Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Provo City School District has the unique opportunity of placing Aeroponic Tower Gardens in almost every school cafeteria. The plants grown on the tower are used as fresh ingredients in the student meals and are also utilized as an educational experience for students. However, the towers are having an impact on more than just nutrition and education.

Clint Wolfe, a Provo City School District child psychologist, has been working with a student that struggles with anxiety. He says that one thing that has consistently helped the student cope is gardening with the tower gardens. The student looks at the care of the tower garden as one of his important responsibilities and doesn’t want to miss a chance to help take care of these plants. The student looks forward to taking care of the plants with his peers and that excitement has helped him get to school on the hard days.

The tower gardens have had a great positive impact in all of our schools. They have created a fun educational lesson for the students, as well as increased nutritional value in their daily meals. Overall, the plants have helped students have an enjoyable experience to look forward to every day.


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