 3 inches at the maximum. If students attempt to use CDC standards the everyone just steps into line in front of them. Until everyone is immunization the school should stay at 1/2 days and 4 day weeks, which will then lowering school cost to name a couple are that lowering Bussing cost anl Lower heating or cooling cost. This then provides a three day weekends, there by allowing teachers and students to have extra time to have part time jobs and complete !school assignments. We have lived in areas that implemented this schedule years ago, and it was greatly endorsed by all.

I’m on the fence leaning towards no. My concern is that if school goes to full time, other precautions like mask wearing will be taken less seriously. We’re in the final stretch here and people are out here prematurely celebrating like covid is over.

Why change now? They shouldn’t have to adjust their schedule AGAIN!!!

I do not agree that my children return full time, the issue of the pandemic is still dangerous and also there is little time to go on vacation and it does not make sense.

At this point, just keep going like this for the rest of the year

Time to start transitioning back to some state of normalcy. Enough is enough! Kids learning continues to be negatively impacted by this hybrid routine. if a regular schedule doesn’t resume soon it will continue to be an issue and the longer this continues the harder it will be to get back to a regular schedule.

I think phase 3 would be beneficial to the students.

With no masks 🤪

NO!!! NO!! Changing the schedule another time is not ok

150% support going back full time as long as they remove the mask mandate for elementary school and possibly middle school kids. My kids are both in elementary school and there’s no evidence that children are affected by COVID-19 and no evidence that they are a major transmitter of the virus. If they still need to wear masks at all times indoors, I don’t support moving to phase 3. Kids should not be in masks. It could create long term psychological and physical problems and are not worth the risk. Either way I’m happy with the way Sunset elementary has handled everything and grateful to the teachers and staff.

We want to be back in school! The kids miss it and need the extra time to succeed. Thanks for all your help and support thus far.

I believe it would be a great idea for children to attend full time school again. I think cleaning and sanitizing schools well is still in order.

Estoy de acuerdo q empiecen a tener clases normalmente ya q el incremento de casos a bajado en el estado

Just keep Warri g masks and sanitizing, but full-time will really benefit the kids.

Other states have already started lifting mask bans its about time we start transitioning back to normal life

They are almost at full time now…

I think the students should finish the school year with the modified schedule and return to full time school in august,

Yes! Please


There has been enough back and forth changes with the school schedules this year. The children need consistency and what this year has been is far from it. My kids are just now getting used to the current schedule. The change back to full schedule should wait until the next school year.


I would not want my older kids to attend all day due to I don’t think that they would care and not use caution

Just don’t take away masks, please, and mandate vaccinations for teachers and staff.

There have been too many changes with the schedule this year. It has been an awful year and to end it with another change is just not ok.

I think we have done enough juggling around schedules. The kids should stick to the regular schedule & prepare for following school year.

“I am wondering why cant they go 4 days a week full days and then you still have a day for deep cleaning. Seems better to do 4 full days than 5 early days, and 5 full days is a lot for the masks. So then you give them one day to do online school. Just my opinion.”

Current schedule works for my younger kids. To go to full time when the school year is close to ending doesn’t make sense to Me. I’d rather have them go full time at the beginning of next school year. That would give me more time to plan accordingly

The kids’ schedules have been changed so many times during this school year. The year is almost over. Please let them retain the schedule to which they already are accustomed. Let them finish out this year with as much semblance as possible by keeping the schedule as it is – in phase 2.5.

“It isn’t clear to me what the benefit of the shortened day is, but I see my kids spend all day at school with their friends, and then they come home and want to spend the afternoon with the same friends. I don’t see why I would not allow them to be together at home since they were together all day at school, so I think it would be great to spend normal school days together.

My kindergartener at Provost spends less time at school in a week than she did at preschool. She needs the opportunity to learn – not only the academic lessons, but the social side of things. She is so bored at home, she is begging for more opportunities to learn and interact with others.

I am really worried about my middle-school children because it seems that the school day is too short. With the block system and the shortened classes, I definitely worry about their learning and social interactions as well.

I fully support returning to full-day school, especially now that teachers have been vaccinated and students should be soon.”

I feel like we’re close enough to summer to be able to wait until fall to return to full time school and by then we will probably have been vaccinated.


No dont do Phase 3

It’s time.

We’re close, but not out of the woods yet. Maybe next school year.

I don’t feel comfortable going full time this school year . I think we should wait until next school year to see how cobid plays out going back to soon could give us another spike and I’m not comfortable with my kids getting it

My daughter does not feel safe at Timpview. She trusts the teachers and leaders as responsible and respectful, but not her peers. I believe she would have felt safer moving to this nest step, but the Morp incident wrecked that feeling for her. She feels surrounded by peers who do not respect her desire to social distance. When more adults have had the opportunity to get the vaccine and we are closer to herd immunity I believe she will feel better about it. We have had family friends who have died and others who suffer from long COVID-19. She sees the consequences and is not comfortable with how reckless her peers are sometimes, even when the teachers are responsible and respectful.

I feel that it is important for all children to get the best education they can and to do that they need to be in school. I feel that their mental health is also threatened by not being in school full time.

This needs to happen.

Please do it earlier.

High school students can handle interrupted schedules. Schools are still safer that way.

No mask mandates

“Only full time school if they are no longer required to wear masks.

Unhealthy and improper to have them in masks all day everyday for 6-8 hours.”

I support moving school’s to full day’s. There hasn’t been cases of covid in school’s in a while. Kid’s need to be back in school full time

I don’t see any reason to stay in phase 2 if the kids are already at full capacity in class and are meeting 5 days a week. Why do they get out early?

Let’s get our kids back to normal learning now. It’s been a year of this craziness. 1 year lost to our kids education. Bring full-time back ASAP!

I think is a good opportunity for children come back learning more again and a good opportunity for things returning normal again.


I think the additional class time will be beneficial for all the students.

Care should be taken for lunch. Maybe not have all students eat lunch at same time.


I dont think schools should be babysitters. There are still high cases and lots of at risk families.

As long as the daily infection rates are decreasing I am comfortable returning to normal school hours.

Thank you for all your support

There never was any good health reason to close. Now that the teachers are all injected, the last possible reason to be not full time would seem to be gone. So I say go back. My wife and daughter say no-everyone has adjusted their lives to this schedule so just leave it til the school year ends. So either way someone here will be happy.

I feel that it’s to early to start full time school.

My children attend elementary, middle and high school. I work from home now and I’ve seen what the changes do to my children’s mental health. Every time we switch to a new schedule is affects them on every level – sleeping patterns, meals, interaction with friends, etc. LEAVE THE SCHEDULE THE WAY IT IS NOW! We are finally getting into a rhythm at home and with their other activities. This will stress EVERYONE OUT! My wife teaches at Timpview and she is already going out of her mind if you guys change ONE MORE THING! If it’s working DON’T CHANGE IT! – concerned husband and father

“We are only now starting to see our numbers drop. Now is not the time to go back to full school, that will only increase risk of spread again.

I would suggest that we continue to limit attendance (as I understand there are some families who need to have their children physically in school) to limit the spread and look forward to an awesome full attendance next year”

I’m not willing to have my kids go to full day school WITH masks. Plus the exposure risk is greater. Please do not do this.

“It feels like the children are being underserved by the school system this year. This is not the school system’s fault, there was a pandemic. But as soon as it is safe for them to be in school full-time, the sooner they can get back on track to some normalcy in their education.

It would have been nice if for the online learning days there were specific times that the kids were supposed to be “”in class”” watching the teacher’s lecture live from home or whatever. There could have been a lot more check in and face time with the students.”

For my son it has been very helpful to have a shorter, more focused school day. Having more time for homework has also been beneficial.

My primary concern is the difficulty of enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing at the high schools. My child has reported that it isn’t really being enforced, especially in hallways. However, because the vaccine has been rolling out in vulnerable populations, I am a little more comfortable with moving forward toward some sort of normalcy.

Yes open schools for full days children can not learn from home put kids in school without masks masks do more harm than help my child has suffered mentally and scholasticlly all year thank you

Leave the schedule the way it is. Back to full time in the fall.

Two months of full day school doesn’t seem worth the change in routine that my children are now used to regarding school and homework.

Not if they have to wear masks. Wearing masks is cumbersome and her kids are always excited to get home from school right now. I would not want them to have to stay longer until they’ve had the vaccine and no longer need masks.

I think most kids but especially younger kids have burn out from wearing masks. I know our kids do and because of this, we are still keeping our youngest home some days because wearing masks to school all of the time is really a stress. Unless the mask order is lifted (and I don’t think it should be) I don’t think kids should be required to wear masks 5 days a week all day. That’s just so much to ask of them when they’ve already been through a year of this stress. I don’t even think it’s healthy as far as getting enough oxygen. It’s difficult to breath through them. I do think masks work to reduce spread of the virus but it’s really hard to wear them all week long. If the schools transition to 5 full days a week, I think we’ll likely pick our kids up early still or we’ll just send them less days during the week. I feel we need to be wise about our children’s physical and emotional health and for our family, more mask wearing is not going to be the right decision.

I don’t believe that Covid-19 is being spread in the schools. It is being spread in the community. As long as the mask mandate is still in force, I think our children are safe at school.

My child has lost so much doing at home learning. The classes he would have enjoyed like welding are totally lost. Please get them back to full time instruction asap

Provo should go back to full capacity we all need to go back to normality

Would prefer not to return to full-time school until masks are not required.

I don’t think is time yet

I feel that if masks are continued to be worn, that students would greatly benefit from attending school full time.

Open everything. No restriction on extracurricular activities. Lose the mask order. If people want to wear them, let them.

I think it will help so that there is not so much homework. My kids need a break from at home studies.

Not sure information is being reported accurately and honestly, I don’t know what to believe. Kids might not be affected by the virus but in my experience kids have carried every sickness possible home to spread it, so not sure how it becomes safe just for kids, but I say open them and let it take it’s course.

Rather than yet another change, the current schedule feels like a great balance. The changes every few weeks are highly disruptive. However, for two working parent households, I support the full day schedule to keep students occupied with good things.

Please open all schools to the normal schedule.

Let’s wait and see …….check after spring break. Just had exposure in my sons class

I would prefer to stay part time for the remainder of the year. We will support full time in the fall.

Initially I was supportive to go back to phase 3, but after taking in consideration everything, I now believe it is too late for the change. April and May are stressful for teachers and students due too many things they have to do before the end of the year, including testing, evaluations, and other assignments. I would say let just keep it this way until the end of the year. If the district or some schools want to offer summer recovery classes or jumpstart I before next school year, I think many students would benefit from it. Thank you

The transmissions in schools have been low, so even though I am cautious, I support a return to full-time school IF: 1) mask requirements are kept firmly in place, and I never have to hear that a teacher or staff member shows up without a mask, and 2) I am relieved of all of the extra work I have had to do tutoring my children. I want LESS homework and MORE projects done at school. I am worn out from all of the extra schoolwork that I have had to oversee. It is time to relieve the parents of this duty. Yes, I know part of it will always rest on me, but the pandemic has made unsustainable demands on my time and energy.

I agree that we return to normal life, we have to learn to live with the situation

“What’s the point of a month of full time school? How does that help kids that have missed almost a year?

Less risk to wait it out for the summer and get closer to herd immunity than increased risk for a few extra hours.

It’s harder on the kids and slower change back is more effective, in my opinion.”

I think we really should wait until after both spring break and the percentage of vaccinations has gone up. It’s still too soon. The reason numbers has been low is because not many people go do things January and February

I agree and think it’s a good idea up to now atleast in Sprinng Creek there hasn’t been any issues. Staff is very precise about keeping our children safe. And our kids know and understand that masks are what keeps us safe

“I think what we are doing now is working, I think the small amount of gain is not worth the risk of going backwards. I feel like Pcsd has done a great job with this pandemic adjustment. I will be supportive of any decision you make, I just think it makes more Sense after spring break, maybe not even until next year? But thank you for all you have done. I feel you have done a great job keeping my kids safe.”

Finish off rest of the school year with current schedule. Children have learned to adapt and learned how to do well with the change. More time with masks will be more restrictions and sickness.

I feel that most kids would do better in school physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel like the spread can be controlled in school if the correct precautions are put into place.

The kids already are doing plenty time in school and with the half day they have time to finish homework and other school activities, school is not the only thing going on in their lives and they need time to mentally recover from school and work on their assignments as well as jobs and other activities.

Let’s allow further vaccinations before putting older children back full time. We’re so close. Understand younger children need the in person interaction.

Gather all the information and make the best decision.

Things seem to be running smoothly as is, kids having gotten into the groove of things. Keep things as is for the rest of the school year. Hopefully back to full time starting in August.

Don’t change the high school schedule. These kids have experienced more unexpected and sudden changes than any other class in the history of public schooling. ONe more change is not going to make a difference for them. My entire neighborhood agrees… I hope they respond to this survey. Thank you for asking.

Our special needs children needs more time in school and so does so many other children

Kids burn out. I like they have time for homework and extra curricular and aren’t staying up all night trying to finish up work. With so little time left in the school year I’d prefer to finish out the year with some stability. I also worry about the teachers mental health and trying to keep up with kids who have to quarantine for covid.

I think it is too early to go to phase 3. Even the numbers are high. The entire community of importance has not yet received the full dose of vaccine

The amount of change to schedules already in place is not worth the move for a term. Adding the extra time is not even that much of added class time with lunch and specialties. I think the move is a lot of hassle for no reason. 2.5 is the perfect schedule, we should ride it out the rest of the year. Students, teachers, and parents are tired….moving to phase 3 will have more negative affects then positive ones.

My son has liked the half-day schedule and has seemed to have kept up with his work, so he’d be fine to remain with the current schedule for as long is necessary.

I am very supportive of going back full time, I just think allowing a bit more time for more to be applied could really help. Perhaps doing it right after Spring break?

Adding 10 hours more of mask wearing is making all 3 children of mine not want to attend school. The 2.5 hours for my Kindegarten student is already a cry fest every day. Both older kids would prefer 2.5 over full time with masks… Phase 3 no masks, they could get behind.

Open them up

I would like to thank the school administration for all the efforts put in to ensure our students are safe at school and the teachers for their selfless sacrifice.

I still don’t feel secure with the pandemic

“It’s rough! In a way it will be the best but at the same time it might be a good idea to wait until we know for sure COVID cases are lower and for 16 years and older get their vaccine. I will think the best decision will be to start fresh and full time the next school year. I just know kids will have a hard time and it’s not the same to wear a mask for 4 to 5 hours than to 7 or 8… I wish to instead of a YES or NO, we should have a MAYBE option as well ???”

I have heard from my kids who attend Centennial and Timpview that the main problem that they see is that no one is enforcing proper mask-wearing. It is very frustrating for my children to have us talk at home about the importance of wearing your masks properly for their own protection and the consideration of others and then to see lots of students at school with sagging masks that do very little to protect anyone. If you move to full-day school, I would greatly appreciate it (and so would my kids) if you would make a greater effort to train staff and faculty to enforce proper mask-wearing.


Please go to full day!

I think the decision should be based on safety and teacher responsibilities. If it is at least as safe or safer at school than in the community and if teacher responsibilities can be lessened to be similar to a normal school year then all kids should go back to school full time. I think that is the case. I think school is safe and the healthiest emotional option for our kids.

I think the condensed school schedule has been great for children. More unstructured play and time with family.

If the students are required to wear mask, social distance, and all the other alternative learning structures, then we don’t need to proceed to “Phase 3” Why put our kids under more duress, let’s keep what’s working, and what is stable, in place.

Our children are suffering!!!! Get them back in school full time!!!

“There has been so much change this year. Let the kids just finish the year out as it is and start with full school hours in fall. My kids are exhausted at the end of the day and don’t want to be next to anyone for at least 30 min after school. They say the masks are hard to breathe in and they are in general overwhelmed by everything being different at school. They come home and debrief and they have never done that before all this. Putting school until 3 might just push them over the edge. Let’s continue how things are and start fresh in fall. My children are learning well and I don’t think 2 more hours will be beneficial right now. The truth is, my knee jerk reaction was yes please give me 2 hours to myself a day so I can have a moment alone (I work during the current school hours) but my kids mean more than a short break each day. I don’t think it would be good for any of them right now. Thank you.”

I hate seeing my kids in masks running around doing PE… all day in masks. It’s not good! My kids come home with headaches. If it was full day thats juat more hours with masks on.


No reason to put the kids in masks all day, it’s not good for their health

“My student has a hard time wearing the mask for the shortened school day (Phase 2), if my student had to wear a mask full time would be stressful and difficult. I also feel it is important the teachers have extra time to prepare during this COVID season as they are facing many additional situations and challenges. Giving teachers more time to prepare and navigate through these situations is beneficial. I also think it is important to have extra time to clean and sanitize the classroom.

I am so grateful for everything the school is doing to keep my child safe. I have felt like Phase 2 has been successful and safe. I would like to remain in Phase 2.”

It is time for kids to have a normal school day.

I am very supportive of opening the schools to a normal schedule, but ONLY if you do away with the forced mask wearing. My older son was very supportive of masks and was exasperated with his old man having a problem with them. That was last year and even into the first of the school year, but within a couple months he started to feel the negative effects of wearing a mask for hours on end, including chapped skin, more acne and worsening breakouts. Children are FAR less likely to transmit Covid to each other or to teachers. Other states are opening 100%. Utah needs to do the same! Let our kids get back to being kids again. If not, I do NOT support making them go even longer hours in oppressive masks.

Full time school please. Best for the learning of our children

School year is almost over, so why bother transitioning to full day school? Isn’t it better to start a full day school next school year? The school children are already use to the current schedule, why do you want to disrupt that again?

No comments

“I don’t see any harm for another hour or two a day. I’m sure our kids would benefit from being in the classroom longer. With having younger kids in the classroom, I’m sure our teachers would love to have more time to get through their curriculum. Our worry is we don’t want our daughter to go to 1st grade and be behind in the curriculum. I think being able to have full class time would help us as parents feel a lot better. Thanks!”

We almost done with school year, to change schedule for students, teachers, parents and Administrators it will be crazy, some students and parents work and need to reschedule their time.

The situation is still not at all clear of danger. I think we should finish the year this way (phase 2). Unlike other states our students have had a good school experience this year.

Please no more changes this year! We are in a good mode right now please don’t rock the boat and risk a ramping up of cases.

preventive measures are very effective

It’s time for full time school again.

Timpview high school is especially crowded, and especially at lunchtime. That’s my biggest concern about going back to normal.

I am not supportive of kindergarten going full time. In think they should stay half day. If the 1st – 6th grade students go back to full time, I would expect there to be no homework requirements. We have 3 kids in elementary school and a full day of school is plenty enough schooling. If we have homework given for each kid, it takes way too much time to help each one, especially after they have been gone all day at school. We would rather spend the time after school as a family eating dinner and spending quality time.

With current pandemic situation, we are still required to wear masks all day and it is hard as it is both for thé students abs teachers. Increasing hours they have to wear masks 😷 would be dangerous to their health.

The schools seem to be taking the proper precautions. If all the teachers have taken the vaccine then the school should be in a good position to do it full time. I would like to see community cases continue to go down. Also this is a hesitant yes because lots of people may see other family and bring back COVID after spring break. Consider doing half days for just the week after spring break?

I prefer the students to continue the current half day schedule for 5 days until COVid infection rates have significantly subsided and vaccination has reached over 50% of the population.

No comment.

Normal is nice

I think that the whole community has been very responsible in complying with the sanitary measures, and I think it is time for the schools to function in their entirety.

Moving to phase 3 sooner rather than later is better for our children and the schools.

We will be happy for our kids go to school full time

Yes, all school should be full time, students needs to learn to get a good job in the future.

I think the teachers should decide.

“In speaking with teacher is a parent teacher conference, they all explained to us at Timpview that they need the afternoons to be able to prep for the following day given the pandemic’˜s change in their teaching and needing to adapt curriculum.

For that reason alone we are not in favor!

We would not want to add any more stress with what they’ve already had to change and deal with…they are our hero’s!”

Creates more instability for youth. Just finish the year as is. No need to add more change. Leave it be. Start up again in the fall. Please

Leave it as it is and not transition till after summer.

My child has been vaccinated, so I am comfortable with her being back in school.

Fully support returning to full schedule and all extracurricular activities.

They need consistency the current schedule is working a stable situation is best

Back to full school would be wonderful

I support this proposal.

All day attendance

I would rather stay at half days and provide extra focused support after school for the kids that need it and the kids that are doing well can have extra curricular activities.

My high schoolers are honestly better off socially and academically on a shortened workday. I wish the shortened schedule didn’t have to end for them.

We are ready.

Our student have been doing fine and teacher and staff been amazing about this pedemic moment and having their student study and do what they need to for their education ..thx you for all you do…u as well are heroes to these kids

I will be supportive of transitioning to full time school (or any in-person school attendance at all) when the face mask mandate is rescinded, and not one moment sooner.

No opinion

The kids are definitely ready to be back to normal school! I feel comfortable sending them.

Data seems to show that kids/schools haven’t spread the virus. I’m in favor of it.

Stop catering to the fear, making things extremely difficult on the teachers, go full time, and get rid of all the over the top accommodations such as virtual classrooms. If they are still scared of this virus, they can homeschool.

Not until shots have been issued. My kids have autoimmune issues and I don’t want to risk it anymore than we already are.

Will schools have enough time to sanitize if they are back full time? Will Fridays still be early release?

As much as I enjoy short school days I support getting back to normal.

I personally think the schools should be in session full time Mon-Thursday and Friday should be a day off from here on out. I think 4 days a week is plenty

I am fine either way.

I’m not anxious for this to happen. I’ve loved having my kids home early everyday and I loved having Friday off. But if the decision is made to transition, I’ll support it.

I would not be supportive of this. Most parents have not been vaccinated. I would prefer we wait until that has occurred.

I would rather have the students attend four full days a week and leave Friday as a cleaning day and day to meet with teachers.

yes do it, please

I feel that this is too disruptive for the students. The start and end times have been consistent through this school year. There is only 1 teem remaining on the school year. Please keep the start and end time as is.

Staying past lunchtime is unnecessarily dangerous. They are already spending an hour in each class and can get the necessary instruction. Lunchtime means no masks while eating (COVID transmission rates skyrocket for “restaurants”–school lunchrooms are not even as prepared to social distance. Students are already used to current schedule and routine.Full effects of COVID-19 are unknown, even for non-symptomatic cases.

Education is very important and it shouldn’t be ignore, Every minute in learning counts.

I like having 1/2 days and so do my kids. That way they can use the extra time for homework.

We have enjoyed the way things have been. It has been better for our kids. I suggest leaving schools as they are now.

“My children moved into the district this year and claim they have not made any friends so far because of the COVID-19 requirements. This has impacted them severely in that they do not want to attend school and there is a struggle to get them to go now. If by opening to full time, the district is also removing the face mask mandate, and social distancing, I am all for full day schooling.

Get the masks off the kids. I’m very concerned with my children’s wellbeing and the COVID-19 restrictions are very hurtful. Also, I want better after-school options for socializing. Being the new kid has my child saying things like “”Going to school is death”” and “”This will end me”” that she never said before. Please address the socializing in middle school age children.”

It is time. Our students are greatly suffering by this impact.

We don’t need another schedule change. Students and teachers are exhausted and burnt out.

Mainly concerned about the lunch time as they cannot wear masks while they eat and talk and if Utah’s mandate for wearing masks at school is lifted in the near future.


We are only a few months from summer and ramping up vaccinations. Seems more prudent to wait until next school year to make this change.

Not if they still have to wear masks. I like they idea of getting back to a normal school day but how normal is it if now they have to wear a mask even longer during the day.

Masks and social distancing seem to be working well enough. I don’t see how some extra hours in class would change anything.

No comments

As a single mom with four kids in different schools and a disabled grandmother at home, I don’t support the phase 3, I much prefer phase 2, 5 days and minimum days. The pandemic isn’t over yet and our kids so as the staffs safety is more important!

Let’s do it, especially if all teachers have received the vaccine.

I agree as long as they continue to have health care

I don’t know that it’s time to have students eating in cafeterias with masks off at this point. That’s my main concern. Other than that, school seems to be a safe place for students with masks, social distancing, and hand washing.

This should not be a vote. This should be based on Public Health Data. There may be evidence out there that suggests this is safe, or evidence that this is not safe. Trust the scientists, not public opinion.

Only have kids in elementary.

I’m sure everyone at the schools have realized by now that there are a lot of students that are not making their grades. Kids that come from a single parent, a parent that works two jobs. Those parents do not have the strength or the time to take on the responsibility of being a school teacher as well. My kids, though very smart are struggling. We moved to the area just has the pandemic hit an all time high. Guess what not only are they not spending time in the class rooms learning they are not being able to hang out and be a kid. So yes I fully support the move back to full time classes, give those that require the one on one, the group tasks or the simple act to be apart of something their chance to succeed in a world that is already so hard.

There are less than 3 months left of school. Things are working fine and the numbers of cases are only barely beginning to drop. Why are you in such a hurry? Let the school year end and then return to normal in the Fall when it’s safe. It makes no sense to rush this.

I think will be to many hours with the mask 🥴

Thank you

We are 100 percent supportive of the kids returning to full time school. We believe that the our students are in need of classroom learning and in order to help them in the present and future, put them in a position to be successful in the future. Please let them go back!!!!

Yes with a condition. I want to hear how lunches will be accomplished. Kids can’t eat with their masks on.

The system is working great right now. This is the right amount of school…period!

please don’t send high school to phase 3, it will significantly increase stress and most likely negatively impact grades.

It looks not that worse since phase 2 period giving quite good results on case numbers.

I hope everything goes well and as planned.

Agree to move to phase 3

My children benefit from having more time after school to do homework and participate in extracurricular activities like sports and not be too overwhelmed. This extra time gives them time to get homework done after their extracurricular activities and go to sleep at a decent time so they can get enough sleep to rejuvenate their energy and be better focused for school as they are growing. I see my kids doing better than years past with not getting burned out. It also gives our family time together so my husband and I can be more involved in their lives and gives us quality time as a family. There is too much work and not enough time to get it done with school going fulltime schedule.

This schedule has been working well for our family. We feel safe as things are. If the kids spend more time together sitting in a lunchroom without masks, it will increase the spread. Longer days = longer lunch and more recess. Both are maskless times. My neighbor just died of covid last month. His grandchildren gave him covid.

I only said no because not sure wasn’t an option. There is little info being offered about the rate of infection in schools. But having had a child with Covid and seeing how that affected our family I’d prefer to stay with a limited schedule for the rest of the year in hopes that there will be less exposure. Hopefully but they start of next year enough people will be immunized that we can start school full-time in person. It was so difficult when our daughter had Covid and my husband and I were told by the school nurse that we couldn’t leave the house for 2 weeks. We had to stay in longer than she did. That is so impractical and almost impossible for most people. Let’s continue to limit exposure a little longer. I think the kids are doing ok part-time.

I would love to see a later start time for school


I have been really impressed that the school district has been able to keep the case count low. I would support a return to full day with masks required and all other precautions now in place. Thank you!

The list of schools in question 1 has each school name in a light gray box on a white background. When I click one, it becomes an even lighter gray box on a white background, or maybe a white box. I can’t tell. There’s not enough contrast for my eyes to distinguish the clicked and unclicked states easily. Please increase the contrast on future surveys.

Much needed!

I know my kids probably don’t want to go back full time, but their grades have suffered over the last year. They may not want it, but I think they need it.

I would only support the decision if they lifted the mask mandate. It’s just too long for the kids to wear masks.

“When it comes to enforcing and following social distancing guidelines and safety protocols. It seems elementary age students are much easier to manage than older students.

I support the full time schedule for elementary schools. Please consider adding more recess opportunities to give them a break from mask wearing.”

Absolutely return to full time school as soon as posible!

The only thing I would be worried about is if we would have to go back to phase 2 after changing. I would rather finish the year in phase 2 if there is a chance we would have to go back. But I think it would be good for the children to be in school all day. I think all this phase stuff has been hard and lots of them are most likely behind.

I support moving to full time but would like to be assured that things could be pulled back if cases and variants of COVID become a larger concern.

“that will help the kids improve learn more. They lost lot of activities. we try to do the best at home but is not ever the same.”

As long as the mask is still on and the washing hands still mandate.

We would love it! We’re very much in favor for in person education!

No masks for kids please – the adults are the ones getting sick

Look forward to it.

I would be interested to know if the teachers feel like they are getting through the material they need to teach. If the teachers have enough time to teach the material and the students are doing well academically, I would vote to keep the shortened schedule. If the teachers aren’t getting through the material, particularly for AP classes, and the kids are falling behind academically, I would vote to return to the full school day.

I would like to advocate that all Provo Teachers get priority vaccination! In my opinion ALL Teachers and educators must receive the vaccine ASAP

The short day gives teachers more time to deal with students that are absent due to illness.

No. They need to breathe. You want them to be in school all day with masks? Their young bodies and minds are all ready being hindered by their lack of oxygen and now you want them to wear not breathe freely all day? We should be ashamed of the way we are treating and traumatizing our children. Mutiple studies have shown children don’t spread it. They should not have children in masks for school anymore.

My student is struggling and does so much better in a full schedule environment. Please make this change.

Let’s Study Harder….

“I do think it’s fine at the elementary stages. Not sure we are ready at the high school level yet.

I don’t have an opinion about Dixon.”

Elementary Schools – teachers have been more efficient with their time partly because the “specialties” haven’t been pulling students out of class. If you go to full-time classes, can you let the teachers teach without the specialties? It would be unfortunate to give the teachers time back to catchup the students with a full-time schedule, to just have it taken away. Plus, specialties are just added risk through unnecessary movement throughout the school.

It’s time for kids to get back to school. They need it.

It would be extremely difficult for little kids, especially those with special needs, to adjust and adapt to a longer schedule.

I’m good with whatever works for teachers and students

Surprised that Provo is holding out when all its neighboring districts have been in school full time for the entire year. The infection numbers and % of positive tests continue to drop and staff and faculty are all fully vaccinated so there really isn’t a reason not to go back. The risk is low and the schools do a great job keeping students safe. Students are much more likely to get it from experiences outside of school than in school and thus going back full time will likely be the safest option for students and spread of the disease.

We need extra curricular activities as fast as possible so our seniors don’t miss out on EVERYTHING fun this year. I would advocate for “test to attend” policies where a negative test could allow you to participate. Also, my senior has already had COVID so he is safe to participate, please allow him to these last few months of high school, thank you!

If it’s safe do it! If teacher’s have had vaccines and we have the option to do online if people are at risk at home, then there is no reason to not go back to full activity.

“Personally, as a parent I really like the shorter days.

My child in HS says she learns just as much with the shorter day. I think it is really hard for teachers to effectively teach for 1:40-ish minutes. It’s a long time for one subject.”

I like how long this block of time is for my kids’ school attendance. I don’t think they need more hours.

Yes to all day every day.

I don’t want my children going full time in masks with dividers up. I feel like the dividers need to go down ASAP. Thanks!

If this move doesn’t cause teachers too much trouble, I am 100% in favor of moving to Phase 3. But I am okay with the way it is now if it preserves the sanity of our beautiful, hard-working, teachers.

My child has not been exposed this year in school. I think parents are doing a great job keeping their kids home if they are sick.

Too early.

being in a mask for all school day is way too long, I worry for my kids in all three school levels to have health issues connected with prolonged mask wearing. how it is right now is working well.

I have mixed feelings about this. I love the progress that PCSD has made this year and want to keep moving forward. At the same time, due to the fact that there are so many other restraints in our lives (not in everyone’s lives, but in the lives of those of us who take COVID-19 seriously and have high-risk family members), staying on the early-out schedule gives us some breathing space, a sense of control over our lives, a feeling of reprieve, and more time together as a family that we’re not getting by traveling, gathering, going to fun indoor places, eating out, or interacting more fully with others like the rest of the community seems to be doing without remorse and regardless of guidelines, vastly still-unvaccinated populations, and new + more contagious mutations and strains of the virus. During this crazy time, having the afternoons together has been a real boon; it’s a happy spot for us and for our kids. So I’m voting ‘No.’ And hoping that after a solid summer break (pipe dreams going strong), we’ll be ready to head into the full-time schedule come fall. Thank you!

How will the schools assure safety at lunchtime when there are big crowds in a common area with no masks?

I’d like to delay returning to full-day school until all the students, faculty, and staff have received their COVID-19 vaccination(s).

Kids are just starting to feel a bit of stability. I don’t see how making another change with only about a month left of school is helpful. Parents and families have also been asked to change their routine and schedule several times. Let’s just stick with what is working now and reset when the new school year starts.

My children cannot get wait to get back to full-time school

“Absolutely not. Teachers NEED that time and what about families with children who are currently not medically safe at school? Then there would be no online option or if there is not enough support from teachers who are already overtaxed this year.

Also’”that time needs to be used for cleaning still.

I am 100% opposed to returning full time.”

We don’t feel safe .

“The schools should have already been going full days, 5 days per week. When there’s scientific evidence that kids are less likely to get covid-19 than adults. And that they are kind of a buffer between others and parents, (also a study). I’m not sure but my understanding is it was also a buffer for other adults as well. Look at South Dakota (I think it was South Dakota, Have a Lady Governor), they didn’t do lock down, stay at home. They kept schools open. Didnt have mask mandates. Left it up to individuals to decide for themselves. Dr. Fauchy( not sure of spelling name) was wrong on a lot. This pandemic was based on faulty computer models, the numbers haven’t added up as predicted. They were better off than most other states.”

No additional comments

“It’s still not save… what data are you trusting that is showing the curve is decreasing? Please make your proof and the sources your are taking into consideration. Nowhere is shown there are less cases or deaths COVID19 related. Please don’t expose the parents to the disease by having the kids longer than necessary at school.”

I do not think there is enough room to do lunch socially distanced and I think the numbers will go up and affect alot of people

The kids seem to be doing pretty well as things are right now. If you do change anything can we have the kids start school 1 hour later please, they are always so so tired.

We’ve liked the condensed version of school. It feels like the quality is higher.

We are ready to go back to the full schedule.

My main concern with transitioning the secondary schools to full time school is lunch. At least at Timpview, the school is way too crowded for it to be safe for the kids to all eat unmasked. And trying to maintain social distancing during lunch doesn’t seem feasible. I think Timpview will end up with a lot of student spread, which could be very harmful to those that are at higher risk (my child included).

I’m pleased with the level of precautions taken at my kids school

If we can be mask free I support returning to school full time.

The year is almost over

I think the kids are ready to be back. We all have a lot of catching up to do!

Or kids have been doing so much better from being in school every day. I believe going to a full day will help them continue to progress intellectually and socially. We love our teachers and administrators. Thank you!

Please let the kids go back to school.

Does this influence Afterschool program attendance? Can my kids still go to the Afterschool after full day class?

I’m definitely think the kids should be back in school but I am concerned about them being in masks all day-5 days a week. That is why my response was a no to going back to phase 3.

Open up the school full time

Please don’t mess with our schedule again! We just get a rhythm and then everything changes. For our family it is more important to keep things the same then to get a few more hours of school in.

We have established a cadence between school and work, and as a single parent, it would be very difficult to change at this point. My daughter is excelling with her school work, so I don’t see a benefit to the change in regard to her academic progress.

I feel like it is so close to the end of the year. Everyone has their routine down with the times of school, extracurricular activities, day care, and their jobs. I feel like the time should stay as is for the remaining of the school year and evaluate full time for next year.

We’re getting so close to the end of the pandemic. It doesn’t make sense to take step backward when we’re this close. Just as part of the general community, I think the schools should continue to be as safe as possible until this really is over.

Half day schools hours do not benefit the students or the teachers. I feel as though my children are not benefitting from half day school.

I think elementary schools might be able to handle it appropriately but the high schools and middles schools have been unreliable. I also think if you just wait a few weeks longer than March 22 for vaccines to begin that might be easier.

They need some normalcy and not another change yet again. Please just wait until Fall.

Están en riesgos porque no sabemos los cuidados que las personas tienen fuera de la escuela y subiría el contagio.

I am supportive of expanding school if it involves ONLY masked environments. If my children are going to be asked to eat in lunchrooms with hundreds of other unmasked children, then I am not supportive. Bars and restaurants continue to be vectors for COVID-19 transmission–I see a school lunchroom as probably less safe. I would like the children to be moved outside to eat or have no lunch break with the school day extended to no later than 1 pm (when most will have hit or exceeded their hungry limits).

I only have a student at High School. I am not sure about other schools. It is unfair for me to say that all schools should be transitioned to full time.

We’re good

It’s too late keep changing up the kids schedules this year. Just ride it out like it is .

I don’t see the harm in moving forward with this idea. We can always step back if things start to flare up again. but with many getting the Vaccine. I think we should be ok.

I’m concerned that students at Provo High School would be eating lunch in a common indoor area without masks and consequently could experience high COVID 19 transmission rates. Favorable outside dining weather can’t be guaranteed through the end of the School year.

I support what the CDC says about this issue.

School is almost over and kids are getting used to this schedule already. I guess they can move to phase 3 on August.

Return to full day school is reckless at this point. Honestly even the current situation is reckless.

I feel like the students and the teachers have been through so many adjustments and changes with Covid and when we add high school jobs and extra curricular activities it would be more positive and beneficial to let them finish out the last term on the schedule they are on.

Please don’t make the teachers redo their teaching style and assignments again. Most of my kids’ assignments are online and they’ve gotten used to it. Don’t make them adjust yet again, PLEASE.

I believe it’s time to move to full time school now that the numbers are decreasing as well as the fact that the vaccines are being distributed.


Our son has thrived with the shortened, focused days and has allowed him to get more time with homework and other activities to help his energy level and success.

Older grades have shown higher rates of transmission and are populated by people who can spread two vulnerable populations.

I would prefer that the transition back to full time school correlated with a reduction in the mask mandate.

Please open schools again so our kids can learn effectively.

As long as the schools will continue to be deep cleaned every day after school, I’d like the schools to transition to Phase 3.

My daughter is in 1st grade and I don’t mind the early time out for her, but I don’t see a problem with schools going back full time

As long as they follow guideliness. How are you going to enforce safety precautions?

It’s time.

I do not feel comfortable because this year has been so crazy with different schedules we should keep it as is. Also, since end-of-year testing is coming up we don’t want to make things more difficult for the students. the teachers have also created after-school programs and practices for the students to participate in and it would throw off the small group time teachers have put together.

A concern my middle schooler has expressed is that the amount of at home/online work to turn in is still the same even though the in class time is getting longer. Meaning, they spend more time at school and still have the same amount of work at home as they did when they were only at school part time. If the in school assignments and are increasing, the at home assignments should be decreasing, no?

No where near ready. Need to have vaccination available to all before that should occur.

We would prefer to just wait until August to go back full-time.

“We’ve been shuffled around quite a bit this year. It would be nice to just finish out the year without having to make big adjustments to schedules again. Also, covid numbers in Utah county are worse now than they were when school started back in August. Let’s play it safe, finish strong, get most of us vaccinated over the summer and have a normal school year next year.”

I feel that full day school is still unsafe. I think that it’s a better idea to plan for starting that at the beginning of next school year as long as it is safe to do so at that time. I also feel that the numbers of people being infected are decreasing because of the safety measures that most of us have been taking to help the virus from spreading, and if we start to move away from being as careful then we’re risking the health and safety of our families and community by possibly causing the numbers to go back up.

“I don’t believe the kids need to be in school full time for the education/sitting in class all day. They have been thriving on their current schedule! Also, it’s already March; just keep the schedule as is, anyway. But work something out with the times kids eat lunch. Eating lunch at 10:30 is nuts.

Instead of full time at school, keep it as it is now and years to come and offer after school programs to allow kids to be involved in things they’re interested in!

Also, either get rid of the shields on their desks or the masks; they do not need both for crying out loud!

Also, y’all screwed up big time with the portables in the back of the school…what a terrible placement for it! You were supposed to take out the other ones and put these in place; now you’ve reduced the size of the play area and created bully allies and less visibility in the process.”

Too soon.

My student is achieving the goals set for her grade with the shorter schedule. I’m in favor of the early out schedule for the rest of the school year. I am also in favor of a shortened school day for next year and forever. We enjoy extra outdoor play because of the schedule and I feel my students are healthier for it.

Teachers are still dealing with an increased workload because of students who have to be quarantined, classroom configurations and assignments that aren’t COVID friendly, etc. They need the extra time to prep.

I think this year has gone on too far and changes are just causing more aggravation for teens for 2 months. I also like them not eating lunch at school. I think younger kids might do better with a transition for coming back next year. I don’t have a middle schooler.

This endangers teachers and I’m appalled you would even consider it. Not to mention, there’s not much time left in the school year, this feels like an effort for the district to ‘look’ a certain way. It isn’t helpful for students or teachers

Students need to be back in school full time as the pandemic numbers do not warrant limiting time out of school. I agree that parents should have the option to keep their students home, but those of us that want out kids back in school full-time should have that option as well. The mental and emotional health of the youth are suffering and need to recover now– not to mention the academic problems that have contributed to a strong lack of scholastic engagement. I don’t think it’s a secret that these youth of all ages have been forming social groups independently for months now–with full parental support (and encouragement) These kids need their friends and activities which fortunately takes place within the walls of their schools.

Which ever will allow them to do their spring activities, dances, prom etc. And have a real graduation.

I appreciate you working to make this happen. My kids love being in school with their friends and teachers in a safe manner.

Students should be in school fulltime, as parent who has special need child needs alot support I can’t provide. We need our teaches for our children to be successful.

I would feel better about this if all the teachers were to be vaccinated before school returning to full time. Until then my vote is no.

So many changes, I think they should keep the same schedule for the rest of the school year, thank you.

I think they are able to accomplish a full day in the time frame they have been currently working with. I feel it makes them more effective with time management as well.

But they can’t have LUNCH starting at 9:30AM

I don’t think simply shortening school by 2-3 hours give anyone that much more protection. They already go to every class every weekday and would not risk much more exposure than they already do by going full time. Side note: please give teachers guidance for less homework as class time increases. Thanks!!!

Children may also have covid-19. A child can pick it up from another at school and take it inside the house. If the vaccine has not been made available to the entire population yet, the less time it is exposed outside, better.

In light of the challenges affecting school during Covid (for teachers, students and families) it seems in the general population’s best interest to minimize the changes that are before us. My children are finally hitting their groove and still have make up work from when they were sick with Covid. To change things again takes a renewed effort and strength a lot of kids just don’t have in reserve. To ask them to learn new protocols for classes, assignments and communication, and especially to ask teachers to reinvent the wheel for the final quarter, seems like a battle we can choose to forgo. I would prefer encouraging teachers to streamline their communication and methods of submitting assignments, as well as encouraging students to find the uniqueness in this opportunity. We all hope to start next year simply and I think we can end this year without confusion if the kids can just work with consistent expectations.

“Please keep school at half day for elementary school.  This is a great balance of education and socialization, while minimizing exposure time.  Learning can be done in a half day without needing to fill unnecessary time, and while still limiting our children’s exposure to others. Â

Wearing masks all day during half day school can be exhausting, but full day mask wearing is too long for children. Â Even as an adult, I experience mask fatigue after wearing a mask for long periods of time. Â The pandemic isn’t over, and masks are still necessary, but please don’t make our children wear them for almost a 7 hour school day.Â

My children come home from school exhausted after a half day. They don’t want to have full day school at this time. The safety measures that are necessary right now make school a bit more overwhelming than a normal school year.

Finally, daylight saving begins on the 14th.  This adjustment is always hard for students to get used to.  They are tired from getting up earlier than usual.  Adding more time to the school day, while wearing a mask for that many hours, is too much to of ask of elementary children.  I don’t believe that extra time in school will be valuable.”

If Covid impacts have lessened so much that kids are attending school at a full day full schedule then lift the mask requirement! I do not want my child wearing a mask ALL day for 7+ hours.

Very good.

Since COVID-19 is spread among older people..I don’t think high school students should go full time

Absolutely… give those that are concerned the option to stay home.

We need to get back in school. Clapping my hands.

If all teachers, administration, and staff have been vaccinated, everyone continues to wear masks, and allowances continue to be made for children who are sick or show COVID-19 symptoms, I am fine with moving to a Phase 3 schedule.

It feel that it would be appropriate to return to full time school as long as attendance continues to be flexible so that kids can remain at home if they have any covid symptoms, without having to worry about missing too many days. Along with that, continuing to have assignments online would be helpful.

If Provo had been in session all year long with out the shortened day I would be in favor of Phase 3 for high school students. Many of the high school students have become babysitters for parents that work, have jobs and/or are so entrenched in this current habit of leaving early that I think we would see our last periods of the day not attended. There are some middle school students that babysit and work but not to the extent of the high school students.

I don’t think it really matters how the parents feel because the district is going to do what they want anyway.

“I don’t think going back to full days makes much sense right now. The students across all schools are used to this schedule, I would support just letting them finish out the year (which they only have roughly 50 days left of school). As a parent and having 3 kids across 3 different schools, we have our schedule down really well now and would prefer you wait till next school year 2021-2022 to go back to full-time schools.

Thanks for sending out this survey and giving a chance for our voices to be heard.”


I am tired of the changes this year especially of PHS going from phase 2 one week to phase 1 the next, then 2.5 the next. It is too much and very stressful. Who’s to say how long they will stay at phase 3? As one who is suffering from mask fatigue, worried about the possible fine of $1000 and/or 6 months jail time if my children don’t wear masks that they are tired of wearing I think a full school day of requiring masks is too much. I’m stressed out, my children who have an IEP and a 504 are stressed out. We need some consistency. Make the change to full time in August when everyone is ready for a fresh start.

The spread at elementary schools is pretty reasonable. Secondary much less so. The younger students would be much better served going back full time. Frankly, it’s been puzzling that it’s taken so long for this move. One wonders what is being done with the time from 1:40 to the end of contract time.

There’s still a pandemic going on and not everyone has been able to be vaccinated. You’re risking not only the kids, but the family members at home.

The schedule is working perfectly now, no need to change it! I’m of the opinion of keeping it as is and then starting up phase 3 for the new school year. Beside where will you put all the High School age students during lunch, and what of the students who have jobs now do? Some work because of financial difficulties, are you going to have them work evenings and miss school now because of the schedule changes? What of our custodians?… the schedule works just great now, PLEASE don’t change things for changing sake. Thank you for your time.

I am worried about the clean time and keeping the building clean

The Monday thru Thursday schedule was fantastic and worked out really well with our family schedule. What’s the point of moving to phase 3 when there is only a couple of months left in school!? Stop changing the schedule around and leave it be.

The early out for High School is better for my children.

I’m not sure how this is a matter of public opinion. It’s a matter of public health & safety. If national and state officials agree that our schools are ready for Phase 3, I will support moving to Phase 3.

Is the results are going up why not.

It’s actually kind of funny that you are even sending out a survey. Sounds like the decision had already been made. Doubt anyone really cares about the parents opinion or the teachers for that matter.

I feel like it is best to continue with what is taking place for now. I’m not in favor of them taking off masks even if it is for only a short time period in order to have lunch at school. I feel like it is just best to continue being as safe as we can until we have ridden this whole thing out. They’ve (teachers and students) have had to adapt to the ‘back and forth’ of this year as is and I don’t feel like returning to phase 3 for the little bit of time left that we have in this year will be that beneficial.

Please get these kids back in school full time. We have been patient now for too long. They have missed so much valuable education that I hope they will be able to make up for. They need to be back full time.

I feel sensitive to what teachers are thinking and feeling, but if all the staff has had an opportunity to receive the vaccine, I support opening schools full time.

Let’s get back to full time!

Less homework assignments would be great l!

Please keep things how they are. The students have had such a crazy year. I can’t imagine how the teachers are having to change things up so much and balancing even more.

“Only if it doesn’t go back and forth. Other school districts have remained the same with minor changes. I have family members in Alpine and Nebo and Salt Lake. Provo has swung from one side to the other. 2 days, online, 4 days, back to 2 day and the worst was changing just before christmas, when we all know that nothing happens those final two weeks before a holiday.

Other school districts aren’t this bad. Can’t wait to get out of Provo.”

I would only be interested in middle and elementary schools going full day if it did not require their time doing school work at home. If they went full day I would expect they would get all assignments done at school and not have homework after school for the rest of the year. Obviously if they need to do makeup assignments or redo assignments it would be nice to get that done at school, but if not, we would do those at home. I’m referring to regular daily assignments, ideally they should all be able to be done in class with the assistance of their teachers.

I like the Idea of phase 3

I truly hope that they will continue to require masks, even if the state mandate does not continue. If the mask requirement is discontinued I would re-evaluate sending my kids to in person class. It is such a simple and feasible solution to help slow the spread, and should continue for the foreseeable future.

Now that we learned how to coexist with the coronavirus, plus the vaccine, we can take another step.

I’m glad they’re going back to school full-time it’s going to be great for the kids to actually learning in person and more infected and also for social reasons

“My son is a senior and spends time most afternoons in a clinic for an externship. Changing to full days would make it harder for him to get his required hours.

Risk, while low for minors, as I understand is inversely correlated with age . It seems wise to, initially at least, not have older students remove their masks for lunch while eating an enclosed space. That might be reconsidered when warm enough to open doors and allow some to eat outside.”

School is important. In-person learning is important.

I would wait till after spring break…it is a bit odd to have them come for one week then have them gone a week.

I’m in favor of the current schedule of everyday of the week but shorter times. It seems that the kids have accomplished quite a bit of schooling with the shorter schedule. I’m in the camp that school is generally too long for the attention span of kids.

If you do transition to full time, please make sure everyone wears masks until the end of the school year! This is really important to our family.

I feel that moving regular school schedule at this point in the year is not necessary and a waist. It will make it harder on teachers to adjust once again. Just leave it as is and start new next year

I work with people in many other countries and in Europe, for instance, students are only beginning to return to school AT ALL this month. They will only be at school three days per week. I think that if the decision is made for students to return to the classroom full time, the school district should make a very compelling case and present that to families within the district… But honestly, I don’t believe I would be persuaded that more than partial days are safe or necessary at this point.


I think its time for students to return to a full day. Of course with taking the right measurement’s, still wear mask and sanitize and keeping 6 feet distance.

I feel like the teachers would be so overwhelmed at having to do this so late in the year. I am all in fr next year being full day all week school. It seems to much for everyone right now!

I really enjoy the shorter schedule. It provides a balance for our family of in school time and out of school family time.

The students need the structure of coming back and some regularity. With the number of vaccinations on the rise and the COVID count down, we need to go back to full days as soon as possible.

It is time for the world to get back to a semi normal routine for our kids.

I think that we are close enough to the end of the school year that we should stay the course. I don’t know if the benefit of opening full time for a few months outweighs the potential risk or the possible disruption to the routines of students and their families.

High school students are more likely to transmit COVID-19 and more likely to have negative sequelae than younger students. Until the general populace is nearing heard immunity (75-80% vaccination or infection), it is not a good idea to return to full-time school. Indeed, despite the recent drop in cases in Utah, we still have more daily infections than we did in October, so we should be as careful as we were in October.

I realize that having school full day will be good educationally, but having the kids have to wear masks for even longer is not ideal.

I’m pretty concerned about changing the schedule up again on these kids. I think at this point in the year it would make more sense to keep the school schedule the same and instead focus on implementing more extracurricular activities and see how things go there. I recognize that might be considered more of a risk but I also think it’s more healthy for these kids to have that in their lives right now rather than 2 extra hours of school that throws off their experience there yet again. Also has anyone considered keeping this schedule? It has proven beneficial for our family to have the condensed school schedule which has allowed the kids to hold a job, do extracurricular and still be home for family dinner. It’s a much more healthy balance and we’d like to see that continue.

It is essential to get students back to school at full capacity as long as keeping the mask mandate in schools.

I know PCSD wants to go back to full time but we still seeing COVID cases, my daughter have asthma. I really think PCSD can wait a couple more months and then next school year (August 2021) try full time school, we need to be patient. Thank you

No more shutdowns, whether partial or full. No more mask mandates on our children. Let’s lead on these issues rather than follow.

I think it’s great the way it is right now. At least until everyone has a chance of getting the vaccine.

“I’ve read all of the CDC’s guidance about opening schools ( as I’m sure that you have. While vaccinations are ongoing and the numbers are decreasing (of course, so are the numbers of people getting tested), it does not feel prudent to move to full-time school yet.

I fear that those who are advocating for full-time school are those who have minimized the impacts of the virus that has killed more than a half-million Americans. This is a political motivation, and not a public health one. From a public health perspective, it seems that the only prudent decision is to delay opening for now.

For those who would say that the death rate for school kids is quite low, I would counter that the effects of the virus are still an impact even if not fatal. We have had covid in our home, and more than a month later are still feeling the effects. It affects our ability to work, study, and recreate. I would also point out that students do pass the virus to those who are at the highest risk — and the number of deaths daily in Utah is still higher than it was Mar-June 2020. If it made sense to close then, surely it makes NO SENSE to open now.”

I think the shorter classes each day is helpful for students. They are getting more out of each class and this allows them to be more attentive in class and more focused on their school work. Similarly, I think the overall shorter school day is a positive.

The fact it has been “insisted” that we send the kids back to in school classes against our wishes is already bothering me and my family. Going back to a full school day would further complicate the routines we have been teaching our kids.

