Earlier this month, tornadoes touched ground in the quaint Missouri towns of Oak Grove and Odessa. Timpview design teacher Theresa Thompson was especially affected by this catastrophe, as Odessa is where she was raised.

The storm affected many of her friends and family and, although Theresa was in Utah, she wanted to be able to help in some way. She came up with the idea to challenge her students to make quilts for the affected towns and even gave the fastest quilter one of her homemade pies.

The Daily Herald featured Theresa and her quilt-making challenge this week, with an emphasis on the great impact it will have on the families who were affected by this disaster.

Through this project, Theresa’s class will be able to send about 20 quilts to Missouri for those who were impacted by the tornado. Overall, her students were able to learn that a small act of service can make a big difference for those in need.


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