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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Kangaroos, emus and wombats — oh my! Wasatch first graders dove into the land down under as they learned all about the continent of Australia.

The day consisted of different stations that involved many unique activities. Students painted their own boomerangs at one station, while other students played with plush Australian animals at another. Some of the other stations included trying Australian food, learning about Australian currency, doing a science experiment in the “ocean” and creating books about the different creatures in Australia. A few weeks before this activity, students prepared for it by creating a book report on an Australian animal of their choice.

Mrs. Julie Porter created this hands-on experience because she has been to Australia previously and wanted to share her love for the continent with her students.

Through these different stations, students were able to be exposed to the culture of Australia, while also exercising their English, art and science skills.

Mikayla Tate
  • Mikayla Tate

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