We actually really enjoy the shorter day for sports and activities but we have no concerns of returning full time for health reasons

“Just finish the year as is. The teachers are burnt out and will have to yet again revamp there curriculum. The kids are use to this schedule. It will mess with the younger kids and meal time and the older kids and jobs they have.

Please please just finish as is.”

It’s important for the kids to get back to real world living and learning.

I understand the political nature of this, but students have never been a demographic at risk. Way passed time to do this IMHO. Parents worried about exposure should be able to keep their kids home, but unless showing symptoms, kids should be in school as regular.

“Please let our kids finish out the school year with schedule they’re already on. Then, in the fall we can have them back to full time schedule. Just seems unnecessary to suddenly throw full time at them when only a couple months of school left in the year.”

We have our grandparents living with us, so the less exposure the better. They are very worried about getting Covid and we respect their concerns.

I think it’s safe for kids to go back to school full time. I know teachers aren’t used to full days and it might be difficult to fill the time, but for High school and middle school students, that time can be used to make up assignments and grades from previous quarters.


“Currently we have a child with COVID, which means one of my children misses school for 10 days, and I was told by the school nurse that the remainder of my children who have tested negative must quarantine for an additional 10 days after that initial period is over. Currently the majority of their schoolwork is available on Canvas, but a switch to full day school may cut into teachers limited time to meet the needs of students who are not able to attend school. If students must miss 3 weeks of school, a system needs to be in place for them to have access to their schoolwork. I worry a return to full time school would not allow this time. On the other hand, if the shortened day is simply justified by extra cleaning, I do not think that is helpful given the amount of time students already spend mixing and touching and washing each school day.”

The shut down was crap to begin with. Open up

kids should not be in masks all day and you need to stop making changes. This school year has been hard enough. If they go back to school full time then they should be able to do everything and all activities without Covid restrictions and without masks.

Kids need to be in school.

It’s too soon and we should err in the side of caution. I have seen children pass away because of this pandemic and that is too high a price to pay for relaxing the rules, especially when we are so close to being fully vaccinated. What’s the rush at this point?

The kids are going thru a lot of stress. Not being able to socialize with their friends like thy used to and if you give them more work and responsibility with normal school I believe it will not help them.

This is just exposing children to a greater risk of effection. Students don’t always obey the rules and by default of their nature, are defiant to being told what to do, so when parents or other authoritative people aren’t around they do what they want anyway. This behavior puts others at risk and in harms way. Therefore, let what is working now stay in place at least for the rest of the 2020 2021 school year and review the issue again before the 2021 2022 school year starts.

Please consider a delay in returning to full time until mask mandates are lifted. Or at least continue with the current schedule until next school year.

Please continue to enforce proper mask wearing

I don’t think we should transition to phase 3 until after children have a vaccine and the numbers have gone down more. Increasing risk right when we are starting to overcome it makes sense. The numbers regarding children are deceptive because 1) they are usually asymptomatic and therefore aren’t tested 2) They can be carriers even without symptoms 3) They often aren’t as in tune with their bodies as adults and wouldn’t report minor symptoms. 4) they can’t arrange testing for themselves. It is when adult numbers go down significantly that we can entertain more risk. Also, a full day would mean the kids have to eat in the cafeteria with more kids and masks off to accommodate state law for teacher breaks. These conditions would increase risk.

It is too late in the year to change the format that is working!

I would only support going back full time for any school only if the mask mandate is lifted. I’m not going to send my kids to school having to wear a mask for 7-8 hours. It’s not going to happen.

I think for younger students it would be beneficial. For high school students … honestly let’s keep it with abbreviated days forever. I think it works well for them, and they can more efficiently complete some of their work online and it gives them time to work a job or breathe and not be rushed all the time. It’s just more efficient for them to be part in person and part online for part of the day. Younger children lack that self-regulation and would benefit going back to school full time.

Kids need more support in education and need to feel things are getting better after all they’ve gone this passed year.

I would not support this!

Full time school makes the most sense!

I think that as we are doing it is fine … the children have already got used to being home early and we are already adapting to this routine and if they return full time it would be to adapt again to another routine and for the children it is a little more difficult

I support the transition to full time school but with a mask mandate

Children need to learn in school is very hard online for children with disabilities

We don’t need another change in schedule it is only 2 months till school is out. Let’s leave the schedule the way it is for now. Teachers have already done enough to make this year functional for the children.

I would like to go to phase 3 only if we transition away from Canvas and onto regular in-class learning. If we are going to keep the class instruction to using Chromebooks and Canvas please keep us in Phase 2 so the kids can get home earlier and get their work done.

Estoy de acuerdo en que mi hijo valla de tiempo completo a la escuela .

My family and I believe that this pandemic is not as scary as led to believe and to not have our children in school full-time just gives them more opportunities to make bad choices. If they haven’t gotten sick yet we believe that they are safe

I think without being able to do activities and large group things, transitioning to full time will be difficult. I think it might be stressful for the students that are already struggling. It might be good for the elementary students, but my kids are in the middle school and high school. We could make it work, but it would not be optimal for my kids.

I honestly feel like the kids have been pushed too hard, this half day, 5 days a week seems like it is better for their health in a more comprehensive sense. That said, I’ll support whatever decision is made, I’m sure professional educators, and medical professionals know better than I do.

Los niños no estaran vacunados al 22 de marzo, como aseguraran que no habra mas contagios?

If you decide to start phase 3, please reduce homework for students. That would allow us time for recreation and rest. Thank you!!

Trends are moving in the right direction, but It really needs to be when the data shows it is safe. I feel like so many are premature in relaxing while there are still people dying. My wife is a nurse practitioner who works with COVID patients. It is a matter of when exactly it happens. Is it a week too early or a month too early. Lives are at stake.

“1. Very high possibility of Covid 19 variants coming this spring (looking at what is happening in other countries). These variants are more contagious and making people sicker. I know the spread is very low in the schools and for that I say THANK YOU to everyone in the district that works so hard to make it safe for our kids. I just don’t think it is wise to chance it, so close to the end of the year. 2. My kids, who like school, have expressed an exhaustion over the schedule changing so many times. Just as they feel they get the hang of it, it changes. I think that we are so close to the end, let them have something consistent.”

Please let our children go back to school full time! And please allow Prom and other activities like Orem High and other ASD schools are doing.

I like that my child can go to school 5 days a week but am not ready for full time.

I think that’s fine.

The sooner we can get back to normal, the better.

I am very supportive.

Children need to be back full time. Thanks

If the covid becomes worse we would respond accordingly. We want to protect our child

I feel it will be good and safe for my kids.

So much change and transitioning has been extremely difficult for my children this last year. Finish out the year and resume full time school in the fall

Although I want kids to return to “normal” school, I think it’s premature to do so now. Yes, its trending downwards for covid, but there are reports of variant strains and not everyone has been vaccinated. You say mask mandated, but not everyone abides by it. Schools are overcrowded as it is and now you are packing them back in and fingers crossed that everyone will wear a mask, practice good hygiene to prevent the spread? Wasn’t it only recenlty that there was an unsanctioned dance where these students were not wearing face masks and you are asking us parents to trust that they will in the school setting? I don’t feel the district has done enough preventitive measures to keep our students safe in the school buildings.

I don’t think school should reopen full time, because it says COVID is getting worse so I don’t understand why it would reopen. I thought kids safety matters.

It’s too dangerous and too risky my family recently had two relatives that passed away because of COVID-19 and we don’t want to take any more risk.

The school year is almost complete it seems strange to push for a change now.

I will support your decision.

I think it is best to start with elementary, then add middle schools a couple of weeks later, then high schools after that. Given the nature of control, I would be more comfortable with a tiered approach. However, it is worth noting that I only have children in elementary school, and I am comfortable with full-time school for them, and I am not a parent of middle or high school students.

Yes, please hurry.

The CDC has released guidance for schools, and the New York Times has compiled it into maps by county of where the transmission rates are low enough for full in person schooling (with masks and social distancing). As you can see, Utah County is listed as having transmission rates that justify hybrid learning only. The risk to children is low, but children live with adults.The district has obviously decided to move our classrooms to full capacity (though for a shorter school day) despite this guidance. At this point, I don’t know what the difference is between what our students are doing now as opposed to full day. They are already sitting close to classmates at lunch without masks. I guess this is all to say that I throw up my hands and will do whatever, but I’m disappointed in how quickly the schools pushed those of us worried about risk into more in person schooling than recommended by the country’s experts. The district’s decision to discontinue supporting learning from home was extremely disappointing, especially when the district asked families to commit to a specific learning option for an entire term. It seems the district has not been bound by the same commitment to consistency.

Just to wait till that COVID-19 gets to controllable situation.

Not comfortable for kids to go full time yet

Letting our kids come back to school will not only get their education back on track but will enable parents to get back to work, stimulating the economy in the short term, and preventing an uneducated workforce in the long-term. This should be done carefully, however it should also be done as quickly as possible.

Half day school should be safer and good for students and their parents before COVID-19 is gone.

This would be great for the kids.

It is best to finish the year with the current schedule that is set now. I think schedules should be revised during summer for the next coming school year.

“No sure it’s worth the last few months of school, but would give them more of a chance to get back to normal activity’s.

I think it will be hard on the students as well as teachers though”

It is STILL WAY TOO EARLY and to possibly EXPOSE children, teachers and ALL family members to COVID IS IRRESPONBILE!!

I don’t think kids should be back in school full day in masks. That is just not a healthy option for children. I’m also opposed to the silly lunch schedules that would have to happen to maintain social distancing in the high school. This is just stupid to try to make ANOTHER change. I don’t understand how the district doesn’t realize that PSD kids have had more change than any other district in the state. THAT IS CRAZY! ASD has left students at 4 days a week yet PSD has to change things up every couple of months. Leave them alone to finish the school year and certainly don’t expect them to wear masks full day.

I only have a kid in preschool so I don’t really have an opinion of the other schools.

It impacts our children and working adults when children are not in school

No. I would want to delay full time. I liked it better part time despite the vaccine for covid.

I feel it is safer to stick with what we are doing right now.

Ready for kids to have a full learning experience. It’s time.

Elementary students are less likely to get Covid compared with middle school and high school students.

I like the current schedule

“Lets keep the schedule the same until the end of the school year. It is working well and I believe introducing change with so little time left in the year will cause more confusion than benefit the students.

Regardless of the public health reasons, I believe the stability will be good for the students.”

That no safe

My high school senior does not see any value in going back to full time at this point. I also support him in this belief.

I think the kids need more time for learning

If high schools went to full day school then the amount of home-based work would need adjusting so that the students are not overloaded. If any schools are not to go to full day school I would think High schools might not due to the greater transmission rates seeming to occur amongst teenagers rather than elementary school kids. Also, I understood the early out scenario was to allow extra cleaning, if this extra cleaning is no longer to occur then I think students should be provided with antispectic wipes at the beginning of each class period or day to wipe down their desk spaces.

COVID case numbers are going down and it is exciting, but I would prefer and wait to start going full time next school semester- 2021-2222

Parents have arranged there schedules accordingly some after school programs are earlier now that school is out earlier. Why do this now ? just start off fresh next year and let them finish the last two and a half months out.

it is fine with me as long as the schools are taking the right precautions to prevent any outbreaks.

I dont want my child going back full time, because I feel that covid is still in a state of worry and that we need to take precautions to fully eliminate the virus before returning back to full time.

Our family still needs the homestudy option to be available. We have been doing well with it this year and have been told our kids could continue in it. Eschool does not have what they need. I realize other families may need school to be open full-time and we’re not opposed to that as long as the homestudy option isn’t taken away from our kids. Thank you.

If kids are already almost all day what would be the difference of attending an extra hour?


I love that my high schoolers can come home to eat lunch. Having to remove masks increases risk, and if they stay for a full day, they will have to eat lunch. Plus the extra hours increase risk. I’m very concerned about the variant. My husband just got Covid this week.

I would be curious if we could do Monday Wednesday and Friday full days and Tuesday and Thursday’s half days.

School full day should include all the other curriculums such as Library, Art, P.E. etc.

Yes. Kids will benefit much more with full time learning.

My children disagree claiming they are learning everything they did before with the shortened schedule and that adding the extra time would not make a difference. I would hope that claim to be incorrect, but part of me thinks they may be correct. They feel they have been changed between the phases too much, so if there’s a good chance it would change back to phase 2, then I would say hold off.


It’s too late in the year to send the older students back to the full schedule. If you change their schedule yet again it will create too many issues for students and teachers a like. It could work for elementary school though.

Absolutely support the schools going back to full time and encourage the schools to continue the masking and infection prevention steps that have been in place this year.

Going back to full time school would be great.

Kids need to be back to full-time normal school and life. I fully support schools reopening in all aspects to 100% capacity!

This will go a long way toward “retuning to normal” something I feel everyone is looking forward to.

We agree with back to school on normal hours

The kids need to be back in school full time for both mental and academic support. They are already with peers 5 days a week and adding more time will not, in my opinion, significantly increase the spread of covid.

It would be too much for the kids they have had too many changes

With masks of course, and still social distancing.

Please do it.

Happy with Phase 1 and 2

Absolutely agree with full time school!!! Oh and no masks is totally fine with us too! 😉

Highschool and middle schools are by in large higher spreaders then the elementary school

We are not ready for full day school. Not mentally or emotionally! Please wait and start full days in August.

My child is immune compromised. This is not safe. It has not been all year.

I do not think this is a smart idea until we know what the impact of the COVID variants strains are. We feel like we have a safe, solid structure right now with the way school currently is. Please do not change things again.

Just get back to school. Kids need it. Adults need it. Vaccines are more and more available. Herd immunity is coming. Time to move on.

I would rather wait to see how the pandemic is going at that moment in time, and then make a decision based on those results.

If the schools are open until 1pm what would change if it still open until 3pm. For me is all the same. Extended hours please.

Alpine School District has been going 5 days a week since the beginning of all this. They are much larger and have not had to close once. Why can’t Provo School Distric listen to the science and stop hurting our kids with false fears.

My family has worked around the schedule already rearranging would be a pain.

School’s never should have been closed for any more than a few weeks at most.

Only if the case counts continue to decrease, only if the procedures for quarantine are still being followed/enforced, only if masks are still required and being ENFORCED, only if distancing is still in place. If things start to trend back toward higher cases, schools must go back to phase 2

It’s ok if you do but it is a tough change at this point

Not until mask mandates are over

You guys are the best

The kids need more instruction time.


Open full time only if you cease this ridiculous mask mandate that has no valid, peer-reviewed scientific or medical research backing it. Masks for children are not needed. Increasing the hours that they are harmed by the side effects of masks is not acceptable. Either keep schools partially closed or get rid of all mask mandates for children. If adults are fearful, then let them have the option of masks, but all valid studies point to the unnecessary use of and harmful effects of masks on children. Stop this media-driven madness.

Normally I am supportive of full day school but all the students and teachers have routines and lesson plans planned out for the schedule they have right now. I think the teachers have had a rough time and to add a new schedule on them would make their teaching/preparation harder. My high school student has a very hard time getting his work done and adding in more school but the same amount of required work at home would be difficult. Kindergarten is already half day normally but they have only gone 2 hours this whole year. It seems they could have had their normal half day schedule and parents just need to pick up instead of the bus. Let move kindergarten to their normal schedule. They could use more time learning and being social and getting adjusted to school. But everyone else might as well end the year with the same routines and schedules.

“I would love to have all my kids back in school full time. However, I feel that with only one term left in the school year, and with things operating relatively well, the best course of action is to maintain the status quo. I know there are significant logistical challenges if only some of the schools move to phase 3 (elementary schools, for example). I also understand that trying to provide a full day experience for secondary schools is difficult because of the lunch schedule, and the need to keep students socially distanced.

Another factor (unfortunately) is the strong feelings on both sides of the issue. Almost equal numbers of parents and staff express that we should go back to phase 1 as want to move forward to phase 3. With little time left in the school year, it’s better to remain in phase 2 than “”rock the boat”” and stoke an already hot fire.

I sincerely wish we could have all the children back to school full time, but I feel that right now the disruption caused by the change doesn’t outweigh the benefit.”

“My children’s education is suffering. It is a battle ground to get the kids to think of me as a teacher and home as a school environment.

Our family is in support of school hours returning to a full day…”

I think that the Covid risk will be similar if we increased school time. Covid has taught our family that life is better with a shorter school day. Teachers have been forced to work more efficiently which has made school more compact and effective. Children have more time at home to pursue additional enrichment opportunities. This is a great time to re-examine how much time is actually needed for school. For those that need additional help, after-school programs can be created to help them.

This has been an extremely stressful year for the students. I’m glad that they’re back in school 5 days a week, but I feel any further changes to their schedules this late in the year would just cause more stress. Also, Covid is still an issue and I believe the schools still need the time to thoroughly clean sanitize the schools daily.

When kids are in full-time school, they are attending almost a 35-hour ‘workweek,’ with homework on top of that. That’s the same or more than many full-time working adults put in! It is time we reexamine our school requirements and expectations. With these shortened days, my kids can finally attend school, complete homework, AND have time to compose music, code, practice photography, practice instruments, learn video editing, participate in a school play, take lessons, work, read, play outside, AND have meaningful family time!! Many of these things usually get crowded out. Kids and adults are both usually more effective working in shorter chunks of time, with plenty of time for personal development in between. With a school schedule like we currently have, kids can still be kids! Our focus should be less on getting back to ‘normal’ and more on how to better serve the kids we’re trying to teach. If they don’t have safe home environments to return to, after-school programs can be developed. Education does not need to take almost 7 hours, plus homework time, 5 days a week. We can do better! I believe that re-examining & revamping educational requirements, allowing a permanent move to ‘shortened’ days, would yield far greater results in the long run than a return to full-day schedules.

They do not keep distance, Is better to wait that pandemic be over.

We have been through so many changes. The school year is almost over. Please just leave as is

I am a senior this year and this is not how I thought my senior year would be. Do you know how physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting all these changes are? As soon as I get into a routine of things you decide to change it and I just can’t keep up. Most people don’t even come to school when we only go to 12, why would people come when we go longer? We don’t even do any work in class because everything is online and we’re expected to do it so why would I come to school when I can stay home and do the same work? Usually seniors get senioritis around January, but this year everyone checked out back in October. We have nothing to be excited for or be motivated for. We don’t even know what kind of graduation we’re going to have. How am I supposed to be motivated to go to school and get everything done when there is no dances, assemblies, activities, or fun. I can’t even socialize in the halls, everyone is starting to forget how to talk to people. Our generation has already been struggling with this and school doesn’t help that anymore. If you really care about your kids, students, friends, etc. you will think about our mental health and how all this change is effecting every aspect of our lives. We have friends, family, jobs, homework, extra curricular activities, and more. School should not be a burden on top of all those things, school should be an opportunity not something we are constantly worrying about how changing it will effect all aspects of each our lives.

it would be really stressful and hard for mental health to go back cause I just adjusted to the changes we don’t need more school life’s hard enough

I don’t agree with phase 3

it would be more stressful for squeezing sports and my job in for doing full time and family things

I have a job and multiple after school activities that i participate in it would be better if we stayed as we are as it is more helpful for me and my family

I feel like there have been so many changes to the schedule that I think that with only a few months left in school it would give the kids some consistency in their life. They seem to be doing well with the way the schedule now.

I will not feel safe with my kid going to school if we move to phase three. He is able to get many hours working, and he is able to have lots of free time to do whatever he wants.

Every time we move to a new restaurant phase the COVID cases go up.

If we go to phase three I would feel unsafe with my children going to school!

There are already enough kids no wearing mask in class or in the hallways or social distancing.

Why constantly change the schedule to give us more class time when we aren’t even allowed school related activities? No dances, just more homework? Seems pretty absurd to me

Adjusting to COVID is already taking a toll and constantly changing the schedule is making my daughter lose her sense of stability because of all the change.

I want to stay at nokn


The longer time in school the longer exposure potential. I’m not comfortable with that.

My preference would be to wait untIl after Spring Break to make the change, but I am still in support of going back to full time.

“It would be nice if teachers are an board – no more rantings about the injustice of their situation. I’ve been frustrated that some teachers don’t take the precious little time they have to teach, and instead waste time on politics and issues outside the curriculum.

My biggest concern is that it’s a long time to be in a mask. My little ones are especially exhausted by it at the end of the day.”

I am supportive of returning to full open. I believe it is in the best interest of all involved for social and mental health, and that we all have a relatively good grasp on the measures necessary to keep us safe. I know we don’t all agree on those measures, but this will be a step in the direction of bringing us back together and allowing our children to catch up to where they should be socially and academically.

just finish the rest of the year in phase 2.5

“Although the data has shown a downward trend, there is still high risk. Unfortunately I know the risk first hand. My husband was hospitalized with covid pneumonia for 10 days & almost didn’t make it. He has no risk factors & is only 43 years old. Although the elderly may be more vulnerable, this virus doesn’t follow rules with who or tries to kill.

With so many families mingling in schools, I would strongly prefer we wait until vaccination is more widespread & our county is no longer in the high transmission category, which should be the end of May.

Why disrupt these kids again? Why not remain phase 2 through the end of this school year? I hope it’s not because standardized testing will be put back into place, because as I see it, this years tests should have little weight. These kids are smart & resilient but I feel it would be best for them mentally & emotionally returning to a full schedule next year. I also have concerns about wearing a mask another 2 hours during the day. It has negatively affected my youngest childs love of school & wearing it any longer would only add to this frustration. Why not wait until next year when kids can attend mask free? Please wait!”

My daughter says school is easier with half days.

My son says school is easier with half days.

“These kids should have been in school from the beginning. How this has been handled here in our school district is ridiculous. We have two school districts (Alpine and Nebo) that have been going to school, four days a week since AUGUST! My younger children that go to Alpine school for Spanish have been in school 5 DAYS a week only one hour shorter since AUGUST!!

Not only should these kids be in school but should have full access to EVERY activity that high school should be offering. How Provo School District has handled this situation is a clear indication of how they feel about education and their role and accountability to the students. It has been very clear that the child is not their top priority, and it is very sad, that the very people who should be fighting the hardest for kids’ education are the ones who have had the least amount of courage to do do so.



I feel like it is too late in the year. Have some consistency in their lives and schedules after such a tremulous year.

These students are not the ones out there spreading this because they think they are invincible. My only concern is that all teachers have an opportunity to get vaccinated.

I would like to have the school continue in phase 2 until the end of the school year, for two reasons. 1. wait until the vaccine is more widely available for the whole population 2. changes in school schedules are disruptive to family life

The children have been through enough changes. Keep things as they are and start fresh in August.

I don’t think Timpview should move to phase 3 because a lot of the students don’t cover their nose and sometimes they’re not even wearing their mask. Sometimes their masks are all the way down and it irritates me because I want to be done with masks but they act like they want to keep masks since they don’t want to wear it the right way. thank you for your time

“A year ago when the pandemic began, I was thrilled with the idea that my kids would be given a unique experience with an environment that had a set of unprecedented parameters. This new way of learning through self checks and responsibility has forced my kids to establish a new normal. Now, they do not e constant reminder, babysitter, nor someone speaking to the them in a patronizing way. They have grown. We all have changed and grown in many ways due to COVID-19.

All of That being said, going back to full-time school does not encourage further growth. It is literally like going backward. Phase 2 was and has been perfect as they are learning and growing in new ways, providing a new normal and a springboard for new ways of learning.”

“I believe masks and diligent hand washing played a major role at keeping the flu bug at bay this winter. I feel like elementary schools do a better job at doing the basics than the older kids. I am glad sports can continue in high school. It’s a bit ridiculous that they can play a sport and have contact with their opponents on the court/field and then just wave after the game or before. Doesn’t make much sense. Being that Covid has changed our societal norms, I wish that things done to prevent its spread would make better sense. I do appreciate PCSD though and their diligent effort to get public input but also make decisions based on real data. I am in support of mask wearing during phase 3”

Yes please! We need to get back to where we were. Children need more school, they need to be busy and in good places, especially those children whose parents are unable to help them with their school work.

I feel that our children have adjusted to changes constantly this year and making another adjustment right before school ends is too much. They have accepted changes constantly and have stepped up to the plate each time. Another adjustment now would be too much. The vaccine is still not available to everyone who wants it and we need to keep the Covid spread contained until that is remedied. My kids are in 10th grade and 12th grade and they are doing ok but one more change would be very difficult to adjust to.


She’s doing great in school. Do kids need more time in school? We kinda like these shortened days and academically would like it to continue. I am not worried about health. I’m just thinking academically why would we make kids go to school longer? Seems like things are working well.

Still too soon to go to full time school. Let’s not rush it!

Let’s finish the year and start strong in fall. Everyone is used to where we are’”a change now will be very hard for a lot of people and could be dangerous. By summer we will be safe, let’s not jump the gun.

The High Schools and middle schools have much more interactions with more students which create a higher risk of Covid-19 spreading. The younger schools are able to stay with their own classes and have a more safe environment for the virus that would not be influenced by going to a full schedule. The older schools would begin attending lunch which would be a mass gathering and would cause an even greater chance of Covid-19 to be passed throughout the student body.

“You can’t be serious about trying to force kids to wear masks for an entire school day! I fully support sending students back to school, because the studies seem to show that students don’t spread the disease in general. But to make kids wear masks for a whole day is cruel.

My daughter has come home from school most days sad because of the masks. She gets headaches, and feels isolated because of the masks. She used to be the one who was most excited about school, and now it is hard to get her to want to go. Furthermore, she spends most of her time on her laptop, and that further isolates all of the students.

All of the adults claim that kids don’t mind the masks. They claim that the kids are so resilient, and they are just so excited to be back in school. That is a load of hogwash. I think it is more like the adults don’t listen to the kids. I have yet to talk to a single kid who thinks wearing masks is fine.”

covid is still a huge problem and there is only 1 term left in the school year, why would you transition now. wait until next school year if you are in such a hurry

I would allow the year to follow what has already been taken place. Teachers don’t need to change the classes again this year. I fill like they need a break. I also feel like the children have figured out how to adjust to this schedule. They don’t need an extra hour of school.

I’m fine with all the kids going back to school all day. However, I have really loved having the kids home earlier. I think it has been really good for them to not be at school so long. They are not so tired out. I wish we could permanently shorten the school day somehow.

High schools, it should be freshman through junior. The seniors are too busy with internships and work. They need to just be left alone.

Consistency matters for our students. Things are going well on the phase 2 schedule, it would require them to shift gears yet again in all of their pacing and activities and only for the remaining single term of school, and they have had to do much gear shifting already. We have students in AP and honors courses who are keeping up just fine with the amount of in class instruction of phase 2, and this is test preparation season, better not to disrupt that with more schedule changes. The full schedule does not add much class time, only social contact time, such as at lunch. It makes more sense to keep to the current schedule through end of this school year.

I feel it’s too soon to transition to full time school (Phase 3). With recent states (Texas & Mississippi) announcing a termination of mask mandates, I foresee the potential for increased risk of exposure. New variants coupled with the CDC’s precautions lead me to believe it could get worse before it gets better. Additionally, my son enjoys coming home at noon and does not appear to be negatively affected by the current schedule. In fact, he seems to be doing better academically now that many of his assignments are online and can be completed virtually.

I am supportive of the full time transition after the vaccines are distributed to the children. This is too early.

bad idea

I know many are in a hurry to get back to normal. I am not. Let’s get the kids vaccinated before sending them back full time. We have waited this long and we are big enough to wait a little longer. Don’t rush the process. Let’s stick with medical science instead of social science…the survey makes me laugh. Opinion decisions

For the mental health and value of education, please please allow students to return to school full time!

It appears that less transmission is happening at school and more transmission happens at outside, non-school-sanctioned events (like the 18-school dance up in SLC county). Therefore, the more time my kids spend in school, the safer they are. Also, the driving schedule is killing me.

My children need to be in school full time and go back to normal life in school. Their grades have all been affected negatively as a result of not being in class for the full amount of time needed to learn material and be tested on it. I have appreciated how careful the school district has been and I think it is safe enough to go back to school full time.

I would appreciate this move as I am hoping it will not only allow for more learning opportunities for my children. More importantly, it will hopefully allow for more time for the children to eat. Often my children come home very hungry saying there is not enough time to eat because of the next group coming. I can only imagine the amount of food being thrown away, which is not serving the purpose intended.

I am supportive of all schools going to phase 3 as long as all the necessary precautions are still taking place to protect our children.

I have heard about some high school students becoming lax with their mask wearing. I anticipate a spike in covid numbers when spring arrives and more people are out again. Eating at school creates more of an opportunity to exchange germs. My daughter has been quarantined 3 times, but thankfully tested negative each time which wS a huge relief since she has asthma and is more vulnerable than some.

My children have THRIVED with a shorter schedule. They come home every day still excited about school and not exhausted, like they did with a full schedule. They also feel confident in the rhythm and the schedules that the teachers have worked hard to adjust and implement, and I believe it will take a negative toll on them to have to re-adjust to a new and longer schedule. Though I’m not a teacher, I imagine having to re-adjust to another schedule yet again is putting too much of a strain on them and may have an effect on the superb teaching that has been happening thus far.

“The AM kindergarten only goes to school for two hours. This doesn’t seem to be enough time. My daughter frequently comes home with work that is half completed. Can they at least go the regular three hours since they already have a short day?

Thanks for all you do!”

I think the current system is a good balance so long as COVID remains a concern (meaning masks are needed and distancing is advised). Also, the consistency of staying with the way things have been going adds at least an element of normalcy. It seems like being this close to the end of the school year we might as well finish out doing what we’ve been doing, and hope to get back to normal in the fall.

I would only be supportive of full schedule if the mask mandate is removed.

I cannot handle changing my schedule again. We have after school activities and work schedules that have already changed multiple times. Please keep school ending at 1:40 and change back to all day school at the beginning of school year.

I think the elementary school age children need to go to school everyday but I worry that all of the changes aren’t good for the high schoolers. Let them just finish the year in the current phase and not put ANOTHER change on them.

Please don’t do this my kids will hate it and a i know it would make them miserable. Just let them finish out this awful year how it is now.

As long as the guidelines for in school learning are still in place, such as: masks, distance, handwashing, etc.. I would feel fine with my students returning to the full time learning schedule. I am very relieved to see the numbers are remaining low.

I would support full time school for next school year when everyone is vaccinated

I prefer keeping the shortened schedule as it seems to be working and most adults still have not been vaccinated. We can wait until the next school year to return to full days.

barely anyone wears their mask correctly. It would cause so many more cases. phase 2 is already pushing it, but phase 3 would be disastrous for Covid cases in Utah.

I’ve felt strongly from the beginning that we should follow the CDC’s and AAP’s guidance and get the kids in school full time.


Not if they have to keep wearing a mask all day

we’re in the middle of a pandemic, keep your family, staff, and students in mind. students are struggling enough already with the pandemic and with online school. to send all the students back to school, it just probably won’t be a good idea. i understand you want the best for your student and child but we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic. some students aren’t mentally and emotionally ready to go back to school.

I don’t think it would be a good idea some students don’t use masks all the time at school, and I think if my kid attend more hours it would be easy that my kid get the virus

Too long for young kids to wear masks.

No. I don’t think wearing masks for 8 hours is a good idea for kids Keep phase two please. It allows for great teacher/child interaction but allows for cleaning and more homework time in a safe home I environment. I wouldn’t mind keeping phase 2 as a model for schools going forward.

I believe it would be best to switch next year but continue as is for this year with cases still going and schedules set for the last several months.

Covid is getting worse, not better. Don’t be stupid please

You’re trying to harm the community. Education isn’t more important then the children’s parents lives. The school district is trying to hurt people and not looking at the facts with common sense.

“Especially for elementary children, they had a sad time last year having school abruptly end…thinking it was just temporarily but then never seeing their classmates or teachers again in person for the year. Of course it was necessary and wise because of the pandemic. However it was a hard adjustment for them to have schoolwork all at home. They have been so good to adapt and actually realize hiw much they like school. And was so wonderful for the first months back to have attendance flexible when they did have signs of illness. They were ok adding Friday back. They have followed rules with masks at school and quarantining when necessary. But being it is closer to end of year, and all families have made changes for rides and childcare etc, it now would be so disruptive as the weather is improving also so have more time outside…. to be surprised to adapt again for longer school days. Mother and grandma here believe better to wait till next year to have regular schedule and the kids get used to the idea…and parents time to adjust their schedules again. Not all employees are so flexible to keep making changes. We are so happy with the teachers and the district being so accomodating. I would think the teachers deserve more time with the early schedule after all they have had to adapt to. We really hope that tardies under 10 min would not be counted the same as missing first period. Sincerely and thank you for asking our opinion. Christina Rudd and LeAnne Schlegel”

About time!!!

“At the beginning of the school year, my students decided on the homestudy option. My 8th grader and 10th grader are taking most of their classes via BYU independent study and/or other 3rd party distance learning curriculum. Both are registered for Chinese through their respective schools (Centennial and Timpview) because there is no eschool equivalent. My 10th grader is also taking math (precalculus) through THS. Both have attended class in person on a limited basis (as needed) and completed their learning and assignments mostly from home. Moving to a full 5-day week schedule makes the home study option no longer workable for the following reasons: 1) The teachers have said that if teaching in-person on the full schedule, they will no longer have time to prepare the homestudy work options. I think asking them to do so would be unreasonable. 2) Yet, if my students no longer have an at-home option and must attend in-person everyday, that will compromise their ability to manage their at-home classes due to the extra time spent at and commuting to and from school. 3) In the fall, the district offered us a home study option among others. We were grateful. For multiple reasons, we decided this was the best fit for our students this year. (2 of our students we actually unenrolled from the District and are homeschooling entirely through a distance-learning company). Consistency in this structure and routine offers the best emotional and academic benefits for my students. Thank you”

“I’m supportive IF we think it’s necessary AND teachers will use the time wisely. As is, my daughter in an AP class at Timpview and has had several days of work days. Time the teacher is giving students to catch up on homework in school. She is surprised by this as she is caught up because she has the time at home to do it!! As most AP students should be doing also. Three of four of my kids are doing just great with shortened days where they have more time to complete their homework and do after school sports and get enough sleep. I like the new current schedule. I do fully support a quality education and would support more school only if it’s necessary and helpful. If longer days allow students to get more homework done, let them do it at home. If it’s for more quality instruction, then that’s worth it. I think PSD has done a great job figuring out a safe plan for the year and I appreciate you taking it seriously with safety while also allowing in person learning to happen!”

As as student, I think it’s going to be difficult with going back to full time since we are already little bit halfway through the school year. Plus a bunch of students take advantage of phase 2 to go work to help their family out.

Finish the year out 5 half days. Full time next year.

Their schedules have been adjusted to fit the the early out schedule. This includes part time jobs, sports, and other extracurriculares.

“I feel like a lot of decisions are being made without thinking about the lives of the high school students. The district keeps on making choices about the schedule. They change it up and it takes a while to get used to it, and when we finally get a rhythm going once again the schedule is changed once again. I understand that the elementary should go to full schedule because the reading scores are low but their lives are also less difficult at this time. So i think you can go ahead and switch their schedule, but the high school should be left alone. Also I believe it’s completely unfair to make us go to full schedule when you don’t allow us to have fun activities like dances. It is also really hard to wear masks for so long and you want us to wear masks for even longer. Thank you so reading my opinion!”

As a health care provider, I feel March 22nd is a very premature date to go back full time. We still have to consider the impact of the Covid variants that may greatly affect us in the coming weeks. Sometime in April would be a more appropriate date to consider returning full time.

Open the schools!

“Hello My name is Gabriel miranda, I am a senior and I love Timpview. I believe that returning to normal schedule will be a disaster for most students, specially seniors. I see a lot of stress and discouragement on the faces of my colleagues, and I believe that returning to normal hours will only make things worse. We are facing so much stress now with everything that is happening, things like uncertainty, wearing masks and the pandemic, graduation, ACT, AP tests and as I said, I believe that going to full time will only expose us to unnecessary stress, I believe as a school we should look for a solution that can benefit all of us, I share this same opinion with a lot of people in the school, both students and teachers”

Too much changing for these poor kids. Let’s end the year off strong and healthy!

With masks, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and kids staying home when sick, the kids should be safe to return to full time school.

this is simply idiotic. listen to the students. nobody thinks this is a good idea.

There are more that 1500 student at the school. How are they going to take lunch, There are only 3 months of school left, why they don’t let them finish as they are an in that way we help to end this pandemic.

kids need to be back in school! my granddaughter is back, but fell into a depression, doing great now that they are back in school!!

Please open the schools full-time, those in dire circumstances are the exception, not the rule, and those families can accommodate as needed, just like in any other situation. Thank you for being reasonable in this time, and for reaching out for parent feedback.

I don’t think we should move to phase 2 with high school

This is a bad idea

“Utah County is still in the high transmission category for covid-19. Transmission rates ebb and flow, it wouldn’t take much for our area to spike in cases again, especially with the new variants circulating that are more contagious. Moving to Phase 3 right before spring break, when we may have another surge in cases, doesn’t seem wise to me. It is disruptive to families and teachers to move back and forth between phases and to have kids on different schedules.

Wearing masks is what makes being in larger groups less risky. How can high schoolers eat lunch at least 6 feet apart from each other so they can safely take their masks off? Even if there were 3 or 4 lunches (making “”lunch”” ridiculously early for 1st lunch), teens will want to sit next to friends and likely won’t social distance. They will be talking and laughing with masks off as well. Being in close proximity to each other while eating and talking with masks off increases risk to the students and their families should they bring covid home. The majority of parents likely won’t be fully vaccinated until end of May. We should not move to Phase 3 until we have been able to be fully vaccinated. There are lots of higher risk people that still don’t qualify to receive a vaccine yet.

Teachers still have extra work to do currently vs a regular school year, with students quarantining and likely some teach an eschool class on top of regular classes.”

While I appreciate the importance of getting our children back to full-time school, I don’t think it’s the right time to do so. COVID has taken such a toll on my kids and it seems to me that the various changes to scheduling are just one more wrench in the works. I think younger children can probably roll with these changes more easily (and can benefit from more one-on-one time with teachers), but older kids just need to get through this year on the current schedule. Let’s not add to their stress when the end is so near.

I would be fine with kids going back to school full time but if the mask mandate is lifted I think kids should not have to wear masks in school. They’re not at risk and most teachers will have the vaccine by then and won’t be at risk either-let’s let the kids live again!!!! Time to get back to real life.


The full schedule would just be to much for all of the students, our minds and bodies are used to the schedule that we are on and half of us are already loosing our minds as is with this schedule. Also some students use that extra time to go to work at their job to help financially support our family’s because some of our parent’s have lost their jobs.

it would effect mental health and i would die

I might just drop out….

too stressful

As long as the Covid-19 rates continue to decline and the risk of serious infection decrease, the more time spent instructing students is better. While balancing student and employee risk against the imperative to educate the students, overcoming the detrimental educational impacts of the pandemic on the students should be the increasing concern of the board and educators.

I say yes because I feel like my kindergartner needs to get used to more time at school or next year going all day will be a drastic change and could be hard. On the other hand I have absolutely loved my kids getting home earlier because it gives them time to do homework and still be a kid and get to play. I will say if they do go all day there better not be as much homework. My son in 5th grade has a ridiculous amount of homework & if he is at school longer there will be no way he could get it all done. I don’t believe homework other than reading and a little Chinese is necessary. I personally would love though if school never went back to kids being gone all day. An hour extra wouldn’t be bad, but not two.

Stop endangering our children and disrupting they’re education by constantly changing their schedules.

No full time, my daughter has a hard time using masks until 1PM. Please do not extend to 3 PM until this pandemic situation is under control.

My classes are doing fine even with the shorter time and I like having time after school to eat and do homework before my extracurricular stuff

I am scared for my child at lunch and I don’t think any other of the cauldron will be safe because no one will be wearing a mask because they will be eating and not wear masks

People prefer this way and we get all the imformation we need

I changed my work scedual to pick my child up and if it gets changed back it will be very hard and my child likes it to go out at 12 more

I support this move in the younger students as long as mask wearing and other safety precautions are being maintained (and reinforced).

Even though there has been a trend that shows a decline in COVID-19 cases, I do not think that high schools should move into phase 3. As a student at Timpview, I have witnessed firsthand the blatant disregard many students, and even some teachers, have for following, and enforcing, the current COVID-19 precautionary measures. This includes, but is not limited to, improper face coverings, large social gatherings, not adhering to the 6 foot social distance guideline, etc. I feel that by moving to phase 3 these guidelines and especially the adherence to them would become more and more relaxed, even if that is not the intention of district workers making this decision. In addition to the safety concerns that this phase change poses, I am concerned for the students health. School has been extremely stressful this year, more than ever. Many students have lost motivation, attention span, and have other home and social struggles weighing them down. Moving to phase 3 would be very detrimental to students health because it would be another big change when the last thing they need is another thing to change in their lives, and it would be an added stress. I acknowledge that life will have to go back to pre-coronavirus normalcy at some point; I just do not think that now is the time. I propose that the students are given the summer break to recuperate, and then phase 3 be implemented with the new school year in August 2021.

No. No. No.

I think we’re in a good spot with the amount of in-person learning available. The schedule has changed SO MANY times in one year. My kids (middle and high school age) are exhausted from all the readjusting. I say leave things the way they are and come back to a normal schedule in 2021-2022. I am also concerned about pushing students from families with vulnerable members back into school before they have access to vaccinations. I hope there will be flexibility for kids to continue to learn online if that’s what works best for them. Thanks for being willing to listen.

I understand parents’ frustration with juggling work and small children so that’s why I’m okay with elementary schools making another change. However, I think that there has been too much instability, jostling schedules, readjusting to new schedules overall. Our school age children need consistency right now. They have made the adjustment to half day school and how to use their time. To upend it all again for a month and a half (while we are still in a pandemic, albeit hopefully the end of it!) seems like just another shift they will have to adjust to. Better just to ride it out and begin next school year as we all hope!

School year is almond over. No need for this switch especially since they already switched back and forth (phase 1 and 2) this school year. It frustrates teachers and students. Some students who have jobs, take advantage of the short school days to work to help their families out.

“Centenniel and Timpview are so very crowded! I wish there was an option to have ½ of the student body attend the school in person at any given time for a full school day including lunch and continuing into the afternoon. Perhaps students could attend school Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday?

The weather is warming up outside so it’s wonderful that more sports can resume and people can begin gathering in groups outside more regularly.

I’d prefer having all schools return to phase 3 in the fall with a new school year and new class schedules.”

We should not be going into phase three because supposedly all student are being safe and are continually going to be safe in school (wearing masks above the nose). But, that is not the case right now. We cannot go back to full time saying that students and teachers are being safe with cleaning and masks, when that is NOT the case. I have personally seen so many students AND teachers who are reckless with this mask mandate and do not even clean their desks, if this continues to happen please at least enforce consequences. Please do not continue putting those who have a high risk person at home by endangering them and forcing them to go to school while there are people who are going to parties with OVER 500 people and not helping the statistics. Please enforce consequences on BOTH teachers and students.

There’s already enough stress with everything else going on, we don’t need a constantly changing schedule to make it worsw

I think the current hours should be made a permanent thing. The kids have been happier and they have the time to explore other areas of life. When they are in school “full time” school sucks up their whole day. Kids should have a balance. The current hours allows them to have this balance.

I believe it is still not safe for anyone to move on the phase 3

No! Please just leave it alone for the last two months of school. They don’t need any more change in their lives right now.

no 5 hrs is to long with masks on as it is. they are on Chromebooks all day anway… much screen time.

I say forget about it for this school year. There has already been enough change that families have had to adjust their schedules for. With 2 months or so of school left after March 22, can’t it just be left alone. 2 more hours in a mask is ridiculous and already hard enough. Provo school district has been going almost the longest out of districts in Utah and should be cut a break for how well we’ve done! I believe it will be back to normal in August so, please let it stay like it is! Thank you!

no comment

Until masks are no longer deemed necessary or required, school hours should be condensed. The masks are extremely difficult for students to wear 6 hours a day and adding more hours to that time frame is unnecessary.

No not with masks – it’s hard enough wearing them 5 hrs.

I think it would be great as long as they continue to implement the wearing of masks while in class.

“Due to the nature of physical distancing, face masks, and other rules preventing students congregating, I suggest that we limit in school time and allow kids to engage outside of school in other ways.

I appreciate the work of teachers at this time. I am sure it has been a tough year. You guys rock. And as administrators, thank you for your work as well.”

It’s unsafe and you guys are not being responsible at all.


Please follow the science and open up schools. Mental health and education are important.

I feel very unsafe about this. I am losing a lot of trust in the school district.

I gave my opinion above, but really I trust you to look at the data and make an informed decision. Please don’t cave to pressure from people who don’t know what they’re talking about (including myself).

I only have kids in elementary school, but I feel completely comfortable with them returning to school full-time, particularly with the mask restrictions remaining in place. Thanks to the teachers, administrators, staff, and school board for all your efforts!

At this point in time we have the ability to be with each other even if it’s a few hours.I finally get to have some part of my normal life back. Moving to phase 3 is risky and could cause a set back AGAIN. Let’s finish off the school year how we are so we can all have a great time next year.

That constant change is impacting us a lot. As a high school kid people push me to use my time and put it to more clubs and academics. Now parents complaining that there kids have terrible grades even thou that wouldn’t change even if COVID wasn’t a thing. You are taking my time way from me make things 100% harder than it should be in this situation.

NO!! Leave it alone! The students already don’t know whether they’re coming or going. We only have another two months of school. Don’t mess with it now! Our students are struggling as it is with mental health issues as a direct result of all the COVID turmoil. They don’t need any more change.

Thank you!

We should end the year just the way it is. Next year start fresh, no stress, nothing.




As long as teachers have enough prep time and staff has enough time to clean (and adequate support and compensation for any extra work this causes), we support a full transition.

There’s no point in switching this late!

I do not feel safe with my children going to phase 3.

School is doing well enough without the full day.

It’s so late in the year there is literally no point.

My Son has a work schedule after school and he can switch it around. We never assumed that we would go back to a full schedule. The schedule right now is working and it would be too much work for the students to switch back to full-time school. It is too close to the end of the year for this to be a good idea.

I don’t believe it is in the students best interest to do regular school during COVID still. The decreasing numbers is good but having thousands of students so close together for 7 hours a day will rise the COVID case numbers. The vaccine is not available to students yet so they have a greater chance of getting it.

I don’t want this schedule it doesn’t work for me because I work

Not happy with the flip flopping of schedules that has already taken place. Plus wearing a mask for an additional hour or two doesn’t sound like a great idea. Finish the school year as is and reevaluate how we do things for 21/22.

Getting out at 12 gives us more time to catch up on schoolwork, participate in after school activities and sports.

If we must move forward to Fase 3 I strongly encourage you to wait until after spring break when people have had time to refresh. I think it would be wise to start with a clean slate at the beginning of a new term so that people can persevere to the end of quarter 3 and be able to start again on the right track.


I’m not agree because we need to have some preventions with the covid 19

The school year is almost over you might as well keep it the way it is right now until the end of the year the kids are used to it

If we go to phase 3 that means more cases will spike up. I know right now we are low in cases but as soon as you say five days a week all day. More people are coming to school. More people get sick.

“With it being so close to the end of the year, I see no point to switch to full time now. Might as well just wait until fall to start full time again. We’ve been at this schedule for so long, it’s be nice to finish out on the same schedule.”

The covid this is very dangerous and still in the world, we should not risk

I have people in my family who are high risk and I’m doing everything I can to keep them safe. I also have adhd, making it very difficult for me to study from home. Considering that many of the kids as well as faculty continue to not wear their masks properly or adhere to other safety guidelines, I am still questioning why we moved to phase 2/2.5!

I have a niece at home that’s too young to get this virus. Plzzzz let’s not do this!

I am a student at Provo High. We have had so much change already and I know that I have had to change my schedule outside of school so many times already. I have a job and my employer gets pretty annoyed with me changing my availability to work all the time. We only have 2 months of the school year left, so we might as well leave it until the end of the school year. We aren’t getting any less online work and it’s nice to have more time to do it. With phase 2.5, it’s been really nice to have more time on my hands (to work, dance, homework, etc.). So I feel like it isn’t really beneficial to change until the beginning of next school year. Thank you for all that you do for us students and teachers!!

Our special needs children needs more time at school. They are having a hard time using the computers.

The only concern I have is the longer duration of them having to wear masks. Especially in MIDDLE SCHOOL they are allowed NO breaks besides lunch and NO outside time AT ALL. If they are expected to wear a mask for that long they need to be able to go outside and get fresh air.

I feel like it would be more dangerous

We have internships, jobs and school work we have scheduled for our high school student. We need one more term of consistency to get them through this year.

This has been a hard year and one of the benefits has been having more free time/time to be outside/with family. Spring is just around the corner and I strongly feel that mental health will benefit more from staying at this schedule vs wearing a mask for even longer each day. We NEED fresh air. As a parent I hope the district will consider something other than getting as many school hours in as possible.

Since going to the 5 day schedule the high schoolers are not getting more or better instruction. They just have less time to do the work & exams that they are being asked to do & take at home. Because so many of the high school teachers are new or new to their current class schedule they are not prepared to provide quality instruction. There is this “winging it” quality both in organization & instruction. When one of my sons got sick his teachers would not provide notes for instruction but asked him to try and get them from classmates who either didn’t want to pass them on or didn’t take them well. Really sad since he has provided notes repeatedly for other students. Do you think he is inclined to admit when he is not feeling well & stay home? Both my sons are often going to bed at midnight, waking up at 5:30 a.m., & working Saturdays to meet the homework & exam load & to instruct themselves where their teachers are failing to provide quality teaching. In addition, neither will cheat & cheating is rampant even among the “good” kids at Timpview so they are having to work extra hard to compete with kids who will use their notes or books when not allowed for the online exams. We know this is a hard year for teachers & appreciate them but it’s also been overwhelming for the kids at the high school level. One way to compensate is to give them extra time to work rather than sit in the classroom. Thanks very much. We are grateful for you.

I don’t think there is enough room to do lunch socially distanced and I still worry that the cases will go up and alot of kids will be affected.

Student and parent schedules have already been moved around quite a lot this year, and it would be a lot harder to change them this late into the year once again. It is especially hard for students with jobs who cannot keep changing their schedule erratically with their employer.

I think it depends on the lunch situation. It sounds like it would not be much of a change for the Elementary schools, but if we have to shift to four lunch periods for the high school I wonder how effective the change will be. I’m very interested to know what teachers think. Even thought it seems to me an easier transition for Elementary than high school, I would still defer to the teachers’ suggestions. We have asked so much from them this year And I trust them to know what will work best for the last quarter of the school year.

“This has been a really hard school year for everyone. Luckily with phase 2.5, I feel like everyone is starting to get comfortable with their school schedule again. It’s been hard to get back into school with the constant switching around schedules. It would be really hard for students if we decided to AGAIN switch their school schedule. I think it would be for the best of students and teachers if we all finish the school year strong in phase 2.5 and then get ready to start back with phase 3.0 in the fall.”

Why don’t we make the shortened schedule the new reality?

I feel the schedule would be too problematic without enough benefit too be worth the risk

Throwing another curvball to kids who have already been so unsettled recently and finally are comfortable with their schedule and life will not end well.

My mental health has ben heavily impacted by all of the switching, this is enough. I have lost the motivation and self value that I had last year, I have cried and spent many nights thinking about how I was not worthy of having my education since I was put under so much pressure. the fact that you’re even asking students for their opinion on this when you clearly know we would oppose is absolutely ridiculous. My friends’ mental health is also riding in on this and it has gotten worse every time you change the phases. My grades have gone down and honestly I stopped caring because of the little interest the district has for the students this year. if you want to prove me wrong about this then listen to us, this is affecting us more than you believe and understand it does. My depression has gotten worse and worse by this school year and frankly I have thought about dropping out and this is coming from an honors and AP student. Enough is enough, I have reached my limit and so have many. This is our way of telling you to stop messing with the phases. This isn’t a demand but it is a cry for help. A cry for understanding.

I like our schedule now

This year has been a hard year. Changing the high school schedules can add lots of added stress that is unneeded at this time. I would appreciate some consistency considering the type of year we have had. Since there is only 3 months left of school a new change is not needed. Let’s please for the sake of mine and a lot of peoples mental health keep the same schedule!!

they aren’t getting anymore exposed to covid by spending and extra couple hours at school. they might as well be learning something.

These kids have been through enough this year, and every time the schedule changes, it adds more stress to their lives. If we could continue this schedule to give them a sense of stability and structure that would be amazing. They have adjusted to this schedule and have been able to make it work this far into the school year. I believe a change is not necessary and would only hurt our students. Thank you.

This is a joke, right? These high schoolers go and party without having a care in the world about covid guidelines. I have a compromised immune system, and I believe that you’re putting not only myself but plenty of other families at risk if you decide to move to phase three.

Making the kids wear masks for a full day is too much in my opinion. Unless Utah ends the mask mandate I believe school should only be half day- especially for young children.

The seniors have been through enough, if we are having wasted in school time that at very least give us back our assemblies, our dances. anything. You pretend like you understand but you have no idea what it’s like. do you remember your senior prom? lol we don’t even know what that is. please keep it at phase 2

It’s time for them to try to catch up… please let them go back!

