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Provo City School District (PCSD) was approached by the group working on the feasibility study with Orem City regarding the possibility of exploring how a future Orem School District might work in conjunction with Provo City School District.

This topic is currently creating much discussion and some questions have been asked about how this could possibly affect Provo City School District.   

  • At this time, the Provo City School District Board of Education has had no formal discussion about merging with a potential Orem School District.
  • The individuals performing the feasibility study for Orem City did ask PCSD about shared services. They were interested in how the two districts might be able to share the management of Transportation, Student Services, Human Resources, Business Services, and other various departments. Due to significant logistical and management concerns, this discussion did not go very far.
  • The Provo City School District Board of Education and PCSD Administration were not a part of creating the feasibility study. As a district, we take no responsibility for the information contained in it.
  • Provo City School District is not actively pursuing merging or sharing services with a potential Orem School District.  Until the residents of Orem, the Orem City Council, or the group performing the feasibility study approaches with further inquiries, PCSD will have no other information to share on this matter. 

We will continue to provide updates if the district receives any new information or inquiries. 

Caleb Price
  • Director of Communications
  • Caleb Price