Our children are falling behind in their academics. Alpine has been in school the whole year for full time, minus just one hour. The kids are together for 5 hours. What is the point of them not being together for 7?!? There is no logic in this. Our poor kindergartners are only getting 10 hours a week!! This is insane. In almost every other state, children are in kindergarten full time. So calculate those children going to school 35 hours a week, compared to ours getting 10. We are doing them a disservice and they are going to struggle so much more when they are required to be so much farther ahead next year. This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m beyond disappointed in how long it has taken our school board to even consider this decision.

No creo que sea correcto que se pase a la fase 3 aún, aún es muy pronto, siento que el año debería terminar como ya está hasta el próximo año, no esperemos que las cosas se pongan peor. Gracias!

“Please do not go into phase 3. Unless you are giving us reasons as to why we need phase 3. The district should not decide whether we go to phase 3 or not. It should be based off the parents and the students. The district doesn’t go to school, attend classes, go to lunch, teach the kids, or walk the halls with hundreds of students. Why is there such a need to rush into phase 3? Give us reasons as to why it would be better for us. We have only been in phase 2.5 for not even two months and kids are still trying to get used to it. There is no need for us to go to phase 3. Kids are comfortable where they are at, and have access to both online and in-person.

It does not make sense to go to phase 3 unless you are allowing assembly’s, dances, more spectators and many other things that have become very limited. You cannot expect for kids to sit in an hour and a half class with 30+ kids and not allow these other activities. Please take into consideration all of these reasons why we should not go into phase 3. There are more kids, teens, adults, teachers and many other school staff that will be in danger just because you want to go back to phase 3. The district has not even taken a step into what it’s like being one of these people especially during this global pandemic. You do not get to choose when and where people get to learn based off of your own opinion. Unless you teach all day, and walk the halls then maybe we can have a talk about your phase 3.”

I don’t see any reason why these kids can’t go to school full time and every day of the week. This COVID fear has done enough damage. Let’s fight back and get things back slowly but steadily. These kids need their education! They need their friends. It is time.

My kids have been leading everything they need to in the time that they do and getting the school off earlier has helped them stress a lot less because they are busy outside of school. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a lot of your student start to fail going back to school full time. I think highschool is emotionally hard enough and I think these kids aren’t ready to transition back into full time school. Your gonna see more kids missing school and attendance go down too. They are used to only going till 12 so why would they not just skip if we went back to full schedule.

“We’re so used to the schedule we have that we should just finish it out with the same schedule. I do dual enrollment at provo and Timpview and it’s very difficult trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be when the school district changes things.

This is my senior year and it’s already hard enough. We should just keep it where it’s at for the rest of the year and start phase 3 next school year. We should NOT go into phase 3.

P.S. – We should do another drive-thru style graduation. Much better than traditional graduation.”

The kids don’t need more change and where what we are doing now is working great I don’t see a need to add more change and stress. Phase 2 made classes shorter which in return made the teachers make sure they teach the most important stuff and in an effective way. My child has said that in their classes most of the stuff they do they are easily able to do at home and on their own so it would be pointless to spend more time in the classroom when they could be working on other things like jobs, hobbies, and sports.

“I am a student at Timpview, and I regularly witness students taking off their masks, and not adhering to social distancing guidelines even after I ask them to step back when they are too close with their masks on. As we progress further into the year, fewer teachers are being supportive of the online learning system, (especially with attendance now being recorded), and it is becoming more and more difficult for me to keep up with the few classes that I take online because of the recent shift to more in-person school. While I understand that students need the educational hours, I do not believe that it is worth risking the lives of those who may come into contact with the high-school students. In an idea society, everyone would social distance and being in close contact with this many people would be possible, but our society and this virus are far from ideal, and as such I don’t see this being a solution. As a student who lives with their Grandfather and two special-needs siblings, I understand all to clearly the risk of being at school for too long. But as I think the students of Timpview have proved: We are able to survive without school, with school for two days a week, four days a week, and five days a week. In addition, I have found that the daily consultation time with teachers provides us with an opportunity to receive individual feedback almost whenever we need it, and many of us have found that much more valuable than face-to-face class time.”

Don’t do it no one will want to go

Only if they don’t have to wear masks. If they still have to wear masks- I would rather keep them in early out. The least amount of change right now would really be best on my teen. They are certainly struggling right now- let’s not stress them out even more by changing their schedules again. Just freaking bring back sports full time.

I do not think it is a good idea to completely go back to full time school just because trends are showing a decrease in cases. I think that if we become too eager and go back to full time schooling this puts students and their family members at risk. The least exposure to people the better, especially with such relaxed rules on masks wearing at least at the high school level. I want to be able to feel safe at school. I don’t think an extra 30 minutes a class period will increase the overall education. I know of several students that are doing internships through the school that would have to drastically change their schedule and even drop classes if they want to continue to work at their internship. I think that is a very political decision to go and many don’t see it as a big issue. The people that do see it as a big problem are trying to stay as safe as possible while other people have continued to live their life as if nothing is different, while we are in non-socially-distant classrooms with people who could expose students to Covid-19. Many people say in response to this argument ‘why don’t you just do online school’, but i I don’t think it is fair that people should have to do’“in my opinion’“lower quality education just because we want to be safe. I think we should be careful and not jump the gun, I think it is important to protect our students and their families from unnecessary risk.

My only concern is the kids having to wear masks the whole day. If they have to wear masks, then I vote reduced hours.

I am in favor of all day school as long as they don’t have to wear masks. It’s already ridiculous enough that the grade school kids have to wear a mask plus they had the shield around their desk. Now to ask them to wear a mask an additional 1.5-2 hours each day is too much. That is 7.5-10 hours per week more of mask wearing than what they were already doing. My wife asked my 4th grade daughter if she would like to go back to regular school hours. She was on the verge of tears when she answered she would like to, but does not want to wear the mask that long. I appreciate that there are rules that you must abide by as a school, but if the kids have to continue to wear their mask all day long then I say no to extending. How about you have mask wearing classes for those that want masks, and non-mask wearing classes? Let’s get creative here, start throwing out some ideas for a solution. I’m all ears.

Open the schools. The kids aren’t at risk.

PLEASE REMOVE the PLASTIC BOXES our elementary students sit in all day before going back to school full time!!!! Has any data been conducted on how our students feel sitting behind a partition all day WHILE wearing a mask? I feel like all 4 of my children have enough instruction time at school. I hope the district will consider keeping these hours for school from here on out. Or going to school four full days a week and having Friday off with limited online instruction. I think a 1:30 release time for elementary students is a plenty long day of instruction. There is no need for our little kids to be getting home at 4pm everyday. (And then spending the evening trying to do homework too). Please reconsider the length of the school day, especially for elementary school kids, and if it is necessary to ever go back to the long hours we had before. Please TAKE DOWN the PLASTIC BARRIERS before thinking of sending them to school all day (people are cramming in airplanes without anything except a mask to protect them- and we are sending a subliminal message to kids that they should fear being close to their peers and they should fear being social and interacting with their peers and teaches).

I do feel like phase 3 would ruin people’s schedules and make teachers more stressed to try think of different assignments in class.

Teachers still need the extra time to plan home study lessons for students who are not able to come into school due to covid. If they students go back to full school teachers will have no time to make these lessons and more and more kids that can’t come to school cause of covid will fail.

No unless we go back to doing assemblies and allow more people at sports games but we should just finish the year off and you can think of doing it next year maybe.

Stop changing things, school is almost over. Let things be. People have had to adjust and readjust and so had students. Keep things the way they are.

as much as i want everything back to normal, going to school and having every class for just an hour is already so stressful. the lessons we have make us do everything online anyways so going to classes for longer would almost be pointless. not to mention many students have jobs and after school extracurriculares, it would just make everything a lot more complicated. 🙂

Schooling is already stressful enough with the pandemic. Adding extra school hours would only add unnecessary time in school for a 30 minute lunch, and slightly longer class periods. These extra hours could be used for extracurricular activities and homework.

Everyone is so tired of Covid, but I think everyone is jumping the gun with going back to normal too soon. Everyone seems to be forgetting that there are variants of Covid that are just as bad, and even worse than the original virus. Countries in Europe are on lockdown and in a state of emergency currently because of the variants of Covid. There are still new cases of Covid every day in Utah, and people are still dying from it. And, there are still families who are high-risk, and still having to quarantine. Yes, Utah numbers are going down, but it is still a very real threat. I feel we need to still be patient and cautious, and slowly go back to normal because if we go back to normal full force too soon, we may find ourselves going backwards and having to have a lot of restrictions again. Let’s ride this year out like it is now. Let’s be patient in hopes to have next year (starting in the Fall) be more normal. Please play it smart and be patient.

My student and I are concerned students will not be as careful with a full day regular schedule because it feels as if everything is back to normal, even with wearing masks.

There have already been so many changes this year. Let the students finish out the year with the current schedule and give them some consistency.

At this point just let them stay in Phase Two the rest of the school year. Every time you advance forward many kids get more and more nervous about being in school and bringing the virus home to their families. We haven’t forgotten the irresponsibility of a bunch of seniors that went to a huge maskless multi-school party last week and are now potentially spreading the virus all over the school. Vaccines won’t be available to everyone until at least the end of May. Just let them stay in Phase Two…PLEASE.

I believe school was difficult for some students this year. They had to get used to phase 1 and online at the same time. Now that they are in phase 2 I believe it should stay that way. Some students are barely getting used to phase 2 and it seems as right when they are getting used to the phase you guys want to switch it up to a different phase. These teenagers and students have developing minds and they have been through a lot this year already. Might as well leave it at this phase and have next year be a fresh start for every student. I’m sure you adults would understand and comprehend everything.

I get anxiety already at school and full time would give me more anxiety

The Provo school district has had absolutely NO consistency with their schedule. It is so unbelievably hard to be thrown around every few weeks. Five days a week already so overwhelming. Alpine school district clearly is taking mental health into consideration with only have four days a week. Having friday’s off was the BEST thing for me and my family.

we’ve already changed phases so many times. it’s putting unnecessary stress and pressure on students. just let them finish out the year without a massive change. people have adjusted their entire lives and schedules for an already strange situation. don’t force families to readjust AGAIN.

more of a risk for covid

Don’t give that bs that things are getting better. Wait until Provo numbers go down (let alone Utah numbers) before you transition. While I would really like more school, I won’t go put people’s lives at risk for it.

I wish your survey would have given more options, like strongly support, somewhat support, etc. I think I would prefer the students to continue in phase 1 for now because we are still not out of the covid woods just yet. But I also realize how much of a burden it would lift for so many people, families and teachers, so I voted yes on this survey.

“I say no not because of Covid but because I like having them come home at the early out time. Being at school for more than 5 hours is too long.”

If I’m being honest, I’m not concerned about my children getting covid at school, I’m more concerned about having adequate time to clean the building and preparation time for the teachers. I also worry our poor teachers are burned out! But perhaps they do feel they need more instruction time. I also feel wearing a mask all day for my younger kids is difficult enough now and that they would have a transition phase (that hopefully wouldn’t burden teachers) as they adjust to longer hours at school and longer mask hours. I feel like the last three weeks of school are a total write off. Perhaps instruction can be more effective during this time to help make up for lost instruction time. I love specialties, but if we are trying to prioritize instruction, I think we should not have added these back in, in full until school was back in full. Something has to give. I am appreciative of the hard decisions our district has had to make. No one knows how to navigate a pandemic! I totally thought by October school would be shut down. Thank you for minimizing the risks and keeping it open! Our family is grateful for your work.

I feel like what we have now is functioning perfectly

If all students are vaccinated. Then sure

If this happens, I’m going to the district and talk to whoever thought this was a good idea. My kids haven’t even been vaccinated.


The school year is nearing the end, why would you close off risking the cases rising? Unless your vaccinating every student, then I’m keeping my kid home doing online.

My sons haven’t even received vaccinations yet, we still need to wait. School year is about to end, why rush the final term?

Cases will rise before the summer, there’s no need to rush things as long as we’re safe.

In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. Last night, I experienced something new: an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau’s famous motto, “Anyone can cook.” But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking at Gusteau’s, who is, in this critic’s opinion, nothing less than the finest chef in France. I will be returning to Gusteau’s soon, hungry for more.

Are you kidding me? We’re not even close to a safe zone yet, why is this being proposed? Wait for everyone to get vaccinated first.

No comment

As a student that attends Timpview High School, I can say first hand that many, many students (AND TEACHERS) do NOT wear masks over their nose, if at all.

It’s to much stress on them to switch back

phase three is lame, dont do it

My children are always so much more stressed out when it’s full time school. It also makes a huge difference in how things go at home. Having them in school from 7-12 is perfect and there’s no reason to make it any longer than that. My kids are learning so much more and it’s much more clear to them because they aren’t going over so many things during one period. I also don’t want my kids to dread going to school even more, I think lots of children will have much worse moods about school if it goes back to being so long, which will result in all the fun of school going down the drain. To me, it’s crazy that anyone would even consider going back to full time school.

“Younger children need to be in school full time for their own personal well-being, and to harness social skills as well as a routine placement.

However, high schools have strived hard to combat all of the changes this year and can’t take anymore schedule changes. Many having painstakingly worked to schedule after school sports, clubs, and internships- and changing the schedule again is too much to bear. I personally am a student at Timpview and going full time will completely destroy my schedule for my internship. I have talked to many teachers whose lesson plans will be obliterated after hours of planning. Please be considerate of those who will be devastated by this. There is only one term left. Thank you for providing a platform for my voice and other voices to be heard.”

my grandpa and his brother just died. you want to have school dances and have us all go back to school when people are dying left and right

Wait until the vaccine is available to the general population

Let’s win the war over the corona virus first before we go back to full time. Also, I feel like school has been a lot less stressful for everyone and everybody has been able to focus more during school because of their shorter class periods

I believe that doing this will not be good at all for the students mental health

I understand the need for elementary school students to spend more time in person at school. Many parents are unable to watch their kids while they are working, and small children do not benefit as much from homework as teenagers. My concerns lie with high/middle school students and teachers. One thing I’ve noticed with half days is that teachers are actually spending time on educational content rather that trying to waste time to fill up an entire hour and a half. Teachers also already have extra on their plates with home study and in person students. I also have major concerns with covid numbers (which are not just numbers, they are human lives). By having lunch time in school, I’m anxious that ppl will practice less social distancing and comply less with mask rules. While Utah is distributing vaccines exceptionally quickly, there aren’t enough vaccines out for students to be safe, which i believe should be the top priority. I would prefer we stay how we are until the end of the year so that we are more likely to be able to attend full time next year without issues.


Having kids wear masks for 8 hours or so per day seems like cruel and unusual punishment. My children dread going to school amd wearing masks all day long.

With teachers vaccinated let’s get the kids back to ‘normal’

My children really love these half days of school. They are less stressed and have more things to do and better themselves throughout the day. There are more benefits to half days then there are full days of school for all children.

we are doing fine with half days 5 days a week and we don’t need to go full days because students are less engaged when they are sitting in a classroom for an hour and a half.

I don’t think this is a safe step. All school staff is immunized but kids parents and family members that live with them are not. I believe school should stay the way it is. Also teachers have more time to prepare assignments on canvas for kids that are quarantined at home and its less stressful for them.

I am a high school student and I enjoy the schedule as it is! At school, we get all the necessities done and everything else done at home. I am able to complete homework faster and have more time for extra curricular activities! Another thing is, I wouldn’t like is the fact that we would have to wear masks ALL DAY!! It is hard enough as it is so I really would not like it.

The amount of change that students and staff have had to put up with this year has already been crazy. To switch up their routines this much has killed their motivation. Routines are ESSENTIAL to success in school and their routines have not been the same for more than a month at a time. Adding extra time to the school day will not improve student outcomes, it will just open up the opportunity for the virus to spread more easily. My grandfather died because he contracted Covid-19. It was devastating. Please do not open other families up to heartache for a few extra hours of school. There is no need to be so risky with the year so close to over. Also, teachers should not have to switch their schedules all over again. Many of them have already planned out their final quarter and it is a nightmare to keep replanning everything all over again every time we switch the schedule. It would be thoughtful to teachers to just finish the school year in phase 2.5.

I think it’s already to close to the school year being over, I think the best thing would be to wait till the next upcoming year, with that being said we have had so many changes and a lot of us parents have to work around the school schedule, it’s kind of hard to switch a work schedule once again. With that short notice.

I would love the students to go full time!!

A full school day in a mask is too long! My kids come home from school with headaches from breathing through a mask on the shortened schedule.

It seems like the schools have a system in place that everyone is used to. Changing it with only 2 months left of school seems like a waste. This entire year has been a hot mess going full time now will not improve matters.

We only have 3 months left. Both of my kids have jobs that would interfere. If it was the beginning of the year that would be understandable. But with such a short time left until the end of the year I say no. Also keep the covid number low and let the seniors have some leeway instead to get together in some capacity!

No is a great idea

Open it all open ASAP!!!!!

“The number of Covid cases in the district can’t be better now than it was at the beginning of the school year. In Utah County, the 7-day average number of positive Covid cases was 85 on 8/19/20. Now the 7-day average is 140 (3/2/21). So in Utah County, we’re averaging MORE cases of Covid each week than we were at the beginning of the school year. It seems that with all of the changes and disruption that has happened this year, it would be helpful to finish out the year without having to make everyone adjust their schedules again. Many students have jobs, lessons, or sports that would have to change, or perhaps stop completely, if the schools went back to a full school day. It seems like a lot of disruption and inconvenience to impose for only 2 months of full time school. The numbers on the PCSD Covid Summary website don’t make sense. It says that there are 19 cases of Covid in the district (3/2/21). When I add up the minimum number of cases based on each school’s numbers, there should be at least 23 cases in the district. I also don’t understand why the numbers cap out at “”15+””. That could represent a wide range of numbers. So I don’t have much confidence in the accuracy of the numbers the district publishes. I noticed that the chart on the PCSD Covid-19 trends website only shows data from 1/4/21 ‘“ 2/19/21. That seems like a convenient representation but doesn’t give us the whole picture.

For these reasons, I’m NOT in favor of a full schedule.”

We have work and internships and we are used to this schedule. KEEP IT THE SAME!!!

Please for the love of all that is holy. Don’t do this to the older children or their teachers.

Nobody wants to go to phase three. Please finish out the school year in phase 2. It’s less back on forth. Really not happy with phase 3 at all.

I am ready for school to be back to full-time AND for each of my kids to NOT have a personal computer at home. I also don’t understand why websites like YouTube aren’t blocked on these school-issued computers.

I think we should finish the school year as it is. Wait until next school year to go to full days. The virus is still around.

Everyone has already adjusted to the current schedule so why disrupt things and make a change with so little time left until the end of the year? Let’s get on top of the pandemic rather than rush things. I’m also concerned that the teachers are not doing the cleaning that was promised by the district and school. This is based on our student’s first hand experience with the teacher saying not to bother. If it’s not being done at the end of the class it’s doubtful that it is done at the beginning. I feel like a lot of promises were made to get us to let our kids get back to school. I was hesitant and truthfully I’m still not comfortable. Student don’t wear masks in common areas and the administration ignores it. It doesn’t seem like the kids safety is the highest concern. It feel like the district is trying to fill seats to get their funding. My child attends one class for 45 minutes and there are times when the kids are being disruptive when the teacher gives up and tell them to take a break and get on their phones. If they can’t sit still for 45 minutes what make you think that they will be able to sit still for 90 minutes? I realize that some teachers are trying hard but some are frustrated. We were told by the school counselor that remote learning was not an option for our child but it turns out that wasn’t true. There are teachers that are preparing material for remote students who were not comfortable with in-person learning at the time. Leave things alone for now.

I don’t think there is a good way to do lunch at the high schools and middle schools safely

Do it.

“Due to smaller children needing more reminders and help to continually stay safe and be protected from the virus, I feel that the shorter schedule and minimized contact time is the very best situation for Elementary kids right now. I would not want my kids going back full time yet. As for older children that bare more responsibility and understanding of this special situation, can do all necessary steps needed to keep healthy and safe without needing reminders. My vote: HS students YES. Elementary students NO”

I only have kids in elementary school, so that’s all I feel I can comment on at this time, but I’m in support of this movement.

I think it’s very important for students education to go back to full time learning.

It has no impact for our students

Many students who have high risk families would be at an academic disadvantage who couldn’t attend school with the full times.

I support students going back to school full time as long as there continues to be supported options for remote learning should my child get sick.

I feel it is better to keep things consistent, switching back and forth.

I can’t get myself to even go to a half day

I can’t go back to lomg classes please I’ll just skip all my classes

This is not good for the students. All of the students attending these school do not have the coronavirus vaccine. This puts us at risk of getting it. And most students enjoy not going to school that much.

I would be okay transitioning kids back to full time, starting with elementary and so forth.

The medical personnel have been immunized, so there is just a lot less risk to any catastrophe happening. It’s OK to reopen now that the vaccine is here and available.

I believe students will have more time from teachers to understand the concept better, because they will have more time if teachers be welling to do so. One of my kids told me that one of their teachers said that is NOT fair for the students. We really respect and very much appreciate all of our teachers. But really don’t appreciate to hearing comments like that from teachers to influence kids that way!

Going through another drastic schedule change will push students over the edge and is not a good idea.

I believe we should transition to regular school hours without masks

I think that there is still enough risk for Covid 19. I think that since the children are still required to wear masks and social distance, that they should just stay on the short schedule through the end of the school year.

“Additional time at school is additional exposure risk for everyone. As is children can’t wait to rip their masks off the instant school ends. An additional hour and forty minutes per day off being forced to wear a mask will only increase their desire to remove it before leaving school grounds and reaching a safe distance from others. Daily case counts (while decreasing) are still at dangerous levels and relaxing restrictions will only cause cases to rise. I feel that encouraging everyone to move towards “”business as usual”” will give many a false sense of security and some will engage in riskier behavior putting the rest of the children at higher risk.”

I don’t feel like there’s enough people caring enough about Covid to make me feel safe going longer to school with them

I think we should wait until the start of next school year. I feel everything is going smoothly how it is right now.

Things seem to be going well as is and I worry if things were ramped up then Covid cases would increase as well.

There should be no phase 3 until everyone can wear their mask right.

They gon die of the rona

I wish this year would show us that kids can accomplish more with greater focus in a shorter period of time in school. Kids only have so much attention span – let’s just work hard for a shorter period of time to capitalize on that. Instead they go for hours on end having to add in all sorts of fluff and wasted time to break up the actual learning moments. Home schoolers do it in a few hours – let’s just try to be more efficient. I absolutely hate that during a regular school year my elementary kids don’t get home till almost 4pm when they take the bus home. It’s just not right to make kids sit in a classroom that long. My 6 year old does not need to be gone for an 8 hour day. Let them come home and play and read and practice an instrument. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the shorter school days and I have 3 middle schoolers and high schoolers who have gotten straight A’s this year with less stress because they can actually do more than just come home from school, do homework and go to bed!

I have set up my work schedule around school ending at 12 and would have to quit my job If we went to full time.

I think if we’re just going to have to move back to phase one or two, then no. My opinion stay on phase two for the rest of this school year. These kids have been yo yoed enough. And I have an elementary age child that will struggle having to wear a mask that long each day. I think you guys have done a good job dealing with and I appreciate you all. But my opinion is leave it for the next two and half months and start normal schedule next school year

You keep changing things right as students get into a good spot with school. The changes you are making are making schooling so much harder for students not to mention you aren’t being lenient on grades at all this year it is unfair for you to keep confusing and making things harder for students and then punishing them with hard grades.

it’s too early to open the school, we’re in the middle of a pandemic

If the mask mandate is lifted. My Children come home from school with headaches and worn out from the extra added stress.

There’s close to two months left of high school I think it’s completely pointless if not counterproductive to start going back to full days as a student I finally have a good routine going which has been a struggle considering how much covid has changed things. We should not return to full days of school until next school year at the earliest, even at the start of the next school year I don’t think it’s worth switching back if I’ve learned anything from these half days it’s that we can fit all of the classes we needed in less time giving us more time for homework and extracurricular activities afterwards as well it creates significantly less stress because we aren’t as exhausted by the bed of the day and just allows us more time for everything we need and want to do.

Our students have been living on edge for 1 year now. They’ve been asked to sacrifice their schedules and learning for the greater good. Over the past year, they’ve gone through countless different schedule variations. There is finally some calm in this storm for them. PLEASE STOP CHANGING THEIR SCHEDULES. Let’s just keep things as they are right now until the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Next Fall we can go back to full-time school. I see no benefit to changing for the last 2 months of the year and a significant benefit to having schedules remain as they are today.

I understand younger grades going to phase three, I think there is a lot of social and educational opportunities being lost but as for the high school students I think it’s too much. As a high school senior I’m already unmotivated as is, not to mention the problems it would cause. Me and most of my friends have a part time job and rescheduling needs weeks in advance. Homework is becoming overwhelming and why switch up the rhythm so close to the end? I genuinely believe that going to phase 3 will make many students skip class because we aren’t used to the schedule. Especially 4th term when there is all the stress of testing and then after testing when class doesn’t feel as important.

I would want people to be responsible and get immunity with vaccinations

not a good idea. should stop wearing masks before going into phase three

We can’t be wearing masks for that long, stay in phase 2

‘We want to do what is best for the students!’ No you don’t, you want to make us go back to the normal schedule to look good and look like you’re controlling it well. Half of the students don’t even wear their masks correct AND 5/8 of my classes dont have the students sanitize their desk. Idk. I think EVERYONE thinks its a bad idea

I think that getting out at 12 is perfect for the high schools. They have a lot of things to do and it’s good for their mental health to not go to school for so long.

I don’t feel like the transition to more time is really a good idea, or really even necessary. Currently all my classes have plenty of time to finish lessons, in enclosed rooms with people who are quite often not wearing a mask correctly, and while the difference in exposure between phase 2.5 and 3 is probably not much because there is already enough time spent in proximity, I don’t feel super comfortable in a few classes anyway, and increasing the time would only worsen that. The main issue really is that it’s one thing to say that guidelines will be followed/enforced, it’s another for that to be practiced. People do unsafe activities like the recent morp that happened (almost no guidelines followed) anyway. I understand it’s impossible to enforce mask use/distancing every second for every person, but there could be more happening within the reasonable capabilities of the school. Most people in the halls take every opportunity to remove their mask, and have just found new, more inconvenient spots to group up (because there are at least people trying to break up groups in the commons area). In class, many people I’ve noticed have their mask constantly beneath the nose, which is definitely not following the mask requirement, and many will take it off when they think the teacher is looking the other way, often without every really putting it back. So even though Covid rates aren’t currently going up, pushing the chances while measures are already lacking seems like a bad idea.

It’s not safe for our kids! The system we have right now is working.

Thanks for looking out for our children during this pandemic!

Covid cases are going down and just opening up won’t make that better we need to stick it out until everyone has had the chance to get the vaccine

Our schedule has changed so many times over the course of this year it’s really stressful on us as students and having it stay the same for the remainder of this year would be a huge relief and would bring all our stress levels down.

Students are already dealing with too much stress and they have extra time to finish their homework and talk to teachers when they get out at noon going full time would only inflict more stress

grades are already hard enough trying to keep them up and the stress from switching phase to phase while also trying to be safe is hard enough. teachers don’t even wear their masks right as well and many students and don’t clean anymore anything.

Although I am glad to see the spread in Provo schools staying low, the pandemic is not over. Just because the employees of Provo school district have been vaccinated does not mean the children and the members of the community have. I am concerned because we have never met the criteria set at the beginning of the school year (i.e., < %5 positive tests within 7 days, < 12 cases in provo, <3 cases in the schools) but yet we have made many changes in phase. Staying in phase 2 allows students to quarantine without putting additional burdens on the teachers.

The kids are not ready to transition their lives back to a full school schedule, without every child being vaccinated I think that the rest of the school year should not move forward with any more school time. I strongly push not moving into phase three.

No one asked for it and nobody wants it. The students and teachers don’t want to do it. Stop switching up the schedules it’s messing everybody up and their sleep schedules and work schedules. We need to finish off the year with no more changes it’s getting annoying switching between phases every month let’s just finish the Year out it’s working well for everyone at Provo high. We love 2.5 don’t change it again please. I know so many students and teachers that don’t want this and never asked for it. So don’t do it. COVID ISNT over by the way.. we are still required to wear masks meaning there’s still a pandemic so stop trying to make it so the cases go up again we seriously are fine the way we are I’m so tired of the schedules and phases changing it’s really stressing me out and again NOBODY wants it.

Already had Covid

It would be easier for the students to finish out the year as it is rather than trying to transition to a full time schedule at this point in the year

I’m a high school student, and being in Phase One and Two has drastically improved my mental health. I’m not in school all the time or spending all my on school work. I’ve had more time to pursue things I enjoy and discover myself. I’m actually able to take naps now, and get to bed at a better time, making me feel more energized. It’s been a breath of fresh air.

It’s too early, and there are too many cases to move on to phase 3.

The students don’t need any more stress!

Ever since the march party kids have been coming to school sick and have been losing taste and smell. we need to go back to phase 1 or stay in phase 2. this is getting ridiculous.

I do not think it is a good idea to move to phase 3! Especially after that big morp dance I know there are a lot of kids that are experiencing symptoms and still attending school and they are not planning on being tested!


As we all know, the year is almost over and Texas is soon starting the no mask mandate. We’ve been experiencing covid for the past year and a half and it’s only decreased a bit overall. Only a couple months ago, there were over 600 cases a day only in Utah and I feel that going to school longer is just going to increase it again. Most students in our schools have not gotten a vaccine or even tested to see if they had/have covid. Me and most of my fellow students think it isn’t healthy to move phases until next year or until we are extremely sure that covid is no longer a threat as big. Unfortunately, this year, students are stressing more and more and adding more hours to school this year would add more stress on the pile. In conclusion, No, it wouldn’t be a good thing in any way to start phase three until next year when things will likely be more calm. I appreciate that you guys are taking students and parents more seriously and asking for opinions.

please no. we’ve been through enough change. nothings been done by the district or admin to make seniors have somewhat of a better year but this is too much change, please no. no. things keep changing and everyone’s mental health is struggling hardcore. please no. as a senior, this school year already sucks as it is but it’s better in phase 2 than it would be in phase 3, and all of my teachers agree. just no.

My son needs more sleep!

I don’t believe it will benefit my learning at all, I’ve gotten so used to learning this way that switching again would not be affective

Concern about my children’s health

Full time school ASAP!

I think we should just ride out the last few months of school where we are at. It will be so awful if we go back to ‘normal’ schedules and then cases rise again and we have to pivot once again. We are in a grove l, let’s just stay there and ride out the school year with no more changes.

I feel as if the school board should wait until the next school year at the very least. These kids have been through enough change as it is.

“Dear Timpview Highschol, My son has been stressed about in the last school year. Now he has time to do his homework during the 12-3 and have time do other activities and spend more time with his family and friends. I’m just asking for you to rethink this situation and maybe have school this way permanently! Thank you”

I do not feel like this transition is the best idea with the time remaining in the school year. I am concerned about teachers needing to be in classes all day while still accommodating the students who are working partially from home or are quarantined. And I am wondering when the cleaning will be able to be done well. I am also wondering how lunch will be handled. I feel like the high school students especially will be less safe with a shared lunch break.

There is only a positive trend because students have grown accustomed to their current schedule. Changing schedules now would negatively impact students and also encourage a lot more of them to skip more school.

that’s too much time together and the kids do not wear there masks either way so I wouldn’t want my child there longer with people who can’t wear masks

Early out has allowed my daughter to have more time to complete homework. Would the homework be lessened if school became full time, or would there be the same amount of homework? If it remains the same, I worry she will not have as much time to complete homework.

Based on the current trends and the trends from last year at this time it seems reasonable to move regular schooling. I would also look at reducing the amount of time spent wearing masks maybe leave them off during class where distance can be maintained and wear them between classes and during lunch where students are in closer contact.

It has been a huge impact on their education, I think it is time to go back to as normal as possible.

As a student I have been able to get all of the information that is actually important in class in person, and been able to have time to do my homework, as well as being reassured that the way we are doing things is relatively safe. And although going to phase 3 may not change the risk of covid in classrooms as we all are already within six feet of one another (with debatable mask usage), lunchtime, even split up, would lead to unnecessary increased exposure. On top of that, cutting out students’ time to do homework in favor of excess instructions would only add to their stress levels in this already extremely stressful time.

I think it’s better to stay like this until everything get better

This is so irrational and immature, if you go to phase 3 it proves that you don’t care about the well-being of your students and their families

Just because cases are declining doesn’t mean that things can go back to normal. New variants are spreading in Utah and across the country, and we may see another surge in cases soon. Furthermore, I have observed the behavior of high schoolers when it comes to pandemic guidelines ‘” they DO NOT follow mask and distancing guidelines correctly, and no teachers make much of an effort to enforce the guidelines. I have to attend a school where I am constantly anxious about catching the virus and bringing it home to my high risk family members. Moving to full time school will only increase this anxiety for me and other students. And also, if the district wants us to have any sense of normalcy, they should consider just LEAVING OUR SCHOOL SCHEDULE THE SAME for any extended period of time. This whole school year, just as we were starting to get used to one schedule, the school board would switch it and we would have to adjust all over again. Especially busy high school students, this is a very difficult situation. For example, I have a job, an internship, and concurrent enrollment college classes that I often have to participate in from about noon to two ‘” if we move to full time school, I’ll have to choose between going to my high school classes and taking part in me other important responsibilities. If you care at all about the mental health of students, you will not change to a full school schedule.

“I think full time school is not a good idea. Because we are so used to the halftime school. We already have a lot of work to be done. There isn’t any big Benefit. We have already had a lot of change.”

Bruh you’ll kill the kids

I’m still worried about covid.

Porque los profesores si estan protegidos contra el COVID19, pero los mas importantes que son los niños aun no

“Children still can’t get vaccinated for several more months. This is dangerous.

Some kids are doing online learning, and this will make it difficult for teachers to provide instruction to the kids with high risk families who can’t risk attending in-person classes.

The strictly online school (with different teachers) doesn’t work for special ed kids. They need their regular teachers, and their regular teachers can’t do online things if school goes back to full time.”

Iota frustrating to have the schedule changing constantly because I have work right after school each day, and it’s really hard to change my schedule. I also fear that I won’t have time to complete my assignments or stay after school for help anymore. I also just struggle to make it through classes an hour long as it is.

Having lunch would worry me about spreading the virus.

“I am generally supportive of having elementary schools back to full day with the following caveats:

1. Masks stay until elementary age children are vaccinated.

2. The extra time in class is actual IN CLASS INSTRUCTION AND NOT JUST MORE COMPUTER TIME!!! My child has been reacting poorly to the extra screen time required already in school and at home.

3. The teachers must be totally on board with this change. My child’s school experience is heavily influenced by the attitude of her teachers. When they are overwhelmed, she is overwhelmed.”

I don’t want my children to be at risk just because the Covid has been decreasing I prefer fase 2 until the end of this year.

Students don’t follow the mask mandate and wear the masks incorrectly and will organize events without masks then come to the school with their masks down and spread germs to all students and the schools refuse to take any action or even educate students on the severity of their actions

Because a lot of people are still getting infected by the virus and even tho teachers and school boards have the vaccine doesn’t mean that the virus won’t be there

I do not support this action and I am very concerned

I asked my high schooler if she felt safe in school and she said no.

kids are still getting covid from school. i even got it from school

“It is great that the overall impact of COVID is decreasing. Let’s keep this up by continuing to be a little more restrictive and keep reduced class hours. We should just hold the course as by the beginning of next school year, all adults that want to be vaccinated should have received the vaccine already. In all likelihood we’ll be able to go right into the normal full day schedule.

Besides, longer in-person times increase the likelihood of the spread of disease. We shouldn’t be risking the health of our teachers and staff for an extra 2 hours of instruction time for 2 months. My kids seem to be doing fine with the reduced instruction hours. I know that may not be the case for all students.

In summary, just wait until the beginning of next school year to get back to a more normal schedule.”

It’s not that big a problem anymore, just open everything up

Even though there are tests being made and the school board is watching closely the results, not everyone is being tested and not everyone is following the safety measures established by the Utah Government in schools so I believe that it would be safer if we keep the phase 2.5 going until vaccines are available to the public. Until then, going to phase 3 will only give a fake sense of things are back to normal when they aren’t, that will make students act like everything is back to normal by not using their masks everytime and/or properly, not using hand sanitizer and keeping social distance.


I will support whatever decision is made. It has been nice for my kids to get out a little early just so our afternoons aren’t so crazy and busy and they have time to get homework done. But they might not have as much homework if they are in school full time.

I do not believe we are ready for a full 7-8 hour day of school with a mask requirement and all safety precautions still in place. It may be convenient for parents; as a parent it would be easier to go back to a normal day. However, with new Covid-19 strains and millions of people still needing to be vaccinated… we are not ready for this. Vaccinating all teachers doesn’t make me or my family any safer. The virus is still spreading just at a slower rate. It will be when we are all vaccinated that I can accept adding any more change. We have a little more than two months left, wait until the following school year to implement anymore change or at least allow the parent to choose without penalizing the student. This pandemic has taken a toll on some families more so than others. My children have verbally said that they cannot take anymore change this school year.


Cases are lower than Christmas but higher than they were when we started school in phase 1 in August. Makes no sense to me.

Let’s do it

I feel that transitioning into a phase where it requires students to attend school fill time interveres with extracurricular and work. Understand that some students need to work more hours for family and friends and that phase 2.5 is able to give them opportunity. Also moving to phase three would requires teachers to pull more work out of there already bust schedules of online for home study students, and for students who may be quarantine. It doesn’t make sense to move to a phase where we are needed to stay longer and technically risk students and teachers health more than we already are. The phase 2.5 students and teachers have just gotten adjusted to so please Don throw another curve ball and make things more difficult.

There is too much risk of covid spreading faster and worse than before if we wedge to move to phase 3. High risk families would not be able to have student attend school at all. It would be better to wait till after the vaccine has been out and spread.

keep our schedule now until the end of the year at least

Don’t switch back to full time school. All of the students and teachers are used to the reduced schedule so far and going back would be very difficult for both.

Its not fair to the students who havent had stability since covid started

because as a district they seek the best for each student, and I know they would not endanger them !! since I know that they are strict in the protection measures

I believe that the students especially in high schools have been able to obtain and learn the same amount of knowledge that they would in a full day in just the half days. My daughter comes home everyday from school and is working on homework until 7 o’clock at night, so If they were to go back full time the students would be even more overwhelmed then they already are because they are given less time to finish their assignments. And it just puts added stress on these kids that they don’t need.

I feel the kids/teens have been through enough and this would creat another change! They should be able to finish the school year as how it is right now.

I do not feel comfortable with this next transition to phase 3. Students in school are not and haven’t been wearing their masks correctly and it feels like a dangerous environment. This next phase change does not seem like the right decision.

In my opinion, those students in Middle and High schools have become used to the phase 2 schedule and have integrated it into their lives, I think that know that we have fully completed three quarters of the school year, the idea to transition to a longer amount of school doesn’t make sense, but even with these concerns, I do believe that we would all be remiss if we decided not to have the students begin to go to full time classes (phase 3) Starting in the 2021-2022 school year. Though to reiterate, High and Middle school students have already become accustomed to these shorter class periods, and the teachers have planned ahead to fit all of the content they are required to teach in the 1:05 allotted to them.

Stop trying to switch phases. It screws with the kids as well as the teachers. If you want to get back to normal let kids go to sport games, school dances, and let student govt. actually plan activities. It’s stupid to have more school when we’re in classrooms not social distanced while we’re not allowed at other events while being social distanced. It’s better to just finish the year with the half school days and start reverting extra curricular activities back to normal. I have also talked with many of my teachers and multiple of them have said that they don’t want to go back to phase 3 because they have to change their whole schedules and is worse for some of the struggling students trying to adjust back. Thank you

Going to Phase 3 and lengthening school hours would cut my work hours nearly in half for my job. I’ve arranged a work schedule that has worked for me around this school schedule for phase 2.5, and changing that wouldn’t be beneficial to me at all. This job that I have is my only source of income and it is helping me save up for my future and college which is less than a year away, and cutting my hours wouldn’t put me in a good place. I strongly believe we should stay at Phase 2.5 for Provo High School and not move to Phase 3

We have been attending school that has ended at 12:05 for almost 8 months now, and we have already experienced constant inconsistencies with schedules. This year has been an unprecedented challenge for everyone, especially students who have had to adapt to changes that the school board makes, without getting any real input from the students who it most greatly affects. We are so mentally drained from an exhaustive year, and to put almost 2 1/2 more hours onto our school day is a bit extreme. Also, remember the people who have after school activities that have been moved to earlier times!! Please be considerate when making this decision and think of the students you are affecting.

“For me personally I do not like wearing masks and my whole family is the same. It gives us all anxiety so going to full time 5 days a week would not be good for us and talk about singing in masks that’s even harder to breath and I know I’m not alone because I know people in all of the schools who don’t like wearing masks. So I just think that we should just stay in phase 2.5 for the remainder of the school year. Because what if the numbers go up? Would we go to different phases? If we would I know that no one would be happy because I see people that didn’t even want to go into phase 2. And now we’re talking about phase 3? I just don’t know if our school is ready for that yet and I’m definitely not ready for full time masks and longer classes.”

Yo creo que los chicos y maestro están expuestos al virus con 2 o 5 días llendo a clases así que que vayan full time para mi no hay mucha diferencia,me preocupa el distanciamiento social y el uso de máscaras ojalá puedan cumplir con eso y ojalá sea la decisión correcta para todos.

I don’t feel like we have gotten this virus completely under control. Students already don’t wear masks correctly and gather in hallways. And i feel we should wait for everyone to have the chance to be vaccinated before moving phases.

It would be best that if they do go back full time, they won’t continue to have online assignments as well. We would also be fine if Provo High School stayed in Phase 2.5.

absolutely not that is totally unacceptable I was totally against the rules and that would be an absolute joke and I would not I have my kids attending having 1600 people at a school one time is terrible idea

The students have been through enough change. And they can learn what they need to in the time they have of phase 2. Towards the end of the year is when things start to die down and they start to run out of things to teach.

I think that we should finish out this school year at Phase 2. Then, in the Fall we could go to Phase 3. Hopefully there will be less COVID by then.

Not for the highschool

We still are in a pandemic and shouldn’t be returning back until our kids are able to receive a vaccine

My children and I are immune compromised. I would not feel good about this decision until they ALL can be vaccinated with both shots. Should you choose this route, my children would have to remain in online until every single one could be vaccinated.

My kids currently have other lessons/activities scheduled in the early afternoons. It will be hard for us to rearrange our schedules again, and for my spouse and I to rearrange our work schedules again. It would be better for our family to keep things as they are this year, and resume the full regular school schedule in the fall.

i think that i’m high school people could care less about wearing a face mask, i always see people wearing them incorrectly and as much as it bothers me i can’t do anything about it, and when i use the restroom i always see people never washing their hands and i know that’s not the schools fault but because of the large amount of people and with the amount of students attending the school it wouldn’t make sense to make this transition.

We should not go into phase 3.

I think that the students need more lunch time. Timpview has one of the shortest lunches out of any high school. Also my student feels that with 30 more minutes of class they would not learn a whole lot more. My student have many extra curricular activities and with full schedule there is no way they would have time for school and sleep. That is what I think

I’m a senior at timpview, and there is no way I will be able to go to phase three. I have 2 jobs, playing 2 sports, and with school work on top of that I have a very full schedule. If we were to move to phase three I would not be able to attend many of my classes every day. And would have to miss out on sports opportunities. Even if we move to phase three I won’t be able to come to school. So I say we cannot move to phase three. Many of my senior and junior friends are in the same situation with internships and jobs. We simply cannot afford to move to phase three.

Full time school definitely increases the spread

Please reopen the schools and undo the mask mandate, especially for young children.

I wouldn’t want my kids to go to school to move to phase three. Cases can be low but that doesn’t mean it can stop spreading I disagree on this.

The teachers & kids have been through enough this year. Let them finish the year as is and start over next year.

I really feel like the switch is premature and it would be best to wait out the remainder of the school year. My child’s class was quarantined with exposure literally the day of the switch to Phase 2, which makes me wary because I also felt that switch came early. I feel like her academic and social needs are currently being met and the change could bring unnecessary risk.

Students this year are overwhelmed with Corona Virus, as well as struggling to stay motivated to do school. Moving to phase 3 during these hard times will only cause more stress on these students who are already stressed with the world and homework they have already been given. My daughter who attends school at Timpview Highschool tells me that most, if not all of her teachers get through their whole lesson in the 65 minutes they are given, and when classes were an hour and 30 minutes, she was just doing a lot of busy work. Having hour long classes is good for short attention spans, as a lot of people cannot pay attention in class for longer than an hour. Please take into consideration these reasons as to why Timpview Highschool should NOT move to phase 3 this year.

It simply just feels irresponsible. We are not out of the woods yet. I believe the only time we can and should switch to Phase 3 is when masks are no longer mandatory.

I believe that the Provo school district is not ready to transition to Phase 3. Many of the students at my school already do not follow COVID guide lines(not wearing masks correctly and not socially distancing). I actually contracted COVID from being at my school in early January. Once I brought it to my home my mother contracted it as well. My mother was than hospitalised and still is suffering with lung problems. Timpview has not taken COVID seriously and the consequences can be seen in our community.

As a student of timpview high school, I feel that phase 3 would be an unnecessary inconvenience. This year has been hard enough on my academic success, social life, and mental health. Where we are at now is plenty enough school and I already struggle to manage everything as it is. The teachers and students would be too overwhelmed with full school. I also don’t feel comfortable with eating at the school and I think working out lunch for the entirety of the school would be a nightmare. I want things to go back to normal as much as everyone else, but that time has not come yet, and I’m willing to wait longer for normal school so that things can progress faster. Our schedule right now is the perfect amount of normal and safe.

The students have already had such an unstable year when it comes to the schedule, throwing such a huge change at them this far into the year is a bad idea and will make it so much harder on them.

Our teachers and students have been through a lot. This transition this time of year would uproot a lot of comfort and routine students and teachers have accustomed too. Students are capable of learning and being sucessful with the schedule currently in place.

It will RUIN my schedule to move to full days at school. Adding Friday’s have already ruined it enough. I’m a senior at Timpview and I’m so over all of this schedule changes and if we go to phase 3 I DEMAND that we have school dances and assembly’s.

I believe it would be irresponsible.

The kids have already Gotten used to their schedule and changing it would only cause more stress on them. Getting rid of masks on the other hand would be great!


Bad idea 👎🏻

This is targeted to parents, and I think the kids who actualy are risking coming to school everyday should be openly part of this as well.

Going to phase 3 is a waste of everyone’s time. Class’s right now are mostly all in class anyways. We get all our stuff done with the time we’re given. Going to phase 3 will just result in more absences. The only sense going to phase 3 will be if we get normal school back. no masks. no covid rules. a regular prom (bringing dates from other schools). I ask you to go sit in a class and see how they are. see the work load we get. and ask yourself, why would i need more time in class? This school year had already been a joke as is, why continue to change right as we settle into what’s most comfortable? this isn’t prison. we don’t need to change every so often because we can’t get comfortable. if you do change to phase 3 all you will get are negative outcomes unless you drop covid rules. You give us back our normal highschool. No masks. No restrictions in sports. No restrictions in dances. that’s the only way phase 3 makes sense. other than that. you’re just having us sit on our phones for an extra 2 hours at school because we already do our school work as needed. If you’re goal is to continue to decrease our mental health at a really low time for everyone, then go ahead and do phase 3 and see what happens. You’ll see how many lives change in a negative way. How grades will be worse. and You’ll have many more kids just stay home or just ditch school because they’re done.

My high school student has a busy schedule that she can’t keep changing around. It’s too hard on her. Keep the schedule the same. Go to phase 3 at the start of the next school year in the fall.

Although numbers may be going down, there are still a large number of students at our school that refuse to wear masks, or wear them incorrectly which means that they are ineffective when worn like that. Being at school longer would only cause them to wear them wrong for longer. I don’t think we are ready to go back.

We shouldn’t go to phase 3

Highschool students gather in close groups a lot and having to be at school for the whole day would be hard for the teachers cause they have to stay after to sanitize a d during lunch students are going to eat and will be spreading the virus because they won’t have their mask on the whole time.

i feel like if the kids aren’t willing to wear their masks for 4-5 hours then how will you make them wear it for 7 hours?

Proper mask wearing needs to be enforced for teachers and students. Which means it needs to be over their mouth and noseStudents need to face some sort of repercussion for not properly wearing their masks. It’s a serious problem at Timpview specifically. Online options for students should still be available as well.

Going back to normal school will be very hard and it will add to the stress I already have. This will most likely mean I will have more homework to do and less time to do it. Please do not change the school hours back to their regular schedule.

It’s not fair to make our kids continually have to switch schedules. The ones who are trying get the work done just fine with the schedule we have now

I believe there is still a risk and wouldn’t want to expose my children any longer than they already are with being in school for longer periods of time

This school schedule is perfectly fine and everyone has already adapted to it. Please no more change for the 5th time this year. Thank you.

Yes! My son needs more to do!!

we should not go into phase three simply because several people have jobs, we have two months of school left. it’s not worth it. maybe next year. for now let us finish phase 2.5.

No please don’t do this. It’s not safe and I don’t think anyone will be in favor of this idea.

We are not ready for this change.

No don’t take them to full schedule. This schedule is fine.

As a senior in high school transitioning to a new school schedule when we only have a few months left in the year is just too difficult. The multiple lunch’s that will have to be put in place is also a concern.

The seven-day average chart that you’ve linked to doesn’t identify what is being measured. Also, you don’t provide the total population of Provo, so it’s difficult to ascertain if Provo if meeting the CDC threshold for low community transmission: For certain, PCSD is not meeting safety measures in lunch-time protocol, where students DO NOT distance and are held inside, WITHOUT MASKS, for 15 minutes. I don’t want to see this practice spread from elementary schools to the high schools.

This is move would be premature, I feel. Vaccinations have only been given to the aged and those with health issues. I think this is too fast and should wait until more have been vaccinated, perhaps another month or so.

If they decide to do full days, I would support that with Fridays off of school. I think teachers and staff need the day to break and prepare and catch up. It’s been a messy year for everyone, and educators are doing all they can. They need half days or one full day of not having to teach to catch up and prepare.

It will be way too complicated trying a new schedule again with only three months left in the school year. Lunches will be stressful for students and trying to switch schedules again this year will continue to add stress onto students. As a student myself it has been difficult enough moving back and forth between phases all year. I’ve seen it disrupt the way I perform in school and my stress level going to school. Settling into new schedule every few weeks adds an abundance of stress onto us students which teachers and parents often don’t see. We are told just to suck it up and do it, but that is so straining on our mental health. We’ve all adapted to our new schedule and it is most efficient and easiest just to keep our current schedule. Many of us also have work schedules that we have already put out and constantly have to change which becomes difficult for us and our managers. I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from where I work and haven’t been given as many hours simply because of school, which is stupid. I should be able to work how much I need and be reliant and dependable where I’m needed. Teachers have adjusted their curriculums to what is essential and adding more hours to school will just cause busy work that isn’t effective for students. The way school is right now allows the perfect amount of time at school, at sports, and time to ourselves to do homework, work, spend time with friends and family, and time to ourselves to release all the stresses we go through.

I personally would defer to the Health Department. My personal feeling is that they are the best ones to make the call on whether it is safe. If they determine it is safe, then I trust the PCSD to figure out how to make it work. I’ve been supportive of the past efforts PCSD has made and appreciate all the efforts to move things toward more schooling as things become more safe. That said, I’m not supportive of full day school if that piles substantially more on teachers. I don’t want teachers burdened with additional responsibilities caring for online home study students and also a full class load of full day school. I think they need to be treated fairly in that process because most of them have really stepped up to serve their students through this whole pandemic. I thought the home study kids had to transition to something else by now but from some emails, it seems like teachers are still providing for them too in addition to their in-person classes. If families feel safer being at home still, that is definitely their choice but I’m not sure it’s reasonable to expect that they can have entirely the same program as offered through in-person school. I think they have to accept that their choice to remain home means they may be confined to mostly core subjects and have less supplementary options available.

If we have to wear masks still we shouldn’t be in school full time. Once masks are gone then we should be in school more.

I would be supportive of all my children going for a full day if they didn’t have to wear masks. It is a long time to wear masks for them at this point. I do GREATLY appreciate all you have done to make it possible for my children to go to school in person this year.

Being a parent during this COVID time has been very challenging. I feel Provo High has done an excellent job working the transitions from each phase. To be honest, my kid is tired and burnt out from all the changes. I feel it is important for the elementary kids to be able to go longer, but leave the secondary school alone. There has been so much change and upheaval and constant testing to keep the kids safe. Let the students finish out the year with some consistency and hopefully not have to change back to another phase because we moved too fast. Alpine district has more students and they have been doing the 4 day week for awhile. Just let the kids finish on this current phase!! With adding lunch back in, it only adds 15 minutes to the class period, but it will be taxing on the students. Some of our neighbors have their kids working to bring in money for the family. It has been hard enough with all the changes, I am ready for some consistency. Just leave the schedule alone.

I think a date to start should be based on the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated.

Children need structure, at home, at school and in life, by changing the phases here and there and not having a set phase that schools are going to stay in is definitely not structure. It is causing stress on students, teachers and parents by not having a set plan for phases, it is already a stressful time right now stay in phase two for the rest of the school year so students, teachers and parents can have some structure and stability in their life.

Given the COVID data that indicates steady case decreases and considering the overall well being of our children, I am in favor of moving forward with Phase 3 for all of PCSD.

I feel like the students in our school district really need consistency more than anything right now, because we really haven’t had anything consistent all year. Every student I’ve spoken to about the subject agrees that we should just stick with what we are doing for the rest of the year.

I think we should wait and see if the covid variants raise numbers again. I think we should stay as is and watch and see what happens

Since we are so close to the end of the year, and we have already adjusted our schedules to accommodate everything we need to for the school year, I would rather keep things the same and move to a full schedule in the fall. I don’t want to have to rearrange things just for a few months.

Yes to full time school!!!

Don’t change for the last 8 weeks. It makes no sense. Let everyone get through the year.

a very bad idea and will make all schools get shut down after a week.

I think we should transition at the term or just stay in the phase we are in to finish the year.

I think elementary kids would benefit more in school education. I however think Dixon should stay where they are. They have had so much up and down and are finally thriving… just keep them till the end of the year!

As a student (specifically a senior) this year has been so stressful and the main source of that stress is the inconsistency of the school schedule. We have had to change around our whole lives multiple times this school year because of the school schedule changing. I know a lot of students have gotten jobs right as school ends. If we go into phase 3 these students will have to possibly quit their jobs. Phase 2.5 is working. In class we get everything done with enough time. A lot of the time we get done early in class. Why fix something that isn’t broken? We are so close to the end of the school year, why put another change on the students this year. We are sick of changing every month. Students are also not prepared to go into 1 1/2 hour classes for the high school. Going into phase 3 will negatively affect most studentsMentally and physically.

it’s not worth going back full time just for 1 term, and the constant changing schedules is stressing students out. all the changes are making many students perform worse. it’d be better to wait till next year.

I believe it is too soon to go to phase 3. I feel it is best to wait till the start of next school year to reassess this idea of moving to phase 3.

I think it is time for these kids to be allowed a faster paced scholastic daily time frame. COVID has provided an opportunity for the students to move into and adjust into a place of more personal accountability. The “Odd”/”Even” Day schedule is such a waste of time. (I am an adult and I cannot imagine sitting in one spot for 90 minutes!) The kids that were born after 1995 are used to a quicker paced, “immediate” world. They have technology at their fingertips that can provide them instant information. Sitting in a classroom repetitively discussing a singular topic for 90 minutes is TOO SLOW of a pace for this generation. The phase 2 length of class has been plenty of time for a teacher to cover a topic for the day. The kids could have each class period, everyday, or the class times could remain the same as in the phase 2 schedule and then there could be options for virtual and online classes for those who want to excel and exceed beyond the current requirements. Please don’t go back to the way things were. Allow the kids to have a faster pace, an expanded learning opportunity beyond the walls of Timpview high school, and give the teachers a forum to chart new territories and implement new teaching methods. Please, Please, Please do not go back to the Pre-COVID scheduling. Everything in 2021 has a new normal – education can be a spearhead for many important aspects of the way things are becoming.

We have changed the schedule so much already and another change will stress us out more then we already are! I think we should keep the current schedule until the end of the school year.

I’m agree

I just feel that with how crazy this year has been, throwing one more change just isn’t really necessary. I feel like students have settled into a nice routine with 5 days of school, and it doesn’t make sense to make a change right now. Plus, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for the teachers to have to make that adjustment.

Kids need to be learning in school!

We have moved work schedules around the school schedules. At this point in the year it would be highly disruptive to change that schedule. Our families extra-curricular activities are also set in place based on the current Phase schedule. Please keep the schedule until the end of this school year.

I believe that going to full time would be to much for the students this year.

To many people have adjusted to phase 2.5 with work between kids and parents and extracurricular activity practices. It has been better on kids physically and mentally to have less time in school and more time to be kids while they can. With all the craziness/stress going on in the world we don’t need to add to that by having kids have more time in school and less time to themselves. Yes normally they should be in school with phase 3 but it is not a normal year.

It is my understanding that the school district has been pushing for this for a while. I feel that the school board is unnecessary scared of COVID and bad decisions have been made based in fear. Bring back normal and don’t force anyone to wear a mask. The mental health of our children is more important than a virus that isn’t very deadly especially to the kids and their mental health is much more important than the ridiculousness spouted by teacher’s unions around the state.

I think that the current way the schools are scheduled is great. It has less exposure to covid, and the kids aren’t going to benefit from the very little extra time they are going to get from phase 3.

From my point of view, anxious to say the least. We wouldn’t know what our children, our students would have to go through being exposed to phase three. What about lunch? That’s the most concerning. There’s a lot of folks who don’t care about being 6 feet away and it’s too soon and not safe to begin phase 3.

They have been doing it this way for almost a year and it may mess them up if we just immediately switch so we should wait until next school year to make the switch!

Because that would make people more stressed out because of the how much work there is going to be and it’s not going to be safe because there is going to be a lot of kids and in lunch especially which will cause to spreading Corona

It’s not safe for school

It’s not appropriate for the students to be exposed to coming to school (phase 3) just yet.

kids are frustrated and already having a hard time with school and the pandemic as it is. school is working fine now why stress the students out more by changed them around AGAIN. this would be like the 5th time that we’ve had to change schedules. keep it the way it works.

Going into phase 3 will just have the kids going nuts, and the teachers. Everyone is already used to this phase and seems to be okay with it. There are still my cases of covid and no matter what it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Something that also isn’t helping, and mainly won’t help at all if they do go back to full time, is that the teachers aren’t enforcing the masks anymore. I thought teachers were supposed to follow the district rules no matter what their political beliefs are. Get your act together and think of the schools as wholes not just as SOME of the ones that want the kids to go back.

Everyone is acting like coronavirus just went away…. it didn’t.


We have 3 months of school left. Please do not change it now. We can go back to phase 3 next year I don’t care. But stop changing our schedules so much this year. This is a plea from all of us as students.

It’s interesting that the board things that the schedule we had before quarantine was effective having kids at the school 7 or more hours a day and sending them home with more work. Stop changing the schedule they are just getting used to the new one please do not go into phase 3.

Until the vaccine is made more widely available, I think the schools should remain part time.

Covid will spread more because a student’s mindset will switch into believing everything’s fine also the current stress that is being put on students right now is far to much and making school longer will only ruin kids more.

Phase 3 would be exhausting and masks are harder for kids to wear that long.

we only have a couple months of school left until summer just leave it the way it is until next year so we can start fresh

I think that we should move to the full time schedule but with online school Fridays.

i don’t support moving to phase 3.

The going back and forth is very hard on HS kids as they have jobs and other activities. When you change the schedule all the time, it is hard to fulfill duties outside of school when you think you can work and then have to go to school without much notice. I would like kids to go back to normal, but the going back and forth is a bit ridiculous.

For my son who struggles with school (IEP, special ed), full schedule would be helpful. My other high schooler feels like it would be a waste of time. Are there any options being considered to opt in or out of full day?

After vaccinating everyone over the summer the time will be right.

Shifting again children’s schedule will mess their routine yet again

“I really want this to happen, but despite the very positive trends we’re seeing, I’m not supportive of this move at this point. There are a few reasons. First, we have asked the teachers (particularly in the high school) to make so many transitions that I want to be respectful of the experience they’re having this year. Everyone is settled in and although not ideal, it’s working. If we could guarantee that there’d be no more transitions, this would be easier to support, but no one can guarantee that. Second, until we’re all vaccinated I’d prefer not to get the virus and it is still out there and the more contact that happens, the less cleaning that happens, etc., the higher the likelihood.

This has been a challenging year, without question. The teachers have been champions and students resilient almost beyond belief. We’re reached a pretty happy/stable place, I’m asking you to just let us stay where we are and then hopefully next summer we come back to the table and see that we can have kids return to a normal school year.

I recall hearing in board meetings more than once, “”We will not reach Phase 3 this year.”” Let’s stick to that.”

“Not only would this significantly increase the possibility of transmission during unmasked lunch hours, but it also would have an incredible toll on many students and teachers. Longer class periods mean less time for teachers to prep for their online students, making an online education even less effective. Students who wish to remain safe cannot do so in such a situation. Many students work jobs during those hours or have other commitments.

Furthermore, CDC guidelines are completely disregarded, even in the current phase. The CDC recommends schools open, but only when social distancing and mask wearing is enforced’”none of my classes have social distancing, hallways are cesspools for transmission as thousands of students cram into small corridors, and many students refuse to wear masks.

Our schools need to be going back to Phase One, not moving to an even worse system that will lead to more illness and death.”

if we go back to phase 3, i’ll have a significant decrease in time i can do homework since i work 30 hours a week


I’m worried about the number of cases, in the first place we didn’t have to go back to school that soon, and now even though teachers are getting the coronavirus vaccine, the students are still exposed, and they could get coronavirus from another students

Let’s go back… it doesn’t even feel like we are in a pandemic. No more masks!!

I don’t think the disruption associated with transitioning students back to full time school is worth it for only 2 months. All the data suggests that we’re making progress on covid and that we’re turning the corner on this. However, I would error on the side of caution when it comes to moving back to a full-time schedule. I think if we stayed in phase 2 for the rest of the school year, it will be least disruptive to the students, it allows us to get more progress on covid. We can still be cautious while we watch what happens to vaccinations, infection rates, etc. We would then have the summer to further monitor and watch what happens. At that point, it seems safe and reasonable to return back to regular school schedule in fall.

I kinda miss how school was. I’m just tired of the changes. I just want it to stay one thing

Not every student wears a mask. What makes you think that everyone will be safe.

“Students have adapted to this new schedule better than you could expect any young adults to and we would undoubtedly see some negative effects of changing schedules. I understand the appeal of more time in the classroom, but for the safety and sanity of the students it’s best to stay where we are. Another great concern of many students is the in-school lunch that would be put in place. For example, the proposal of four lunches for Provo High school students would not only be stressful but also unsafe. According to the new bell schedule, the first lunches would begin at 9:30. Nobody is hungry that early in the morning and students would be even more likely to skip their classes until after this lunch period. This is also extremely unsafe because large amounts of students sitting in close proximity without masks. There is no way to control the spread of cross contamination. We have been able to get the Covid cases at Provo High School very low and a move to Phase 3 would likely cause an increase in cases.

Please don’t send us to phase 3. it’s not safe for anyone involved :(“

The children are already used to the schedule! Wait until next year.

This is going to stress out kids way to much and online school will still be a thing or at least canvas I know this because when we went to phase 2.5 is was not going to be a thing anymore but it still is it’s just way too much for kids mental Heath

What would the time change to ?(:

Students need a schedule that works for them. Going back to what is ‘normal’ might not be the best. Students are having a hard time during this pandemic too. It would help if they were on a consistent schedule such as remaining going to school until 12:10 for high school students and the earlier times the other schools get out.

This is helpful to no one and harmful to all

Community vaccination rates, and transmission of Covid19 variants should continue to be monitored carefully over the coming weeks. Health officials still advocate vigilance and continued safety precautions. So while I am in favor of moving to phase 3, my support is contingent on continued testing, facemasks, and limiting large-group gatherings. Growing complacency puts us all at risk until vaccination and immunity is widespread.

“I have been, and am supportive of PCSD’s handling of the pandemic so far, so I have no reason to not trust their judgement moving forward. If they feel it will be safe to transition to Phase 3, I am 100% supportive. Also, I feel it will definitely benefit my students.”

We are in support of our high school student returning to full time. No other kids in school so no opinion on other grades

I feel like I’ve been having a lot of anxiety for being in school and knowing that I can get corona. I feel like we should stay like this for the rest of the school year, it’s about to end.

I have one child in kindergarten and frankly don’t know how many additional hours she would spend at school under phase III, but I don’t think the COVID exposure would be much higher than current exposure even if it doubled her hours at school. I perceive current risk to be very low.

i don’t support moving to phase 3.

No just finish the year with the same time at 12:10

I believe that the school don’t put students at risk, and as parents we should support them

We have been jumping back and forth between phases so often and we just got into a rhythm. Let the kids finish out school in phase 2.5.

I think now is the time to make this move. Numbers are down, teachers have had access to vaccination, online-only students have been shifted to online teachers. I can’t think of a reason not to have the kids in school a full day, and I know it will help with their education.

I am hesitant to answer yes because I have few children whose mental health has taken a serious toll this year and they enjoy coming home early every day. I foresee one of my elementary students in the DLI Chinese program really struggling if going to full time means they continue doing a full day of Chinese followed by a full day of English rather than switching through at halfway through the day. I don’t see that going full days will ease the mental struggles my kids are experiencing.

there’s no point ! teachers are even talking about not wanting it

For our kids mental health with this crazy year I don’t think it’s a good decision

I think we should wait until more of the population get vaccinated (especially the more at risk category). Why rush? We have been doing this all year, wait until mid/late April to change or just finish out the year like this.

No, I would not be supportive do not move to phase 3.

Still not safe!! Kids are doing just fine with half days, why lengthen them if it’s not necessary. Having early our gives more time to compete homework.

I think phase 3 shouldn’t happen so soon cause kids and adults are still being effected by corona and it makes a lot of things very difficult

“Going into phase 3 is going to be hard on the student. Especially the high school students. They are already stressed as it is and a lot of them have adjusted their lives (jobs,family,sports) to fit the 12:10 schedule we have used throughout the year. It’s also really hard on students mentally. It’s almost a feeling if no stability. We were constantly changing from phase to phase. For me I’ve finally gotten used to phase 2.5 and feel comfortable with it. It would probably make it harder for me to attend school if the hours were longer. I have a hard time enough trying to convince my self to go to school. Phase 3 would cause students to stay home because of the stress of changing so much.”

i think we should finish out the year in phase 2. masks are giving me horrible acne and the hotter months are coming up which is going to be very uncomfortable and very hot in masks

More school time equals overwhelmed teachers and overwhelmed and depressed kids, it’s much easier to pay attention and not fall asleep in class with short classes and shorter school.

I have already adapted to the way school is at this current point in time. And to change it up right at the end of the school year would make the end of the year 10x more harder. I have already developed the habits needed to be successful on online school, and the extra hours of in-person school would throw off everything. I would not like it at all.

Right now, everyone has a schedule and a routine worked out around phase 2.5 and moving to phase 3 would disrupt everyone’s lives. Staying where we are now is the best decision for the rest of the school year because we have enough time to get all our work done plus our schedules are already worked out when it comes to school, work, internships, extracurriculars, etc. Phase 3 would mean all the students, at least older students, would have to rearrange everything.

There’s still COVID and we don’t want to put more students in danger and getting COVID

My child learns best in a classroom environment . The more time they spend in class the better they do.

I do not think that we should move into phase 3. Students are used to half days and having normalcy is very important to our mental health. Having a big change will ultimately make our grades, participation, and performance in school drop. If we switch to phase 3 more stress and confusion will be cause.

I have a sibling in high school and they are tired of the back and forth. If the transition is made, it would be detrimental for them to go back to phase 1 or 2 again.

i think that switching to phase 3 would be a good idea but also not a good idea because students are already struggling with school only being from 7:30-12:10 and i think if we switched to phase 3 students bad mental health and stress will increase

Let me start off with this, we moved 3 times in phases, trying to keep up with school, mental health, physical health, social health, anxiety, is so hard. We have been piled up anxiety and stress from moving and moving to different phases. Everyone I know is trying not to fail with the pressure of being perfect from teachers. Than in the phase we are currently at 2.5, it’s been easier, people can go home and work on there stuff and the rates of peoples grades and understand to my knowledge has increased. If you truly care about your STUDENTS, not the parents who want them gone longer, thsn you’ll listen to our cry to keep us at this phase. Our mental health and school education depends on your decision. Examine the terrain and look at how people are doing. There is NO need to make us go through those changes again. In dixon, we still have after school, I know theres a concern for extra help with school work, but that’s an option thatd already open and currently working. I know people are struggling, but most of all of us have gotten our stuff together. Please. Please. Dont move us to phase 3.

I think this is a great idea

I think it would be better to finish this school year with phase 2 and if everything goes well with cases decreasing, to plan on starting normal schedule next school year.

We need stability and not having to change our schedule every couple months. I say we finish the school year in phase 2 and start new next year in phase 3

Transmission in schools has been shown to be statistically null. Having students return to school poses little risk (particularly with case numbers decreasing) and has so many benefits — educationally, socially, and emotionally — for our children. We understand that there have been necessary modifications to all of our schedules and routines over the past year, and more may be required of us in the future, although we hope not. For now, it seems that we can safely return to a standard school schedule, and it is the right thing to do.

i think the system we have now is good! it proves we can finish a school day 2 hours earlier.

There is so much students in high school, most of they time they aren’t wearing their masks, i think it would be a very dumb idea to transition with the chance of covid cases rising. Besides why should you change when the end of school is a couple months away, let kids finish this year because they’re already used to a schedule, when you change to full time they’re gonna be more fatigued and tired, let them finish out this year and next year go to phase three.

I’m in favor of full time school as long as the teachers are vaccinated and the mask and distancing rules are still applied.

Excited that these discussions are taking place. Thank you!

I’m still worried about the elementary kids but they need to have more fun!

It’s so close to the end of the school year and we’re staying good. It’s a waste because we are thriving right now and it’s just not good to have us keep changing our schedule. We don’t even know if COVID can peak again then we will go back to what we’re doing right now. It’s not a smart thing to do

Please wait until after spring break testing numbers and reevaluate once the holiday/travel of spring break has passed.

I’d prefer to see a higher rate of vaccinations before exposing my kids to extra risk.

Students are already depressed from going to 5 days a week so don’t do more hours

“Elemetary- I finally have things worked for my kids, and my work schedule. I am NOT ready to deal with that again. They are still emotional from all the changes this year. Just the act of adding Fridays has been hard on my younger students. They have been refusing to go. Leave things the way they are until next school year.

High School- Unless you are planning to allow dances and things (Which would be a disaster, and cause numbers to rise) you need to leave things the way they are now.

In general- If you add the regular school day, people are going to stop social distancing. The are just going to think in their head things are totally back to normal. As a family we still have people who are in danger because of this. Not everyone can get the vaccine. Please don’t bow down to the noisey few, and give it a little more time.”

I don’t want students to go back full time.

Please don’t send the students to school full time!!!

I’m in favor of transitioning to full time while maintaining precautions such as mask wearing.

I do not feel safe with my high school children going and being full time because I consider it not safe.

With all the stress that this school year has placed on students, going to a full schedule with more hours each week will only add more stress. The work load won’t be lessened enough to create a balance with more school, not to mention that all other daily activities that have been crafted around this schedule for the past year would all have to be changed. It would cause more problems than it would fix for the time being, not to mention that with only a few more months of school yet another schedule change would just send students into shock again. There has been so much change and adaptation required through the past months so please just let the students finish this school year with the normalcy they have become accustomed to over the previous months.

“I don’t feel that it would be a safe idea for my kids to go back to school full-time until the pandemic is officially over. The reason being is because the more time the kids are at the school the greater the chance that the number of COVID cases in schools will increase. I feel more comfortable with my children finishing out this school year in the current phase that the district is in now. Sincerely, A VERY concerned mom”

Everyone would have to change their entire life schedule dramatically. Start phase 3 at the beginning of next year

All confess that my reasons for not wanting to transition to full-time school are less Covid and more because I feel that school is too long. I feel that students are learning adequately with the one and a half hours less of school so far, and I wish that it would be considered an option to just keep this current schedule forever.

I don’t have any further comments

I feel like I have more time when school ends at this hour keep it like this!!!!

I as a student hate switching from phase to phase. Many parents and student have their whole schedules worked around phase 2.5 and can’t keep switching phases. I also can barley mentally handle the phase 2.5 as a high schooler and I don’t think phase 3 would help. There is only 3 months left. Please just stay in the phase we are in.

School is fine just how it is right now!!!

I think we should not move to phase 3. I feel I am learning more in phase 2.5 because the curriculum is condensed to the most important things. I have a great schedule with phase 2.5 and if we were to change to phase 3 I would be thrown off and overwhelmed. Let’s NOT move to phase 3.

Yes, we are all used to going to school full time as we have done in the past, but we have been going to school from 7:30-12:05 for the past month´s and we only have two and a half months left of school so it doesn’t make sense to go to phase three while we only have a short time of school left it will also be harder on the teachers. Where they already have to stay after school for a long time, yet they can at least get home sooner than the normal time. And it gives us more time at home to get our Homework done than the normal time because with the normal time we got home later, but if you too sports or any after school program you got home late and is already tired so with less time at school and more at home we have time to accomplish our project and worksheets and still be able to go to our after school activities. 🙂

I’m pretty happy with how the schools have handled the pandemic. Now that teachers and staff have been vaccinated and the numbers are decreasing, it should be safe to return to full-time school, at least for elementary and middle schools. The high schools might warrant more caution, with student bodies more susceptible to the virus.

I would only want to do what trusted experts recomend

“I don’t feel comfortable having my child attend attend full time being exposed to more things while be around being around others more. We moved to phase 2 to rapidly why push phase 3? We are still being asked to remain home more than we are out. So why are we pushing schools?”

I don’t believe it’s necessary at this far point in the year. We’ve already developed a schedule and we need to stick to it

With there only being around 8 weeks of school left in the school year and the amount of changes and upheaval that has occurred during this past year (and still ongoing to some degree). I don’t see the necessity to continue to change things at this point. I believe that the students and teachers have been able to finally adjust to what is currently the schedule. Can we please just get through this school year without adjusting the school schedule again?

Teachers have planned to have lessons only be an hour long so they would have to make completely new lessons to fit the new class times

I love the idea of going back to phase three. But if it’s full time school we should also be allowed assemblies and dances.

I am supportive because I feel like it is safe to do, but I am also hesitant because there have been so many changes for these poor kids and their schedules already this year. Every change is an adjustment and disrupts the flow of their schoolwork. It is so close to the end of the year that I feel like a change now is somewhat pointless and will just mess up my student for a week or two and then school is almost over at that point. But I am supportive if that is what the majority want and I do feel that it is safe to go to all day everyday. I am just worried about how all of these changes are affecting my student’s homework habits and grades and ability to get into a true routine.

“I think the students need more class time, as my daughter is struggling to keep her grades up as well as other students its sounding like a lot of the students are just doing homework right now whether they were working at home during Phase 1 or now Phase 2.5. I’m hoping that transitioning will help the students understand that High School is a very important time for them to pay attention and start deciding what they want to do in life, but to have good grades is a big part of that.”

Feel like Elementary schools would be fine, know it’s easier to pass along with the older ages, especially with possibly new variants.

My main concern is that the extended mask wearing time will be hard for the students. It can’t be healthy for students to be breathing their own air for that long of a time. My daughter has a headache everyday from wearing a mask. I know it will be very difficult for her if she has to wear it for a longer amount of time.

I feel that there has been so much change already this year. I find that we just settle into a schedule and it changes disrupting our children’s behavior and emotional state. If we move to go full time on March 22 it will be in time just to start the testing. So with that they will not be extending the academic day just for the sake of academics but mainly for the testing window. It puts added stress and pressure on the teachers and children to extend. I would rather go back full time at the beginning of next school year.

I feel they need to be in school to develop as they should in their youth as I did!!

Antidotal reports seem to suggest that younger children are better at following preventive measures, e.g., wearing masks, social distancing, etc., while the high school age kids are responsible for much more rule breaching. Given that, it seems to make more sense to allow the younger children return to school first.

Because of the shortened day, my middle school and high school children have picked up a lot of extracurricular activities, some of which will have to be moved when the school day is extended. I am in favor of the middle and high schoolers attending a full day of school, but it would help if we had a longer transition time. For example, maybe we could have their activities moved by the beginning of April, so that after spring break they could start attending full time.

I think we should not be in a hurry to go to phase 3. I I believe that we will get a rise in cases if we do. Thank you.

I feel full time school would particularly benefit kindergarteners who have only been in school for 2 hrs a day.

We can make it work!

The pandemic is declining, however, that is the very reason why a full return to could be risk–since students might let their guard down while attending full-time. Also, I know this is just wishful thinking, but I love the shortened schedule and wish that it could be permanent. It allows high school kids, like mine, to get homework completed without staying up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Before the pandemic my daughter often went to bed at 3:00 a.m. because of her homework. If we are going to continue with the 180 days of school per year, I suggest that students be given more time for homework. Perhaps you could reward high-achieving students with a shorter day? I’m not sure how you would do that. Or, can you simply mandate that students become high-achievers? In Europe, Gymnasium is equivalent to high school/associates degree. This should be what high school is in the U.S. because, ultimately, students retake all general courses again in college–except for those few high-achievers who take AP classes in high school. I realize that my comments are probably being directed to the inappropriate group, but I do want to you to know how I feel about the education system in the U.S. I consider it to be inferior to that of Europe and Asia. We have the means and the wisdom to be the world’s superior education system, yet we fail to make the necessary changes. Let’s make those changes in Utah and teach the rest of the country how to do it!

I would love for my child to be in school normal hours and I feel it would be safe

Though cases and positivity are getting lower, looking at other countries like the UK, Israel, Denmark, etc – the new variant is spreading heavily among children in schools. So I think we’ve made it work without going full-time. Let’s balance the negatives (B117) and the positives (community spread is down) and keep our current system.

my high schooler has picked up a job and I like her getting out early and doing homework before she goes to work. That’s just my personal opinion for keeping high school at early out status

Believe it’s best to leave it at phase 2

Although the situation is improving it is better to be safe and do our part to show that we are contributing to the situation getting better.

Totally fine with no masks, too!!

“While the risk of getting COVID-19 has decreased, it is not gone. Our school-age children remain a source of transmission. In fact, my daughter was exposed this week. This is a concern for our family as I take a medicine that suppresses my immune system. I understand that the shortened day was created to allow custodial staff time to more completely clean the building. Until we are all able to obtain the vaccine I believe deep cleaning remains an important part of the fight against COVID-19.

The teachers and staff are doing a good job teaching in a shortened day and early release is allowing students who are struggling with classes the opportunity to meet with teachers after school. I feel the teachers are now more available than during a regular scheduled school day. In addition, youth who are struggling can meet in after school homework help for individualized assistance. If the day is extended, teachers will have less time to help these youth and the kids will be less likely to stay for help because they will have already been in school for seven hours.

Finally, many youth have joined extra curricular activities sponsored by the school and by other organizations. These activities have already begun with the current schedule. Changing the schedule would disrupt these activities without a great benefit to students. Changing schedules can be difficult for youth and families. I believe stability is more important than hurrying to go back to status quo.”

If mask mandates are still in effect, school should not go to school full time.

“Timpview High School doesn’t have the space to accomodate for lunch on campus. The kids get yelled at to keep moving in the halls as it is and I don’t see lunch being a positive experience. If you have the high schools go back full time, they should be able to do the social gathering and such that Alpine School District allows. I sub in both districts and in Alpine they have been going full time, but the commons and hallways are not micromanaged and stressful areas. Even Provo HIgh that has a much larger school is much more pleasant for me to sub at and the kids are just doing pretty normal things. Every time I sub at Timpview and I go in the hallways before school, between classes, or after school, I feel like it’s an unhappy Covid crazed atmosphere. This causes more stress. Right now, I haven’t worried too much about it because the school day is short, but if you extend to full day and lunch is just a high anxiety experience, it is worse than not going. At this point the kids have missed all the fun things about the year and really nothing to look forward too, so why make them go longer to be micro managed and yelled at for stopping to have a 1 minute conversation? If they go back for a full day, there should be no restrictions, except wearing a mask.”

Please keep all our kids attending school in person full time! Thank you!

I think Secondary students can handle the transition back and need more time in the classrooms. Elementary students need more time to adjust back to a full schedule. I do not think that elementary students should start transitioning until the start of next school year.

My kids would love to go back to full-time and it would help them learn this year’s curriculum.

I would be very much okay with my son returning to school full time. I appreciate all the staff who work with my son and his fellow students and all of the janitorial staff for all they do to help the kids.

I think middle school and elementary school students need full time for best educational benefit. High school students are better capable of navigating some online and they’re at highest risk for spreading Covid.

Ideally more time in school would mean less homework, otherwise having more school and the same amount of homework may be overwhelming to kids who are experiencing anxiety due to COVID related life changes.

“I am an educator. I’ve taught at BYU for the past 21 years. As one who is deeply invested in educating students, I can honestly say that I don’t think my children are learning nearly as much or as effectively on this abbreviated schedule. It’s time to get back into the classroom for the duration of a normal school day.

Thanks for asking parents for their input…I really appreciate your approach.”

Thanks for all you are doing to keep our children safe!

Our children need to be in school. They need stability and routine. Please go back to full time in person

As long as masks are required to be worn by students, full-time school should not happen. Studies show that in-school transmission rates, especially in elementary classes, is very low. Students are low risk for each other. There should be no mask mandate, especially since kids are separated in the class. If the school returns to phase, full time, and masks are still required, our kids will be pulled from school. Wearing the mask constantly, every day for hours, has had an effect on our children. Being required to wear a mask for even longer would likely increase the negative effects.

“Too long for wearing masks, especially the elementary students. Also at the elementary schools, without the ability to move around to special classes like, art, etc the day is long. It’s looking like we finally have the virus moving in the right direction…seems like it might be worth being prudent so we don’t move back in the wrong direction. Thanks for all the district has done this year! I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. You are appreciated!”

I feel it would be best to keep our schools at phase 2 a this time. We need keep in mind that all of this bouncing around, back and forth is hurting our student.

I’m strongly opposed to returning full-time to school. Parents, students, and teachers have settled into the current schedule and it seems like an unnecessary hassle to change everything up with only two months left of school. Extracurricular activities would all need to change their schedules, carpools would have to be reconfigured, and family schedules would be disrupted. The current schedule promotes a more balanced life for students and families because there is more time for extracurricular activities, free play, and homework.

It would make a lot of people’s lives better to have full time school. The kids would enjoy being able to participate in all of the specialites.

My son is a Freshman and is still trying to figure out how to transition from middle school to high school. We are enjoying the extra time with him at home. This is a unique opportunity that we may not get back so I vote for letting them finish out this year at half-time and starting strong in the Fall with a full-time schedule. At least for the high school students.

My kid is able to manage her time with phase 2 and moving to phase 3 so close to the end of the year would me stressful for her and for other students

In favor of Phase 3; at least for elementary and middle. I don’t have kids in HS so I am not aware of their specific concerns but feel that elementary and middle are ready.

Junior high and high school kids do not follow mask requirements as they should be,from what I have seen when I’m on campus for my kids schools. Not all teachers and staff are enforcing that policy.

This past year has been full of constant change and I don’t think it’s necessary to have another transition/change at this point in the school year. We have already had to adjust plans and schedules multiple times. Also, I don’t like the idea of them having to wear masks for an extended amount of time.

I understand that kids need to catch up on their learning. I think elementary kids are on to go full time since they are already with the same group all day 2 more hrs won’t make a difference. But in regards of middle school kids and high schoolers. They are going in and out of class rooms and interacting with other people. I also see many of them walking around in campus with out a face mask.

The current 5-day-a-week shortened day schedule is awesome and provides time for students to do homework, extracurricular activities, work after school, and socialize. I think we should permanently keep it.

Full day is a long time to be asking my elementary school kids to wear a mask every day. I would rather it stay at short school days until the mask mandate is lifted.

My kids already struggle wearing masks on these shortened school hours. If you do decide to return full time, I should decide whether or not my child needs to wear a mask. And looking at it now, my children will not be forced to wear a mask if they have to be in school full hours.

“Teachers are going to have less time to help online learners with a full school day, and there will still be online learners due to quarantines and home study options. Consistency is huge. No more big changes to schedules please.”

I think it is good how it is right now. 8:40 to 1:40 pm. I don’t think a change should be done right now.

For a full school schedule, sanitation would still be important, so if students switch classrooms, etc., all objects should still be sanitized between groups. Our children cannot be vaccinated yet, so they are still a very high risk population.

Now the masks just need to go!!

I am supportive but with concerns. Main concern is the kids having to wear masks longer. If they have to wear masks I am not supportive. Also my kids have had more balance in their lives and if they go longer I don’t want the time filled with busy work, but with the work they would do at home. No homework for at least the elementary kids. There is enough stress they are dealing with outside of school already.

I think it would be a good idea that way the students are able to learn even more.

I think getting back to normal is the best for kids

The current Phase 2 makes it harder to take care of their schedule.

I don’t want my child doing all day school until mask restrictions are lifted. It’s not healthy to wear a mask that many hours. Or at least allow them to take masks off while sitting at desks.

With only less than 3 months of school left till end of the school year I think it is best to leave things as they are right now. Why bring more change and confusion to students and teachers when everyone is now used to and in a routine things? It doesn’t make sense to me to make another change right now.

Thank you for your effort and care in this situation. I appreciate the way that these transitions have been handled. I understand that things take time to progress when handling many people and many dynamics. Thank you and Bless you!

We still need more time to work through the Covid problem.

Let’s get back to normal!

In truth, I think all the students will be fine to be at Phase 3. I vote no for High Schools only because I read the petition written by the students. It is well written and I genuinely think they are old enough to have an opinion on this. They are moving forward and succeeding in classroom work. Many of them have already arranged work schedules and internships with the schedule as is. As much as I would like them to move forward, I agree with their choice. Finish the school year as is, and next school year move to Phase 3.

Lunch time at Tempveiw the kids can’t keep a safe distance of others because there is not enough room to do so.

I would like reassurance that all (or at least most) teachers will be vaccinated by then.

It’s too soon to return to full time school.

Please follow the science of the disease and not the random charge up emotional individuals whom tend be to loud and out spoken.

Don’t jump the gun. We’re so close to getting our community vaccinated and beating this pandemic. Lowering restrictions too early will only lead to more cases, sickness, and death.

I want the students to be back in school. I don’t think that the risk is high for them.

More data should be collected for a lengthier period of time before changes are made. The CDC has warned against moving too quickly and “opening things up”. Although the numbers are showing positive trends and a decrease in cases, those numbers are also flattening out. Moving to full time school should ONLY be discussed for the next school year (2021-2022).

“1. New variants are coming, making a move now puts students, families, faculty and administration at risk. 2. Youth have a lower risk of being hospitalized but can still spread the virus when infected. Increasing in school contact time increases the likelihood of community spread. 3. Three people in my household have had COVID, and all got it from Provo School district. However the district continues to say that there is no spread from schools. This is false.”

It’s better to pick up my kids earlier I’m more busy in the afternoon

Kids need to be in school, my childrens grades have dropped significantly when they had to be in online school. It’s detrimental to their learning and social skills. Let them go back to school.

High schools seem to be more at risk.

High school students are not taking “being in attendance” seriously.

I like to stay in Phase 2 The particular reason for circumstances that I think the its better for my kids. If they have full-time and when they do get sick they would miss a lot of days from School. If its the way it is right now it would give them time to get well.

Full time, but no masks. My son has the hardest time wanting to even go to school because of just masks.

It’s about time, especially having just about 3 months left of school

I don’t want tgebkids to have to wear masks for 2 extra hours each day.

I support transitioning to full time school as long as students still have the option of attending online when they are feeling ill. My concern is that with full time school, teachers would have less time to prepare for the online component of classes. I think it would be a mistake to tighten the attnedance policy as it would pressure people to attend when they think they just have a cold. Also, masks and social distancing should continue to be observed. Don’t let political pressure influence you to make poor decisions that could negatively affect our citizens.


Yes, transition to phase 3

My son who is in middle school has been doing distance learning this year due to some underlying health concerns. Going ‘full time’ would exacerbate the stress on he and other students who are having to mostly teach themselves. This would add a lot of stress at an already stressful time when kids aren’t able to interact with their peers and environment in ways they are accustomed to.

My children are in elementary. I would love for them to go back to school full time. I would also like to continue having planned homework for them provided by a teacher each day. I feel that even 30 mins of homework each day for this age group would be beneficial to make up any lack in knowledge not gained from the last year.

I’m very pleased with how Provo School District has handled things during the pandemic. I trust they will continue to take precaution during this time and I feel that schools should now move to phase 3.

“My children’s teachers are amazing! I feel like my kids time is better spent at school with their teachers and peers than all of my kids at home with me trying to figure out each of their several classes for each of my 5 children for their online learning. I’m amazed with the teachers and their desire and ingenuity to do what they have been doing to make this work. I hope they all get raises:) Thank you!”

Our numbers are low enough and as long as masks are still required it feels safe for them to return to full time

It has been difficult to give my students the educational support they need from home since I am a single working mother. It would be helpful if they could still be in school full time while having safety measures

Too much stress already. It is hard to keep changing and adjusting. The school year is almost over and we are just holding on. There’s been so much change we are finally in a routine. I also feel the teachers are super stressed and couldn’t handle this one more thing asked of them. Please don’t change.

These kids have too much time on their hands and it seems like schools are relatively safe. Teachers who want to be vaccinated are vaccinated at this point, right?

There have been so many changes since March last year , not only for the students but the teachers and staff. I don’t think another change is in the best interest of all. The end of year testing is coming up quickly and soon after the end of the school year. Let’s not make yet another change that is hard for all to adjust to. Let’s save it for next school year. It also upsets me that the school district is even considering doing this for health reasons. Let’s keep well enough alone for now.

I am highly skeptical that the safety committee has been monitoring any data relevant to the covid. If that were true, they would be using correct terms like pandemic or epidemic. And since the safety board is not, then we can surmise that the effects of the current state of the Provo school district are more associated with the ideological view of the district and not with outcomes or events as a direct cause from the disease. This is very visible by the recent Beeps Newsletter; it is not covid that has been the challenge or change to the students and teachers related to learning but instead the school administrative and governmental actions which are the direct or immediate causes for the issue experienced. As a current employee in a medical manufacturing industry, it is apparent to me that a proper and complete risk assessment was not done. Such a risk assessment would have used logic, reason to make quality science based decisions for school operations. Luckily there is time for the school board and school district employees to make course correction, which should have been a while ago, and establish normalcy.

Recent trends in Utah have been encouraging, however, I am somewhat hesitant to rush to moving to Phase 3 without knowing more of the potential impact that new Covid-19 variants might have on current trends. I have not heard one way or the other whether the increased contagiousness of the UK and South African variants also infects younger children at higher rates (and thereby introducing infection vectors into our home).

If approved on March 22nd that means we are looking at after spring break for starting. There is only a month of school left after spring break. How much ‘instructional time’ actually occurs in the last month of school? Seems pointless to change things now.

If mask orders aren’t lifted, then full school is an ABSOLUTE NO. It’s not fair to little kids to rebreathe their air for full day of school. Thx for consideration.


We came from a hybrid learning environment (part at school and part online). This type of learning was absolutely not beneficial to our child. She went backwards and became very frustratedwith learning. Since coming to Westridge with 5 days a week attendance she has greatly improved and is once again learning successfully.

Would love to see no masks as well!

It’s time

I do not wish for my child to wear a mask for extended hours. The current schedule is what they’ve become used to and making the change to a full schedule with pandemic social distance and masks mandate will stress them further. Please go back to full schedule next year when Covid is under control.

Going back to full-time school is what our kids need! Please also lift the mask mandate for students and staff!

I think it is time to let the kids try and get back to as normal as possible. My children are losing the social aspect of school and I am seeing problems.

The kids are used to the schedule now, and they are moving toward a sense of normalcy! Don’t take normal away from the kids again please!

It seems that things have been going well in elementary schools. I don’t see much difference in having elementary schools be open part day versus full day. I can’t say whether middle school and high school students should go full time because I am not aware of how their schedules are structured.

Still too early to have students return to school full time.

No comments

I don’t want my child to wear a mask all day nor do I want him policed at lunch.

I’m supportive but also, I like the schedule of short days we’ve been on. I think it’s a good amount of time for the kids. I have a 4th grader and a first grader and it’s been nice having them home at 1:40. More time for them to run around and have fun in the afternoons during the daylight hours, and spend time with their mom. I’d be ok if you want to keep it as short days. Especially if they have to wear masks all day. Those masks, I do believe they are working, but man, they sure are uncomfortable and hard to breathe in. I’m glad they can take them off at recess. Anyways keep up the great work. I’m glad I live in Utah where we’ve had school all year.

I think all day with mask is to much for the kids, I think all day is necessary amd cutting the hours short are only hurting our children of pcsd. I dont think it eliminates the virus as its eliminating their ability to learn. I think the mask concern should be reviewed and implement another procedure to follow social distancing guidelines with out constant usage of masks.

I think school out at 1 pm daily should be the new normal.

I support a regular school schedule if the kids continue to wear masks and social distance to the extent possible.

The schools are doing a great job keeping our kids safe so I feel that all day is possible. I also think that our kids ( especially elementary age) need more time with their teachers to keep up with their education. My kids struggle with at home work and learning. My kids need the structured environment.

If the health department says there is no health risk to moving to phase 3 then we should move. The kids need to go back to normal.

“I would have answered “”maybe”” if that were an option. The hesitations I have with returning to full class schedules are: (a) many work schedules have already been moved around to accommodate the early-out schedule for this year, and (b) teachers still need extra prep time to help online and at-home families and this will eliminate that.

I believe the best option right now would be to go full time M-Th and leave Friday as a work day for teachers to be able to attend to increased and online needs. Teachers have been treated like yo-yos this year and the school board hasn’t listened to their or the students’ needs and concerns. I know they believe that going to full time is going to help the 20% of students who’ve gotten “”lost”” this year, but there’s no evidence that increasingly returning to normal has actually helped that group.”

My high schoolers are struggling with their grades.

No comment

The kids are already in a groove and they are used to the current phase. We have changed schedules so many times this year and this one would be another big change. Lunches would be added and the Remediation class added. This is a big class change. Just let the kids be for the rest of this year.

Ditch the masks! There are not any scientific studies that conclusively prove that they are actually protective, and many that say that they are not. Furthermore, the psychological harm that is done when children are unable to see full faces may have long-term consequences.

Yes! Let’s get these kids back on track!

We would love our student to get more time at school and finish this year full time.


I am only concerned about cleaning and sanitizing buildings. I hope they have enough time to do it.

Please give our students 1 term of full time school!! Excited to have full time in person instruction. Let’s move to phase 3!!!

I suppose at this point there isn’t much difference in a few extra hours each day of exposure to others. If the schools stay strict about masking and social distancing, my worries are mildly allayed. I just hope accommodations are still being made.

I’m in favor of phase 3 as the virus goes down.

I don’t agree on this change. Specially if they are required to wear a mask ALL day long.

Hope to get back to full time soon! Thanks for being such a great district!

I strongly believe elementary schools are safe and they can go full time

Honestly, I don’t see the difference in exposure between the current schedule and a full day one and I think academically it would be very beneficial.

The children are in great need emotionally and academically to be in school full time. They are falling behind

I recommend staying in phase two. Phase 3 is too long for the kids to be in masks and some of the teachers are struggling to fill the time they currently have in class with the students. My children have come home saying they did nothing in some of their classes. The reason, I believe, is because in some classes students watch online videos or read and are not receiving personal instruction so that teachers can accommodate at-home kids at the same time. That is boring and too long for students sitting in class in masks, with no outdoor or socializing time! I think 45-50 minutes is a perfect time to be in class and reflects what future college classes do. What would adding more cLass time offer us? Are teachers feeling short on time for lessons? I believe we have learned we can accomplish just as much in a shorter amount of time.

Mask should be warn.

I think full-time school would be most beneficial to the students.

It’s time to go back to normal schedule, COVID has affected our community and the world in so many ways, but our kids need to be with their friends, their social life needs to go back to Norma, this is so so hard for the society, please make this as a full time school as permanent change!

I feel that this is too long for the children to be expected to wear masks and worry they become more careless with safety of themselves and each other.

“I would be interested in more data. Interested to hear from teachers – can they meet curriculum goals on current schedule? Interested in standardized test scores. Are kids doing worse on tests with current schedules?

I like having my children home more. But I don’t want that to interfere with their education.”

“The students just need consistency at this time. All these changes in schedule are affecting them and the staff, who has to make yet, another adjustment to the classes and activities. The students and their families are also left to readjust schedules (for school and work), figure it out car rides, homework times and more.

Let’s just stay in phase 2 until the next school year, then you can probably start a normal year.”

Please. My kids are failing due to covid restrictions.

Thanks for the great work you do to evaluate student and community safety, and communicating with parents.

Too soon. Not a responsible decision until more vaccines are available to increase immunity.

I think we should wait until a much higher percentage of the population has been immunized. Students may not be at high risk for serious illness, but they certainly can be carriers to others. Although my wife and I are not high risk, if we were to contract COVID, having to quarantine for two weeks would impact our ability to work. So, until the mandate to quarantine if you contract COVID is lifted, I think we should remain at phase 2 or even go back to phase 1.


I think at this point we should leave things the way they are to finish out the school year

“As long as there is a mask mandate I will not support phase 3. Being forced to wear a mask is not healthy. To be forced to wear it even longer for phase 3 is too long! Students need to see the faces of everyone who attends school.

If masks are a choice, then I would fully support phase 3.”

With how well you guys have been throughout this whole COVID I have no doubt you all will be fine with transitioning to full time

My children would benefit from full time school.

Utah’s numbers continue to climb. Until the vaccine is available to all age groups it’s not feasible to move classes completely to in person.

I’m still not complete sure that school should be full time because there’s till a lot of cases of COVID and I’m scared that my kids be expose

I believe that the students need to be allowed to complete this school year as it is currently-phase 2! Even though cases are lower, there is still a threat, and more importantly, our children’s mental health. I think the Fall would be a good time to transition back.

“The CDC says to wait 3 months before allowing restrictions to start being lifted.

Going full-time at this point in the school year, after the evolvement COVID has demanded, and with the lessons learned from the capabilities Timpview has established with a more efficient time frame, it seems utterly ridiculous to go ‘back in time’ and try to put the students back in a slow-paced scholastic world. We could use this opportunity to provide more virtual based learning, have additional classes and class times for those who want to do and achieve more. It’s time to take the experiences of 2020 and propel the high schill into a more modern and futuristic based learning. Finish the ‘˜20-’˜21 school year as it is, and invent something great for ‘˜21-’˜22, more teachers, virtual teachers, stronger affiliations with BYU/UVU… encourage more excellence in sports and art. Redefine school and think about what the future is bringing for all of these kids that were born with technology in their hands. Please don’t dismiss this, and assume that the old way of school is the only ‘normal’ we have to accept. Because we do not. With the shortened class times – these kids can get jobs, really put effort into their talents and dreams. Please allow the afternoon hours to be productive in a new way. Please.”

Students have worked hard during the pandemic, which has left them dealing with many challenges and disappointments. Let them finish the school year from home d take away pressure from them, as well as from the teachers.

Please put our children back to school full time. Numbers in the state are drastically down for Covid. The effects of our kids missing a year of school is in incalculable.

My preference would be to finish this school year with all PCSD students attending Monday through Friday, but on the current shortened schedule where students are dismissed around 1pm ( time varies according to school attended.)

“The data suggest this is the right move. Especially with the continued mask mandate (and, presumably, cleaning procedures) Several questions arise: 1. Would student athletes, coaches, and participants in other extracurriculars still be tested biweekly? 2. What measures are being prepared to prevent the quick return to a lower phase as happened with the high schools with previous phase changes? 3. Does having elementary and secondary in different phasing produce issues with transportation (or solely inconvenience to families juggling different schedules)? 4. Thank you for publicizing the data. It has been illuminating to follow.”

You need to petition the state to remove the mask mandate for our children.

If athletics can continue so can academics. Give the same privileges to the kids who could excel in the classroom and in the arts the same access to their teachers/mentors as you do those who have coaches. The double standard only accentuates the sense of entitlement and status that is also perpetuating in society at large.

All public health officials continue to encourage our current efforts (social distancing, masks, attending to air flow). I don’t believe now is the time to get more lax. With covid variants still under study and at least a couple months before there is wide spread adult vaccination, we should continue to stay in Phase 2. I actually hope to stay in Phase 2 until children are vaccinated; which is likely next fall. If you follow data on classrooms and airflow, you know that building engineers have modeled the air flow and virus concentration/spread. Unless you can have open windows and air filters in each room (Utah in March is still a bit cold so I don’t think we can plan on open windows), there is going to be viral shedding. Please stay in Phase 2.

Phase 2 should be permanent. The regular class time lengths are way too long.

I think the district should wait a lil bit more to change to phase 3

I do not have children in middle or high school. I don’t think my vote should count for those schools since I’m less aware of the impact it has on parents and children of this ages.

Until the majority of the population is vaccinated, it still not safe. They are already there enough hours to get the instruction needed. This will be a “permission” to the kids that adults feel it’s okay to behave as it was before COVID. We need to send the right message to the students,” take this seriously, the pandemic is not over!”

It’s time to open the schools full time.

Young students are having difficult times coping with the pandemic because they are deprived from social interactivity. They are receiving big loads of homework and are presenting greater stress than usual.

If NO mask was required, I would be more supportive to move to full time! It is already difficult for all students to wear their masks currently, not being full time.

It’s about time.

Thank you for doing such a great job through the pandemic. I have felt very happy with the careful decisions the district has made this year.

The high school kids seem to be doing well on the current schedule and are very capable of independently doing their work from home. That said, I don’t know if that is true for all families and if their education seems to be suffering I would be fine with them going all day. The elementary children’s education has definitely suffered and they don’t have the complicated four lunch issue like the high school students so I definitely feel like it would benefit them to go all day.

I feel confident that PCSD has put all safety measures into place. I feel comfortable about sending my kids back to school.

Still isn’t safe to confirm such a drastic action so quickly.

I worry every day for the safety of my child as there is no research on whether or not his pre-existing condition puts him at higher risk for COVID. If I could afford to quit my job and homeschool him I would. I do not want to go to phase 3 until he has been vaccinated and the risk for him and our family is much smaller.

I think it would be wise to hold off on starting the high schools back up for 3-4 weeks longer than the other schools. I think while overall COVID numbers are going down, it is still getting spread among the younger population (under 65) that is not vaccinated. I think if we rush to return to normal right away instead of holding off a little until more people are vaccinated, a lot of younger people will get sick. And High School kids are most likely to not follow rules before and after school and spread the virus. While most younger people won’t die from the virus, it can still be very harmful to their health.

We want full time school. Would rather be unmasked. My kids are worried about being at school all day then being swamped with homework because the teachers are trying to catch up. We hope this won’t happen.

“We should finish the rest of the school year as we are in phase 2 Even if numbers are going down we should wait for all resources that have exhausted the distribution of the covid vaccination As me and my family have not received the vaccination and nor have we caught Covid-19 nor anyone in my household because we have chosen to follow the guidelines and isolate ourselves and not gather in large get together Our students may be behind academically but there mental health safety are more important and as long as my son has made the efforts to do his best academically I can appreciate that more than forcing him as we start the 4th quarter to full time student status My son has struggled alot this year many factors contribute to that but he has been resilient as well as a pain Its been challenging navigating through daily changes but we are staying patient and continuing to do our best moving forward But I’m against students going full time as the school year nears the end”

The data shows that the elementary school are not where it is spreading and I believe should be moved to phase 3.

I feel the risk compared to what they’re doing now will hardly increase at all with full time school, especially for the elementary school.

“I’m not convinced that schools are prepared to move to phase 3 without sacrificing some of the practices that are supporting student and teacher safety. I’m also not convinced that schools have the staffing needed to manage teacher and students needs for a full-day. In a usual year, schools would spend time over the summer and especially in August preparing to provide supports and put systems in place for the school to function in a complete way for all stakeholders. This year, that has not happened and I’m sure that students and teachers will be overburdened if the return to phase 3 isn’t done strategically and carefully. My preference is to have schools determine what date would be best to return to full day, based on their ability to provide the necessary framework and resources for students and teachers, rather than the school board or district administration.

I am also concerned that if students return to full days, the online workload will remain the same. If there is an increase in time at school, there will need to be a decrease in the out of school assignments. When students moved from phase 1 to phase to and then to 5 days each week, there was not a drop in homework. Instead, students just had less time at home to complete the assignments that they have been given. I’m also disappointed that on the high school level, students continue to receive “”assignments and projects,”” rather than instruction and learning.”

Yes. Continued closures aren’t justified

I’m fine with it being full time

The district presents data, but data is often manipulated, and in this case, your numbers don’t necessarily represent what we see out in the community. In fact, your numbers have not made sense since this pandemic started; I’ve heard it from teachers, from parents, and I’ve seen it myself. But it’s clear that there are other interests in play. I hope decision-makers are truly considering the safety of not only students, but their families. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the district has handled this issue as if we had the luxury of second chances, when in fact, we do not. Do what’s right, even when it’s not easy. And stay informed and prevent; we do not want to lose any more lives.

I feel like they shouldn’t go back to full time school, because some kids are having trouble paying attention in class and they’ve been having some anxiety because the covid is still around them. Also, I think that if they all go back to full time they are going to be more time together which can rise the possibilities of students getting Covid.

Kids need the routine of in person school every day.

I do feel like our schools should back in full time as long as there’s covid testing at least once a week. I know of other districts are covid testing students at least once a week. I also think masks should still be required.

I don’t think full time is necessary.

I do not think it is time to resume full time school until the vaccine is available for anyone who wants to receive it. We have been careful not to get the virus and feel that the longer exposure to students, including eating unmasked, is an unnecessary risk. While many students take the virus seriously and properly wear their masks, many do not. The extended class time and lunch time only add to the possibility of getting the virus. I know many Timpview families who are traveling to Mexico and other destinations. People are doing more things and letting down their guard and now is not the time to let down our guard. We are so close to having the vaccine widely available and until it is available to all who want it, the secondary schools should remain in their current schedules. The elementary students seem less effected and are in pods more than the secondary students, so their school day could be extended without much effect. I know it is a balancing act, but I think the balance is correct for now.

My children would feel overwhelmed at the prospect of being full-time right now. It would be better to wait till next school year.

Kids need to go back full time. But how will lunch work for HS kids?

I think we need to stay at phase 2 for the rest of the year.

Get back to normal. If anyone has an issue with getting back to normal, they have the online option.

Don’t have time and is good how it is

I feel like my son is in a good groove with his teachers and classes and his school sports and we might as well just finish out the year in our current phase or go to 4 full days and Fridays off.

If the health department and epidemiologists think it’s a safe option then I support that. I would trust that if things began to change the district would make necessary adjustments.

I think schools should stay in Phase 2.5, as it is now, for the rest of the school year

Until these kids can spend the day without a mask; I think 4-5 hours is enough with the mask on!!!

I think it would be so beneficial for my kid! I support it! Thanks for doing this!

My high school children have work or internship arrangements that would be difficult to change. It would be a difficult adjustment for my younger children and for such a short period of time before school is over for the year. They have had enough changes!

I don’t think we are 100% ready to take that step.

There’s 3 months of school left. Leave things be the way they are. Kids have been so jerked around this year as it is. Just leave things be.

I feel it is important for the kids to get backbto school full time but i do hope to see masks and good health practices to be continued to be done with the new strains going around !

I’m glad that progress is being made, but returning to full time school seems premature, and i think it will lead to more sickness and even death. The vaccines are here. Can’t we wait just a little longer for them to be distributed?

We’re so close to getting all adults that want to be vaccinated. With the new variants out there, moving to the next phase could just set us back in the long run. Let’s stick with what we’re doing. It’s working!

“We should already be in Phase 3!

The Provo City Board members should go to Hell for ruining those people under the age of 18 of Provo district education and their ability to receive an education.

You have denied anyone under the age of 18 over half their education for more than a year.

Stop making our kids stupid!

Stop denying students of Provo their education!”

I’m concerned that there are no breaks from wearing masks. Even while outside and social distancing my child has been instructed to wear a mask while waiting for me to pick them up. I’m not ok with that, they are within the state guidelines and should be allowed to remove their masks once outside and social distancing. Also while I understand the need to sanitize surfaces at school, using harsh chemicals multiple times a day on top of being asked to use hand sanitizer should not be done unless the kids are given a glove to protect their skin from the cleaning solution used . If they are to attend school for normal number of school hours they NEED to be given masks breaks. My child has been forced to wear a mask while exercising in PE, I’m very concerned about the results this will have on their well-being. Complaints about not being able to breathe and being told too bad, you can’t take your mask off, and to just stop doing the exercise they were asked to do in the first place. I want my kids in school but some of the procedures need to be re-examined and updated. I hope you take the time to actually read this input I have been asked to give and will consider the demands these kids are being asked to meet and think about ways to improve their learning/school experience. I am grateful for the efforts made thus far, but we will have failed our kids if we stop now and say this is good enough. I’m know we can improve from where we are now, and look forward to seeing changes made.

I am supportive of full time school for the district.

It seems pointless to switch to full days this late in the year. Just keep it at short days for the remaining days.

It is a struggle for my elementary students to wear a mask for the reduced school schedule. Going all day would be very difficult.

If they could do it without masks I would. Don’t think the extra time will be conducive to learning. Longer days in and of themselves will be a challenge. Add the challenge of wearing a mask that long to that and the net gain of learning during those hours will not be worth it.

Until you can vaccinate ALL your teachers and staff, you should not be going full time.

I don’t agree with my child having to wear a mask any longer than they have to, to attend school the length of time they currently do.

We have overcome this thing. Make sure the teachers are vaccinated and let’s get the kids back to fill time.

Are you aware that there is an EXEMPTION to the mask mandate? My student should not be wearing a mask due to a health issue and also for mental health (not to mention Freedom & Religious Beliefs). I wonder if you are addressing this EXEMPTION in your meetings. Kids should be in school and without masks. The death rate in Utah is less than .5%

My biggest concern with high school going back is the lunch situation. I’m worried that having them all eating in the lunch room could potentially be a problem.

I think so long as things are decreasing it would be okay for kids to be in school longer.

I feel like the students are just getting used to Phase 2. My daughters are worried about the amount of work being given to them online and the lack of teaching that is already being done in person. If it does go to full day, I think the online portion should lessen and more work should be required in person, with discussions and teaching being done. I know everyone is trying their best, but the emotional state of both of my daughters makes me nervous if the online portion of classes stays the way it is now.

“The students should not have to wear masks if they go back full time. I cannot state emphatically enough how strongly I feel about that.

My son failed his first semester of high school. Zoom and Canvas were not effective or suited to his special needs. Parents end up doing more work than you can imagine.”

We do not feel comfortable with the idea of having that many students eating together in cafeteria and are happy with current schedule.

I kept my two elementary students on home study until the end of September 2020 because I was sure there would be an outbreak at our school within the first month, sending everyone back home. I hesitantly sent them back to school at the end of September and have been so impressed ever since then with the cleanliness, care, and caution Edgemont employees have shown in keeping covid out of the classroom. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and feel confident in moving to Phase 3.

I would like my husband and I and our children over 18 at least that live in our home to be vaccinated first. We have been protecting ourselves and all of our children this whole time and as much as I want them all back in school I do not want to throw out all of our dedication to staying well. Also in Europe they’re having a huge uptake in the coronavirus variances spreading rapidly through children. It seems like what happens there happens here next. Let’s just get everyone vaccinated and then MoveOn

As long as numbers don’t increase.

“Our principal shared that test scores either compare to or exceed last years scores which indicates more time in the classroom isn’t necessary, other than for those students needing additional help. While many business continue to have employees work from home and the vaccine is not yet readily available to all age groups, it seems a bit rushed and premature to increase the hours our kids spend at school. If a full-time schedule is decided before the vaccine is readily available to all ages then consideration and flexibility aught to be given to families with members who have compromised health. In a world of technology and countless online programs in higher education, it seems counter productive to be bound by an arbitrary number of hours students are required to spend in the classroom. I also feel that many students would struggle attending full-time, 5 days a week because of having a full year of a part-day school. It seems it would be better to gradually increase the hours spent per day, or go full-time for 4 days and no school or half-day on the 5th day. Doing so would also allow teachers much needed prep time to avoid the need for them to do so much work on their personal time. It also seems that teachers have not been consulted with in these decisions and they are strictly driven by district mandate based on data – not on need. Further, families are the core of any community. The current schedule allows families to be strengthened which then strengthens the community.”

Let the kids go back to school full time!! They need it!!

I get headaches whenever I wear a mask for several hours and I’m very concerned for the teachers, staff and students that would have to endure the full day schedule wearing them. I support full day schedule with no masks.

No masks please!!!!

I only have elementary age students, so I neither agree nor disagree for upper level age groups


I want my children to return their chromebooks and be done with computer learning at home. I look forward to paper and pencil homework assignments and not needing to regulate 6 children “working on homework”

I think it is safe and essential now that our children attend full time. My family has been extremely cautious but now we have the vaccine and grandparents have received their shots, I believe the priority has to be the children’s education.

There is only three months left for this school year and there has already been too many changes. So finish up the school year as is. Thank you.

If transition to full time secondary school, how will you justify making teachers still do some online students? I believe that is unethical to require that from them when the extra time to do that would be gone… And believe me, it WILL HAPPEN that some students will be allowed that.

My kids have really loved having shorter classes and coming home earlier. It gives them more time to do homework before starting their afternoon/evening activities. We’re loving it. I also know that my older kids tend to leave school and drive home to eat lunch and they’re often late going back for their last class because it’s not very much time to eat. That’s always been stressful. Now they can have a relaxing lunch and eat slowly.

All teachers have the vaccine. From my understanding it has been about protecting our teachers for the last year, and now they are as protected as they will ever be. So why exactly would we NOT be in full time school? Mind you, the other districts have been for the last year, and I think they’ve all faired quite well even without a vaccine.

Is seems as if the kids have been able to get enough instruction in the shortened days, is it absolutely necessary that they(elementary aged) kids go back for 2 more hours each day? I don’t feel like it is necessary. Will there be an option to not have my kids have to be full time? Just a couple thoughts.

Please include extracurricular activities including dances!!

Great plan! Let’s do it!! So nice to hear this district moving forward when so many others are dragging their feet and their students are falling further behind!

Until vaccination has been made available to the public I do not fee returning to full time school is necessary. I would also be curious about students learning and whether or not an additional few hours each day is really significant to their learning when they are already being sent home with homework. Is school meant to be a place to learn or merely a babysitter?

“I am worried about variants. I ask that we wait until all have been vaccinated and the vaccinations have had time to reach their max effectiveness.

Thanks for asking.”

I have a hard time having my kids wear a face mask with the half day schedule. I worry about them wearing a face mask for an extra two hours during the school day. Keep in mind I am a parent who loves the mask mandate, and does not want to see that go away any time soon because it protects the vulnerable people in my household, including one of my kids who attends Spring Creek.

Yes to phase 3!

Although the vaccine is becoming more available, it has not yet been made available to everyone. Because of this, I feel it’s premature to return to a full schedule. My students are doing well with their learning and growth, even with less time in the classroom – which makes me question the need for extending the hours for all students and not just those who need additional help or tutoring. I don’t feel returning to a full schedule is being mindful of the individual family circumstances for those with compromised health. If returning to a full schedule is decided, there should be some flexibility for families to choose online learning to supplement the time not spent in the classroom. Further, even in Phase 2, instead of increasing the number of days attending per week at half days it would make more sense to me to increase the hours spent at school per day over 4 days – leaving the 5th day open for teachers to prepare and a deep clean of the school to occur. I feel that teachers have already made significant sacrifices and extending the school hours will unnecessarily force teachers to spend more of their personal time for preparation, grading, and planning. It seems we are rushing to “get back to normal” instead of adapting to new circumstances and being creative in the way we educate our children. Lastly, from the exposure I’ve had, it does not seem that the teachers have been consulted on these decisions, rather it has been a district directive.

I feel that the amount of time kids are in school currently is sufficient

I don’t feel like kids need to be in school that many hours a day. I would like the shortened scheduled or full day Monday through Thursday with Friday off. More focused work for a shorter time is more effective. I also don’t believe that masks on young developing kids for that many hours a day is healthy.

“Just let them finish out the school year the way we have it. I think a lot this has shown that we don’t need to have as many or as long of school days as we have believed. If the reasoning is that kids need a safe place to be for the afternoon, then allow after school programs in ALL the schools (you have defunded it in westridge among other schools and it was extremely disappointing)

On another note. The way PCSD handled the bond not passing last year was pitiful and dishonest. We voted against rebuilding timpview and you went ahead anyway. You also came and placed portables on westrige’s playground unbeknownst to the school. The placement not only takes away play area but it’s a safety hazard as you can’t see all the kids because they block the view. You already had perfectly good portables. In the first place. Put our tax money back to things that are actually worth while. It’s extremely frustrating the way that was handled.”

Seems early to be opening up the schools fully already.

I only have a kindergarten student in PCSD, and that extra hour a day will make a big difference

More in person teaching helps my kids then over online school.

It is now the time!

“Prioritize elementary schools. My daughter is in kindergarten and I want her to have a full k schedule before suddenly attending all day in 1st grade. I really don’t know how students are doing in middle/high schools as my students are younger.”

It’s been really good for my kids mental health to have a shorter day.

Yes!!! Please!

I would like temp. Checks

Just finish out the year they way it currently is. It’s to hard on everyone to go back and forth.

Masks all day is going to be really hard. Finish the year half day.

As students at Timpview prepare for AP exams, I think the additional time in class will be very helpful. I know my daughter in Chinese immersion at Wasatch desperately needs more instruction time in English and Chinese. And my daughter at Centennial seems to have no homework at all, and simply needs more structure.

The main reason is that they still have to wear a mask and that is long time in a mask. Otherwise I would be all for it.

I feel more comfortable with Phase 2

This is long overdue.

Masks are taking an emotional toll on my 2nd grader. I cannot imagine sending her for an entire school day while they’re still mandatory. We’re dealing with multiple breakdowns a week and it’s a struggle to get her to even go.

I think the kids having more time during the daylight to do homework but have outside and time to be kids

I feel like it’s too soon to move to phase 3. Let’s get more people vaccinated first.

“It is not healthy for anyone student and staff to wear masks for prolonged periods. As long as masks are required the schedule should not exceed phase 2.5 This year is almost over, just let the kids stay with the schedule they have. NO MORE CHANGES!! My 2 High school students have jobs and their availability is based on phase 2.5”

“I am in favor of elementary schools transitioning to full day, 5 days per week.

I can go either way with middle school.

I am against high schools transitioning. Particularly seniors. My senior has made internship and work commitments based on careful utilization of the time afforded by current schedule. I feel it would be detrimental to pull her from these commitments to return to the full school hours.

While I am supporting elementary and middle school students returning, I have major concerns about the negative effects of masks for being worn for 7+ hours a day by any human.”

I think the nature of the elementary schools make it easier to go back to full time. The secondary schools are a whole different issue. I think Independence High can go full time, but everything else is just too big to contain.

I can only speak for the Elementary schools as I don’t have kids in Middle or High, but if the teachers are ready for phase 3 I am. I do not see a difference the extra time together would have on virus spread as the spread within Timpanogos is practically non-existent. The kids are already together five days so if close interactions in the morning don’t spread it, the afternoon is just as unlikely. My main concern is if the teachers still need prep work time like when they had to teach students at home too, but as phase 2.5 has been come to school or transfer to eschool, I hope that the in class teachers don’t have that responsibility as much now.

If you will be continuing with the safe political, I am agree with that the face three is coming.

Thank you for all you do for PCSD

The children need to be in school full time. There is scientific proof that they are some of the least likely to get covid and die from it, numbers are down (especially with children ages 5-18), the vaccination is out and all teachers should have been able to get it (if they chose to). Both of my children are suffering, not learning (in a year) and have given up on trying at pretty much everything. PLEASE give them the best education possible the last term of the school year. PLEASE.

Yes please


No masks please

You have changed the schedule on the students so many times you need to stick where you’re at for the remainder of the year. Start over next year. it has been tumultuous and in addition it will mess up college course schedules. Thank you.

Our preference would be to keep schedule the same for the remainder of the school year

The impact of leaving any child not getting back to full time is hurting them. The students production is still low and the divided of the smart from those that struggle is very significant. We can not afford this to keep going especially with the numbers of cases going down. Please get our kids back to full time school.

“Thank you for making it possible and everyone’s efforts!! Our family was sick with covid during Christmas and we now feel safe wearing masks and washing hands… and have no concern about phase 3. It would help all my children academically.”

“As long as social distancing and masks are still required, transitioning to full-time school would have problems and benefits. One of the biggest issues at Provo High is lunch. Because of the small area where students are allowed to eat, there would be problems keeping everyone socially distanced to eat.

My students already struggled with lunch last year when there were 2 lunches, often having lunch hour before they were hungry. If more lunch hours were introduced to allow for social distancing, it would not only disrupt the school day but have students eating at several different times.

However, if they open the gyms or other areas to allow students to eat, it would be fine. The extra class time would be beneficial.”

I think this will be great for the kids, they are so behind in school due to all the covid issues. I also feel we should allow kids to wear shields or masks to what they prefer to have. My children are suffering from rashes on their skin from the masks rubbing against their faces.

I would love to see M-Th full days with Fridays off. I know tons of families who would like to see that schedule forever!!!

“The shortened day has been sufficient for my student to learn the needed material and has been easier to stay engaged with 1 hour classes instead of 1 1/2 hour long classes. They are able to better stay attentive to lectures and stay awake. They get 8 + hours of sleep and still have a tendency to fall asleep in many longer classes due to the classes not being engaging and teachers simply talking the whole time.

The students need more normalcy in this crazy world. Our district has tossed our students to and fro with all the unecessary phase changes. My other students go to a charter school and have been fine the whole year attending M-F on a shortened daily schedule. Give it a rest for the rest of this school year please.”

I am in support of this transition. Kids need to have social interaction even if it’s social distancing in person. This move will help parents and their work schedules, mothers in particular to lessen the burdens and burnout they are dealing with right now. I think the more people are vaccinated the better for this to happen as each phase is issued in the vaccine process.

“I don’t want my kids to go any longer in masks than they already are! They shorter days are working so well. Let’s keep them!

As soon as they can stop wearing masks then they can go back to a full day.

I have a daughter with physical tics, many of them are with her mouth and tongue. Her mask drives her crazy. Making her day longer would be torture. She came home in tears today and many other days because of her mask.”

I don’t really feel that I have enough info to answer for the middle and high schools but would choose whichever option is easier and best for the teachers.

Having to wear mask s all that time, especially for elementary kids, is too long.

I would rather high schools stay how they are. If they start having lunch for highschoolers, the kids will start driving together (probably without masks) and eating closely without masks. I think it raises the chance of infection significantly. (I marked no for middle school but I have no opinion about that cause I dont have middle schoolers, but it wouldn’t let me leave it blank.)

Our children need to be back in school. Not just for learning but for mental health as well.

We are still not vaccinated. I hope we can stay careful until we are. My child has asthma and my mother is with us and 75. She is half vaccinated, but until we all are it is only 80-90% effective for her.

NO MORE MASKS. No mandatory covid tests.

I would rather finish the school year with the shorter school day schedule we have now and start back to normal schedule with the new school year. There’s so many changes these kids have been through, let’s just keep some consistency in something through the end of this school year.

I don’t understand why this is being thought of as an option at this time. The director of the CDC just came out and said that now is not the time to relax measures. We’ve made it this far, if we can just hang on for a few more months then we should be able to go back to normal schedules next year.

Students are dealing with enough right now! A full day in masks is not something I support!

The one concern I have is what do the high schools do for lunch? They seem to have the most COVID cases of concern. Other than that, I’m all for letting things get back to mostly normal.

“Why keep throwing off everyone’s schedules by changing when in person school is every couple months? Also, spring is always the hardest time to keep kids focused in school. You’re just going to exacerbate that problem by making them stay longer this close to the end of the year. Also, the early release time was to provide time for cleaning and sanitizing in the classroom, and I don’t think we should stop doing that, yet.

Plus, early release is just awesome, and I think we should keep it forever. Children deserve more unstructured play time.”

For the state of Utah we are still at levels higher than we were in the summer and fall. Also only a small portion of the population has been vaccinated and none of the students have been vaccinated. Furthermore there is growing spread of variants against which the vaccine is not as effective. I would recommend waiting for a higher percentage of the population to be vaccinated.

Thank you for making sure the mask mandate continues. With that in place, I feel much more comfortable about moving to full time.

Online school is so awesome and safe!

“There have been more than enough changes to the school schedule this year. We’ve learned that our daughter can get all the work done with less time in school and more time after to complete homework and participate in sports. Finishing school before lunch is something I hope we can continue in the future. So much time is wasted on administrative items and a shorter school say means more efficiency in learning. If we could just adjust the High School morning start time to an hour later, that would be perfect. We know scientifically that teens need more sleep yet we make them start earlier than the other school grades and keep them up late at night with masses of homework.

My reason for having elementary kids in all day is because working parents would benefit.”

Having them do a lot of homework on chromebooks is hard and makes non-school screen time hard to manage. However, I love having my kids home more hours of the day.

The CDC and other authorities have been saying since this all started that schools (especially elementary schools) are not super spreaders of covid. I have been wondering why we continue to allow our children to slip further and further behind. This is long overdue.

It would be nice to have all the students back to full time

There will still be people who opt out for safety. This will put them at a disadvantage because teachers will not be able to reach them with course work or it will add extra stress to the teachers if they have to do full time school and video lessons.

It’s TIME!!!

We are all ready to return to normal!

While, I have no problems with going back to full time because of COVID, I feel like every few weeks there is a change, it has been hard for my kids. I think the kids need some consistency so just keep the half days five days a week through the rest of the year. And bring back the extra Curricular activity’s.

It would be helpful to have vaccination against covid available before or shortly after going to phase 3.

Would love full day school for my kids, more time for in-depth instruction. The lack of adequate classroom time has been most noticeable in the reading comprehension of my elementary kids. They consistently report not having enough time to discuss WHY the correct answers on comprehension tests are, in fact, correct. Sincerely appreciate educators and all you do for our community!

My kids complain that besides recess there are fewer fun classes and little time for art, PE, hands on projects, or group and class activities. With full days I feel teachers wouldn’t be so pressed to cram as much learning as possible into a short day and children won’t be as stressed.

Absolutely!!! I am 100% in favor of transitioning all schools to phase three.

Until students and their families have the opportunity to receive vaccination, there’s still a risk of spread. I feel more comfortable with the shorter day and extra time to deep clean the schools.

My children have really struggled not being there full time. Emotionally and academically.

All students need to return to full time schedules. I thought the reason we were doing the adjusted schedule was for safety, and if the health departments has deemed full time school safe, then we should return to the normal schedule. Also, the parents of students need them to go back to a normal schedule so that we can have a semblance of normalcy, for financial, economic, and mental health reasons. I know this has been hard on everyone, but if students don’t return to school, they will be even further behind in their studies, which is very concerning for the high school students, and families will not have the remaining school year to gear up for the coming summer, when the students are home full time, which may lead to further mental health strain on parents, and unfortunately domestic issues that would not be beneficial to those involved. To put it plainly, our kids are not learning well, and they are driving their parents crazy! Students need purpose and education, and parents need a break from the break that never ended! I know it is more complicated than that, and that teachers have also had a rough go this year. I still believe it is in the best interest of the community as a whole to send them back full time, and then offer support to the teachers in this very unusual and unique time. If the teachers can muster up the grit to push to the end of the year, then parents will have some reserves to take it from there through the summer, and hopefully normal will return.

“In full support of returning to full time, normal activities and not wearing masks. Baby steps I know.

Thank you for the COUNTLESS hours you all have put into our schools. This is hard time to be in your position. We are grateful for your dedication.”

All schools should be fully opened.

I have 3 children in elementary school and feel that their overall education will be improved if we move into Phase 3.

If schools are transitioning to full time masks SHOULD NOT be worn. Let our students be normal again. Keep sick kids home and masks out of schools.

“My child is not dealing well with all of the transitions this year. She specifically came crying to me tonight asking me to answer NO to the change to Phase 3. She says she cannot handle another transition this year.

She is 18 years old and has rolled with the punches this year. BUT, she is DONE with change. Let them finish the year (teachers AND students) in peace. Let them focus on finishing strong and NOT adapting to new changes. Students at the high school level are feeling the frustrations and stresses of their teachers as they talk about the possibility of Phase 3 with their students. The message is coming loud and clear from teachers . . . DO NOT SUPPORT this. I side with the teachers on this one.

I DO NOT support a change to Phase 3–you have tested the limits of teachers and students with scheduling this year. Do not rock the boat. Focus your efforts on improving on last years graduation ceremonies, (Provo district really failed there compared to other districts) Proms, and other activities that will allow students to feel “”normal””. Attending a full day of school does not improve morale of teachers or students–activities that promote and enhance their sense of well being will.”

School is out for summer break in a couple of months and the vaccine isn’t likely to create heard immunity till end of May. Why take chances with the safety of our students and community when we are so close to real protection?

I think students need to get back to normal life as much as they can. They have suffered enough over the last year. Hopefully things can go as planned.

Our kids have not had consistent, full days of school for nearly a year. I fully support moving to five-day-a-week, full-day school for all of our kids in elementary school, middle school, and high school. Thanks!

I think we have all learned what it takes to be safe and the school district has done a great job enforcing masks and other safety measures. I think extra time in the classrooms will not be any more risk than school as it is now. I feel the kids will benefit substantially more from the extra hours of education than any risk an extra few hours in school would incur. Teachers have had the option to be vaccinated and thus all parties involved will have safety moving forward.

I don’t recommend full time study until all students get the vaccine

My vote against returning to school full time is not related to COVID concerns. I just like having more time with my kids.

Based on the statistics provided, I think this transition is a no brainer. Nice of you to consider the thoughts and opinions of the parents but regardless of people’s own opinions, kids belong in school and if it is safe, I see no reason not to begin phase 3.

Schools already opened too fast. The number of people who are hospitalized, have long term complications, and/or die from COVID-19 is higher for every hour of in-person school authorized, and so is the likelihood of further mutations of this disease, including the possibility of mutations that will end up being resistant to the current vaccines. Children and youth are efficient spreaders despite tending to have low levels of symptomatic presentation. Before the vaccines came out the COVID numbers skyrocketed through the holidays, so did deaths, overcrowding of hospitals that led to people being unable to get emergency care, and yet-unquantified amounts of long-term damage to people’s lungs and hearts; the likelihood is high that the too-fast opening of schools was a major contributor to this nightmare. Wait a few more weeks and these risks mitigate substantially. We should stop leaping before we look, be more patient and more responsible, and wait for the numbers to right themselves before we act for once.


I feel like PSD and each separate school administrative staff have carefully followed the up and down trends of the pandemic and have acted accordingly to ensure our students are safe and still get the best possible education they can get in the midst of the pandemic. My husband and I are fully in support of the possibility of moving to phase 3 granted the students and teachers are safe and it does not put more work on the teachers than they already have had this year. We know the teachers and administration have been pulling double duty and have had so much on their plates between in person, eSchool duties and also disinfecting and keeping their classrooms safe. If phase 3 does not pose more health risk and also does not put more stress on teachers and administrators, we are fully in support of moving on! Thank you!

I think school is definitely the safest place for kids and with the positive cases decreasing than it sounds good to move to phase 3.

There are new strains of the coronavirus coming out, aren’t there? Is there a chance that full-time school could exacerbate the severity and spread of a new breakout?

It’s worth waiting a little longer to be safer. Many students are starting to slack off and not wearing masks or following proper safety protocol. Going to phase 3 would only encourage this and give a false sense of safety which would increase the risk. Also, info that you don’t provide is the covid19 numbers in households with students. Many students will not get tested because they are asymptomatic so only accounting for student cases isn’t the whole picture.

I would love to see all the students go back to school, especially given the downward tend of positive cases. I feel students are getting behind particularly in math.

I advocate our children going to school each day for the full duration.

I’m a recess guard at Rock Canyon Elementary. The children love being in school. It is safe and the children do a GREAT job of keeping their masks on and following the rules.

Yes, I feel like this is going to help students on having more time to learn and catch up.

Please move to Phase 3 ASAP. Especially since my Kindergartener has 2 hours a day at school, which is less time then she had in preschool.

Everyone is doing a great job. Please, please for the mental sake of our kids get them back in school full time.

“I feel that my student is struggling to keep up in school and emotionally she would not do well in going back to full day schedule mid year. Wait until next fall. give the students and teachers some time to transition and prepare for going back to full day.”

I think something with full days, and either Wednesday or Friday off for cleaning would be good. I do support full days so teachers can have the in class time they need to complete lessons and projects.

We should keep it this way forever

I would be supportive of all transitioning to full-day, but I could also see where many people would have more concerns at the junior high and high school levels because of so many more interactions and possibilities of exposure.

Covid has done enough damage. Let’s be a leader, open school and put kids first.

Yes, with all other precautions in place, specifically masks. Also, having the kids eat outside if at all possible once it warms up.

We are ready to go back to school full time!

There has been so much change and back and forth over the last year- it’s exhausting. I think finishing out the school year for elementary at the current half schedule is important for some consistency. So many of us have restructured our lives to fit the new schedule- it would put us into upheaval again to restructure. Let’s go back to full time next year when we’ve had the summer to breathe.

Please!! Kids are ready. The early out is sooooooo hard for our family.

I don’t think school should be full time if students have to wear masks all day. It add so much stress to kids having to wear masks already with half day, imagine having to wear all day pretty much everyday. Until masks are not required anymore I think school should continue to be half day. Keep in mind the weather is about to get warmer too which makes even harder for the kids.

Things can start going back together

My kids in elementary would benefit from this shift. My high schooler would have little to no benefit, in fact may be harmed by a change this late in the year. This would be foolish in the secondary schools. Please don’t be unwise.

Why don’t you just start school a little bit later and let the kids go an hour later or two.

I do not believe that keeping the kids out of school for 2 hours less a day is really having an benefit at all. If anything it seems to be detrimental to the students and their ability to keep up with the expectations and bench marks they are expecting to hit.

I think that the extra time is still needed for cleaning and sanitization.

I believe as we have gone through the last year with COVID present, and the opportunity to vaccinate, it’s time to go back to school full time and alleviate some stress for our kids and ourselves.

I support the elementary schools going back full-time. I only have kids in elementary so I can’t really speak for all the schools, but I answered “yes” to all of them.

For middle school students, could they then begin using a locker? The carrying of such heavy backpacks and coats all day is a concern for me.

PCSD stated that one of the reasons for a shorten school day was to have to go sanitze and disinfect schools and equipment, so what would the plan be to make sure there was adequate cleaning disinfecting between students and school days and times?

It will require kids, teachers, staff to continue to social distance and wear their masks. That really needs to be emphasized, because people may think that there’s not much danger, but really it’s because we’ve learned that we can have full school if we do those two things.

I’ll be okay with this when more vaccines are given & my children can be safe! Dont send my kids to school unless it’s safe to have masks off!


Would like to wait until next year to start phase 3.

Please less homework and online assignments.

I feel like risk is low for younger kids but high school still needs to stay at phase 2.

As the data shows, cases of covid 19 are dramatically decreasing. The school systems have shown that they can effectively handle having the kids in school while helping them to follow the guidelines for keeping them safe. I can see no increased risk AT ALL for having them extend the hours to full time. This gives our students more time in the classroom which is desperately needed. It may be different for different kids, but my kids learning and understanding of their school work has been SO much better when they are in school than when they are trying to learn it online. Being in the classroom to ask questions, and have their questions answered immediately, is so important to my kids making sure that they are understanding the information correctly. I can see NO benefit of keeping the kids on a shortened day schedule.

I am in favor of full time, with the provision that current homework loads decrease with the increased time spent in the classroom. My elementary students currently have 2 hours of homework each day, which I support because of the shortened daily schedule. However, if we return to a full time schedule, I would like to see less homework (<1 hour/day).

“Per the most recent CDC guidelines, Utah County has a high level of community transmission as evidenced by a 14-day total incident rate of 354.4 and a 7-day positivity rate of 11.07. While both rates are heading in the right direction, these numbers are still HIGH. Relative directionality does not give a full or accurate picture of risk and situational awareness to what drives pandemic growth rates. Caleb Price’s vague reference to statical trends in his email linked to this survey is crafted in ignorance to statistical significance, or worse, written with a political and economic agenda to manipulate like minded parents to push for phase 3, and fails to consider the dictates of public health and safety.

Under high transmission, the CDC recommends a strict adherence to mitigation strategies in high schools that are already open (however, of note per CDCs guidelines, schools in this status should not have been opened for in-person instruction without more mitigation in place [tounge-in-check Provo School District’s early push to phase 2 in February ]). The strict mitigation strategies include consistent and correct use of masks, physical distancing of at least 6 feet, handwashing and respiratory etiquette, contact tracing and diagnostic testing combined with quarantine and isolation. As evidenced by my daughter’s experience at Provo High, none of these mitigation measures are being moderately followed.

The school district’s push for phase advancement is irresponsible!!”

Please finish out the year with the current schedule. It’s very hard to figure out yet another schedule when this one is working. Thank you!!


“One of our biggest concerns with the transition for the high school is lunch. We’d love to hear plans on how to safely accommodate social distancing while masks are off to eat. Maybe classroom lunches like the middle school does? We’re also in favor of a test to stay program! Would a full day still allow enough time for the deep cleaning and sanitizing to happen?”

I would love to see 4 full days and Fridays off except for additional help that kids might need. I would love to see that as a possible permanent situation. No new work to be assigned on Friday. I really enjoyed a 4 day school week and Fridays at home. I have no concerns about covid

I’d love to see a shortened school day become permanent. My 4 children and our family have loved the benefits of a shorter school day. The High Schoolers are able to have real jobs during the school year without it being too stressful. They both do very well academically and find that the fluff has been taken out of the time at school. My elementary students say they can’t believe they were in school two hours longer each day and the thought of being in school longer would be torture. It’s just enough time to cover what is needed and then they have time for learning life skills at home. We love having more time as a family and with friends because of a shortened school day. I’m starting to wonder if the longer school day is a waste of time. Even considering home school. Keep the school day shorter. School for some has become convenient, cheap daycare.

We feel like full academic involvement is crucial to the success of our children. While we understand the needs during the pandemic, we feel it’s time to start normalizing while also taking standard precautions to protect both students and faculty.

Please let them go back.

I worry about the new virus variants and feel like we should wait until april to start full time again. Additionally, i really like the current school schedule. I feel like it is a better fit even longer term for my 1st grader.

Yes covid numbers are decreasing but to keep it from jumping back up we need to continue the path we are on. Letting kids go back full time is giving the virus a greater chance of increasing again.

Some students are not wearing their masks correctly. Can teachers please enforce correct mask wearing?

I believe our children need to be in school full time. It is better for their mental health. Also they need the learning time. Thank you!

Yes. I think that the kids could use the additional instruction time and hopefully specialty and recess time that comes with attending full time.

I’m just not sure about all day school with the kids being required to wear masks all day. I understand that they have been really adaptable and resilient so far, but they are also tired of them by the current early out times.

Yes! Let’s catch our kids up and invest in them and everything they’ve missed out on!

“I have changed my mind on this more than once. I even sent an email arguing that everyone should move to full time, but the thoughtful responses I received have altered my opinion (thank you to those who responded!). I think I was hoping that Phase 3 meant ‘normal’. I realized that Phase 3 really just means ‘longer not-normal days’. Now I think there’s something to be said for consistency.

As a parent, I really want the kids in school longer. It would greatly help my mental health to have more time to get stuff done at home and less pressure on me to get them to do school work they didn’t finish in class. I also think that the students would do better if they had more time in school to get their work done, instead of having teachers expect the students to do large amounts of school work at home.

My students/children who are behind are not staying after school to get school work done – they are coming home and simply not doing any school work on their own at all. I realize this is a nation wide problem and that for the core subjects a lot of the learning loss from this past year will simply be made up in the next year or two. But what about the kids in secondary school taking non-core, one-time subjects? The learning loss there will be real and will have no chance of being made up.

Maybe at this point, it’s time to just wash our hands of this whole school year. Can we just call it ‘Summer’ instead of ‘Spring Break’ and pick back up in Aug?”

“My kids both think they get more done on the short day schedule. I also like that they are both doing great in school. This is a great improvement for my youngest who normally gets nothing done in school since she is super social. I know my youngest is DREADING going back to school full time!!!

I am a teacher at a charter school and though i see the need for kids being in school full-time at a younger age because they need constant supervision… this is not necessary for kids 11 and older.”

We feel that the measures being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the elementary schools and middle schools are highly effective but worry that a normalized schedule for high school will result in higher transmission.

I feel that it is too soon to go to full time school when the pandemic is not fully under control. It is also disruptive to my child at this point in the school year to change his schedule and routine.

Schools should have become full time when some ‘genius’ decide that five days of half days are somehow ‘safer’. The justification to give cleaners more time to sanitize schools is ridiculous and I’m sure some company would have been grateful to have the business to clean schools after 4pm, or even a night cleaning crew.

“I wish the transition would have been to full days Monday through Thursday prior to going back on Fridays. That being said, full days in a mask is too long.

The ‘fluff’ was taken out of school and the children are still getting a lot of education time without all the extra fillers. My hope would be partial days until the mask order is lifted.”

Would prefer to keep tho current schedule.

“I’m very concerned about lunch at the high school. We’ve had high numbers almost all year and that’s without the students sitting, maskless, right next to each other for 30 minutes. It will be harder to have them keep their masks on in the halls before and after lunch, and maybe even during regular passing periods because they’ll be sitting next to these people in an hour without masks.

The middle schools are already eating lunch and it’s worked for them to keep it in the classroom. It totally makes sense to go a full day and give the teachers and students more time (that is desperately needed) for class. Lunch in the classroom for high school does NOT make sense and wouldn’t work for a variety of reasons.”

I personally feel there has been too much changes the school years and with it being March, we should just finish the year as is. Everybody is under a lot more stress and the masks and social distancing create an added stress at school for teachers and students. We can begin anew in fall

I feel like we are making good progress on this pandemic and interrupting this progress is going to have its cost. You can make rules on where and when the students can eat lunch but you won’t be able to enforce them. If you switch to phase 3, my children will be coming home for lunch and will probably be late every day getting back for the rest of their classes. This will not help their academic life.

We fully support phase 3 as soon as possible. We feel our kid’s need to get back to full time school.

“If you go to phase three, the kids must be able to return with out the mask. If it’s not safe to go with out a mask, then no way is it safe to be there at school for all of those hours. I am against returning to full time unless it is safe to return with out the masks. I believe we are good with where we are at until the mask mandate is gone. Thanks!”

Please Switch to phase 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids need normal lives.

I would support all schools as they transition to full time.

Our 16-year-old daughter is in the special needs class at Timpview and would really benefit from having school full day. She isn’t able to do any independent or online learning. She needs the in person experiences and the social interaction with peers. She only gets these while physically at school. This past year has really hurt her.

Do Not change the schedule again! There has already been enough changes to deal with this school year. As parents we have had to make so many alterations to our schedule already this year. Now we have a set routine again, don’t change it again! There is only 11 weeks of school left. Let the students finish the year with the current schedule and reevaluate for next year. Do Not change the schedule again!

I feel confident that PCSD is making an excellent effort to keep staff and students safe. Thank you for your efforts to that end!

I think the schedule the kids have now is perfect with Covid still lingering. But it just depends on all the numbers.

My children, especially elementary age could really benefit from full time school. I am afraid for the eduction they are losing by the hours lost not being in school.

The kids are really feeling the strain of shifting to including Friday’s I’m person. I hope you do not move to phase 3. Or that you’ll take Fridays off if asking more daytime hours. Thank you.

“I am concerned about the attitude of many of the students – just thinking this year is a wash, so why even try. I am also concerned about the progress my kindergarten student, and other students in his class, have made. I feel they would benefit from having more time in class.

However, I am concerned about how hard it will be for my kids to start going to school full time after a full year of less than that. Especially concerned with how hard it will be to wear masks that many hours a day. I would hope that they could have MORE recess breaks (maybe less time) to enjoy some time without their masks on.”

I don’t think it should happen until next year when more people can have the vaccine.

Time to return to normal life

I think it would be safest to assure the strains emerging in nearby states such as California won’t create a second surge and a few more weeks will allow more people to be vaccinated

The school is coming close to an end and students are already on a schedule that has been working for them. I think starting back full time in the fall would be better for the students.

In the best interest of our kids, by all means, transition to phase 3/full time school ASAP.

It’s past time and the science supports it. Let’s go! Our kids are suffering more than the COVID causes.

Been waiting for this all year!!!

“Do not change the schedule again! The district has changed the school schedule NINE times this school year. Please let it alone. We managed to end last school year completely online. No changes. This year had been a scheduling disaster because of the competing ideas of “”in class learning”” and state health mandates.”” The students are doing very well with all of the restrictions in place. There are ELEVEN weeks of school left. The state mandated testing is scheduled. Let the schedule remain at Phase 2.5. Let there be a constant in their lives. Keep the current phase until the end of the school year. Reevaluate in July. Do not change the schedule for the last few weeks. Do not advance the phases.”

I think the numbers are still really high and not safe for our children to go back full time, I think the school district should allow the parents to have an option of online and going to school for their children allow parents the option

I fully support children going back to school full time. They need more instruction than they are currently getting and the risk of COVID is leas than them not getting the education that they need.

Underwhelmed with teaching level and quality that my children are reporting, so a move to full time school translates to more sundry and only partially applicable assignments, with still little to no instruction?!

We are ready for full time school. The students need full time instruction. Please move to Phase 3!!


I fully trust that your (safety committee) educated decision is safe for our kids and our family.

The risks of COVID do not outweigh the risks of of my children not getting a good education. These reduced schedules and restrictions are very hard for my kids and they are not receiving the instruction and education they need and deserve.

Yes, I think schools could move to full time

Right now, the infection rate is trending down, but now is not a good time to let our guard down. The biggest worry would be lunchtime. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to eat lunch there in order to get just one more hour of school in. I would prefer waiting until the vaccine has been distributed more widely, and then start with phase three in August. March 22nd is only two months away from the end of the year, and it would be a shame to have things get worse again to the point of what happened last March.

just leaving feedback about Elementary schools, since my child is in elementary school.

I think we should finish the school year as is.

“I support going back to full time school because vaccinations are rolling out and the data shows decrease in covid spread.

Thanks for all your work for our children and community.”

Please let the kids finish the year as is. Changing the hours to full time and requiring them to wear masks is too much. Hopefully in the Fall they’ll be able to go full time without masks. I’m not an anti-masker by any means, I understand their purpose. It’s just my kids really struggle with them.

Until masks aren’t required, I don’t want my kids to have to wear them for a longer day. I have no concerns about covid, I would be in support of full day if masks weren’t required

I support it! I think the masks have worked well, and from what I’ve seen, Has contained things well.

With such short time left in the year and a portion of that taken by spring break, I feel we should leave things the way they are. We have already had to make multiple changes to schedules this year and would not like to have another disruption. Thank you.


I do not want to expose my child. We still stay home and do not go lit often to keep safe. I do not think this is a good idea. Please rethink this

I believe transitioning elementary school students to full time (Phase 3) would benefit students and teachers. However, in my family, the transition to the current model (five days per week with shortened days) has been detrimental to my high school student because the homework load has not decreased and the time in school has not provided time for him to get work done in class. In Phase 1 and modified Phase 2, when the high schools were not in-person on Fridays, my high school student was able to use those Fridays at home to catch up on and stay caught up on his homework. In the current Phase 2 with all students in school five days per week, my high school student has found it difficult to stay on top of all of the homework that is assigned, and not having Fridays free has meant he doesn’t have as much time to get caught up. If the high schools go to a normal schedule, the teachers will need to provide more class time to get school work done so that the students don’t have the same amount of homework they have now, but then have ten hours less per week at home to get it done.

I’d love for the schools to go to phase 3, it’s time

My kids feel that more school will not be good on their mental health. With the amount of online work, and going for the hours they do, it’s good for them to come home and get it done.

No reason they shouldn’t already be back 8n school full time.

The longer the better. 8-4

Too long to wear masks.

“I’m loving elementary school getting out early!

My crazy vote:

Kindergarten full time Elementary school out early- Better life balance Middle school full time High school full time.”

No more masks! It is time for things to go back to normal. Encourage good hand washing and keep up with sanitizing things. But no more masks, face shields or desk shields.

This year has been a ball of worry and stress. Fridays off was a big part of our kids making it through the week. Losing that has upped their stress levels. They still have most their assignments online, but much less time to do them. I’m not sure with their current level of worry (one was freaking out because he was exposed to covid at lunch at school last week, and couldn’t relax until we got him tested, etc)–which just ramps up the stress level, too–that they could function as well adding more hours where they feel unsafe and exposed, etc. And, we do tell them it’s not spreading much at school, but everthing has them on edge. We’d appreciate staying at level 2.5. Hardly any students have even had a parent qualify for the vaccine, yet. Kids are resilient. We know. They’ve dealt with it all better than adults. Would just love for them to be stable the rest of the year instead of constant changing.

We would like to see lower trends of cases for a longer period of time. We are not convinced that coronavirus is better now than when we first closed down the schools with the new variants.

I wished there was a maybe option or neither. If this is returning to school full time with regular schedules and regular activities, then I am all for going back full time. If this is returning to school with continued covid restrictions other than masks, then I think it is better to stay where like we are. Especially in the Elementary immersion programs. Our daughter has loved the Chinese immersion program last year but does not enjoy all day Chinese as much. The program works really well as a half day everyday program. It has been as an all day every other day program.

Prefer to have full day at school when vaccine is readily available for everyone

My student just mentioned last week that she was worried about going to school because there were a lot of students in a couple of her classes missing/sick/quarantining/knew someone with covid. So I don’t feel like it’s a great time to move to full time.

I feel that it would be in the best interest of both parents and students for the school to remain with the schedule it has now. Any further changes to the school schedule should only be considered for the new school year starting in August.

I think it will be nice for the kids mental health. They need to have their school schedule back to normal

Not a good idea

Right now the children can’t get vaccinated and the schools need the extra time for cleaning. My mother has cancer and my father needs a heart operation so we’ve been trying to be very careful not to catch Covid. I know a lot of other families that have family members that have health issues so my situation is not uncommon. My most selfish reason for not wanting them to go back is that for the first time my kids have enough time in the day to finish their homework. We have dinner as a family and then they get a few minutes to do what they want at the end of the night. I’m not having to nag for them to hurry and finish their homework before going to bed. Sometimes they will fall behind a little bit with their homework but they always have the time to catch up.

The earlier schedule has given secondary teachers more time to work with students individually after school. The secondary schools have also had more issues with Covid cases than the elementary schools.

Yes yes yes, please!!! We are eager for full time school!

I don’t think that the benefit of adding extra time for the high school students is worth the risk of a higher infection rate. Timpview High School already has one of the highest infection rates of the Provo schools.

I think that us high school students are good in phase 2. It’s going to be pretty hard going back to a full schedule because it means less time for homework because we have other commitments like sports and jobs to do. I have had a couple of my teachers say that they are swamped right now because they have to create online material as well as in class. It would be really rough to go to phase 3 for not only students but teachers as well.

We are so close to the end of the school year there is no need to further disrupt the kids’ lives so no I do not approve of this move at this time! I would like to see the children stay in school at phase 2.5 until next year when we can reevaluate going to phase 3! I have seen firsthand how disruptive the life of my school age child/ family by constantly changing their school schedules!

Per the CDC UT County has a high level of transmission. 14-day incident rate = 354.4 & 7-day positivity rate = 11.07. Both are trending down but started high thus still HIGH. Directionality doesn’t give a accurate picture of risk. Basic statistics provides this knowledge, so your communication either ignorant or manipulative. Schools in this status shouldn’t have opened to in person. If open strict mitigation strategies are needed including consistent & correct masking & physical distancing of at least 6 ft. Masks are FAR from being consistently used & it isn’t being enforced by most teachers. Classrooms are NO WHERE near socially distanced, & I don’t know anyone who would claim there is distancing in the hallways. Our family has been VERY strict about social distancing. Masking has been strictly utilized. Yet my daughter contracted COVID a few weeks after we allowed return to school. Thankfully her father had received his 1st vaccine, so he wasn’t hospitalized; but both were VERY ill. The idea you are making decisions that impact the wellbeing of families, based upon a survey of people with questionable education, subject matter knowledge/expertise, & political influence, shows no concern for public health & a questionable ability to be educators. The lack of facts & science used by the district is appalling & embarrassing on a national level. I hope for reflection on your ability to lead the education of students & your responsibility to the community at large.

No my child will not be under a mask full day. Half day masked for students and teachers is already too much time. I teach and can only take 2 hours under a mask. Please do not go to full day until the masks are gone.

Schools should not be going full day until masks are no longer required. This is absolutely ridiculous. You are all ridiculous.

As soon as we went back to 5 day my son brought covid home from school. High school is more dangerous than middle and elementary school.

The current system is working fine. Why change it? I am not ok with my children being in masks even longer than they already are.

I work at my kids school and I have seen many kids are behind this year. If this will help kids academically then I would vote yes. Wearing masks all day from 8:30-3:20 is way too long for kids.

“I am not interested in full time school. We really like the early out as it gives kids time to do homework, extracurricular activities, spend more time with family and just play. In speaking with teachers at conferences it seems that they are getting everything necessary in the time they have now.”

I feel that the students are already attending every day, so there is not much difference germ-wise or exposure-wise between a 5-hour school day and a full day. Would the longer day mean less cleaning? That would be a factor for me, but I think whether the day is shorter or longer won’t make much of a difference in safety if all the other current precautions are upheld. Besides that, the longer my five children are in school, the better each seems to do in terms of learning and keeping up with classes. So it would be a big scholastic benefit in our family. Thank you for asking for parents’ input! I appreciate how careful the schools have been in terms of health and safety. I also would not be opposed to more testing at the schools’”especially with longer school days.

I do not support moving past the current standards until more vaccines have been distributed. It doesn’t seem that the gains we made are improvement, the gains are just recovery to back where we were before entering the school year. I would want to see more sustained low numbers in the 200-300s or much broader vaccine distribution in our area.

I think it will continue to be safe for two more hours if they continue with the same hygiene and protection ways .

I’m in full support of all schools going to phase 3, it needs to happen!

Our kids need to be in school. I would like to see teachers raise the expectations as well’”no more once a week ‘work’ days in high school classes. We are behind in instruction and I would like to see teachers embrace the time and use it to teach some of the curriculum we’ve missed. Our students have become lazy and we need to break these habits so students are ready for quality learning next year.

I don’t feel students being together full time having to wear masks is going to keep the numbers down

We dont need any more changes!!! Just finish out the last quarter.

Now that all staff (that chose) are vaccinated I am less worried about their safety. I fully support at least elementary students moving to full day.

Absolutely time to seriously consider this transition. Thank you!

“I believed it is not yet the right time at this point. Nevertheless, thank you so very much for all you do for our children!”

We are already established in a plan with the risk of increasing numbers if we go back to high traffic in schools. Have you walked the hallways or gone into the cafeteria with full time attendance? There is no such thing as social distancing. Not even close. Please protect our kids.

I’m not sure what the benefit of a shortened schedule is when students are already at school everyday. I do see the benefit of having students at school the full day to much sure they do not get behind.


Family members will call for that as a it’s back to normal life and people aren’t well prepared for that just yet

I want to maintain current schedule for the sake of consistency and to keep the positive trend moving in the right direction.

My two children attend Timpview. It has been very eye-opening for all of us as we’ve come to realize that they really don’t NEED to be in class from 730-215 each day. If nothing else, this shortened day has shown us what is really necessary. I think lots of time was wasted in class before and that teaching is much more efficient now. I hope we can learn from this. I don’t know what the answer is, but I don’t think the “regular” school day is the best model, at least for high school students. Granted, my kids don’t have learning disabilities and they have a supportive family. Can we let kids like this continue on this truncated schedule and let other kids who need more support stay longer if they want during “consultation hours” or something? It just seems like it would benefit the students AND the teachers to have one-on-one time with those who struggle a little more.

I don’t think it is necessary this final quarter. As for my daughter it would interrupt her internship and job that she has settled into this year. I think there is a good thing going right now.

As we live out of the district, picking up my son Following half day school has been really disruptive to my work schedule. Fortunately I have been able to work remotely at home in the afternoons. However there are days that I need to travel to Duchesne. Four hours of school leaves me little time when there is 3 hours of drive time out and back

I feel that there is a rush to reopen things too quickly. There needs to be more time to see how well the vaccines work in the general population. If the the district decides to make it mandatory for kids to be back at the school, I will remove my child from school completely, as I feel it is too soon.

It’s time for them to be back in school full time

Precautions to be implemented


There have been too many changes already this year. Finish the year in phase 2.5.

I would be thrilled to have kids in full day school.

It is time and I feel 100% safe

Covid does not affect younger people. Please take the masks off as well.

As long as everyone remains masked, I am in support of going back to school full time.

I am completely supportive for all schools to return to their normal schedule and return as soon as possible. Children have suffered enough over the last year, they need to return to normalcy. I am also supportive to reverse the mask mandate in school-if a child would like to wear a mask, they can continue, but should not be required.

I appreciate the systematic approach PCSD has taken. You’ve been amazing! I feel that teachers still need extra time to respond to online needs.

The sooner, the better

Children’s learning outcomes have been negatively impacted by current conditions and transitioning back to full school schedule can hopefully help most kids get ‘caught up’ best they can at this point. Given health precautions remain in place.

I said “Yes” but would like to know the case counts that will pull back to Phase 2 or Phase 1.

I have felt comfortable with the 5 shortened day schedule, but have some concern with moving to a full day schedule. Although I am encouraged by the reduced numbers of positive cases in Provo and throughout the schools, I wonder if having the students together during lunch, where masks will not be worn, could increase the positive cases and cause an upward trend.

As long as current precautions of masking and distancing remain in place

I think the 8:40-1:40 schedule is good during this covid time. I don’t think we should go to Phase 3 yet.

I am 100% on board with keeping school how it is right now for Elementary students. They don’t need that extra hour. It’s too long.

We would love full-time school! My only suggestion would be that with a longer school day you lengthen lunchtime. My two elementary age kids eat very little in the 15mins allotted and are very hungry upon returning home. With the short school day it’s ok, but I predict behavioral problems by the end of a full school day if you don’t give them more time to eat 🙂

“I feel that many parents, including myself, have rearranged our entire schedules to fit this new one. Now that my kids are back to attending school five days a week, they’re doing fine. I like the fact that they get out earlier and have time to work on the classes they really need to.

I would prefer that they go back to their normal schedule at the beginning of the next school year.”

Many high school students may have gotten jobs during the afternoon hours to earn money to help their families, for college, etc. They would be most affected by a full-time school schedule and the stability of their employment and income should be seriously considered.

Routines have been established. Students and teachers have adjusted to our current schedule, and to make yet another change will be yet another disruption in a year full of disruptions. By the end of March we will be in to the final term of the year. It think it best to maintain the current schedule established in phase 2.5, and not throw another curve into the lives of everyone involved.

I feel that it would be better to keep the school schedule as is for the remainder of the semester and then to begin phase 3 in the new school year. Transitioning now might be disruptive to the students.

I would like to see schools open. But of course, if there is a problem, make changes for that school.

PLEASE! As much as you may think our kids are doing ok with online, they’re not.

My kids need more instruction, they are failing. Please do full time school with emphasis on staying home when sick and allowing more excusable days if necessary.

We only have elementary students, so we’re only sharing our feelings for the elementary schools. I don’t know if our opinions should influence middle and high school. Thank you for safely opening our schools to support our children’s learning

I’m sure this has been suggested, going to 4 full days with Friday’s off.

It would make so much more sense to keep the high schools at the current phase (2.5). This year has been anything but normal. The current schedule of 5 days a week with early dismissal each day is working well. Students have time after school ends to take care of things before extracurricular activities begin. It allows for help/intervention/remediation for 2.5 hours a day. Don’t give them something else to get used to for the last part of the year. Keep the current phase!

I believe more data needs to be collected for a lengthier period of time before full time school should resume for ANY Provo schools.

Way overdue!

My children just returned to school at the beginning of this year 2021. They have been homeschooling since March 2020. I agree they should be in school it’s better in some ways. We are a high risk family and we’re already rolling the dice. The kids have a few months left of this school year please leave them in the 2nd phase and wait until next year to do full time. I don’t want to put my kids back in eschool or any other homeschool program when they only have 3months left.

I feel that at this point in the school year things are stable as far as students schedules and Covid cases. It feels like there have been so many changes throughout the last year that changing school to full-time and then possibly changing it back to half time we just cause more difficulty for people than just staying as it is through the end of the school year. Also, as positive as everything is looking with Covid it just feels like we are not through this and so going back to full-time doesn’t need to be rushed.

Thank you for making good data based decisions and keeping people safe. The trends are indeed encouraging.

Just appreciate all you do. We are very fortunate to live in Utah. Thank you

“I feel it is greatly needed for our students to return to school full time. Their future is being affected by the decreased school hours they have had this year. Covid is declining and the students need to get back to a normal schedule. Thank you”

We are still in the middle of a pandemic. There has been so much change, let’s finish the year in phase 2 and normalize next year.

I am very disappointed in Provo school district and I feel bad for the teachers having to teach in person during a time like this. You never should have even gone to in person yet from the beginning. The virus is still here and not everyone has been able to get vaccinated and don’t even know if kids will be able to, it is not safe. And I will not be putting my family at risk.

How would you manage lunch hours? Masks have to come off for that. I don’t believe that we have reached “herd immunity” yet and there have not yet been enough people who have received the vaccine. To continue this aggressive approach invites another outbreak which would mandate yet another schedule change: and we are TIRED of schedule change. Let us finish the year as is and we can start full time this fall when we have reached critical levels of immunity and vaccine distribution.

My child feels very frustrated to wear a mask 😷 during school hours. We as a family know the importance of wearing the mask so we vote to stay home and continue with our choice of learning. My daughter is doing really good with her assignments at home and we have been on top of her homework every day.

The schools should be on a regular schedule by now.

I appreciate the way Provo School District has handled this situation. Thank you!

Would be a great way to end the year full time school and hopefully utah drops the mask mandates.

We are so ready to have everyone back in school full-time. Instruction has been limited, and rushed as a result. Our children thrive in school, and we feel they will be safe staying the extra couple of hours. PLEASE choose Phase 3!

Since the risk of contracting covid has decreased significantly, I feel like it is reasonable for my kids to return to the regular schedule.

My feeling is, they are already all going to classes together. I don’t know why they shouldn’t be able to have a full day doing what they’ve already been doing.

The kids need to be in school and need to be learning! Their level of education has hit an all time LOW!! You will see the results in the test scores and grades. All of the kids wear their mask’s the teachers have had access to the vaccine. There is no reason not to let the kids back full time! Kids are safe and now so are the teachers. Please help this kids get the education and socialization they need.

Yes to phase 3!!!!

However, the recent decline in Covid diagnosis has leveled off. Although schools could fully open, ALL current orecautions should be continued. Mandatory masks, frequent sanitation, keeping windows open as much as possible, or even holding classes outside remain important. Also social distancing, recognizing that it does not work well in confined spaces.

Full time school! School is so important!

“Vaccines for all adults are so close — until that happens, please keep things the same. While most of the kids aren’t at risk and most teachers are now vaccinated, increasing time and especially adding lunch periods only increases the risks and the spread in our community, many of whom are still at risk. We are almost there. Let’s not give up ten feet from the finish line.

Next fall will probably be normal; let’s just finish out the year the way we are and not increase the risk to the most vulnerable in our community.”

I’d like to see the vaccine distributed more widely in the community prior to a return to full time school.

Yes, please

More school and less homework

I would be supporting back to school and full time schedules and all extracurricular activities back to normal.

Teachers still need time to prepare online instruction for and communicate with students who need to quarantine or who don’t feel safe at school since schools can’t social distance. Students are getting a good amount of in-person instruction as is.

“No because my kids already tell me it’s hard to breathe with masks and it’s hard enough to keep them hygienic through a whole day. I think full time school needs to coincide with no masks.

Thank you,

Mary Shade”

“A visible group of high school students is still choosing to go against all COVID-19 precautions (e.g., party in SL County last week) and I am not comfortable sending my children to school for longer classes with these kids who have no interest in preventing the spread of this virus.

I think the elementary schools and kids are doing a good job of keeping the spread really low, so I am comfortable with my youngest going back to school full time.”

They would still have classes quarantined if there were too many cases in that class correct??

It’s a long time waiting and I think this is the best thing for the parents and children to return to the norm even though it still might not be.

We have a lot of extra curriculars for our kids now, this would be tougher. Kids are in a groove, let’s keep it as is through school year.

I would like my kindergartener to go to kindergarten for the full schedule. Her school is doing very well, with no Covid cases currently.

The schools should not be opening if they were following the CDC’s guidelines. Furthermore, new variants are starting to spread and children do not qualify for the vaccine.

The transmission rate at school is extremely low or nonexistent. The students need to be in school, our neighboring districts are in, we should be also. The district has taken excellent measures to keep staff and students safe.

I think the teachers have been working hard to complete as much as they can. It would be good if they had more time to accomplish more.

The transition will be difficult to wear masks for extended periods of time and will have little benefit considering the school year is almost over. It is better for content, but masks all day will most certainly cause more restlessness with students as well as their need for fresh air. I’m having a hard enough time with masks as is. If they stop requiring masks, then full time school, no problem!

The kids are suffering!! They need to be in school full-time. It’s time to move forward.

Stop changing the schedule. It is far to hard on families, teachers, and administrations to be changing schedules every month. You’ve made a decision stick to it.

As long as the kids are required to continue to wear a mask I have no problem returning to full time.

Kids are not wearing their masks. Let’s wait until more people get the vaccine

Fully support full time school for all ages.

“we went through phase one we went through Phase 2 what do they mean full-time phase 3 I and my son really appreciated Friday’s off there are some adults who appreciate the mask but the kids need to wear them all day that’s very hard they need more water more air. Why are the day’s going to be longer?”

I would love to keep the current schedule forever. I love the home work/ school work balance. My elementary kids get off the bus at 4:00 on the normal schedule. That’s way too late for elementary school age children in my opinion.

“I could very well be wrong, but, I think going full time at this late date would make a hard year harder–for students and teachers.

I would change my mind on this if I felt confident that our Teachers Want this. I have no idea if they do or don’t, but, I would imagine that they’d have to do a lot of time consuing adjustments to curriculum Again if they had to change it all up again at this late date.

Thanks for asking!!!”

As a parent, I will not agree that my child return to school full-time until the COVID vaccine is given.

Although I’m supportive of moving to Phase 3, I can see there are also concerns/drawbacks to doing so. I’m more unsure about my high schoolers and their teachers being able to make the transition, although overall I want to believe that more school time is better. Also, how will they safely eat lunch at school?

I have lost confidence in Timpview’s and Centennial’s ability to seek compliance from students in mask wearing and quarantining when appropriate. After the highly publicized multi-school dance, there was no credible effort to ask students to quarantine (stay home) after participating in that potential superspreader event. It would have been a simple request. So I have no great confidence that a full schedule will come conjoint with prudent distancing, masking, or quarantining expectations and instructions.

I do not want my kids wearing masks all day long at school. It’s hard enough for them to sit through shorter classes while wearing masks and being patrolled by such strict regulators. I want my kids to have more breathing time without masks stuck to their faces. It is inhumane to expect kids to sit through such long periods while stifling them with masks. I will be very upset if this happens.

My kids are concerned about wearing masks for a longer period of time. It already feels like a long stretch of mask wearing for the shortened day.

Let’s get back to normal

I have talked to my kids about potentially returning back to the full school schedule and they have expressed frustration. I feel like they have already done and changed so much during this school year and to keep add more changes, I have noticed a difference in their behaviors and attitudes towards school. They used to love going and now it’s a chore to try to get them out the door. I would honestly feel better waiting for the next school year to fully return them to full schedule with mask and the other implemented changes. That way they have a summer to relax from school and for the vaccine to become more available to the younger public. I feel like if more pressure and changes are added so soon, my kids personally will become disheartened and honestly depressed.

Open the schools full time and teach history.


Our kids need in person education! Thanks.

Why? There’s like 2 months left of school.

Please make the year as normal as possible for our seniors.

Get rid of the masks. And testing.

How will lunch be accomplished at the high schools. PHS specifically?

We’re currently not following CDC guidelines. Moving more in the wrong direction is not the answer. And for the last quarter? No. The kids are getting tired of masks even in a half day. Let COVID be taken care of and THEN move forward. Moving to full days too soon could mess everything up and continue the pandemic. Currently, we can hopefully return as normal next school year. Don’t risk it for 45 days of school. And a lot of those days will be devoted to testing or end of year celebration anyway, so what’s the point?

Fully support returning to full-time school.

Yes I agreed i think is better for the kids because I think they would learning better at school if they have questions the teacher can answer and explain it to them.

I am in full support to move to phase 3. Despite everyone’s best efforts given the unprecedented and early ambiguous circumstances caused by COVID 19, our children’s education has been hurt over the past year due to the reduced schedule and remote learning. We need to return to a normal schedule as soon as possible, before the end of this school year to mitigate the lost learning.

I don’t see a point so late in the year. Let’s just wait till next school year to go full time.

Too early, we need more time for vaccinations to be completed by a larger portion of our communities.

These kids have developed some poor habits and need to get back to regular education that expects more out of them. They may push back because they would rather be in school for fewer hours, but they need more instruction. They need firmer due dates and real consequences. We are ready tomorrow!

Yes I very much would like all schools to go back to full time not only for academic reasons. But for social growth and so our children don’t feel fearful to go out side and mingle.

My child has been given a hard time by the driver when trying to ride the bus. We drove when the school year started and he didn’t have a seat assigned and I guess that’s still a thing. Because of work schedules we would not be able to pick him up any more with phase 3. PLEASE make sure that there will be transportation for ALL students if you transition back.

Too long of a day to be required to wear a mask.

“Yes, please! I’d like them to go full time for many reasons. None of which are the reasons some of our district teachers have unkindly asserted about parents online.”

I have to wonder if this is too soon as most families with children haven’t been vaccinated yet. We had CoVID and my husband passed away from it in December. We don’t want to get it again however we are very supportive of moving forward but maybe it’s just too soon? Just something to think about.

I don’t see any reason why anything less than regular, full-time school presents any more of a public health compromise than the current phase. Let’s go full-time!!

Please move to phase 3 as soon as possible. Full-time school would really benefit the children. We are seeing the effects of an abbreviated school day and would love to finish out strong for at least the last few months of the school year.

Teachers need to be immunized first. Use scientific data more than popular opinion.

Do it

Although I would be supportive of moving to phase 3, for elementary school I also have really enjoyed the shorter day. I feel like the shorter day has been adequate for my kids amount of learning and their mental health. being home early I think it’s so good for them. If there is any consideration for making a shorter day permanent I would be fully supportive.

Our kids need to be back in school. My kids are k-3 grade and need the education. My kindergartner only gets 2 hours of school a day. That is unacceptable.

Yes, I am in favor of going to phase 3 all day school. Students have suffered so much this year they aren’t learning anything I think we’re really doing a disservice to our kids. What’s going to happen next fall when they haven’t learned everything they’re supposed to have learned this year yet they’re still all moved up?

Students and teachers are exhausted! High School students are getting sufficient support through the combination of in person classes, Canvas teaching (some of the teachers have done an AMAZING job of putting so much of their teaching on Canvas for students to go back to later and be able to watch and rewatch instruction!! Having early out allows students to be able to access help from teachers EVERY afternoon in the current model. Students would really lose support by gong full-time to school. I would like to see the district offer extended day for select students that need to make up credits or need additional instructional supports (both AP students and studens that are behind). PLEASE DON’T send them back full-time this year!! Students are really relying on the additional opportunities for support in the afternoons and teachers need time to work on the material they are posting on -line. We will lose that if you send them back this year. That puts TOO MUCH of a BURDEN on teachers!!!

We are excited for kids to be back full time as this will only help them excel. Having them wear masks ALL day is another issue. My kids have negative skin reaction but we’ve done our best. I know this isn’t necessarily your doing or your choice but good Lord we hope the mask things ends already.

I support all kids to have more time in the class room as long as it’s supported by the science/data and not biased on community opinion. I recognize this has been a hard year for everyone and there is a lot of misinformation out there. I am concerned with vaccine hesitancy, lack of mask wearing in our community and how going to phase 3 will effect our teacher’s ability insure safety health guidelines are fallowed. Thank you for looking out for our students and teachers along with public health.

Kids need to be in school full time

The kids have all been together every day. Being together for an extra hour or so isn’t going to change the risk associated.

Maybe do a phase in schedule starting with elementary similar to other phase starts?

“1ro. Cuando todos tengamos la vacuna, si. 2do. Un punto importante es: tener un tapabocas por todo el tiempo de la escuela, no sería cómodo ni saludable para nuestros hijos. Les hace falta el oxígeno normal. 3ro. Aún seguirían desinfectando la escuela?”

I feel the district should wait until next school year to go full time.

I only have elementary age kids…I support them going back full time…thanks for all that is being done to keep our kids, teachers, and staff safe!

I feel (and have felt for quite some time) that elementary schools should always have shorter in-schools hours than secondary schools.

Get kids back to school full-time! They are falling behind academically.

I like continuing to use masks, social distancing, and other precautions, and I am supportive of returning to school full-time.

It is disruptive to all aspects of student and family life to change schedules. Please bless us with some form of continuity in a year plagued with unknowns. Thanks!

My children really feel the strain of not being in school full time, both academically and socially. Kids ages 5-18 are largely unaffected by COVID (they can get sick but death is almost 0%) and NEED to be in school experiencing life again.

I think going full time at the start of next year seems appropriate. What we are doing right now is good for the kids and the teachers. Keep it under control. Getting close to being done with this. A concerned parent

“Everything at elementary and middle school seems to be going fine. Staying a couple more hours each day isn’t going to change much. I think they do still need to be wearing masks etc as they have been.

I have no knowledge of how high school is going.”

I would rather be cautious now and be ready to start the new school year in August strong and regular!

At this point in the school year we have arranged our lives with other activities that would conflict with the time if school were extended. For example my daughter has piano lessons on Friday at 12:30 PM. And vocal lessons on Tuesday at 1:00 PM. It would be very difficult at this late notice to rearrange everything else that we have been accustomed to for the school year. Next fall I will not be opposed to a full school day and I’m sure the Covid numbers will be much lower.

We have learned some valuable lessons during Covid. One of the lessons learned is that we NEED in person connection. However, we have also learned that the amount of time needed for in person instruction is negotiable. I’m in favor of having a shortened school day. What will be added when the students return to full time? Just more time in the class room. Does more learning happen? What does the research show? Why do we spend more time in the classroom, if the learning outcomes are the same for a shortened day? What does the research suggest? I am curious.

I feel like things are in a good rhythm. Teachers and students have figured out how to make the shortened schedule work, and I would prefer to keep going as we are until Provo has reached herd immunity from immunizations, which should be in May or June, especially since teachers aren’t required to get the vaccine

I will be more helpful for children to be in school and interact and learn more

“. I feel that my moving highschoolers to phase 3 with only 3 months of school left is to much for these kids. Our kids are still working on assignments from last term with school being 2 days a week. Having school 2 days a week for 5 months, then 4 days a week, now 5 days a week, to full time with longer hours? That is to much for children, and teens bodies to handle. Our children have had their sleep schedules interrupted from going to 2 days a week to 5 days. They need time to adjust. I am sure teachers feel the same and would agree. The teachers have been able to help these kids with their homework after shool each day. Once phase 3 starts and after school clubs, there is not time for extra help

Some of these highschool students have taken jobs in the early afternoon since school has been ending at 12pm for the past 6 months. My daughter has several friends who’s parents have said that they can’t go to school if the hours are extened. These parents are worried about the spread of covid. Right now things at Provo High are great. The numbers are low and the after school program teens are getting covid testing every 2 weeks. Having to see our kids get tested at 6am for covid is not fun nor convenient, but we do it so they can attend school. Do we really want to take away school from these kids who’s parents won’t allow them to attend because of phase 3?

Keeping things the way they are would benefit the students and teachers. Let’s start phase 3 in the fall!”

“I prefer kids going to school 4 days per week.

And IF a significant minority has concerns around returning full time, it seems appropriate not to go back. I do not think the ‘majority’ should have the ability to force harm or risk on those who have legitimate concerns and may be in the minority.”

I am not supportive of my children being in a mask all day at school.

“Thank you for seeking input from parents. I appreciate your effort to communicate and work with families. If a full-schedule means that there still aren’t assemblies, field trips, after-school enrichment programs, other special school activities that make school engaging, then full days might not be the best choice for students. I anticipate that having kids go longer in the day will mean more hours for them sitting at a desk in front of a screen. I’m particularly hesitant to have students go full-time right before state testing when educators are anxious and pushing for kids to do practice tests on the computer, which inevitably means more screen time.

And here’s my concern/soapbox… 😉 I disagree with the amount of time that students are on Chromebooks. I have not seen the 1:1 access to technology for my children correlate with better critical thinking skills or decision-making in school or social settings (or any setting really). What I see are mostly digitized worksheets and not enriching activities that urge students to think, problem-solve, and reflect. I’m afraid that having students stay at school until 3:20 will only increase screen time and not improve interaction with other people.”

School lunch at the high school seems too crowded

I’d love to see kids back in school full time. Some kids have fallen so far behind due to inability to cope with online schooling.

I’m concerned about the variants spreading through the nation. Historically, they get to Utah later than other parts of the nation, and I worry that this will hasten the infection rate.

Until the vaccine is available to all I would not want my child in school full time. I would not send my child back full time until next school year. It gives my a lot of relief knowing that the students do not come back to Timpview after lunch, giving the school plenty of time to be cleaned.

As long as safety measures are followed and the majority of teachers have been vaccinated, I feel comfortable with the return to full time especially in elementary schools where numbers have always appeared relatively low.


The Phase 2 schedule has been working well for our family. We would not like to move to Phase 3.

I feel it is best to continue on the course that we are on. We are seeing good results, I don’t think changing our practice is wise. Let’s continue on with the positive trajectory by staying on phase 2.

I think going back to phase 3, 3 months before school is over is silly. I’m afraid that going back to school for everybody, full-time is jumping the gun. People will start getting sick again. Also, wearing masks for 5 hours is hard enough and adding 2 more hours it’s going to be so hard! Please consider staying at phase 2 and hopefully start back phase 3 in the fall.

I thought the point of shorter days with so that the schools could be properly cleaned. If we go to phase 3 with the normal school hours I feel we will not have time to clean our schools appropriately. Have you put new steps in place to clean them would not be willing to vote yes until I knew that the cleaning was still being taken care of correctly

It would be especially helpful for my elementary student so she can have Chinese every day.

Please get the kids back to school. The data supports returning

I’m glad that masks will still be required.

Please do not transition to full time school until more people have the vaccines.

It’s been the most difficult year of these kids lives. My high schoolers are currently still trying to get used to the five days a week with shortened days. I can’t even imagine them doing full-time right now, especially while they still have to wear a mask. Can we give them back their dances and some year-end enjoyment and keep the school days the way they are?

They never should have been closed. Also get rid of the masks.

Thank you for all of the work that has gone in to assuring a safe and productive school year! I appreciate your reliance on data and input.

I don’t feel like the precautions are being taken serious. I have seen a bunch of photos on social media accounts where the students are not 6 ft. apart or some students are not correctly wearing a mask if at all. Our family has had a covid scare already and we have lost 4 family relatives to covid. We still feel that this pandemic is at a high, for these reasons. We do not feel comfortable sending our children back yet. We appreciate the help of K-12 program

I think it would be short-sighted and irresponsible to send the children back to school full-time.

While the infection rate has decreased, I am barely comfortable with my student attending school in person as is. Until the proper steps are taken in each school are taken to ensure that cleanliness is ever present I won’t be comfortable with my son going to school. He wasn’t even in school a month and was kept home for over a week sick after not having been sick for almost a year.

As a parent I feel that they are already there so I do t have a concern with the longer time each day.

I think the high school teachers and students still have a large amount of work done online that it is beneficial to give them time outside if the classroom to work online.

It’s time. Let’s do this!

If the schools can enforce strict mask wearing and cleaning procedures, yes. I have heard of instances where school staff have their masks down under their noses and this is very concerning to me.

I fully support getting our children back to full time school.

It is fine the way we have it right now. We should just wait for the fall to implement phase 3, especially if we don’t know much about the new strains

It’s time to move to phase 3! One more hour per day isn’t going to bring a surge in cases

My only concern is children wearing masks an additional 2 hours per day. It’s common knowledge that long term mask wearing impairs the ability to expel carbon dioxide properly.

Doesn’t give staff enough time to sanitize properly

Take my children please! Full time school! Heck yes!

With the 3rd term ending and approaching spring break, then with 6 weeks left of school after the break it seems to just keep course so that the numbers continue to decline. The numbers are looking good due to vaccinations, mask mandates, and limiting gatherings. Having students in the classroom longer in the day exposes them further to students who do not follow the rules or are apathetic to the pandemic, and impacts the hopes of being normal come fall. I feel that we need to be patient and keep the course rather than jumping forward due to the decline. We are all anxious to have school more normal, but with all the outside activities that high school students and junior high students are involved in, I feel that the numbers will increase if we jump too soon.

“I would feel MUCH more comfortable opening all schools to full time after Easter vacation. That would allow enough time that the most vulnerable people and all 65+ in our community would have had time to have received both vaccines, if they chose, and gotten to the immunization’s full protection.

That group of people will not even have had second doses by March 22.”

I feel our school is doing an excellent job keeping students and teachers safe. I feel like it would benefit our students greatly. And with the low case load, and all the other preventative precautions, I also think it would be wonderful to ease up on masks!

“I think it’s too long for kids to have to wear masks (and I am a big fan of masks, not kidding). Plus, it’s too much for teachers to have to manage eschool on top of a full school day.

Kids and teachers are in a routine now, and working parents have already figured out their child care routines, adding more hours for the sake of more hours doesn’t make a lot of sense. I think some of the lessons of covid to this point are that: -our that kids do better when they get more sleep (please consider a later start time for jr high and highschool students!!!) -that more time in school is not actually time well spent My kids were happiest when they didn’t have school on Fridays and had a break from wearing masks all day long.”

I think this is a great idea. Education is important and more time for it is not a bad thing.

Don’t disrupt the second half of the school year please

High school students do make me a bit nervous, as they (in my experience) have been much more cavalier about following safety guidelines. However, I think full-time for everyone is the way to go.

I would be in favor of opening full time yesterday

Please don’t disrupt the high school students anymore.

Please get these kids back in full time school!

Especially for my three special ed kids, more school time is much better for them.

In an effort to proceed with caution, we need to see the impact of the variant strains of the virus which are significantly more contagious. We are very close to the end of the year and are in a good rhythm . A major shift would create confusion and may need to be reversed if the variants are a problem as has been predicted by some leading public health experts. Additionally, We have really enjoyed the extra time in the afternoon with our children.

I think five days a week and getting out at lunch time has been perfect. The longer days just means more goofing off and it becomes unproductive. It should stay this way forever. 😁

No comment

Please just keep things the way they are. If we transition to longer school days, and then for some reason have to change it, that would just be a huge headache for all involved. Things are just fine the way they are right now. If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it.

I feel like the high school students are not being responsible about wearing their masks. They seem to be super spreaders and I would feel more comfortable if we held off going to full day after we have been vaccinated.


The sooner, the better.

The kids have been bounced back and forth enough this school year. Just finish out as we are. There will be a lot less chance that they would have to bounce back again. There is only just over 2 months left and there is spring break during this time.

I want to see these children back to school full time if the county is taking the mask mandate off finally I feel it will be safe for this transition also! Thanks for the update.

thank you

“PLEASE do not change the high school schedule. These kids have a serious meltdown everytime you change. At this point, many students are juggling extra hours at work to compensate for lost scholarship opportunities due to covid, or to help their families who are struggling financially.

My highscooler who is struggling with classes uses the daily consultation time for extra help w teachers and if this goes away I have no idea how we will make it to the end of the year. This consultation time has been more effective in helping the kids who need it than being in class for a few more minutes with 30 other kids. Many kids are there everyday getting the extra help they need to bridge the gap.

The more difficult classes are using daily consultation to make up in-person labs and experiments that were missed earlier in the year.

The teachers at the high school have this situation figured out and it’s working well. I’ve heard from most teachers that the additional time in class will not help at this point as they have already planned and adjusted their curriculum for shorter lectures and increased homework. A change at this point will increase their workload significantly, and cause an undue amount of stress.

The younger kids would probably benefit from being in class all day. Their total face to face time is more critical than at higher grade levels.”

I think the children need that physical connection to others to help keep their minds focused on what’s important. This pandemic is a good reminder to our future generations to continue education so they can make a better plan for matters such as this. This should inspire, however, the longer they stay out of the class room, the more familiar they are at home and don’t enjoy being at school. I understand as a parent, that it is our responsibility to help them in their struggles with this, but sometimes a teacher looking from the outside in is all that can help. I give a huge thank you and have a huge amount of respect to all teachers out there still doing what they do best, Loving the future generation and wanting to inspire.

Thank you to the administration and school board during this year. I’m sure you’ve had a lot more complaints than thank yous. I greatly appreciate that you have tried to balance the pandemic with the students’ health and well-being and education.

“Covid is still out there. Also less time at school has been emotionally beneficial for kids. They can lead a more balanced lifestyle- they need balance. Less time at school has allowed this.”

This idea makes me so happy as a parent. My kids love school. There is no where they would rather be more than at school with friends and teachers!

“High school gets a little more tricky with schedules that have already been formed with extra Curricular Activities and work schedules. BUT Elementary and middle school children could really benefit from having extra hours at school in front of teachers.”

I’m supportive of this ONLY if all teachers have had their second vaccination by this date, cases stay in the decline, etc. Please follow science more than popular opinion!

As long as masks and safety protocols are still observed.

If you do it, please do all the schools. It’s really hard for a younger child to see their older sibling not having to go to school as much, when they themselves hate school. Also, I am hopeful that if we did this Wasatch could return to split days of half Mandarin, half English. Please require masks until most people have been vaccinated and the pandemic is over, even if the state doesn’t. Those of us who trust the science don’t want our children’s education threatened by people who aren’t taking things seriously. Thanks!

Yes! It is time go get back to normal!

I am in full support of returning to school full time as long as teachers and others at the school feel comfortable with it. I have learned I am not very good at teaching at home and feel my son would greatly benefit from being in school for the full amount of time. I’m very impressed with the safety cautions the district has in place and do not feel any hesitation or worry in regards to sending my child to school.

“My girls in elementary school are doing well. They have learned a lot and are progressing well. I don’t think extra time would be used well, it would essentially be babysitting. I would rather have them with a shorter day. My middle schooler needs the extra instruction time. He has an iep and has been left behind with the decreased hours of instruction and help.”

I support getting kids back to full time instruction as soon as possible.


Yeah let’s just add another 2 hours that our kids have to suffer in masks. No thank you. I’d homeschool them first.

I am more in favor of elementary school moving to phase three because so many children are being left unsupervised at home while parents are trying to work. That being said, I do think transitioning students back to full time will be a huge feat and add additional stress on teachers, students, and families. I think a hard reset over the summer would be best for everyone’s mental health.

Time to open!


My own children are elementary school aged. The data has consistently shown a low risk of transmission in this population. The emotional and social consequences of not having a traditional school schedule far outway the risks of COVID. Additionally, many of the reasons we were given for limiting school hours had to do with teachers preparing lessons for online students. As there are no longer students taking classes online, it seems reasonable to maintain a normal schedule.

I think elementary school days should remain short long term.

Why the rush in going everything back to normal? Why playing down the pandemic?

Our family does not feel comfortable sending the kids to full-time school yet. Our kids have been responsibly doing homestudy, at the last transition (to phase 2) our elementary student was no longer allowed to do homestudy and had to switch to full-time homeschool. I know many families need and want phase three and I am not against it unless it eliminates the opportunity of our students to continue in homestudy. Our highschooler is an exchange student. His parents are overly concerned for his health and dont want him to return to school without a vaccine, which he does not qualify for yet. He can not take the advanced courses he has been working on all year over e-school (they arent offered) and homeschool is not an option for him. He has worked super hard and is taking 6 AP classes and planning to graduate early but if the homestudy option is taken from him his parents will make him drop out of school before they would let him attend without a vaccine. Please dont take this option from him. Other than that we are supportive of whatever is best for the community. Thank you.

With the positive trends, students would benefit from full time school.

It would be beneficial to wait until the Provo City mask mandate is relaxed or discontinued before going to Phase 3.

I think it would be great. The kids need it to help prevent some summer slide.

The pandemic is waning. The danger from a normal schedule are marginally greater than the current schedule. School should be on a normal schedule with current precautions in place, with the understanding that particular campuses may have to have additional restrictions (e.g., temporary closure, quarantining exposed students) if the need raises. We’re not out of the woods yet, but the danger is much lower than it has been for the past few months. The schedule should reflect that.

My answer ‘˜no’ is qualified’”if the transition to full time were designed so students complete all their required work during the hours at school, I would be supportive. My concern is that an already draining and gloomy situation will be made worse by adding several more hours each week at school with distancing, masks, still limited extracurricular, etc., combined with a nightly slog of homework. I hope that makes sense. I’m not so much worried about the risk of the virus as the psychological challenge of jumping back in without some easing of the situation. Thanks!

The problem is can you keep enforcing masks at high levels and can you put in social distance lunches at the high schools? If so then I think it is fine. I personally think students are in school too long anyway so the shortened day is fine but I know there are a bunch of noisy parents complaining that you have somehow failed them by keeping their kids and the teachers safe. Also, off topic…now that we have the most vulnerable people vaccinated in Utah, should the state consider offering vaccinations to the 16-18 year olds at high schools making it possible to return to normal soon??

I like having the kids done between 12-1:30 pm. If there’s no reason to keep them at school longer (aside from teachers being free babysitters) I think that there is no REAL NEED TO KEEP KIDS AT SCHOOL, longer than necessary. My elementary kids have recess at home and my older kids don’t need EXTRA social time at school! Thank you to all the teachers that have adjusted with all the students.

That you be great. My son can improve his skills and learn much better than now. Is so hard to do at home .

Our kids need to be in school to keep them on track academically and for their physical and mental health. We will feel the educational, mental, and physical effects of the pandemic for years to come. Let’s integrate our children back into school right now for their well being.

The school year is almost over. Haven’t the students been through enough with all the changes, not to mention the teachers? Leave it as-is, and that needs to be considered as a permanent change. Kids do not need to be in school all the hours they were previously. The early out every day, and when Friday was a work from home day, was the best schedule that has ever been followed.

The school district is responsible for education. They need to stop making excuses and get back to educating. It can be done safely in person.


I feel moving to full days is in the best interest of the children

“1. The constant change is disruptive to stability-it takes so much time for my family to readjust and rework a productive routine. Mostly, we are finally able to learn and are adjusted to this way of learning. Changing now will set us back. We’re wanting to just ride this out and start fresh next year! 2. The current societal status isn’t normal. We don’t have access to normalized activities, work schedules, or even carpools which better offsets a normal school day. Covid requirements are excessive for a full day. Masks, social distancing and other measures eliminating ‘normal’ school activities make it hard to be in ‘normal’ school all day. School has become much more tedious. I can’t see how my kids will be successful with a full day especially since we’re closing in on the end of the year. I really see it setting them up for failure and stress. My one daughter says school is exhausting now and feels like prison. 3. I believe there are some long-lasting benefits to the systems we now have – curriculum online allows students access to helpful learning sources at all times. This has been a tremendous help regardless of Covid! Please keep in place. I still feel that more in person learning has great benefits however, quite honestly, even without Covid, the end of the school year brings exhaustion. This year we are tired.

Please take into consideration our household of three Provo District students and let’s just stay as is.”

I do worry that after almost an entire year of shortened days, increasing class times to an hour and a half is going to seem extremely long for the high school students, particularly for those who have issues with focusing anyway. Perhaps waiting until after spring break might be good.

Can the elementary please not have to wear masks

I have noticed a decline in the quality of classes teachers are preparing and the amount of resources at home for students as we continue to increase student participation. I don’t fault teachers, but they created a whole new and more dynamic way of teacher to accommodate the changes this year and, at least for my special needs student, they were really working. As we return to the classroom and as the workloads increase, teachers seem to struggle to keep up with the growth and are falling back on older and less effective methods of teaching and it is making a difference on my student’s grades. Another increase in schedule would make it hard for him to focus in a full-time school environment (something he hasn’t had in over a year now) and reduce even further the quality of support and instruction he was receiving before.

I prefer to keep the part time schedule thru the end of the school year, until more people are vaccinated, and to be extra cautious. And it makes no sense you would go to full time before spring break. Why not at least wait until a week after spring break when so many will be traveling across the country?

Kids need to be back in schools! Let’s get them there!

Thanks for all you are doing to keep our kids safe. You have a difficult job. We appreciate you!

Mid- to late-March is simply too early to transition to FT school. Remember, the reason for the shorter and truncated school schedules was always about reducing community spread; the students themselves are among the least vulnerable populations to COVID. Yes, cases are going down but the vaccine is not yet available broadly to all adults and the medically vulnerable have only just received access to the vaccine within the last week. Restarting FT school now is celebrating victory in the middle of the 4th quarter and not at the end of the game. We’re so close, but we’re not there yet. I think we should wait until the vaccine becomes available for all adults, whatever that date is, and add three or four weeks. That will give most adults the chance to get at least the first dose and create broad community immunity, and then start FT school.

I think things are fine the way they are right now. Kids don’t need to wear masks for any longer than they are now.

Do it

Not until they drop the mask order. It is very uncomfortable and impedes with students breathing bad enough for half day let alone the full day.

We really like the short day schedule combined with online learning. If this was an option I would say yes for sure.

“Not till more people are vaccinated. We need more herd immunity and we are not there yet.”

No other plase is better for our kids than the school, the full time house is very depressive, I am in the hospital now with my boy because he take a wrong decision for depresion during the pandemic, the school is a blessing for our kids

We are in a down trend and we have the vaccine, all great trends but there is a down side. There are currently 7 known mutations including the Brazilian variant that is semi or completely resistant to the vaccine. When this first hot, as you’ll recall, numbers started to drop and we let our guard down and the end result was obvious. If we do the same now, we potentially face the same result. The majority of Utah residents have not been vaccinated. We now suspect a third booster in ninety days is needed. It needs more time to allow for more vaccinations, to see how the mutations will respond and allow all this sacrifice to pay off instead of throwing it all away. Let Summer be the safety buffer and if numbers continue to improve, roll out all of school in the fall. I suggest we remain at current levels and just drop on line learning, it is useless and being used inappropriately by some teachers.

I do not feel comfortable sending my child. Allowing more time during the day for possible exposure.

I strongly believe kids should be in school full-time

“I would not be opposed to all schools moving to Phase 3. However, my high schooler is currently thriving (she is taking AP English, medical anatomy, precalculus and other challenging classes and she is working hard and doing well in all). Her after school hours are quite full with extracurricular activities and homework. I feel she has a good balance in the current system.

I STRONGLY feel that elementary and middle schools should be in Phase 3. My children in both these schools are not completing the equivalent of 2 hours of instruction at home each day that they are missing now not being in school (nor do I want them to; the strain is too difficult; they respond better to instruction from teachers than from me, their parent). If they were to start Phase 3 on March 22, the extra 2 hours per day will give them the equivalent of an extra 2 weeks of full-time school. They NEED this.

Thank you.”

The students are in a good grove at the moment and another change will just bring stress. My student plays sports and twice a week has to go very early in the morning for Covid testing and that disrupts his whole day (and sleep schedule). It is a blessing to have time to rest and do homework before sports practice and a change in the schedule wouldn’t accommodate that. I might favor this phase 2 schedule even moving forward. My student is also an honor student and it appears that the teachers have figured out how to make the most of class time while having the students do additional work online to cover the material. My student currently does 2+ hours of homework on average each day and it has been a blessing to have some time in the afternoon to get this work done. I don’t think the homework load will change much with a few more minutes in class, but I would rather have the extra homework and the break before practice than a phase 3 schedule. Especially while we are still wearing face masks and concerned about Covid. Next year will be soon enough for phase 3. Let’s not have any more changes this year!

Kids are suffering academically by not being in school. Thanks for keeping us updated and staying on top of our students health.

I support full time schools ONLY IF it’s what the teachers want and feel safe doing

I trust the school’s ability to return to normal and take care of our children.

Parents I’ve spoken to all want to return to a normal, full-time schedule.

I think is ridiculous to move on to phase 3 , meaning full days with masks? my children already have a hard time breathing. If Covid is so bad here in Utah County why are schools even open? If teachers have received their Covid vaccine why not move to phase 3 mask free?

My kids need to be in school full time. Covid isn’t the biggest concern, depression and suicide are. Kids get over Covid, they don’t get over suicide.

It will be a good action for everyone to go back to school full time, because kids learn better at school.

The kids will be safe. No worries

No. No. No. nope.

As long as the students agree to properly wear their masks (over the nostrils) during the day.

The kindergarteners need that extra hour a day! This sill be so important for them.

I think the younger kids need the extra time in school. I think the highschool kids are doing okay. I feel like they having lunch in the middle of the day will encourage to big of crowds. I think a lot of kids have after school jobs now and that can be a conflict. I think let them just finish up the year with the schedule they are used to. Teachers stay after and are there to help if needed.

A full school day wearing a mask is too long for my kids. As long as masks are required the school day should be shortened.

I would like school to go back to full time if it results in less homework. If the same amount of homework is going to be assigned then I would prefer to stay on the current schedule.

It’s about time!!!!

Please still require masks and social distancing

I think it’s a great idea to have kids go back to full time school. I have no concerns at all

As a parent, I understand that having our children in school is very important and we all want to go back to normal but this just seems like a very bad decision in a long line of poor decisions by the PCSDSB. Whoever decides the progression of these “phases” is not following science but bending over to the will of a couple of wining parents and it needs to stop. Most of the country is not even in school and that is why numbers are trending down. How much does it cost the district every time we move phases? At this point, we are nearing the end of the year, why not make it easier on everybody and just start full-time next year? If anything moving to full-time is going to do more harm to parents, students, and teachers than good. Finally, consider that not all the schools in the district would be able to social distance at lunch nor the rest of the day which I think would go against Federal guidelines and frankly already does, I would not expect people in any line of work to sacrifice safety at work just to be at work. Our Teachers are Heros, start treating them as such.


I feel that as long as kids are still in masks, this is a welcome and needed move so that the kids are able to get the best education possible.

I think Provo City School District has done amazing to transition the kids and I don’t mind mine going back to 5 days, but it seems to be beneficial to still have earlier out so that there can be extra cleaning and sanitation done throughout the whole school.

“I am really only in favor of considering this after the high-risk population has been given the vaccine. I believe that’s scheduled for the end of this month. Since children can’t be given the vaccine, I would still be wary, and the high-school students around me have been the least cautious and considerate so I don’t think they are ready under any circumstance or trend lines because they are the primary driving force for undesirable trends.”

We are close to the finish line, kids aren’t getting vaccinated yet, let’s get this virus under control. We should go back to two times a week!!!

I will support the full-time school as long as the school continues to support social distancing and mask-wearing.

Yes please let the kids go back full time!!

I don’t have a high schooler so I don’t feel I can answer for that school. The survey made me choose an answer so I answered no.

Our kids needs to be at school to learn.

If masks are required, then the full-time is too great a risk. Be done with it all or stay at level one or two.

I substitute teach 2-3 days a week in the district, my own children and in the classes I help out in I have a child tell me daily they have headaches. Stress, allergies (medical conditions) and lack of oxygen cause headaches… it’s time to work on demasking.

“High school students do not seem to comply with appropriate mask wearing and I am concerned that longer school days will mean more infections. Elementary is good at half days.”

It is high past time to do this. Schools are opening their doors in the mornings and afternoons for school orchestra, musicals and sports. While I deem this as a positive and promote this, it is high time we move to more educational time. The purpose of the shorter school time was to give more adequate time for cleaning and sanitizing, as well as teachers working with students online. A vast majority of students have returned after the winter holidays and teachers are also supporting less students at home. Recently I have heard that a students mental health needs to be in consideration. Students need to be around their peers to develop those good relationships and routines. Teachers will be there to support students as well as friends. I have also been told that we should stay in phase 2 because the school year is almost over and why waste time. No extra (or normal) educational time is a waste! Whether it be a few days or a few minutes. State testing will take up a majority of the time (an argument again if we add more time, it will be used for testing) if we DONT add more time, all educational time now will be used for that testing. I think testing should occur and is a great indication how well this school district has supported its students this year versus others around. We should be concerned MOST about our children’s EDUCATION as a school. That is your JOB. EDUCATION.

Please allow the students to return full time! I think the city has been extremely cautious and smart with previous decisions and I feel comfortable sending my child full time.

Students are missing too much information to not transition. Mine plays games on the computer and does not learn as easily s he would if he were in school.

More time need to be allow for people to get vaccinated before talking about back to full time. Nothing has change since a year ago.

There is already heavy homework and with the regular schedule there will be less time at home to do the homework.

Let the Covid vaccine be available to all people before making school changes.

Don’t think you could pull off full time school and provide lunch time safely for middle school and high school students.

It’s time. Please give special attention to all the ways we can offer connection and opportunities for our kids to engage in real life. Please ban cellphone use at the middle schools. Please take the chrome books back! Please regulate the amount of time children are on screens in the classroom. If not ban screens in the classrooms entirely. Please bring baseball and softball back to the PE curriculums. And while I am at it please build Jr. High schools so you can lesson the numbers of kids at the middle schools. These kids are not feeling seen or heard. And centennials drop/pick up is a nightmare. Thank you for every precaution you’ve taken to keep our kids safe this year. I wish you all the best moving forward with healing the brains and hearts of our children.

It seems like our students have transitioned to new schedules so many times already this year. While I do agree that being in school full time is the most beneficial, I feel like our teachers and students have done a good job at adjusting lesson plans to make the most of their at school times. Don’t change schedules again. Let’s keep things as they are now and begin a new school year in August with full days, full weeks.


What would the kindergarten schedule switch to?

Why start the students back full time now. If they can’t go back to school full time with out masks. Then we need to stay in phase 2 till the end of the school year. And come school in the fall you can do phase 3

We all had Covid so I’m not worried about my kids being back at school

My daughter is struggling with acne from the masks. I don’t want her to have to wear a mask for an additional 2+ hours a day.

“My kids have been doing homeschool since last March 2020. My son went back to Dixon at the beginning of this year. This was a hard choice to make for multiple reasons. I’m glad to hear cases are going down but why press your luck. Please wait until next school year to start full time. Why the rush? The kids are going and are handling it the best they can. They have enough stress with all that has changed they don’t need to be in school full time. This can wait until next school year. Plus we only have a few months left just leave it alone.”

Kids need to have personal interactions with other students and teachers

I think shorter school days should be permanently entertained. More options should be available, year round, permanently.

My children have mental health issues that became apparent during Covid restrictions. The continual change of school requirements has lead to a worsened mental state for my kids. Even if you go back to full time, my kids will not be attending. It is currently not in their best interest.

We now have vaccinations available to almost everyone; projections are that we will reach herd immunity sometime in April. Kids need to be in school!

It is silly to be trying to go back to ‘the way it was.’ COVID has changed the world and society isn’t going back. Research shows that adjustments we all had to make to get through COVID have changed our behavior and we most have no interest in going back. Large organizations are reducing office space and going virtual. The whole world is. But not the public school system, instead we are insisting on shove ng our kids back together and shoving our heads in the sand. Our kids will leave high school behind the curve and at a high disadvantage going on to college or entering the work force if they are not able to evolve and develop a new virtual skill set.

I say yes, under the premise that due diligence on COVID trends etc. has been done.

I think it would be fine as long as all of the protocols that got us to these lower numbers continue be in place.

High schoolers have had so many adjustments this year, each change causes quite a bit of emotional instability and anxiety. I am not in favor of a change unless the teachers plan to reduce homework workloads accordingly.

Full day school is a great idea! My children really need more interaction with teachers and peers. We aren’t worried about COVID for their age group and our at-risk extended family now has the vaccine.

Would Friday still be an early out day?

It’s about time. ASAP

I think that all K-12 schools should definitely go to a full-time schedule with no restrictions. They should never have been shut down in the first place. If you actually follow the data, of the 500,000 people that died from COVID related symptoms in the USA, only 72 of those have been school age children between the ages of 5 and 14. Many times that many die of regular flu each year when we didn’t even think of shutting down schools. The shuttering of schools has been a huge mistake and travisty for our children. Get the schools open!

My high school student has done really well with online school and shorter days. My middle schooler has struggled. Needs more face to face. Especially this being his first year of middle school.


Do it! Our kids need to be in school longer and get the needed instruction from their teachers.

I think the district has handled the pandemic quite responsibly and has had a good balance of safety precautions and time in class. I feel like it would be pushing things too fast too soon if students went back full time. Most schools nationwide are still online 100%. I think we need continue to be cautious.

The kids need to be back in school full time. It really affects their overall well-being not having contact with others on a full time basis.

Kids don’t need to waste time at school- the schedule that have now they are getting what they need and no wasted free time.

YEs please. So many kids are so far behind and need that extra time with teachers and sense of normality.

Until vaccines are available for everyone, school should NOT be phase 3, or we risk a reversal and more deaths among families or excessive medical bills for hospitalizations.

Even though the vaccine rollout is continuing, I would still like to be cautious of how much time students spend together. We only have a few months left, what harm would it be to continue what we are doing, especially with the approach of Spring Break and families feeling more comfortable traveling to who knows where. The majority of teachers still are not vaccinated and I would feel horrible if we had to transition back a step (to phase 2), if there was a rise in cases. Safety is better than overzealousness. Students are in 5 days, which is enough. Please be wise. It’s working right now, let’s not rush it.

The amount of change that this pandemic has thrown are kids through has been unbelievable. We need to take a step back rand look at the value of putting our kids through one more transition and how it impacts learning. There is no value. If anything it is a negative ROI especially for the kids. Learning occurs in a stable, consistent, predictable environment. We have asked our kids to go from online to phase 2 to phase 2.5 to online and now to phase 3 all within a short matter of time. By the time they learn how to learn in these changing environments we do it to them again. Wait until the Fall 2021 to move to phase 3. Stop disrupting the learning process with whiplash decisions that are not data driven on metrics that actually prove value from the added time. Right now you have a hypothesis based on pressure to hit state testing targets or to meet some administrative top down mandate for classroom hours so funding can get approved.

Given the current status of immunity and vaccination I am 100% supportive of our kids returning full time to school.

Thank you for being so diligent in keeping our teachers, staff and children safe. As a parent I support returning to school full time if mask wearing is continued as well as sanitizing the school after student dismissal.

I feel we are still at a risk this year and would support only the modified schedule we are under.

We are on the cusp of giving all vulnerable populations access to the vaccine. At this point we should wait until that process is complete rather than trying to squeeze in a couple months of in-person school. Get can be back 100% in the fall.

I think high schoolers can complete the remaining 2 hours of schoolwork online. Middle school and elementary students are better off learning in the school full time.

Yes, please!!!!!!

It is too long with masks on. They go to every class. The way it is now works for us.

Yes, it would be good.

Having students at school through lunchtime presents an increased danger to the students and staff. Masks must be removed to eat, increasing the likelihood of virus transmission. Please keep the kids safe by continuing to end school before lunchtime.

I understand there may be difficulty for lunch time and bussing schedules but I feel the risks are quite low for transmission especially with masks and vaccines available to teachers.

Lets go back to normal with no mask. My child is starting to have lung issues

Kids are struggling this year, we need to finish this year with a lessened schedule and be thankful that students are not getting sick.

I support full time school when the students are no longer required to wear masks.

“My understanding is that distance learning students are now following the eSchool program. If teachers do not need the extra hour to help remote learners, then I see no reason not to switch to full time in person instruction with masks. This presents essentially no increased risk of spread compared to our current state and will allow our students more in person learning.

Thank you for all the work you put into this. This has been a challenging year, and the board has faced intense, and often unkind, scrutiny.

We have all been learning as we go, and the school board has been creative, nimble, and deliberative. I am proud of the job this school board has done. Balancing safety and efficacy is difficult, especially in the face of criticism from all sides.

Thank you for the many hours you spend to help out students, teachers, staff, and administrators. Provo schools are better for your efforts.”

“I think a full day with masks on for the whole day is too long and not healthy for our children. Phase 3 should happen when we can be without masks.”

With two more months left in the school year at that point, let’s just keep it the same. For the sanity of the teachers and students.

I would love for phase 3 to include all activities, assemblies, dances, choirs, absolutely everything these kids have been missing for a full year! Please don’t hold back anything anymore!

I’m all for it as long as it’s safe for my student and our family. I am a little concerned it might be to soon. I almost think it would be better to wait until Fall. When more people have been vaccinated.

It feels redundant to leave any comment given the current trends, positivity rate, and foreseeable availability of the vaccine. It’s time to go to Phase 3. My ONLY concern (which you can’t mitigate right now anyway) is requiring the kids to be in masks for that long. It would completely drive me crazy, and they have already shown they are stronger than I am on that front.

“I don’t feel that it would be appropriate to send the kids back to full-time school at this point. Although many of the teachers are vaccinated, the kids are not, and neither are their parents. The children are still at risk for spreading the virus amongst each other and then bringing it home to family members. Although the number of students with the virus has decreased recently, most schools still have cases. I think it is important to be cautious during this time as we are still waiting for our vaccines.

One area that concerns me most strongly is exposure and transmission during High School lunch breaks. Masks must be removed for eating and are likely not to be put back on until the kids are required to put them back on for class. It is still too cold outside for the kids to be eating in the open air with adequate ventilation. It seems inconceivable to space high school students 6 feet apart indoors and monitor them across the lunch period.”

My kids are already going 5 days a week. I’m not sure being there an extra hour or so will noticeably increase their risks of contracting anything, but it should give their teachers more time for instruction so that my kids get a better quality education.


“You shoukd not even consider this until you can follow the CDC guidelines recommended for SAFE opening, which you aren’t following, so you shouldn’t even be past phase 1. Do not get in a hurry to get back to normal too soon and help cause a FOURTH wave of virus in the community. My family has had to do home study because of high risk family members, and if you were in phase 1 right now and implementing all those CDC guidelines, I could finally feel comfortable enough to send my kids to school, with cases decreasing in the community. But there are more dangerous variants of the virus out there, and only a very small percent of adults have been fuly vaccinated, so if we loosen the things that have worked to lower cases,v we will have a resurgence. You are also going to lose even more teachers if you do this, all it does is give them more work with less prep. They are already stretched to the limit.”

I will be supportive and can wait for my kids to go full time.

Not time yet. Variants of covid and still need to be careful. Not to mention the concerns that I have for the mental health of children constantly switching back and forth their timing with school. I would vote to do a hard reset next year. Keep going the way we’re going and tell the end of the school year. We’re almost there

I feel like the changes of back and forth in school days that are continually taking place has caused much of the emotional stress for my children. Due to the fact that this would only be for a couple months vs maybe the beginning of the year, I feel it’s best to just continue where we are for the rest of the year.

I do not feel it is safe to send our students to school until more covid 19 vaccines are available for them. Why risk spreading it when things are finally getting under control.

Please Please Please transition to Phase 3! Thanks!

I would love to transfer kids to full time school. My students need the extra time.

It seems wise to continue with the shortened schedule to finish out the year.

Ready to go back full time for sure. The CDC has been saying that schools can go back. I support that.

I am adamant that my daughter will stay In Eschool. She is 100% online and we like it that way. Transitioning her back to in person class is not In Her best interest. The format we have is best for her.

The kids NEED this!!! Please!!!

Its to early to start phase 3

The school year is almost over. Starting phase 3 would be much better for children mentally for them. All the switching back and forth is unstable.

The students have had incredible change this year, each time you “change” the phase, everyone has to change their mindset and emotional fortitude. At this point, the Governor has not “phase 3” the State, placing activities back to what once was deemed normal, so I believe neither should the District. Please, give our children stability and say, Phase 2 until the end of the year so we as parents can help our children prepare their emotional and mental stability for “some type of normal” and as well as give a finality of knowing what their school year will look like. This continued Phase changes has been difficult at best. Please, make a decision and stay with it…

The early out schedule has worked very well for our children and allowed them to have some tutoring and extracurricular activities in their schedule that they’re normally too burned out for after a full school day.

I wish they could stop having to wear their masks, it is really making things so difficult for them. Like choir with a mask on.

“I do not feel like masks are helpful/safe and, I am not comfortable sending my kids to school with masks as the schedule stands, let alone making them wear one any longer.

Why not just finish this year out as it is and start over next year?”

The benefit of full time school far outweigh the risks, especially since it’s been shown full time school does not correlate to higher infection rates than the general population. It is past time we got kids back to school full time.

With Provo City schools being in the news recently for not adhering to mask requirements and social distancing, how can the district honestly ensure safety if high schools go full time? I understand the most recent case was an off campus and non school endorsed event. However, this is indicative of attitudes towards safety protocols. How can lunch be provided on campus? This will just be placing a greater burden on the kids who do want to be safe or families that have high risk members

I think PCSD has been doing a fantastic job of following protocols and taking good care of our kids through this situation. We would fully support transitioning to full time and feel safe doing so. Thank you!

The less hours the kids have to wear a mask the better. My daughter already comes home from school with a headache. I think as lo g as the kids have to wear masks the days should stay shortened.

With the shorten schedules, kids are able to get everything done in school and at home. Ive seen my children actually be able to get more done than being in school full time.

My daughter is very concerned of how many of the students do not care about wearing the masks correctly. Almost all of them wear their masks under their nose or chin. Most of them don’t respect adults when they are asked to wear them correctly. I would personally feel more comfortable if my children didn’t eat lunch at school.

I would be more comfortable staying in phase 2 because Covid has not gone away.

I am in full support of going back to full day school. Thank you for pushing for the kids to get back into the classroom full time!

Thanks for doing a great job navigating all this craziness!

I think full time school is a great idea. I hope it happens. Thanks for all you do.

FULLY in support of this!! It’s about time!!

Even do kids really need to be at school and the trend is going down, COVID is no joke, being all day at school mean high-schoolers will have to have lunch there, elementary and middle school kids will have more breaks and recess… it just means more interaction with more kids in the final stretch of the school year. I think we just need to be patient and finish this year as it is. Hopefully everything will be over by the beginning on the next school year.

The children are already in contact with the same number of students and adults as they would be in Phase 3. The only thing that would change would be the duration of their day, which would increase their learning opportunities. We are very in favor of Phase 3 ASAP.

I’ve loved the shorter day, but I’m supportive of what the district will do!

I don’t believe it’s beneficial for children to be wearing masks all day that are restrictive to their breathing and intake of oxygen. Consequently, until masks are no longer required in school I do not want my children spending the entire part of the day in ‘In Person’ school.


Absolutely welcome!

Still too early to return to full time school. Safety first. We are just starting to come out of the pandemic and we should exercise prudence in returning.

I hope this will mean the kids will get a longer lunch break. My kids are telling me it’s impossible to finish their lunch in the short time allotted. Luckily they are home early and can eat at home but it they are staying at school they will need to have the time to finish eating there.

“My youth have indicated if more in class time equates to less homework on line then they are for transitioning to the longer school day.

I personally will support whatever is recomended.”

The school boards decision to be different from neighboring school districts has always been confusing. All of the other school districts and school boards in Utah county have been full time throughout the year. Their students have had a much better education and they have demonstrated over the past 7 months that fulltime school does not cause COVID outbreaks. The school board has irreversibly hurt the education of students in Provo School District by their initial decision and unwillingness to walk back from their initial poor decision. It is amazing that it takes a month to make a decision when the data is so compelling. Provo students are now at a significant disadvantage in being able to compete with students from other school districts in the valley for entrance into college and success after graduation. All students will always be behind educationally from what they could have achieved. It is also hypocritical that sports have been allowed (which are unmasked, putting students in very close prolonged proximity to students from other teams from throughout the state), but students have been denied a full-time education. Deeply saddened by the very poor judgement of the school board and superintendent/administrative staff. They have been the greatest hinderance to Provo school district students success. The teachers and school administration has been fantastic. I wish I had moved to a different school district. Very disappointed and sad for our students.

My children need a full day of school to succeed and are thriving with attending in person each day.

I like the idea of having more time in the classroom, but having all of those students in the lunchroom at the same time with their masks off is too scary!

Please remove ALL plastic barriers from the elementary schools

Yes the kids need to be in school full time. They are falling behind. They aren’t learning anything at home. Please put them back in school full time.

Yes pleaser!!

Mostly in favor of elementary. Ok if older schools don’t.

“I think we should leave it the way it is for now and play it safe until the end of the year. My kids are finally doing well. No more changes this year please. Give back school dances and activities first to boost moral.”

It seems that the teachers are already worried, tired, and stressed; if we go to a full day I don’t know that they have the capabilities to handle everything. My kids are completing their work just fine on this shorter schedule. I know that a lot of students are struggling and need more time at school. But I don’t know that sending everyone full day will help the struggling students. Can you start some more after school programs to help the struggling students. And with a full day will they still have enough time to clean the school? Just because our numbers are going down does not mean that this pandemic is gone. Variants are still a problem as well as high numbers that could spread to Utah. If everyone travels for spring break, does that put schools at high risk again?

CDC recommendations currently suggest that we need to increase herd immunity through vaccination before we release all restrictions. I would prefer to be cautious as we work toward vaccinated the general public. This disease is still deadly, and still has potential long-term negative neurological and cardiac problems for some who have gotten sick. Beyond that, my children are exhausted from all of the changes in their schedules. Their teachers have expressed similar frustration. Continuing the same schedule through the end of the year will better facilitate their learning and will support teachers so they don’t have to once again re-create their class schedules to accommodate another approach to learning.

The shorter hours allow the schools to sanitize as necessary. Extending the hours would mean either neglecting this priority or forcing teachers and other personnel to work longer hours on a fixed salary.

That is too long to wear a mask without a break


Education is important for the growth od our children, less interaction can make an impair impact on them. I agree witht the full day class.

Students in high school should finish the year in the current phase and not change phases again. Continuing to change phases actually disrupts student schedules and causes issues for teachers. My student has assignments planned out by their teachers well into 4th quarter based on the current phase. Changing to a full phase 3 will interrupt teachers plans (teachers lessons have been interrupted enough this year) and create unnecessary stress for students and teachers alike.

Full-time School requires lunch at school, which means taking off masks. I do not think that is safe for middle school and high school age kids. Social distancing has already gone out the window at schools, but I feel like taking off masks would be too dangerous until everybody is immunized. Elementary schools might be able to make lunch work in smaller groups, but I don’t think the secondary schools can or should.

I think that people in general are not prepared for this and the same thing is related about schools. I know that we have vaccines but the minimum of the people took it, and the students are not prepared at this moment neither in the future

It is too early to consider moving to phase 3. We should wait until a much bigger percentage of the population has had a chance to be vaccinated.

Elementary Students yes and middle school and high school students should not risk with COVID

As long as safety and data tracking is in place it would be great to see the students back to full-time school.

I do not believe that my child will benefit from making the day longer. I think it will cause too much frustration.

It seems as though that would be the best course of action for the children. I am fully supportive.

Do it!

Our kids have gotten just as much done in the shorter time schedule. They are at school too much. We’d love to make the early our time permanent

I believe we are at a critical moment where things look good because of the precautions that are being taken. While vaccines are being administered we are also trying to hold back additional communicable strains. Now-vaccinated teachers are not the only group of people you should be concerned with. Students bring germs home to their families and having students at school full time opens the risk of less caution in staying distant and in proper and continual use of masks. I don’t think we can expect them to wear masks for the full day. At this point in the year, is it really going to make a difference to go full time? The students have settled in to a good routine and making yet another change simply continues the disruption. Stay in phase 2.

My only concern to lengthening the school day is that is a long time to keep a mask on 5 days a week for little kids until 3:20 everyday! Maybe they can add some breathing breaks in?

I don’t think it’s already safe enough to leave all students at school for normal schedule. It might not allow enough time for school to do the cleaning/sanitizing work. And it also affects parents schedule as well, since it will be during the semester though. It will be great to get back as normal if we could start it from a new semester, so that parents could have more time to adjust the current working schedule accordingly. Thank you.

I am selecting no on the other options only because I do not have students attending there.

If all staff agrees with the decision to open full time I support what teachers want.

I recognize that the COVID-19 trends appear to be positive, and I am optimistic that they will continue in that direction. However I do not support returning to school full time because there are too many risks of spread of the notable variant from the UK (aka, B.1.1.7), which is in Utah according to the CDC report. The variant may be associated with an increased risk of death compared with other variants. PCSD should continue doing the good work of protecting our children and our community by not transitioning to full time school. Let’s keep the trends going in the positive direction.

Our kids are missing out. They are not receiving full instruction.

I would also loosen the quarantine requirements. 10 days AFTER being exposed to another member in the family FINALLY gets better is way too long. An example, a student’s father was tested positive Feb 24. The daughter cannot return to school UNTIL March 17 if she remained negative throughout. She has to wait for her father to heal then wait 10 days to see if she did not get it either. Very cumbersome wait!

I only have elementary aged students so don’t feel I should vote for other school levels to transition.

Absolutely- kids need to be in school full time.

It is essential that the children of Provo be able to return to 5 full days of classroom instruction as soon as possible. They have missed so much and are behind academically. I wholeheartedly support a return to 5 full days of classroom instruction, with masks.

Kids aren’t getting sick!

Things seem to be going in the right direction and our children have had continual change for the past year. It seems wrong to throw another wrench at them just as they start to get the feet back under them.

I don’t feel like my kids are learning everything that should be with the current reduced schedule. I still think safety precautions should be taken.

I feel like the current schedule for high school students provides enough teaching time and structure while giving students more time to get homework done, participate in extracurricular, to work part-time, and have family time. I also like how the current schedule utilizes the lunch time more effectively by allowing more flexibility to use that time for other things (such as homework) and not requiring the students to return for one more class. My students seem to already carry a full workload so adding 1-2 more hours to their schedules without reducing homework just squeezes the extra time they do have now. I know that not all parents and students are in the same situation and that it may be better for some families to have the additional time in the classroom. One idea is to make the after lunch time optional without penalty to those who opt out of the additional class time. At least for the remainder of this school year. While having an optional time may not be ideal for a administration and teachers, providing some flexibility to students who have commitments in the early afternoon would be helpful. Thank you

I strongly support getting our kiddos back full time to school. I think the data supports it as well as their mental and social needs require it. Thank you so much!!

Students need to be back in school full time.

It’s time.

I am concerned about my 1st grader wearing a mask for that long; however, I think the teachers have done a great job of supporting recess and outdoor activities so they can have a break from masks.

I know there are a lot of factors influencing this decision, but I hope to see my kids return to a somewhat normal school day. I hope students’ stamina can build up quickly, and I hope this would be a decision that benefits teachers as well. (Bless all teachers!) The only thing that gives me pause regarding going to Phase 3 is the amount of time my kids and their teachers will have their masks on. But, we all adapt, I’m sure. Here’s to hoping next year will not require masks!

I feel like if possible it could be on a school by school basis. If some areas are at higher risk then they would not transition.

It’s time to get kids back in school!

“You’re already at the end of the school year. It is a burden on families to rearrange child care and other schedules to accommodate the change. Families have already gotten schedules arranged to the current structure. Adding what is effectively an extra 50 or so instruction hours to the school year won’t improve education outcomes for this year. Just finish the year on this structure and change back to full time for next school year.

As an added benefit, keeping the same schedule will give families even more time to get parents and grandparents Covid vaccines if they want them, before kids go back to full time schooling.”

My feeling is that this is very much needed among our youth. I am in full support of getting kids back to some sense of normalcy. They need this more than anything’s right now.

As a mother, I only ask that the mask continue to be used, the distance between the students and that the classrooms be sanitized each day properly.

Elementary schools need to be full time. My kindergartner would benefit greatly and his teacher would have a much easier time teaching her class not having to worry about the hybrid model. It would also be fun for the kids to actually have time to socially interact at recess which has been fully removed to date. I feel there is no risk to the children related to covid. There is more risk of other diseases like the flu and and we’ve never worried about those in years past. Please get them back to school full time!

Phase 2 has had all of the students at the school at one the same time, and there hasn’t been a spike in cases. I feel that it makes sense to extend the school day (since they are already there). I think the kids really need to be back in school-online is tough.


Absolutely! The Covid numbers are Very low and kids need to be in their normal learning environment. The benefits far out-way any risks, if there are even any risks now.

The stress of this year with all the changes has taken a different kind of toll on my son, I know hearing that the school days will now be longer is going to be heavy for him. I would rather keep to the phase we are in for the rest of the year and start back phase 3 in the fall.

I am NOT in favor of our children wearing masks the full school day.

I appreciate the caution PCSD has taken with Covid-19, but if the kids are going to be In school they may as well be in full time.

“I have two concern at this point.

My first is keeping the teachers work load to a reasonable and manageable level. I assume that students will still stay home if they are sick. So how will teachers provide meaningful content on canvas for sick kids or kids who are quarantined, if kids are at school full time and still have the teachers maintain a reasonable work load? Maybe we do a phase 2.5 by adding 45 minutes or an hour of instruction time.

I also worry about eating lunch at the school for the highschool students. I know in the middle school attempts to social distance through lunch have gone away. How would lunch be managed for the highschool students and keep those who are most concerned about covid safe?

One more thought. I know mask complicated has dropped over the months. I worry that if we move the phase three that cooperation will drop more because maybe the message that is sent is we are back to normal. What messaging can we share with the student body and teachers so that masks are still worn as we move to a new phase.”

My kids are overwhelmed – teachers are pushing a curriculum that should have been modified for this unique year by the State. Instead, the teachers push forward because they are doing as they are told! Testing should not be happening, yet it is. What benchmarks do you need to know – it is a crappy year and the results will show that, we should be focusing on mental health and building up the resiliency in our students right now, teaching them how to deal with stuff out of their control instead of plowing forward with stupid curriculum and testing – whatever happened to the slogan, “no child left behind” – well we are butchering that slogan – there are so many kids behind, not even attending or just completely emotionally dead.

Not sure about high schools and middle schools going full time yet (open to but nervous about possibility) but defintely think elementary should.

Yes, it is past time to get back to normal.

The vaccine is not widely available yet and heard immunity hasn’t been reached.

Just leave it for the rest of the year. Consistency is huge for these kids.

I have not heard what the “full time” schedule would be. My daughter is in Kindergarten, so I also do not know if it would effect her or not.

I think that a transition to full time for only fourth term is pretty disruptive at this point for both students who are unaccustomed to the longer stretches of classes, but also for parents who would have to rearrange childcare schedules and teachers who have already spent most of the year under this reduced schedule. High school students have struggled to maintain phase two attendance. If we had half of the year left I would say let’s get students back, but I think at this point we are better off continuing this schedule through year end especially since teachers would work to get elementary kids acclimated to the longer day and then lose that progress coming back after the long spring break this term.

“My high school student is able to complete all of his work during the current school day. The shortened periods allow him time for extracurriculars.

My 2 younger kids in elementary have suffered from the shortened Days. The teacher are not able to get through as much content.”

My children’s teachers have had their routine upended so many times. They have had to plan and re-plan the school year and how best to help their students with each schedule change. Please let the teachers finish the year with no more schedule changes. I want my kids to still have quality teachers to come back to next year. Please don’t chase the teachers out of the profession by making them re-do their schedules yet again. Plan farther ahead. Plan for August. Give everyone a big giant heads up and let them just continue in a groove for a few months.

As long as the downward trend continues and teachers are vaccinated, I have no problem starting full-time school.

There are too many kids at the high school to have lunch safely. I disagree with full time school.

Have them go full time for 4 days a week if needed There is NO reason that they shouldn’t be in school full time at the min 4 days! They need their education! They need life to get back to normal!

Wear masks, wash hands, and start teaching full time school. Students are safer in school than socializing after in groups. Now that teachers have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, it’s time to be back in school. Once all Utahns are given the chance to be vaccinated, then we can stop using masks as well. Keep masks for the remainder of the year to allow the rest of society to be vaccinated and then plan on back to school as usual next year. I am a public health nurse.

This far along in the school year is going to make it a difficult transition on students and teachers who now have well established routines. Going to phase 3 makes more sense for all involved for the beginning of the next academic school year.

The high school numbers keep teetering. Please don’t jump the gun with the older kids. The health department keeps emphasizing this is not the time to loosen the reigns. We must maintain vigilant till more of the population is immunized.

I’m curious about the fact that though I have high schoolers, I can vote on each school level. I hope that those who don’t have high schoolers aren’t able to prevent high schools opening . . .

As long as schools stay strict about mask wearing and separation during lunches and limit other gatherings I think it would be good for the kids to go full time. They need all the help they can get!

Yes please!

It is hard to change schedules and the time school is going at this point. Many students in high school have jobs they work, which would be disrupted if we change the time for school. Also, it is hard for parents to keep changing around childcare or rides when the schedule is continually changing. I believe the schedule has already changed 5 times this school year. Can we please keep this schedule until the end of the year?

No one knows what the variant strains of Covid will be doing this Spring.

We have extra curricular lessons that we’ve been in all year long at an earlier time and it would be horrible if we had to stop those. The kids get very exhausted in those ending hours of school. This length of school has been a wonderful gift for families. They have been able to attend school in person all year and 5 days a week now. We are very happy with the way things are and feel like it gives the teachers and students the right balance during this time of COVID. It would be difficult on our family to switch things up after the kids are finally having a sense of consistency in their lives.

I prefer my child to wear a mask as little as possible due to the fact that breathing conditions are not good with a mask on. I prefer to begin phase 3 when no masks are required.

My children have needed a lot of emotional support through the past months of quarantine and the flexibility that less time in school affords has been appreciated. They also spend a lot of time home with sick symptoms- while they don’t have COVID-19 they are still symptomatic and full days of school would be harder to catch up with in terms of makeup work.

Why do you feel the need to ram this down everyone’s throats regardless of what is actually happening? Evidently there was some concern about why so many people voted against the latest Timpview bond, and one of the issues was that many people have the impression that the school district will do whatever it wants regardless of what the community wants. Honestly, I don’t know why you bother asking anymore, unless it is to maintain a facade of being open to the community or so that the school board can pat itself on the back and say that they have done their part, all the while ignoring the community.

My only concern is High School sports and activities. These have led to too many additional cases.

Don’t think it’s a smart idea. Keep the students as they are.

Masks are annoying and to wear them all day sounds like a distraction for the students plus making them feel restless and uncomfortable. Full time should wait till masks are not required.

Yes, please! These kids need to get back to normal!!

I am okay with a phase three if lunch can be properly social distanced.

It’s about time.

I am in support if the kids can have the other activities too. Graduation, prom, spectators at sports and arts programs, assemblies, etc. Let’s make school fun again!

My opinion doesn’t matter as much as the CDC, whatever they’re saying (based on our district size, covid spread etc etc) we should do

Yes I agree

Our family feels a little whiplash from the constant changes and accommodations this school year. We’ve been SUPER grateful to have had so much face to face instruction, and it has been sufficient for our needs this year. At this point we just want to get to the end of the school year in one piece ;), and we don’t feel the benefit of extra hours merit yet another change and family adjustment at this time. Thank you for all you’ve done to help our kids continue to grow in the midst of this pandemic!

From the experience of the past months. I have no concerns about moving to phase 3 with all the precautions, disinfection and masking up.

“Our students would benefit massively by going back to school full time. Their educations and still being compromised.

If the risk is minimal we should no longer be sacrificing education.

Thanks for sending out this survey!”

The kids are in 5 days a week and many other schedules have already been made according to the time of school now.

I think our kids education has suffered enough because of this pandemic! They need full time school!

My child would greatly benefit from full day school. Please implement this!

We have elementary age kids. For them, I am supportive as long as the teaching staff are up to it. Since Provost students are already together for 5 hours/day, 5 days a week, I can’t imagine how the added time at school would negatively impact student health. And I doubt resuming normal school hours would be negative for working parents; rather, it seems like that might help working parents. I don’t really have a comment on Middle or High Schools, but the survey won’t let me respond without selecting an option. If middle and high have been in-person like the elementary kids, my thoughts are the same in their regard.

Children need school!! It is sad what they have had to suffer. I would prefer no masks and normal school like Texas and the 11 other states. However, I know this is a state decision.

With a vaccine being widely available within the next few months, I feel that it would be best if the district acted with prudence and waited until its student body had access to a vaccine before going back full time (phase 3). I would actually be in favor of going back to phase 1.

Yes. Please start all-day school. Our students are missing out on so much.

I don’t care about Covid spreading. I just love the adjusted schedule and getting my kids home at 1:40 🙂 I hope it is offered forever

As a working parent, this would help considerably!

Assuming the elementary school instructors are supportive, I would be fine if the elementary schools went back to full time attendance because when Covid outbreaks happen at an elementary school they are extremely localized. Each day there are many more high school/middle school students in quarantine and they are all in multiple classs — thus impacting more teachers. Teachers need the additional time to communicate with students and to adjust their lessons to potential remote attendees. In addition, it would be extremely disruptive to our family routines to change mid-year from school at 8:05 every day of the week to late start Monday. We have already disrupted and rescheduled things twice, I feel like the students are in school sufficiently in these pandemic times.

If current case counts continue to trend down, and are not traced to schools as a transmission source, I see no reason to not progress in the transition plan.

I think it would be good for kids to get more in class instruction.

Open up asap!!!! Kids are suffering.

Til there is a vaccine for all

I’m comfortable as long as kids are still wearing masks

My older (high school) kids have been yanked around over and over this year, and I’d prefer that they finish out the year without major disruptions in their schedules, schedules that they have gotten used to and built their lives around. In addition, they report that mask wearing at the high school (and this is true, according to my kids, in the junior high as well) by both staff and students is not optimal. I know cases are low, but I’d prefer to keep them low by not increasing potential exposure, particularly considering some of the risky behavior I’ve observed among other high schoolers. Our family has really agonized about sending our kids back to school. Every time we think it’s going to be OK to send our higher-risk son to the junior high, the district loosens Coronavirus restrictions, and we find ourselves back at the starting line, wondering if he will be safe. I’d love it if we could make some decisions as a family knowing that things will remain stable in the schools. It’s exhausting to have to keep second guessing ourselves and the school board. There are not many weeks left. I’d prefer to keep things as they are for the rest of the school year. Elementary schools, however, are another matter, and I’m completely behind extending the school day for them.

I don’t think they should transition school to full time at this moment.

These kids are perfectly ‘safe’ at school and with each other. It’s time to prioritize their education and get back to normal. Kids need to adjust back to a normal school day ASAP. This has gone on long enough. Low rates of transmission etc justify moving to this phase 100%.

We are so close to having vaccines for all. School is working well the way it is. Keep it that way until our families are protected.

“A transition to full-time school doesn’t seem like it will increase risk (since most students are attending school in-person every day already, just for reduced hours).

My only concern would be for teacher workload. If they are still being expected to provide instruction and support for students who are attending remotely, extending the school day would seem to cut into the time they need to support remote learners.

However, my sense is that that number has dropped significantly. So, I’m in support of a transition to full-time school to increase instructional time for in-person students.”

I worry about the kids managing with masks for the extra hours. It’s not easy to do as an adult when I go to work, and I could see it being a challenge for kids too. I also have a first grader who will struggle with the longer days. He has no frame of reference for a real school year, and he already struggles with the shorter days.

I would be supportive of the high school, I think they can adjust better to the longer days. I think that the schools should just finish the year with the schedule that is already in place.

“Totally support going to phase 3 and hoping that soon masks will not be necessary! Warm weather and open windows!! Thank you for all you do!”

This late in the school year I think it would just disrupt the kids more. My teens are in a good rhythm with their half day schedule and are comfortable with it. I would prefer to continue with the half day schedule for the last months of the school year.

I feel provo school district has done a wonderful job this year and their phasing. I know we are smaller but compared to other districts, very few schools have had to close.

Not yet. We are starting to make progress as a community but transitioning too soon could backfire on us

I would strongly prefer the current schedule at this point. Things are trending in good ways and I’d much rather continue with what we’re doing right now until more of the community has been vaccinated and the case counts in the city/community have come down even lower.


Too long to be in masks. If it is still too risky to play sports without being tested, then it is too risky to have all the students this close together for the full day. Too much exposure at lunch time also.

I agree with the positive trend and would love to see my students go back to school full time.

Let’s get back to Normal! PLEASE!!!!

I believe that is better to wait the next year.

As a teacher in a neighboring district, I think this is totally unfair to the teachers and am afraid of the added stress it will bring to them. There is one term left, the teachers are planning for what they are used to. Please leave it as is for the rest of the year.

When all teachers and staff are immunized, yes.

This bullshit has gone on long enough.

I think the schools have done well at their current level and cases are decreasing. I believe we would be safe to return to regular schedule as long as we adjusted accordingly if case counts begin to increase.thanks for all that you do! You guys are amazing!

My high school doesn’t want to bother with change with so little school left. I think the younger grades will benefit greatly

Wearing a mask all day seems like a lot to ask from the youngest kids

I look forward to my 3 children all going back full time.

I do not believe that it is good for them to have a mask on all day.

“This is the 4th quarter of the year. This is the time that no new instruction is introduced because teachers teach to the standardized tests and it is testing time. kids start to shut down around May and the school is finding alternative things for them to do. This is the time they train for fun runs, dances, and have school interrupted for lots and lots of testing as well as field days, water parties, end of year graduations, fun days, etc. High schoolers enrolled in distance learning and MATC are done at the end of April as well. I always find myself picking my kids up from school because they have nothing to do at this time of year. My kids will be stuck in school watching movies, of couse with questions, to help the teachers justify why they are showing films instead of teaching. why? because there is nothing left to teach. Wasting educational time learning dances and training for fun runs, etc. Just let them come home. There is plenty they can do and learn from here.

Waiting to make this decision until next fall is the best move. This way everyone who wants to be vaccinated most likely will be by fall 2021. Teachers can help kids transition better into a full day program and it will flow much better. I should also mention these kids are NOT used to an additional 2 hours of schooling. It will take time for the littles to not be restless and actually be productive.”

The downsides aren’t clear to me. Will there be changes to cleaning or other safety precautions due to the longer schedule?

It’s well past time to be in school full day. Let’s get back ASAP and hope that we can make up some of the time lost.

I think we have jumped around enough for the year let’s finish off the way we are and maybe next year we can go back to all day. Dont we think these kids have had enough change for one year.

I believe at this point most adults that are high risk have had a chance for the vaccine. Please make sure to keep cleaning measurements in place

“I have two children going to Amelia Elementary. I fully support going to full time school with masks. I believe this will be very safe and my children can receive more learning. My wife does not work and my opinion on this is not because we want our kids to be at school for babysitting purposes, we want them learning and getting the benefit of full-time school. Thank you for the e-mail. I am very glad that this is being considered.”

I am not adamantly opposed to full-day school but on balance the current partial day is better until the end of this school year, then revisit it in summer when planning for fall.

“There has already been enough change this year, could we please just keep it the same for the remainder of the year. Routine is paramount to security in children. I understand the need to resume normalcy for academic purposes, but what of the psycho/social aspects.

There really is one more quarter in the school year. Is it really worth it to disrupt routines yet again?”

I am curious how teachers feel about this. Hoping they feel supported too.

There is no reason our kids should not be in school full-time. With the vaccine available to all teachers and all of the studies showing that COVID-19 is not being spread in schools this is absolutely necessary to get our kids back full-time.

I think our primary concern at this point is how the extra time will be used. We sympathize with how difficult teachers have had it this past year and I understand that adaptation will pose challenges. I guess I will just be concerned that a rapid transition will lead to increased use of technology in the classroom, with our students doing much more self-directed computer work, which especially for young kids, may not be ideal. So in the process of making this transition, I would love for the school board to listen closely to teachers desires and needs and ensure that they are worked with to make a smooth transition.

Please keep everything the same until the school year is over. We have had enough back and forth. Students will do better if there isn’t another change.

The sooner we can transition to the regular school schedule, the better. The less amount of online school, the better. Our kids need to be in school seeing people and their peers in real life–A better and higher quality education happens when they live a normal social life and receive instruction face to face without shortened days, and they don’t have to rely on emails for communication that teachers can’t respond to in a timely manner.

Or go full schedule M-Th with Fridays off

I feel it’s time for all students to be back full time.

Yes please!!

Please do. Schools have proven they have taken the necessary measures to keep people safe. While some teachers choose not to enforce guidelines, the majority do. I’m in favor of going back.

“I feel it’s best to finish out the year in our current phase and begin in Phase 3 in the Fall.

There has been a lot of change to adapt to this year and another change is asking a lot of both staff and students. We also have after school activities that begin at 1:30 that would be difficult to adjust at this time. I also feel that wearing a mask 5 days a week throughout a full day would be a lot of kids of all ages.”

“I fully support returning to full-time school as long as the mask mandate remains in place and regular and routine Covid testing increases.

I feel particularly strongly that Covid testing at the high school level should be increased to routinely include all students, especially if they move to full-time.

And if the mask mandate were to be repealed, I would seriously consider pulling my kids out of school completely. Mandatory masks are imperative to continued safety until we reach herd immunity.”

I think the data shows minimal spread in Elementary so back now. More concern for High School. Once we reach 60-70% vaccine to rate would seem better for High School to go full time.

Because of masks being required i believe half days are still best until mask wearing is not required. The burden of wearing a mask for that many hours is hard on these kids

I feel like we just keep asking the kids to change what they are doing. Some kids really struggle with routine change and the school year is almost over just finish out the last few months they way we are now.

I really appreciate Provo district’s thoughtful approach to covid. At this point, I think that the extra hour and a half would not adversely affect spread.

I would be very supportive of this move to full time school! I would love for my kids to get back to their normal school hours!

“The sooner we get the kids going back to school full-time the better. We pay to have them there for that long and they deserve to be taught correctly. This is their education we are talking about. Let’s do this thing.

Thank you”

Hurry up!!!!!

I am concerned about the quality of education my kids are receiving by only going half days.

I work in either school districts we’ve been Practically full time the whole time period we go home early every day but

“Case counts are still higher than when schools originally closed up. Stay home, get your vaccines, open things up in the fall.

I don’t want Provo to get hit with another wave of Covid because we were in a rush.”

PCSD does not ENFORCE wearing of masks and social distancing. It’s irresponsible to move to full-time, unless PCSD actually takes some action on enforcement of the students.

Ready. Let’s do this!

Very supportive of being back in school full time.

“It would be better to leave the schedule as it is now in Phase 2 for the remainder of this school year, and then transition to Phase 3 in the fall. Students are settled in a rhythm of school and homework now. There has already been a lot of change in one year. It would be disorienting and disruptive to change it once again with only two months left to go.

On a personal level, I would feel more comfortable transitioning to Phase 3 in the fall after vaccines have had a chance to be distributed to more sections of society.”

Thank you for considering moving to phase 3! With the numbers as low as they are and our health in a safe place our kid’s need to be in school! There are so many other problems happening because of the lack of school. Please move to phase 3!

It’s too long to wear masks. Stick with part time until masks aren’t required

At this point it would be hard to change schedules again. Just finish out the year as is.

The kids need to be back I’m school full time.

Not because of covid, my son just emotionallly and mentally feels five days is overwhelming and wishes he could go back to two days in class. I work in the day though and prefer four so he can be somewhere while I’m working. Again, not covid related though

The kids need to be back in school full time, academically and socially we are falling behind. Please let our children go back

Let’s not risk undoing positive progress when we’re so close!

Please put the students back in full time school

For most of the school year my kids have avoided getting sick. My daughter just tested positive this week but her symptoms are very mild. I don’t believe there is any real risk to long term health. Both of my kids have really struggled with online school and would benefit from returning to in class learning.

I think having the students eat lunch at it during school hours increases the risk greatly.

Especially with elementary schools, I don’t understand the danger of the extra two hours if they are already at school for five each day.

If they wear masks why not all day? Seems like a no-brainer.

Y’all have been doing a great job focusing on making decisions using data. I highly appreciate and value that.

My older kids don’t want to go back full time mainly due to having to wear masks for that long. If there were no mask mandate, I would be supportive of all my kids being back in school full time. My kindergartner could handle an extra hour but I don’t think making kids wear masks for 7 hours a day is healthy or fair.

Let’s get the kids back to full-time school. Their educations have suffered enough. Not the teachers fault… they’ve only been given limited time. Let fix that!

I think that at this point, transitioning to full-time with only really a month left in the school year would see very little benefit. I would rather let the kids finish out this year, have a summer, and start fresh in the fall.

Please open all the schools full time.

I feel that them going back full time with out vaccines being available to everyone could jeopardize those that are at high risk of getting the virus. Some of my students have asthma problems and the concern for full day school until all can get vaccinated.

As long as the cleaning still took place and masks were still required it seems like not much would be different. Would lunch still be provided?

YES YES YES!!!! Please let these kids have a normal school experience as soon as possible!!! Thanks for all you do.

I would only support them going if masks were NOT required. They already spend too much time in them and serious health questions from wearing them are being ignored.

The teachers need this prep time for when the kids are home quarantined or sick. The students can continue learning while home.

CDC guidelines state that six feet distancing is required. That is not currently happening since going to phase two and having all kids in school at the same time. At least with a early out schedule the High Schools are not eating lunch together and the exposure they get attending is more limited. With the crazy party’s THS student body officers and students are attending outside of school (especially involving kids from MULTIPLE school districts with no mask and no distancing) it would be irresponsible to move to phase 3. Especially when the CDC and the NIH are saying that states should not loosen restrictions. We are still trying to get the population vaccinated and the new variants are rapidly spreading. Opening up more will put in jeopardy the progress we have made. It is especially frustrating to those with medical challenges who’s children so desperately want to attend and already feel like they are putting their families health in jeopardy by attending school as it is currently set up. If the decision is made to expose them to even more chance of getting it before being able to be vaccinated that will push more families to have to withdraw their kids. We are placating the parents who insist schools must return to normal (many of who’s children are not following social distancing outside of school) and ignoring those in our population who will be most affected by these changes.

I have a little boy who is Medically compromised and I worry about his health

“Full time school🙏🏽ðŸˆðŸ‘ðŸ½ 100% Thank you! My 7th grade twins NEED more school.”

I don’t think there is a need to. It feels more efficient to continue with the shorter day. Elementary schools may be more critical for working parents.

Yes the kids need to get back to normal school as soon as possible. So they can actually get the education they deserve.

There are only three months left of school. I understand this isn’t super academic, but we have created our home schedules around the current school schedule. We would prefer to keep the current schedule for the rest of the year.

Phase 3 should only be initiated if wearing masks is optional for staff and students. If wearing masks is required, school should not be full time to allow teachers and staff time to properly sanitize high-contact areas

The evidence that school is a site of meaningful transmission is totally lacking. The sooner we return schooling to normal, the better our children and communities will be. Thanks for considering this transition.

Its time. Teachers are vaccinated. No reason to delay

Lunch it is still a worrisome affect for me in high school, so I would love to see what the plan is there.

“We want our kids back in school, but not if it isn’t completely safe. For full-day school, kids will have to unmask to eat, and there isn’t room for kids to eat and remain socially distanced. And let’s be honest here–how many would actually socially distance while they’re eating lunch? Certainly not everyone. They’ll want to sit and talk with friends.

Returning to full day in the fall, when so many more people, including (I hope) high school students have been vaccinated, is a much safer plan for our kids, their teachers, and their families.”

Kids need to be in school full time ASAP


Yes and opening up school dances, assemblies, and extra curricular activities

I think it’s important for kids to be in school with peers and learning from their teachers in a more normal setting at this time.

The numbers are doing good! Now is the time! Our children are falling behind as it is!

Please do it! If we don’t get back to normal then shortened work weeks and shorter school days will become the normal!

Even if mask mandates are lifted elsewhere I think schools should still require them until the pandemic is under control. I think masks have been instrumental in the low spread we’ve seen in our schools.

Back to normal school ASAP please!

Elementary schools can go back. Secondary schools are still too overcapacity.

I feel that my kids are safe at school and the more time they get at school the higher quality and quantity of education they receive. I am 100% supportive of moving to Phase 3! My kids need this!

It’s time

I bet you have read some really dumb comments today 🙂

Would there be a way to opt into having my children continue to come home at 1:40? I was looking into this before the pandemic (my son is doing 1 subject through K12) but I support full day for all the parents who want it or need it for work situations. I know other parents who like the early out for non-pandemic reasons.

A couple of hours a day will not make a difference. Yes the numbers are improving but not enough of the population is vaccinated to allow for a return to normal. Let’s follow the cdc recommendations and slow down.

But I feel that wearing masks that long of days is something I don’t support. With the shorter times they can still get fresh air with their masks off. It’s to long to wear their masks

Older teens are still primary vectors and no vaccine exists.

All of the covid stuff has been taxing on my children and I think the extra time after school for me to help them with reading and for them to unwind is needed. I don’t think they can tolerate more hours in masks. They are struggling to want to be at school right now. I think my children would do better to start back full time at the start of the new school year. At this point with only a few months left it isn’t worth it. They don’t need more change to adjust to.

It’s about time!

I do not support moving to phase 3.

As long as the current safety measures and school cleaning and sanitizing practices continue I would full heartedly support moving to Phase 3. While the virus is still a concern of ours I believe the school district (administration, teachers and staff) have done a tremendous job keeping our children as safe as possible. I know this attention to everyone welfare will continue going to Phase 3.Thank you!

We DO NOT support going to phase 3 if the students have to wear masks all that time! LET THEM CHOOSE IF THEY WANT WEAR THEM! So many people have already had covid, and many others have had the vaccination….why are we playing this silly game? It is difficult to breath in the masks, please allow the mandate on them to end!

this is not dangerous for young kids and all the teachers are vaccinated already, it is time to get back to normal!

I really think the teachers finally have a groove (of sorts) and honestly I think to ask them all (but especially elementary teachers) to NOW add full day is a BAD idea. And right before spring break? NO. They are already overworked and stressed from this horrible year and you want to add 2 extra hours to their day for the last 2 months with a week-long break in there?? C’mon. Let’s just finish the year as it is and be grateful we (teachers and parents) survived! My kids will be FINE without a full day, especially in the Elementaries! The high school and middle might find a full day serves them better, but please do NOT kill our elementary teachers with a full day until NEXT fall! Please!

I don’t want to want my daughter to be more exposed to the virus after there have been MULTIPLE cases where students don’t wear their mask exposing those who do take the precautions and the school does little to nothing to enforce those said students to wear masks.

Yes! It’s time. Kids need this.

“I wish there had been an “”I don’t know”” option for the previous question.

I’m more concerned with responding to the guidelines orbited by the national and state health agencies than any specific day on the calendar. When the numbers day is safe, let’s get these kids back in school!

Safety of our teachers and safety of the community are the top priority.”

I think my children’s school has done a fantastic job of having the children wash their hands and be safe. I 100% support going back to full time school.

I have no comments.

I feel the half day schedule is working fine. I have a concern about my child wearing a mask all day and eating lunch at the school.

“How are you going to handle lunch at Timpview High School? Social distancing isn’t really possible in the facility–every hallway is packed in the times between classes, and it will be too cold for everyone to be expected to be outside. Lots of kids don’t obey mask requirements very well as it is; if they take masks off to eat, I’m guessing they will be even less inclined to be compliant with the mask requirements.

Another issue is that my 17-yr-old seniors (twins) have after-school jobs that often schedule them for 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. on weekdays. I’m sure they can get things figured out with their employer, but we’ll need some lead time so that the employer doesn’t schedule them at times they’ll still be in school. Please let us know your decision as soon as you have made it.”

Please get them back in school full time!!!!

Please allow some additional time for vaccines to be more widely distributed before moving back to full time school. Be a little more patient now to avoid putting families — especially those with high-risk people in the home — in additional potential danger.

Enough is enough! Let’s go back to fulltime schooling already. Our kids’ cognitive abilities have suffered long enough and there will likely be long-lasting negative effects.

Not a good idea when it is March already-during a pandemic. Teachers and students would suffer.

To Late in the year

All day in a mask is challenging. And I’m concerned when I hear mask wearing is not being enforced in the high schools.

My children already have work, tutors and sports scheduled based on the schedule you have given us. Please stay consistent until the end of the year!! We have had to adjust and change enough.

Será de gran ayuda para los alumnos en sus estudios y avanzar en su progreso académico

I feel like the teachers, staff, and students together have done an amazing job!! We are fully ready and supportive to go back to full time! Thank you for all your hard work and love for our little ones!

Based on my understanding of the spread of the virus, high schoolers are more susceptible to getting ill. I think Middle School and Elementary Schools should certainly return full-time.

From what I have seen when at the schools during the day, mainly at the middle school, NO ONE is prepared for going full time. The moment kids walk out of their classrooms or the school, their masks are off. Roaming the halls without masks and no one there to discipline those not in compliance. I am doing everything I can to keep my kids healthy and safe, but it doesn’t do any good when they get to school and no one else is following rules and guidelines. I want to know what is being done to combat the ignorance of those who choose not to follow guidelines. You can say you are doing everything necessary, but when you go to the schools and see that what you have been told isn’t what is happening, how I be supportive?

It’s been a while since PCSD schools went into Phase 2 and we haven’t seen any issue. And I don’t really see any major difference between Phase 2 and Phase 3. I think moving onto Phase 3 makes sense.

Please open schools up fully!

“With the trending numbers of COVID cases in school decreasing and seeing my own children not getting sick of any kind tells me the schools are doing a good job in sanitizing and the students are doing well also keeping germ free. to have the students start phase 3 (I’m assuming would be after spring break) would be awesome. While I can tell my kids are still being challenged academically there is still more they can learn in the classroom and the teachers can have more time to spend on each unit. Which only helps the students understanding of the material and overall education.”

I feel like teachers need to have a stronger voice in this decision than the parents. They are the ones have to take on the extra hours and cleaning and whatnot. If they feel that it’s beneficial, then go for it.

“I think we would be best served having the children maintain the schedule that they have now through the rest of the year and start fresh again come August with a full schedule. It has been a pretty traumatic year for children and I think this consistency through the end of school is best. It has been so hard recreating their schedules and study habits over and over again. And all of my children concur.”

Our kids need school (education, social and academic) and have had a relatively low impact with Covid!

My main opposition is I feel like that is way too long a day to have kids in masks. Once they no longer have to wear masks I would support it.

If you want to keep them till 5 PM to make up for lost time I would not be opposed.

It’s too much change too fast. My children have struggled so much with the constant changing. Also, as soon as parents get used to the schedules and have things worked out with transportation, work and child care it changes again. It needs to be kept the same for the rest of the school year. Full-time should be at the start of next school year.

Would this mean that the high school would start a little later than the current 7.30am – a later start time would be greatly appreciated!

“With the new variants that are currently circulating in the US I would be hesitant to move to phase 3 until we see the impact that they may have on our community. The CDC has recently worried that we may be heading toward a fourth wave and that we should continue to be cautious. What would we be giving up in exchange for longer school hours? Less clean buildings? And of course the high school kids would be eating together in the cafeteria which could pose a problem. Just some things to consider. I appreciate all that you have done this year to find a balance between education and safety. Thank you!”

“Why would you even consider students opinions, when you never have before? Did you ever consider their opinions when you took everything away last year? You know you won’t get students who want to go back to school full time, why would they, they’re kids! My son was doing very well in school before COVID, now he is failing, why don’t you take that into consideration. I know the feeling rate is 50%, and you’re still going to take the students opinion, where is the logic in that? Then you might go with the teachers opinion, but who wouldn’t wanna work less than full-time for full-time pay and benefits, I think anybody would go for that. If you wanna go off the fact that they might be overwhelmed, work is overwhelming. And what would make going back full-time more overwhelming? It always has been full-time work. Do you wanna talk about overwhelming, try being a parent and teaching every subject from kindergarten through 12th grade to your kids, that’s overwhelming, and not a single teacher Has to do that. Honestly if you base your decision off the reason that teachers are too overwhelmed, or students decisions, I will never donate to the school again. To me those two things are a joke!”

The Middle and High School students haven’t been in person as much as the elementary, so going to Phase 3, if their covid numbers stay low, makes sense for them. The elementary students have a harder time with all of the changes. They have made a lot of changes this year and it seems silly to have them make another change for the 4th quarter of school.

Yes! You have my full support!!!!

The data clearly shows that this should have always been the case. The kids need to be in school full time. Period.

Please fully open all the schools with fully open athletics and no masks.

Trends might be so great because of the current measures we are taking.

Please send our kids back to school. Thank you.

This is a terrible idea. Most people have not been vaccinated, no children have been vaccinated, and new variations are actively cropping up, which we don’t have data on vaccine efficacy for. We are rushing throwing everything away because we cannot wait a few more months.

Get these children back to school. They need the socializing with children their age. They need a better teacher than me (the parent).

The kids are ready. The parents are ready. Numbers are down especially in the schools. I fully support this.

I am a little wary about the high schools, but I said “yes.” Definite “yes” for middle schools and elementary schools.



My only worry is for the kids’ stamina to make it to 3pm. But the teachers are amazing!

Please, for the love of all that is holy and good, go back to full time school. The kids have suffered and lost out on enough already.

Allowing drinking fountains again would be very helpful along with more than 15 minutes to eat lunch.

I marked yes for all schools, however my focus is on elementary since that is the age range my children are. I fully understand that there are different considerations for junior high and high schools as opposed to elementary school and recognize that there may be different decisions made accordingly. Thank you for trying to accommodate as many opinions, concerns, and situations as possible. I have confidence that you will make the best decision possible, especially for populations where school is an important source of support.

Part day verses all day never made sense to me.

Dominiq is switching from Amelia Earhart, Brite star program to Spring Creek elementary soon.

We have experienced many cases of Covid in our family and community. None of these cases I was close to came from the schools. I think the schools are safe.

My impression is that my student has been able to learn and excel with a significant shorter school day, and I would prefer for this to continue. He has asthma and allergies and is in a slightly higher risk category. The current schedule suits is very well.

“Kids have been pretty safe so far.

Your survey doesn’t give an option to select N/A for high schools and middle schools. I only have kids in elementary school, so my support for those options seems misleading.

Is there any chance phase-3 can include extra-curriculars, e.g. sixth-grade orchestra?”

I think that having students in school 5 days a week has been a good transition. These students will not receive vaccination opportunities for a couple more months. Beyond the health aspects, I am most concerned about mental health. This school year has presented a myriad of challenges with schedules, phases and transitions. I think that we should leave the school schedule on the abbreviated day timeline through the end of the year and start fresh with a vaccinated student body and full schedule in August.

This step is overdue.

We are so behind on learning!

There are still too many factors playing into having high school move to phase 3 – while the numbers have stayed low, there are the unsanctioned activities that have increased. If you want to have in person graduation and possibly a Prom – keep them in phase 2 to make that possible.

The negative impact this last year has had on our kids education is disheartening to say the least. They should be in school full time, learning face to face with the ability to seek more assistance from teachers. They need to be around peers for the competitive push to succeed and do well in their academics. They also are growing and maturing socially and emotionally. Being around peers and other adults is crucial to this part of maturity. Parents and teachers are shopping, going to the gym, eating out etc. The numbers are low and risk is minimal. Our kids’ education should be a higher priority, as well as their social and emotional development.

it would be nice to have the elementary aged kids in school to help out with child care concerns for working parents.

It’s going to be difficult, but these kids need more instruction.

Younger children still do not have the maturity to wash their hands often and avoid sharing items and food. They are a greater risk for getting our more fragile population sick.

I’ve been super impressed with the Provo school district this year! Our cases have proven to be low and I think we can only go up from here. My biggest concern is going full-time and then cases jumping and we shut down. So I would like to know if that happens would we jump down to phase 2 or completely cut it out?

I will be supportive of transitioning to full time school when the order mandating face masks is rescinded, and not one moment sooner.

No reason not to transition to phase 3 with cases going down, vaccines widespread, and extremely low death rate. This is a no brainer.

I think that it would be great!! The kids are not the ones at risk. I don’t understand how a few hours more could make kids and teachers anymore at risk then they are attending for 5 hours a day already.. This should have happened even sooner in my opinion.


Yes as long as masks and safety recommendations are followed

“I speak for myself and a number of people in our carpool group, the masks need to go away yesterday, data shows the kids are not effected by the virus and our kids have started to show social patterns that are alarming from what they are required to do in school. My kids are not allowed to play tag at school or else they lose their recess time, at home they distance themselves from other kids while playing. It’s a tragedy and who knows how long it will take to correct. Please make this change happen sooner than later”

I personally feel like it’s pretty much the end of the year, the kids have endured enough change for this school year. My personal opinion is to start next school year with full schedule and leave this year the way it currently is.

My children would love to be in school full time! It would be the best for them academically. They have really struggled this year academically and they need to be in class more. It would be best for them to be in the class full time.

Would prefer have them fill time Monday to Thursday and no school on Friday

I would be in support of this, but do hope that it’s a fluid situation and that we can go back to phase 2 if prudent.

I am all for school full time. Thank you

We would be happy to go back to full days of school!

Let the kids go to school and finally learn something

Thanks for all you have done to keep things going this year. I know it hasn’t been easy. It looks like it’s gone relatively well this last phase. Where we’re close to being full-time right now, it doesn’t seem too risky to move to Phase 3 as long as it doesn’t put too heavy a burden on people trying to keep things sanitized.

While my family can work with the current schedule, I believe all kids will benefit being in school full time. I would be in favor of high school starting later than it does (in general, not covid related). It’s very important to our children’s education to have them in school and learning. Anxiety has been very high among kids and the risk of covid does not warrant them missing school. As you know, our cases have been low.

I think it would be nice to be full time but also allow flexibility until the end of the school year.

Lets leave things be. We are in a good place

Kids need more time to be at schools.


I’m comfortable with full time school and know that my son looks forward to being back full time. With the downward trend in cases, it seems wise to do that now. Thank you

Kids need to be in school full time. The depression and suicide rate is way to high. Studies have shown kids(elementary aged even into middle school aged) aren’t spreading like initially thought. Studies are showing more issues with dirty masks causing illnesses among young kids and even adults. Standardize test according to the government are going to be forced yet children are so behind from not having in person teaching. Stop making this 99% survival rate of a virus to be something so horrible our kids aren’t allowed in school. Put the kids back in school full time. If they can go to the parks and stores and for some protest then they sure as heck can be allowed in schools

Please let the kids be back on school

The children need more recess and or outside time.

I’ve loved phase 2 because I feel like we have more time after school to accomplish all the things (homework, sports, family time). But I do feel that children need just a little more time in the classroom. I do think that an extra hour would help but I really wish that school could be permanently shortened by at least 45 minutes.


Our elementary students deserve to be in school full time . Your data supports it . Please move forward with this. Thank you for considering this important step !

As long as the teachers are given adequate transition time and will not be required to do support for any online learners.

“I love having the kids have 1/2 days 5 days a week. It has given our kids such a great balance of family time, extracurricular time with their chosen sports, and time to get their homework done. I also don’t like the idea of having them wear their masks for an even longer period of the day. Thanks for your time. Karina Pestana”

“The impact of COVID on kids has been proven to be minimal, less even than the regular flu. The detrimental impact to children’s education, social skills & relationships, and mental well-being from limiting school far surpasses the impact of COVID on their lives. We have ruined our children’s educational and social experiences by shutting down and limiting their lives. I am saddened by their missed experiences that they will never get back.

I have a kid in kindergarten that gets less time at school now than in preschool. Going to full-time first grade is going to very difficult. My other kids are going to have a difficult time going back to full time school, because they are used to having short days every day. It saddens me when we have SEP’s with one of our kid’s teachers, and they simply say that the whole class is behind on math because of COVID and shrugs it off like it’s not a big deal, that they’ll just spend time on simpler concepts that they should have learned in the previous grade.

I think wearing masks at school is ridiculous. The way kids treat masks, they’re more likely to get sick wearing them than not wearing them. The concept of asymptomatic spread has been proven to be a farce. We’re teaching our kids to assume everyone has a disease. We’re also likely ruining our kids’ immune systems by not allowing them to develop natural immunity.

Please open up the schools and go back to normal life and stop damaging our kids’ lives and restricting their experiences.”

It is clear from overall collected data not just in Provo but around the country that high school and middle school students have not taken this seriously or followed guidelines outside of school Elementary school children, on the other hand, have been much more responsible, probably as a result of listening to parents and other adults much more carefully. It seems clear that full-day for the elementary and preschools can move forward with precautions, but for the middle and high schools, should be postponed until all students are in compliance both in and out of school.

It’s about time!!!! Kids want to be with their classmates and teachers longer. They succeed with structure.

I think the year should be finished out the way that it is right now. Start the 21-22 year off with the students going full time.

I think it would be in the best interest of students to be in school full time. I feel with the decrease in COVID cases the risk is very low. And those experiencing symptoms should take the common sense precautions and stay home.

I fully support returning to phase 3. It has been hardest on my High School student.

If we move to Phase 3, I suggest waiting until after Spring Break as it provides a nice transition time. Further, as a former/future high school teacher, I worry about the teachers having enough preparation time if they are still supporting students learning online, especially if the number of positive cases and quarantines increase after the Easter holiday, as happened with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We need to consider the high risk students and staff. We need to consider the work load the teachers will have and how will they fill the needs of all their students and work with the students quarantined or have special accommodations with Covid. We need to be consistent for our students this is working let it stay. Stop changing things every few weeks on our students.

At this point there is enough control of the virus that mitigative practices at school make full-time attendance completely doable. I see no difference between kids being at school some days in the week versus each day. As long as physical distancing and mask wearing is enforced and practiced, there is no reason why school can’t be attended daily.


I think we should keep school how it is now until the end of the school year.

Please yes

Getting the same amount of progress with students with less hours at school.

No. The students have been through enough change this year. Its hard on them and they just need to finish out the year as is

I do have a reservation about returning to school: adjustment time. We will have about a week of school in Phase 3, then spring break, and then just about 6 weeks of school left. While I think covid trends support returning to school full time, I worry about teachers and students making the needed adjustments to their schedules (jobs, activities, time spent doing homework) for just a short period of time. The mental and emotional adjustment is also a concern. With so little time left, I wonder if staying in phase 2.5 wouldn’t be a gentler way and then starting next school year up in Phase 3/as normal.

Yes. Especially elementary and middle schools. But I would support full time for all schools.

I think kids can get back on track to where they need to be if we move to full day school. Or help those who are struggling with school learning.

The mask enforcement is not up to par in the schools. I have repeatedly seen first hand students and teachers/other employees not wearing them. Photos have been posted on the school pages without masks. The children are not able to get vaccinated and should not be forced to be exposed

Yes please!!

I’d prefer not to keep changing the schedule as my son has kind of figured out this schedule over the last couple of weeks and I don’t want to have to have him adjust again this year

Put the kids back in school. The normal flu is three times as deadly as Covid. If you’re shutting down the schools because of Covid you should keep them shut indefinitely, because the age-old flu strain is much more threatening to the lives of our children. But not only is Covid much less deadly, children are poor vectors of transmission. They aren’t giving Covid to their teachers. So why are the schools closed?

“I suppose elementary schools could be pretty safe. Is it too long to have kids in masks? And would social distancing at lunch time and recess still be enforced?

I think lunch time in secondary schools will be problematic as there is no supervision and kids will be more likely to hang out unsafely with kids they normally might not hang out with. Most of them are probably hanging out with some friends anyway outside of school, but that number will probably jump when they’re hanging out at school unsafely and unsupervised with a greater number of kids. I guess if there’s no lunch or other unsupervised “”hang out”” time, it would probably be okay also.”

This couldn’t happen soon enough. I even think that masks shouldn’t be required. There is little to no evidence that masks do what we think they do in protecting the wearer and reducing the spread of this disease. There is way more evidence to suggest that at best masks do nothing and at worst they do more harm than good. The sooner we get back to full-time school without masks and desk shields the better for all involved.

I like the shortened school day. Not due to reservations of covid, social distance, sanitizing, or masks…. but that teachers and students have a more balanced schedule. I hope that the restrictions will be lifted soon and that the shorter day but full week continues.

It is time to get back to full time school. Thank you

I think the kids are set in this schedule and changing it for the last part of the year adds confusion that they just don’t need. Let them finish the year the way it is and return to normal next year.

Kids need to be in full time. My kids teachers are requesting full time.

Let’s get the kids back in school!!

“It is irresponsible to force families and kids into the risk of transmitting Covid when there will only be 8 weeks left in the school year. Finishing the year in phase 2, thus allowing at risk families and kids to be protected! This will then allow them to make school choices without the burden of excessive paperwork and having to withdraw from loved classes. This will also make life hard on teachers who already have systems worked out for providing for home-study students, classroom management for physical distancing, and grading. It’s as if Provo is proving that really do not care about students and teachers only scoring political points on something that should be only a community safety and care event.”

I don’t see much of a difference between the current situation and a full-time school day. I do appreciate that the cleaning procedures have (apparently) been more thorough, and if that were to suffer, then going to full time would not be a good idea. I feel that if the kids are at school they are already exposed to whomever they would have been exposed to, regardless of the amount of time they are in school. I do have some suggestions: first, that middle and high schoolers be allowed to eat in a classroom so that not so many kids are in the cafeteria congregated together; second, that they are required to wear masks until they are all able to receive a vaccination; third, that we continue to test for after-school activities and others as appropriate; fourth, that the cleaning procedures do not suffer accordingly. Thanks!

Creo que el horario está bien. Así tendrán tiempo. Para limpiar y desinfectar bien . Por favor tomen estás decisiones con calma gracias a Dios y a y esfuerzo tan grandes que ustedes han hecho con la limpieza podemos decir que estamos bien pero eso puede cambiar si tomamos las cosas a la ligera. Gracias

Starting after Spring break is better.

I fully support this.

I think it’s a good idea for students who are struggling as long as the instruction gets better and more work done in school where teachers can help. Right now I have a senior who is probably not going to graduate because he does not get the help and support he needs and is failing his required classes.

I support transitioning all schools, but recognize that I only have a stake in the Elementary Schools as I do not have children in the other schools. So I’m not sure my vote should count on the others. 🙂

I would like to see the school year continue as is with the enhanced cleaning and decreased exposure. Kids don’t yet have a vaccine available and we are not out of the woods just yet. I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

“By the end of March there will only be 2 months of school remaining. Why risk increased chance of Covid spread and disrupt a routine that parents have worked hard to adopt? I think schools should remain as they are throughout this year and start next school year at regular, pre-covid scheduling.

Have a good day!”

Would love to transition back to the full schedule. I have a kindergartener who loves school and would love the extra hour every day, since he is currently only attending two hours of school a day. That isn’t very much time for them to be able to do the things they should, in our opinion. Thank you for considering switching!

The kids need to be in school full time. Thanks!

We already have them enrolled currently during shortened hours. Adding an extra two hours or so on to the school day does not significantly increase risk, but does significantly decrease effectiveness of instruction. Thank you for following recommended health guidelines, and for preparing to go to phase 3.

No comment

I like the half day schedule. It has been good for my kids. But a full day would be fine.

There is multiple family members in my house hold that have a low immune system and with the weather warming up I feel we should wait to see if we can keep the virus contained enough so we don’t spread it

“If anything, this year has taught me that my kids need less time in school and more time to do their own homework and work on assignments. School is too long as it is.

I do appreciate masks and def think we all need to wear them but I don’t feel like increased masked time is beneficial. We have a good happy medium thing going now. Let’s not mess it up.”

This close to the end of this school year I’d prefer to maintain the status quo.

Absolutely open the schools full time! Our kids are struggling. My special needs kids get so little of what they need and so little of their services with a partial day of school! My regular ed kids have become apathetic to school and structure. Their depression is higher than ever, they feel isolated, and they want normal school and hours! I can’t believe the harm we’ve done to kids by targeting them with short days and closures! Open! Open! Open!

Open the schools! The kids need it!

I think it would be great

Too stressful for students and teachers. Let’s end the year as is and start 3 in August

It would likely be acceptable, assuming case count numbers stay down.

Kids learn so much better in person rather then in the computers at home. I really hope they go to full time school so this generation doesn’t fall behind..

Let’s just not go to phase three until we have more people vaccinated. I feel like phase 2.5 is the best way to go. I think we should stay this way until we make sure there won’t be a huge increase of covid cases due to the varients out there

I think this needs to happen and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the survey.

I believe students interest in education was jeopardized due to COVID school schedules and the teachers weren’t fully able to engage the students in performance. Since there are low numbers of reports and as long as all staff and students follow the required mask mandate in school premises moving towards phase 3 is ideal.

“The concern I have is that in accommodating for students who continue to stay home there will just be more class time where kids are not fully engaged and simply given ‘work days’. In my opinion, they might as well be out of school and doing that at home.

I know everyone is trying to make the best of a very difficult situation and I appreciate it.”

Thank you for your continued consideration and concern. We fully support phase 3!

I feel data has shown middle school and high school covid number rise when kids are at school and in more contact with one another. Elementary school children, as based on data, have a far less chance to contract and transfer covid.

There have been enough transitions this year. I worry too for a full day with masks.

Just please don’t get lazy on the enforcing of COVID social distancing and mask wearing policies. Otherwise it’s pointless.

And tell them masks are no longer a requirement it is unreasonable to expect the kids to be in them all day!! There is so much anxiety and stress already upon everyone that it would just add to it.

Not concerned at all. Thanks!

I think I’m just hesitant on the High School level because I’m worried about the social distancing during lunch time, which would be added back in if the students went full-time.

This makes so much sense. I fully support schools going back to full-time.


The high school and junior high cases will skyrocket without the much needed time for the schools to properly clean everything. I would hate for cases to finally be going down just for them to go up again because a few hours were added to the school week. I don’t feel as though having early out lessens the education they are getting, so I am very much against the change. However, I feel as though the elementary schools will be better able to clean and sanitize everything each day, simply because there are far fewer students and the students stay in the same class for most of the day. So my vote is a possible yes for elementary and a firm no for middle and high schools. There are only 3 months left of school,, so let’s end on a good note and not put the kids and their families in unnecessary danger. In the fall, however, I feel that the regular schedule for everyone will be much safer for everyone involved.

Still not as safe especially with the variants floating around


We closed down because of safety. The risks have been alleviated to the point that it seems silly to remain closed. I just read an article about how behind everyone is academically. Open up and catch up!

But I don’t mind if it stays short days either.

We’ve gone this long like this I think it would be HARD for kids and teachers to go back full time! I say finish off the year like it is and regroup for next year. Plus with new variants etc while still getting everyone vaccinated I wouldn’t mess with how things are. And I think trying to do testing on this crazy year is not wise either! It has been a hard adjustment for everyone so rather than throw this new wrench and change in just finish out like it is. That’s my opinion!

The Kids need to be back in School!

Although the overall impact of Covid-19 has continued to decrease, this is not the time to ease up. In fact, we have been encouraged by administration and leaders to continue to practice safe procedures. In addition, for consistency and to evaluate the numbers of cases, it would be more beneficial for students to wait until after spring break. (It is always easier to open up then pull back.) This would also allow for more people to be vaccinated. One of my biggest concerns is lunchtime. Students would not be wearing a mask and during the cold weather it is very difficult to have social distancing. Lastly, although most teachers will be vaccinated, many parents will not. Students will have a higher probability to spread this to family members and the community.

Please do this ASAP!!

“Do not put high school back full time, just so we can end up shut down. These kids & teachers have been jerked around enough. This year has been exhausting. We’ve already gone to 5 day a week when everyone else is at 4. If you out high school back to normal than I expect it to be normal – dances, assemblies etc.

It’s a joke that elementary can’t go full time unless high school does – figure out a way to make the busses work like ASD has.”

“I think the high school students at this point should just finish the year with the schedule that has been in place. I would even support going back to Phase 2 and have Fridays be a virtual day. I think a lot of the HS students are having mental health issues related to the pandemic and another thing to get used to with the limited time left in the school year is an unnecessary change to put on them for not a lot of benefit.

If full days are implemented – I would HIGHLY SUGGEST looking at incorporating a Friday virtual day.”

They need to be in school. There is more concern about mental illness and suicides than this virus. Take the masks off and let them be kids. That is the best medicine for these kids!

Hooray! Excellent choice! Thank you for being a reasonable district. We love PSD!

Thank you!!

Even though numbers are going down, the numbers for the new, more contagious strain are going up in the united States and will likely hit utah within the next month or so. It is still imperative that there be adequate time for sanitizing and as limited exposure as possible while still allowing for as much standard education as possible – phase 2 seems to be meeting those goals as ideally as could be expected. Furthermore, in general kids are still feeling the effects of a pandemic in terms of heightened stress, etc – requiring a full day of school would compound that.

I am absolutely opposed. We are in a rhythm and cases of covid now are still higher than they were when school started in August. We want numbers to continue to decline and we need to help that to happen. I think we have also learned that we don’t need so many hours in school for optimal learning to take place. Children need time out of class too and I wish we could transition permanently to less hours of children sitting in a closed classroom, as if that is the only way they can learn. Please do not make the mistake of transitioning to phase 3 this year. Also, we were told at the beginning of the year that we would have the option this year of a hybrid schedule. That was granted for the first part of the year but was pulled from beneath us suddenly mid-year and the option taken away. That was not helpful or good. People planned and created a schedule and have had to adjust so many times this year already. It is better to keep things as they are.

At this late date please don’t disrupt the routine again. Consistency has been good and masks for a full day is too long.

I really like this half day thing. It lets them clean the schools and allows COVID rates to slow. I supported going back to school but I feel we are moving through the phases too fast. Let’s just finish this school year at half days. By next year everyone will be vaccinated and the kids will be prepared to have full days.

I’m good with kids moving to full day, as long as teachers are good with it

I work at two schools in another school district. I feel we have had great success at implementing in person learning 5 days a week for several months.

“I really fell schools as a extremely ‘controlated enviroment’ place, control and behavior building is such thing on school fundamentalist basis, and if teachers are protected by vaccines, my point is that it’s the time to come back, but only if teachers feels really comfortable with this return to full time school. Thanks for all your hard work!”

“End the sham. Get these kids back in school and stop stealing my tax money. If you don’t want to go to work, give me back my stolen money.

Your stupid policies have resulted in my children now hating school and totally bombing out on their grades. We, as a society, will all suffer from this ineptitude for many years to come.”

“(Negative) I worry that wearing masks for that much longer every day could be annoying/detrimental to students and staff. (Positive) But it’s not *that* much longer. (Negative) At the same time, I worry that lunch could be a breeding ground for virus transmission. (Positive) Also at the same time, I would like my child to have more time to socialize with friends at school. (Negative) I kind of like the shorter days that allow a break between school and my child’s after-school activities with the theatre program at Timpview. (Negative) It seems like there is a lot of downtime during my daughter’s classes right now. What will the extra time be used for? Has class material/curriculum been lessened due to Covid?”

Let them finish the school year out they way it is. They have had so much change. Lets keep consistency for the next 2 months.

Thank you for considering full time school. I think full time is best for everybody involved. We really appreciate you giving us a voice in the matter.

As long as my child DO NOT have to wear that mask for about 7 hours I am okay if you transition to Phase 3. That mask is making my daughter feel sick. She has been getting sinus issue, headaches, dry mouth. It will not be healthy for my 15 year old to spend the entire school day in doors with a mask that is blocking her breathing and making her sick. If my daughter has to wear the mask for the entire school day, then it is a “NO” from me. I hope someone reads this comment. This should have never happened since all this covid-19 crap was political so that they could remove a person from office.

Schools should not go back to full time until students can be vaccinated

Everyone is already burned out-students and teachers alike. We can’t make up the time that was lost, so we need to just move forward, staying where we are and doing the best we can. The last thing we need is for kids and teachers to to be so over tired and stressed that they can’t do their best. Mask fatigue is REAL! Don’t make them wear them any longer than we are now. Please!

My kid is significantly behind in school than her cousin who is in the same grade in Alpine School District. She needs more time in school. It’s time to get these kids back to full time.

Take the masks off as well.

With risk of infection so low, it is important to pay attention to the social and psychological needs of youth. My children have NOT been well served by remote instruction and eschool.

A full schedule day with masks is to many hours with masks on.

First of all, thanks for all that you have done to get and keep our children in school as much as possible. While desirable, full-time school for my children is not in their best interest right now in light of the fact they have to wear masks. That is still so prohibitive to interacting with their teachers and peers.I can’t imagine wearing them for 2 hours more each day. Maybe we should wait to go full time when we get past the covid threat and can resume school as normal with out masks. I worry for the teachers who are already doing a lot to manage both in class and online instuction. It will be hard for the high school to manage lunch. My high school students feel that they are getting a good amount of schooling in. They feel like the teachers are using the in-class time very well. Perhaps we should ride out the rest of the year with 2.5. THanks for your consideration.

I think elementary schools could make the transition easily. I don’t have kids in the older grades to know how that transition would be. If they will be exposed to more people and it would cause the numbers to go up and then you have to shut it down again that seems worse then what you are currently doing.

Younger students seem to be doing a better job of adhering to the safety precautions because they listen more to their leaders and teachers. My kids have worn their masks and have mentioned that the masks rarely if ever come off and they all do their best. Whereas the teenage groups get together more and spread it more.

I don’t think they should have to wear masks

This is great news!

I think it’s safe to stay as we are now

I think it’s too long of a day for the kids to be wearing masks.

Please get our kids back to school full time! While I appreciate the efforts to be safe, this has gone on far too long.

I like the schedule and my daughter has already scheduled for college courses during that time. Just wait until next year to go full time. If the kid eat lunch at school that will be a problem

I dauther would love to go full time school.

Feel like we should have been there a while ago considering teachers are being vaccinated, rates for kids are super low and transmission from student to teacher is practically non existent

I would be happy for my kids to go back to school full time. They have missed out on so much learning only having limited time in the classroom. The time in school is so important for the kids. I worry about them being so far behind grade level.

I think the shift to phase 3 sounds like a careful decision based on the data and I am in favor of it. However, I believe it is better to have the different school levels to move to whichever phase is supported by the data on safety and risk of spread, rather than pushing for all of them to match. For example if elementary schools are moving to phase 3 but high schools have greater risk concerns and wish to remain at phase 2, there should not be a push for correlating the phases between the schools at the expense of safety.

I’m open to all of the schools having the OPTION to transition to phase 3 but think it should be left to the administration of each individual school to make the final decision.

I believe the shorter days are better. My kids complain that they have to wear a mask in P.E. And I firmly believe that’s not.ok. they are inhaling way to much and can pass out. As proven at others schools. Take the masks off outside and in P.E. simple


We’re almost done with the year. Just leave it as is. This year has been hard enough on the teachers.. I hope they’ve all received their shots..

I believe that this has been a great experience to have early out every day.

There has been enough disruption a d change for these kids. Let’s leave things as they are until the end of the year. Going back and forth is unsettling.

Would love for them to have full-time instruction if it’s an option. They need to catch up. Thanks so much!!

I think it might be nice to transition to full-time school right after spring break? That way teachers and students have a little bit more time to prepare for the transition.

So far so good

The transition to a full time schedule should be happening immediately. If it gets much later in the year you’re going to miss having a full time schedule at all. The lack of classroom time is putting our students behind and they may not ever be able to make that up. As a group that always touts how much you care about the children, you have done them a great disservice.

I would keep the phase 2 to have enought time afterclass to clean the classroom. And I would start next school years as normal school hours

I support the move as long as we maintain the safety protocols when at school. My biggest concern would be for the teachers. If we move to phase 3, does that mean they no longer have to juggle online and in-class teaching? I don’t think it’s fair to ask them to do both without additional compensation, and I don’t think it serves our children well, as they’re more stretched and less able to provide a high-quality classroom experience.

“This is the best email I’ve received all year!

Let’s Get these kids back to full day every day. They need to be around friends, teachers, and learning in a school environment.

*now let’s hope we can get rid of the masks, so they can see smiles and expressions from those around them!”

Yes! Yes ! Yes! For the high schools. I’m less excited about elementary school going back to a full schedule because the amount of school feels just right for my second grader. I’m worried the adjustment of adding the extra time back into the schedule will wear out teachers and students. Kids are sensitive to change and that adds quite a bit of time all at once onto a school day every day of the week. I’m prepared for crankier kids, but it won’t be fun.

YES! Please.

I would like to see a program set up for kids who do become sick. My kindergartner became sick, with what we think is just a cold, but I didn’t want to send her to school and don’t really know when I should send her back to school. I reached out to the teacher about online school and they said it wasn’t an option right now. It would be really great if there were some kind of guideline on what to do if your kids is sick so that they aren’t just missing school, but we don’t send them back to early and pass illnesses to others.

I think it’s a great idea for all schools to go back to full-time. I think the children need it!

Thanks for all the hard work and efforts during these challenging times!

I am in favor of it, but my children have found they enjoy online school and will continue to take online schooling full-time in the future.

Elementary kids are more aware and used to the masks, my 7 year old will not take it off unless told to. He will wear it at home an hour after if I don’t remind him to take it off. I trust that they have grown to adjust to this lifestyle and they will be fine with following save covid protocol.

I think it is a little scary with COVID still out there, but it will give the students more time in class to get help from the teachers, my student does so much better when she can interact in class and ask questions.

Per current CDC guidelines, the cases in our county are not low enough to allow a full return to school. Suggest it remain hybrid until that rate drops.

Please let them go to phase 3! Their education has already suffered enough.

Please finish off this school year as it is! COVID is still here n I just want to keep it this way! Until everyone gets vaccinated then maybe for next school year! Numbers are great n let’s keep it that way!

As long as everyone still masks up and they can jump back to phase 2 if needed

My son is already severely overwhelmed with school, this will cause him to literally quit. I have never been a fan of how long school is. 7-8 hours of school a day is absolutely ridiculous. But if that can’t change, at least don’t change that up now. Leave things the same for the rest of the year please.

“Until you can offer the full school experience, I do not think students should go all day. I do not support it.

We have altered our after school time to compensate for all the many, many things school does not provide anymore.

Lengthening the day would disrupt that and displease me and my students greatly.

Until you can add back in lunch being a social time, field trips, spectators at events, no masks, engaging lessons off computer screens, clubs, dances, assemblies, pep rallies, senior traditions, in person band concerts, culinary competitions, hosa competitions, etc, etc,etc … We are not ready for full time school.

We have gone elsewhere to ensure our kids receive the things they need to be happy and healthy– emotionally and socially–as school hasn’t provided this year.

It’s been a huge disappointment to say the very least.

We have sought jobs that would be messed up by full day school. So they have a sense of belonging and feeling of accomishment. Challenge their brains.

Adding Friday suddenly altered work schedules already.

As a full time substitute for provo school district, I can say that students have no stamina this year. Lengthening the school day would not increase school learning time. They are already dying with school as long as it is. The teachers express this time and time again. Kids want to go home. Having the school day longer now that it is warm out and kids have spring fever, is only going to make everything worse.”

Yes please let’s get the kiddos back to school.

I think if you do not switch into phase 3 now then you are sending the message that the schedule we currently have is adequate for our children’s education. There is absolutely no justification to keep it in phase 2.5. In accordance with the mission of the school district, please educate my children. It is not the job of the school district to stop education with the excuse of concern for mental health. I deal with my own children’s mental health. That is a family’s and physicians job, not a school’s job.

“My kids all want to go back full time. My nine year old even prayed this morning to be able to do so. I trust that the teachers and faculty all have the students best interests at heart. I do not feel like it had been any problem for the kids to be at school. They need more learning time in the classroom.”

I am all for this and think it’s time to transition to full-time school.

My special needs child needs the structure. My advanced student feels stunted


I dont see 2 hours difference making any difference considering covid-19 impact, children are already going 5 days a week.

I am very appreciative of all the has been done to protect our students and teachers and know it will continue. I an concerned about the students who may be falling behind. The extra time each day will greatly improve their learning. Thank you to all who have worked so hard in our students behalf. A special thank you full of gratitude for our teachers!

I think school has been safe enough to do this transition

“So long as our teachers and staff have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, we feel it would be best for our kids to be back full-time. If there has not been enough time for everyone that wants to be protected to be vaccinated, we should wait until that can be done.

We would also be in favor of moving to a four full-day school week Monday – Thursday. This has been effective in other districts and helps reduce cost.

Thank you for inviting us to comment on this important step to return our kids to an appropriate level of academic progress.”

My support is based on continued mask wearing and continued encouragement for sick students to stay home.

We still afraid

I do not think there is a risk of greater contagion when increasing a couple of hours at school, I think it is time to return to normal

It is about time

Please please please re open schools full time! The data shows it is safe, and the students need it! Let’s go back to normal and let our kids get the education they deserve.

I am supportive of whatever is best for the teachers and staff, and whatever makes them feel safest. Thank you!

Given the current condition of the pandemic improving and increased vaccinations available (particularly to teachers), as well as the compromised state of our children’s education over the past year, I would recommend that we move to full time school.

Thr district has done an amazing job at keeping everyone healthy and safe. Let’s prioritize learning. Need some alternative to sanitizer for kids that have open red rashes on their hands. Thanks you everyone.

I think junior and high school students are more careless. So for them I think it would be more risky.

We are ready for our children to go back to school full time. We thank everyone who is been working hard and doing their with the limited resources available to us.

I feel it’s important to get kids back to full days and don’t see much of a difference to risk by adding 2 hours per day to in school time.

I would love to vote YES, but will only do so if the mask mandate is lifted…I worry for my children’s health & the possible mental/emotional ramifications that have been brought on by wearing a mask for such a great percentage of the day. I cannot in good conscience put my children in a mask for 2 more hours beyond what is already being asked, as much as I would love to have this Phase 3 normalcy return. Also, I feel this would disrupt so many routines & schedules that at this point have been going most of the year.

“Children learn best with a consistent schedule. They also learn better when they have other students who ask questions that they may not think of. Full time school is best for everyone. It’s also helps the students who may not have the support at home. School is a safer place then home for some children. And for some is the only real meal they may get for the day. The inconsistency that this school year has been the cause of much stress and anxiety for many a student and parent. So do what our taxes pay you to do and get back to educating our children.”

I feel like all day is too long for masks with the little people.

Please get them back to normal!!! I also don’t like them having to go next and forth because practice has to start at 2:45. Let them go all day so they can turn go to after school practices and we don’t have to go back and forth to school several times a day. Thank you

As long as masks, disinfecting and, when possible, physical distancing are still implemented.

“I’m optimistic that we can get there soon, but I’m concerned that if we rush it we’ll have to backtrack once again’”which is worse for the students and teachers than just staying as we are.

Likewise, I’d hate to see cases increase in the schools and see kids have to miss extracurriculars.”

Hopefully the extra time will allow for some catch up to go into the next school year

I do not think High School aged children need full day instruction at this time.

If I am to be perfectly honest’”while I would support a return to full time I would not care for it. I find the shortened schedule to be better for my children and myself overall. They seem to find life less stressful and are better able to handle the home load than they ever were previously’”and from what I can tell their grades are none the worse for it. If feasible I would love for the impact of the shortened schedule to be studied to determine whether this positive impact is limited to us, and entertain whether or not there would be a value in a shortened day.

Just because numbers are going doesn’t make it safe. Plus wearing mask all day is not healthy


Yes please!! Especially for elementary schools

I honestly feel it should be 4 days a week full-time and Friday be a day of cleaning and time off. At this point the year is almost over, just finish the year off with the schedule that is in place. My kids are tired, frustrated and done with it all.

The transition to phase 3 should happen when there is adequate vaccination and no longer a need for masks. There have been enough changes for our students, let’s just finish the school year out the way it is currently set.

I think we need to be aware of the potential upcoming wave, I think we still need time to watch.

This is amazing! I’m glad the schools are finally coming around!

The only thing is, wearing a mask that long is DETRIMENTAL to our kids’ health!!!!!

Please don’t move to phase three!!!!

While data shows outbreaks are trending the right way, we need to maintain current standards in order for them to continue to trend the right way.


The current schedule works well. The amount of homework is manageable. It would be beneficial fir the schools to have the extra time for cleaning and sanitizing. Also I don’t want my kids to have to wear masks for that long of a stretch during the day. If the didn’t have to wear masks all day, or deep cleaning could still be managed after hours, I would reconsider.

I think these decisions should be made by medical experts and epidemiologists and not the uninformed masses. The death rate now is worse than a year ago. Instead of trying to slow down the positive trend by reducing safety measures we should just wait until people stop dying of COVID-19.

I don’t think the littler ones are ready to head back to school for that longer day. They have had so many transitions and changes over this school year and I think with school not being all that far from ending, it would be best to keep consistency and keep the same hours as it is at now.

My only concern with expanding to all day schools is the children having to wear their masks even longer each day and potential discomfort (headaches, etc) but the time with in person teacher instruction could be worth the trade off …

At this point my high school student has secured a job and is doing well online. A switch at this point would not be beneficial for her

Because the school year is almost over, term 3 ends in almost 2 weeks, I think it would be wise to continue the current early release schedule for all schools until the end of the 2020/21 school year. Making a change this late in the school year would add unnecessary stress on students, and their families. If the Covid-19 cases truly continue to decrease through the summer and early fall then at that point, the beginning of the 2021-22 school year should be started in phase 3, and adjustments/changed should be made as needed depending on cases at that time.

I worry about the class sizes in the secondary setting.

More time is needed to see the overall trend, allow teachers and staff to be vaccinated, and allow vaccines for students to be safely developed. Especially when there are new/unknown strains looming around the globe. It would be so nice to have more than a couple weeks of consistency for students/families/staff. I’m sure the school board will do whatever they desire, regardless of what is best practice. It’s very frustrating to have health data be ignored, science be swept away, and politics take center stage in all decision making. I’m glad to see masks will still be required regardless of the decision, I really hope that doesn’t change in the near future for everyone’s health and well being.

I am eager to have my children return to full time school, but positive trends do not equal herd immunity. Once vaccines are widely available and we are able to get our community spread to a minimal level, I would support such a move. But we are not there yet. Please don’t jump the gun.

I do not support moving to longer school hours

Let’s do it!

Yes! Please! ASAP!

Does this mean M-F for full day not half day (1:30 pm early out now)?

The mask wearing policy isn’t being enforced and I will not send my child to school like that

Not while wearing masks. Kids don’t need to wear masks that long 5 days a week.

Support the idea

Although I strongly support opening all schools full-time, I think my senior will really, really struggle to go full-time for the last month. He already has serious senior-itis.

Going to a full day school schedule would involve lunch which means taking masks off. Not enough people are vaccinated yet.

Honestly my son comes home from school happier with these shorter days and less burnt out. I also don’t want him to be forced to wear a mask for 2 more hours of his day. My son sits in the back of the classroom and he said he can’t see passed all the dividers to what the teacher is showing on the board, etc. there’s other issues that need to be worked out before you move to all day

I have felt like Provo School district has been very cautious and has handled all this tricky business very well! I have supported the caution taken. But now we are learning that masks work! YAY! So I feel like we have been careful and now we are learning more and seeing our kids and teachers aren’t getting sick at school. And teachers are vaccinated (Or had the option to be vaccinated). Im hoping you will move forward and let kids go to school full time and with masks I feel like it will all be good! The kids are bored out of their minds and need school. We aren’t quarantining anymore like we were in the past and it seems like its time to go full time back to school! I see a light at the end of the tunnel! :). Thanks. for all you do!

My daughter has asthma and cannot breathe well using a mask. I also don’t want my kids to have to wear masks longer than they are already wearing them for at school.

I think it is to early. Should wait for more people to be vaccined

The social aspect for our kids and more learning time is valuable.

Full day with masks is too much. Either get rid of the masks or stay with early out.

I will only support phase 3 when wearing masks are no longer required. My kids are having headaches from wearing masks for long periods of time.

I trust when that health department says it’s safe.

I do NOT feel this would be a good transition at this time! With all the upheaval this past year, I feel this would add more stress and cause more undue emotions in our children and our teachers. Please do not start full time school until the following school year!!

I have kids in 3 different schools and Provo high is the best one handling the covid, because the kids do not eat nor spend as much time inside school and have less exposure, I feel

We’re not through this yet. I don’t think we’re ready to have the high schools back to full time.

I think it’d be better to leave the early out in place throughout the end of the school year. It seems every time they start getting used to a schedule it gets switched. I think they need normalcy.

Kids are falling behind academically. They desperately need to be back in school.

At the very least Elementary schools should be moved to phase 3, full time school.

I think there is more risk with high school students, mainly I’m concerned with lunch, not sure it can be done safely.

We feel the younger aged children need more support academically and a transition to phase 3 is important. However, the middle and high school aged children and able to handle the the current phase. Our children has expressed their wish to not move to phase 3 at this time. One parent is a healthcare worker and feels that it would be best to wait and have a larger population of Utah county’s residents to be vaccinated.

My high schooler continues to have concerns about the lack of consistent and proper mask wearing at school by some students and teachers. This is a concern for us.

I don’t feel that the students should be wearing masks for that many hours consecutively. I am grateful that our kids can go to school and get face to face instruction. I also understand that masks have been necessary. However prolonged wearing of masks has negative health consequences. I don’t feel that students should be back to full time until they can go without wearing masks.

I would like to see continued social distancing at lunch and a plan for high school kids

I’d be pleased to see all Provo School District students return to a full schedule. However, I hope that heightened cleaning measures will be continued through the end of the school year as we do still have risk due to COVID.

It’s time to get back to normal!


Can we get rid of the masks? My daughter has a permanent rash around her face from having to wear them. Especially silly since each desk has a shield and they are socially distanced as well. It is also hard to learn how to read from someone wearing a mask. Kindergarteners need more time than 2 hours to get and education. The whole class is behind and it’s very concerning!

Until vaccinations are more widely available and given recent CDC concerns over a fourth wave of COVID as well as the continued discovery of new variant strains of the virus, it seems more sensible to hold in the current arrangement through the end of the school year.

It will be helpful and beneficial for my 2 kids. Especially when they have a learning disability.

No, I strongly feel the hours 8:30-1:40 is PLENTY TIME for my kids to be in school. More added hours is not needed, in my opinion. It’s too much! Kids NEED THEIR TIME to do kids things! Go outside & enjoy the outdoors & BE A KID!

Please, please, please, let our kids return full time!!! And please do a couple of school dances! It’s been a full year, our kids need this!

As long as the current safety measures are kept in place (masks, etc) I don’t think more time matters much.

My student is in kindergarten and her class has never been quarantined. We’d love to have her in a full half-day!

I think that switching to full time while keeping with masks and the current cleanliness protocols would be fantastic!

Feel comfortable with full day school. It is time!

Just finish out the year half day till all vaccines are available

“Our kids have done great all year but are missing out on a full school experience. I get concerned when my high school daughter’s math teacher told her ‘I like teaching 60 minute classes..I hope we never go back to 90 minute classes’

WHAT?!! Isn’t that your job??? Time to get back to reality….let’s be better and expect better.”

Get them back full-time! Long overdue.

I fully support children being back in school!

I do not want my kids in masks all day. The school year is almost over let’s just finish up the way we are going and start fresh in the fall. We have worked hard to make our schedules work out this school year and I’m tired of them always changing. It’s not good for the mental and emotional health of my kids.

Honestly, I don’t care. At this point make up your mind and just do something and stick with it. This maybe/maybe not thing is difficult to plan around, and not beneficial to students. Just make up your mind!

I think it would be very helpful as they all seem a bit behind this year due to covid

Consistency. I could see this potentially hurting the students who get quarantined even more.

Please keep the early out days. It has been working very well.

I feel that this would help with those who might struggle with homework.

Not until teachers are actually instructing students, instead of just supervising them on chrome books.

We should just ride phase 2.5 out till the end of the year.

Please allow our families to maintain the normalcy we have all struggled to create for our children. Please let us finish out the school year without any more changes and return to the original schedule in the fall.

Full time school is imperative for public schools. I believe risk is minimal at this time, while need for full time school maintains presidence.

As long as the cases stay on a downward or steady low trend, we fully support returning to school full-time. Also, with our teachers vaccinated, I feel like we are in a much better position to return.

“It will be great to go to fase 3! I’m worried about the content that the students are missing.”

Far too many hours in a mask for elementary school kids

The kids are doing well, they are not stressed out. Sending them to more hours around kids longer just adds more stress and more possible exposure. You should leave the schools like this next year also. Gives the kids more time to finish homework and do there activities, less time just sitting in classrooms doing nothing. We have found that they can get the same amount of stuff done in less time. They have more time to be kids and more time to spend with families at home. Please do not go to full phase 3

In order to transition into full-time school face masks should no longer be required. That is too long for kids to be forced to wear face masks.

I am naturally a cautious personality. I research options. I’m practical. I like data and research. I appreciate all that has been done this year to take a measured approach the best we’ve known how. I also believe and over abundance of caution can negatively impact children also. I feel that my Elementary aged children are safe and happy at school. I know that their teachers are happy to have more time with them rather than less. I fully. support having them move to Phase 3.

Yes, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s unfair to teachers to have to perform extra safety measures with no extra time.

Se an atrasado mucho en aprendizaje,, me gustaría que avance en sus matemáticas..pues para mi es difícil explicar las matemáticas.

I would agree to move to phase 3

Please stop forcing kids to wear masks it’s completely unnecessary at this point and unfair and psychologically harming to condition those kids to do so

As a parent, I love the shorter schedule for my child in middle school. He does home school advanced math 4 days a week after he attends in person. He is a mountain bike racer and the earlier schedule also gives him time to train, do the homeschool math, and still give him time to complete his homework from school.

Although we are not worried about COVID-19, we have found that our children have thrived having a shortened school day (getting out at 1:30 pm). The shortened schedule has allowed for both our children and us as parents to have a more rounded, balance life. We would prefer that our children finish out the school year going 5 days a week, but ending at 1:30 pm

Very interested in extra curricular programs and school activities especially for my senior who is missing all of this his senior year and has already had Covid so he is very low risk.

I’m so glad this is being considered before the school year ends.

As long as strict sanitation continues and absences should not count. Any sign of sickness whatsoever should be a cause to stay home.

This should have been done after winter break

I don’t feel qualified to answer for middle and high schools without having kids in those grades and knowing the circumstances of those age groups. I do feel that in-person learning in better that on the computer no matter what age!

I don’t want my kids to have to wear masks all day long yet I don’t feel like it is safe for them to be in school without masks on. There are only three months left in the school year and we have completely rearranged our lives to make this schedule work this year juggling two parent careers and the kids extracurriculars, etc. please don’t upset the apple cart now. Let’s just ride out the rest of the year and start full-time school in August.

We’re not comfortable with our kids going full time until we have been vaccinated. Once we’re vaccinated, we’re happy to resume full time school. My wife is at very high risk because she has existing lung damage from blood clots in her lungs. We simply can’t risk our kids getting COVID from other families who are less careful (e.g. the big dance that a bunch of students recently hosted with other high schools). If students are at school full time, they’ll have to eat lunch and that means lots of people in a room without masks on. This simply isn’t acceptable for those families who have family members at high risk (e.g., those currently battling cancer or who may be immunocompromised for other reasons, etc.)

We’d love to have our kids fully engaged in a regular school day with the full hours appropriate

I don’t feel transitioning to full time will have any real benefits to the students at this late juncture in the school year.

I’m still concerned about getting the virus under control until vaccines are available for everyone. Is there a plan to vaccinate the students next?

Until vaccination of the general public has reached levels that would protect against a new surge in cases, opening schools to full time attendance is not only ill-advised but dangerous. Levels are low at the moment specifically because of the precautions in place, such as schools not being on a full-time schedule. Lifting those precautions before vaccines have reached the general public will simply take the current plateau in cases and send it upward again. Transitioning to full time school now would be remarkably irresponsible.

It is time to fully reopen

Kids shouldn’t have to wear a mask. Increasing school time is horrible wearing a mask.

Would love for all schools to go all week full day as normal. If they can get away from mask wearing as soon as the order has been removed that would be perfect. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping out kids in school.

Although trends of new contagious have been low, there is also information about the new viral strain variants being more pathogenic to younger individuals.

I believe there is a step up from where we are that I would be supportive of, but I think a 5-day schedule, especially in A/B odd/even schools is counterproductive. A 4 day work week is much better for everyone, with the fifth day being optional for students and a prep/catch up/tutoring day for teachers. I think the school day can and should be longer than it currently is (i.e. 8:00-2:00pm) but we should NOT go back to 5 full days ever again, for the mental and physical health of our students!

PLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE get these kids back in school with no restrictions. This has gone on long enough. So many kids are failing (including my middle-schooler) because the hybrid school schedule is just too hard for him to keep track of. Full-time school & activities. No masks. No more covid testing. Just normalcy. Please.


With all teachers and staff members vaccinated and the vaccination rates climbing for adults and the number of cases declining, I think it is appropriate to return to school.

Easing restrictions too early could result in massive COVID spread. Just waiting a few extra months could make a huge difference. Just continue with what is working!

Just finish the year the way we are. It’s been too much change already. The year is almost over. After testing in the fourth quarter, there isn’t much teaching going on anyway.

Yes! Please!


I am very supportive of transitioning schools to full-time.

End the school year as they are now. The schedule has already caused my child severe anxiety and distress, and throwing them back full time, and wearing masks causes more harm than good. Start FT in the fall, just get us through to May.

Opening our schools full times will lead to opening everything else up! It’s time!

Thank you for all you have done through this whole ordeal!



I support 5 full days of school if masks are worn by all adults and children on school property

Get rid of the masks too while you’re at it. Face diapers are hell

Love this and so ready!

Does this leave anytime for sanitizing? Does sanitizing just go away when the trend looks better? Seems like an issue.

It is definitely time to resume normal schooling. With all teachers vaccinated, there is minimal risk. Students are probably safer at school than they are after school with friends!

The data may show positive outcomes but kids get sick from school and placed risks for family of higher risk.

I think it’d be great to move to full-time. I think it’d be especially helpful for my daughter who is in kindergarten and not learning nearly as much as my sons did when they are in kindergarten and it has been hard for her. She is struggling to keep up. I also think the transition to first grade if it goes back to full-time over the summer would be extremely hard for her. To go from 2 hours to 7 hours.

I fully support returning to school full time. I believe strongly it is in the best interest of the children and families at large

It’s definitely time to move back to full days. The sooner the better.

Kids need to be full time in school with NO masks

Please move to phase 3 at the start of next term.


Pienso que ya es el tiempo de intentar volver a la normalidad, si todo sale bien, continuamos para adelante.

Me párese bien que los niños se incorporen los 5 días semanales siguiendo un protocolo

está bien por mi solo que sigan con cubre bocas y se laven las manos

Bueno yo estoy de acuerdo a que regresen tiempo completo para que nose atrasen mucho académicamente ya que solo se agregaria dos horas más y ya falta poco para que se termine el ciclo escolar.

Les hase falta porque en casa no estudian y se van a bajar de de rendimiento

Creo que mis estudiantes necesitan tener sus clase completa porque están muy atrasados obvió con mucha preucacion

Creo que cuando maestros esten vacunados y el numero de casas sea menor podriia realizarseen vacunados y el numero de ca

Si es seguro estoy de acuerdo porque creo que los niños y jóvenes necesitan clases presenciales, por que en mi caso yo no puedo ayudarlos con sus dudas y mis hijos se distraen fácil aquí en casa y ellos me han dicho que comprenden más cuando están en la escuela que en línea no comprenden lo suficiente

Si todos los cuidados siguen como hasta ahora si

Porque sería bueno para los alumnos recuperarse de porque para algunos fue difícil estar mucho tiempo en casa

Sería la mejor manera para todos los estudiantes

Con las medidas necesarias creo k si

Pieso si todos usamos cubre bocas y la distacia. Vamos estar bien y nuestros niños tambien.

Me parece muy bien y estoy de acuerdo face 3 y todo lo que sea bueno para los estudiantes

Me parece bien el regreso completo siempre y cuando haya las medidas de seguridad que tiene que haver

Si me gustaría q regresaran de tiempo completo ala. Escuela

estoy de acuerdoe

Pienso que led importante que los estudiantes tengan una preparación académica mas completa al 100%

Si estoy de acuerdo que asistan tiempo completo

Estoy de acuerdo q habrán las escuelas a tiempo completo, pero me gustaría q todos usaran mascarillas y las precauciones correspondientes

Seria bueno para los estudiantes volver un poco a la normalidad y también más tiempo en la escuela les ayudaría a subir sus materias ya que esto les a afectado a algunos alumnos

Muy bien

Is better if the studens come in full time because they can learn better the in the house

Es lo mejor para los edtudiantes

Pienso que sería lo mejor para la salud mental y social de los niños y jóvenes

Ya no tiene caso para solo tres meses y cambiar todos los planes ya hechos de profesores y padtes de familia es demasiado tarde para hacer el cambio en mi opinioni

Volver a horario normal es como creer que no hay pandemia y no es asi

Por favor siguiendo los protocolos de seguridad y salud


Pienso que es seguro volver a clases horario completo porque creo que es el mismo riesgo si van 3 horas todo el dia

Yo estoy de acuerdo

Si porque los niños aprenden más en la escuela que en la casa


Estoy de acuerdo con regresar a la fase 3

Estoy completamente seguro que esto de face 3 es bueno para todos los estudiantes y padres preocupados por que sus estudiantes que aprendan y se gradúen en el estudio correcto gracias

Perfecta 🤩 decisión completamente de acuerdo ya que los niños necesitan más educación


Mi hija es un senior y pienso que debería aprovechar los últimos meses de escuela para su progreso

Solo una petición, que si abren la escuela todo el día,dejen que los niños respiren aire puro, que ya no usen las mascarillas porfavor.

Seria mejor q los niños estudieran tiempo completo aprenderian mas pero siempre y cuando y cuiden alos niños y usar las mascarillas

Seria bueno que regresaran de tiempo completo a la escuela pues estan muy atrasados en lo academico y parece que han estado mas controlados los casos del covid y en niños parece que no es muy comun

Estoy de acuerdo

Si pues solo seria 2 horas mas

Me perece bien más que todo por que avancen en sus estudios

Creo que con los mismos cuidados podremos lograrlo

Seria bien probar algunas semanas y ver si no aumentan los contagios

Es necesario que los niños vuelvan a sus horarios normales porque hay muchos niños no quieren completar su trabajo en su casa

Estoy de acuerdo porque seria mejor para los niños de volver un poco a la normalidad

Si claro que me parece perfecto que regresen a clases todo el día para mayor rendimiento

Gracias por pensar en nuestros estudiantes, creo que regresar a tiempo completo les va a ayudar a no estar tan atrasados en sus clases


Usando las medidas necesarias

Hola creo que a todos los estudiantes en general les harian bien ya que con mis hijos he a ido de maravilla cuentan demasiadas cosas que pasan durante su estancia en la escuela estaria perfecto siempre y cuando siguiendo las normas como hasta hoy muchas gracias escuela timpanogos

Con las precauciones adecuadas

Estoy de acuerdo en que sea horario completo

Si están disminuyendo los casos estoy de acuerdo

Pienso que mejor que ballan en persona porque allá si ponen mas atension y encasa solo estudian un rato y disen que ya terminaron pero que sigan tomando sus precauciones y que ojala y los puedan vacunar

Ya mi hijo está cansado de estar solo y creo que sería muy beneficioso para el y su desarrollo emocional

Sería un bueno para los estudiantes ya que se sienten estresados el estar mucho en casa .

Que usen mascarías para evitar contagio

Buena decisión la que están tomando de retomar las clases por tiempo completo.

Si me gustaría por que es mejor para los niños y así aprenden mucho más que estar saliendo temprano llegan a casa y no quieren hacer nada

Creo que si ustedes creen que se pudiera estaria bien

Mientras sigan usando mascarías y sanitandoze

Creo todo esta fincionando bien y tomaron las precausiones necesarias, aso que creo que si seria bueno que vuelvan

Yo creo que con los cuidados adecuados y sugeridos se puede poco a poco volver a la normalidad

Los alumnos aprovechan mejor los recursos escolares y obtienen mejor aprendizaje al estar presentes en la escuela

The school it’s very important in the social and emotional,not only in the academic form.

Yo pienso que sería mejor que los estudiantes ballan tiempo conpleto siguiendo las reglas de seguridad por que mis hijos an bajado mucho sus grados es mejor para ellos para que se recuperen tengo un hijo que se gradúa este año de provo high y estoy muy preocupada por que el tanbien bajó de grados y estoy preocupada si el se graduara

En estos tiempos tenemos que aprender a vivir con el Covid-19, nuestros hijos necesitan seguir subvida normal

si estoy de acuerdo en que tengan tiempo completo

Creo que es necesario para los niños para que sigan aprendiendo ya que en la casa no es lo mismo

Si esta mas controlado el virus y los niños estan bien no veo por que no ponerlo en horario normal

Estoy de acuerdo!

Aun no estoy segura de que sea muy seguro para las escuelas que estan bastante niños que esren tanto tiempo en la escuela

Creo que aún es muy pronto y no estamos libres de contagio Ya que se empezó la vacuna y los Jovenes se la apliquen

Pienso q no es tiempo d volver . Todavía . Todavía no es seguro para lios niños . NO ES EL MOMENTO TODAVÍA .

No es tiempo pienso que entre más precauciones se tomen mejor . Ya que haya una vacunación completa y funciones en cada vacunado será algo más seguro . No estoy de acuerdo que por el momento My hijo regrese ala escuela . Es más seguro por el momento .

Creo qué todavia no es tiempo, para mi estaria mejor proximo año escolar.

Aun no es completamente seguro que los niños pasen mucho tiempo en la escuela rodeados de muchos niños!

Cuando los padres de familia estén vacunados, entonces si a la normalidad, mientras no!!!!


Por que estan bien asi y siento que tiene mas tiempo para hacer su tarrea que necesitan hacer

X que mis no estan cumpliendo con las reglas no les exijen alos alumnos que tengan el cubrebocas puesto

Que no !!!!!! Luego no entienden que la pandemia no se ha acabado!!!!! Mejor regresen. A fase 1 !!!! Cuando ya esté controlado el virus , que haya clases hasta en domingo !!!!

Creo que es muy pronto creo debemos esperar otro poco

No estoy de acuerdo a que mi niña se exponga a más peligro y poner en peligro la salud de nosotros los padres a los niños que van retrasados manténganlos en la escuela sunorario normal y póngale tareas en casa para que se pongan al día pero los niños estudiosos no se pueden exponer por los que no estudian

We all know the virus is still killing and making people sick we have try for iver a year to stay healthy and indoors why open it up now when we finally have a vaccine lets wait everyone has rhe vaccine cases go down then we can ooen the schools full time

Como madre de una jovencita de 14 años y que a tenido muchos problemas con bronquitis me preocupa que este expuesta en estos momentos que aun no estamos libres de covid19, me parece algo riesgoso que en estos momentos vuelvan todos a las aulas,

Si hola mi nombre es y me parece bien que los estuddiantes regresrn a su horario normal ya que pienso yo que les ayudaria mucho el tiempo completo para hacer sus estudios.

Deverian de comensar para el proximo ciclo escolar

Literalmente falta poco para vacaciones y finalizar el año escolar me gustaria que terminara el año en la fase 2 y si todo esta bien para el proximo podria empezar con la fase 3.

Todo sea con los cuidados como hasta hoy

Porque están más pequeños y no quiero que traigan la máscara por mucho tiempo es muy incómodo pará ellos y tengo un niño que tiene asma

Personalmente creo que entre peor se ponen las cosas, más tiempo asisten los niños a las escuelas, los códigos de seguridad son violados en muchas maneras yo lo he visto y más con niños pequeños ellos s son menos vulnerables claro está, pero si contraen algo quizá en casa si hay alguien vulnerable como un abuelo, Padre o algún hermano, distanciamiento social imposible tenerlo espero que después no digan también que la máscara será opcional en las escuelas como se espera lo sea para el estado en algunos meses más supuestamente… Nos falta mucha consientizacion y la salud es primero pero muchos padres no pueden hacerse cargo de sus hijos debido al trabajo y prefieren tenerlos todo el día en la escuela es comprensible … Mi familia se vio duramente afectada por el virus del covid y tenemos ya un muerto debido a esto …

Por favor, pongan más énfasis en que se utilice la mascarilla correctamente, y que los maestros estén más pendientes de que se utilicen. De la forma correcta.

Hasta que todos hayan sido vacunados y se quite el mandato del uso del cubrebocas

Deverian terminar segir como estan los 3 meses que quedan de escuela en el horario recortado y preparar vien la face 3 para el proximo año escolar seria mejor para todos gracias

Asistir tiempo completo seria como creer que todo esta normal y no es asi,,

Pienso que todavía no es tiempo

Los niños son más vulnerables al contagio xq no toman las medidas de seguridad

Por qué aún hay mucha gente infectada, y el estar tanto tiempo juntos todos los alumnos, se arriesgarían más, a ser infectados…

Students should not be transition to phase 3 when covid-19 is not under control, and many haven’t been vaccinated.

Por que no se finaza este año asi como esta solo faltan dos meses para que se termine el ciclo escolar

Creo que no todos los alumnos tiene responsabilidad en seguir las reglas de la mascarilla

Deberían terminar todo el ciclo escolar con horario reducido, nuestros hijos todavía están muy expuestos a contraer el virus, al no tener ninguna condición médica y por ser los más jóvenes, serán los últimos en recibir la vacuna, por eso no estoy deacuerdo con el horario de tiempo completo, ya nos han cambiado mucho los horarios últimamente y nos han dejado sin mas opciones q las q impone el distrito…

Podemos controlar mas que hacen y a donde van los niños los niños que a los adolecentes

children are no longer familiar with extended hours

Por bien del estudiantes todo depende del estado de contagio por COVID 19 en el estado si ahí mucho riesgo de contagio es pejorative esperar a que los contagio bajen al cero pero si todo está volviendo a la normalidad es mejor empezar la face tres por propio beneficio del estudiante porque en propias palabras mis hijo no se ve que progresemos en esta estado escolar gracias


Aún creo que deberíamos cuidar está desicion

Pienso que los estudiantes están poniendo de su parte porque la escuela va directo al punto de lo que necesitan ellos

Aun me preocupa este asunto , por que pienso que los niños son más resistentes a esto , pero los adultos quizás no, pero un día tenemos que volver a la normalidad, Dios nos cuida

Esperemos que todo sea para bien…

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