Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

It is no surprise that Provo City School District’s Child Nutrition program won a best of state medal for the ninth consecutive year, but this year they took it even further!

Not only did the program win a best of state medal, but they were awarded with the best of state statue. The Best of State Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah.

The Best of State Judges are looking for individuals, businesses, and organizations that:

  • Excel in their endeavors (50% of total score)
  • Use innovative approaches or methods (30% of total score)
  • Contribute to a better quality of life in Utah (20% of total score)

When all applications are complete or at the end of the application deadline, more than 100 judges review the nominations. Each nomination is judged on its own merits and is not ranked against each other by the judges. Unlike many older judging processes, the Best of State judges perform their assignment(s) individually, away from the possible comments, persuasion or lobbying of other judges. This process is carefully overseen by the independent certified public accounting firm Gilbert & Stewart, P.C., which collects and tabulates the scores for accuracy.

After reviewing each nomination, judges assign numerical scores for each of the three judging criteria. Each nomination is judged on its own merits, and judges do not rank the applicants against each other. Winners from each category receive a Best of State medal. Medal winner nominations are then resubmitted to the judges and scored again. The highest scoring entry from each of the ten general divisions is selected to receive the best of state statue.

photo of award

Eight women from the department were nominated by their managers to attend the awards gala, along with other individuals from the department. These women included the following:

  • Hilda Torres

“Hilda is an exceptionally dedicated employee who has been with our program since February of the year 2000. Read what her CNP Manager has to say about Hilda. “Hilda is a sweet caring person who is always willing to help. She is an amazing cook, she is smart and dedicated to her job. She loves Spring Creek Elementary and the students and staff here. Hilda is one of the best employees the school district has to offer, her years of dedication and the love and passion that she has for her job make her a great asset to our program. Hilda loves her job and you can see it every day. Every day is a great day for Hilda. She is always willing to go above and beyond in every part of her job and ALWAYS with a smile. Hilda makes her coworkers feel important and always a part of the team. Hilda is not only a great employee but also a great friend to all. I feel extremely lucky to work with Hilda who makes my day brighter and every ones job a lot easier.”

  • Cori Malone

Cori has worked for PCSD Child Nutrition Program for 16 years and as the Main Dish cook at Provo High School for 13 years. Cori’s Manager, Lisa Rowley has this to say about Cori, “Cori is an asset to our program. She assists me in all areas of the Provo High Cafeteria. She does extra duty when we are short staffed and under time restraints. Cori is calm and even tempered and her co-workers seek her out for the opinion and advice. Cori has exceptional knowledge of our program and we collaborate daily over the functions of the kitchen. She is honest, reliable and adheres to confidentiality, she is my right hand man and I cannot imagine managing PHS kitchen without her.” If you are ever visiting Provo High on Homemade Turkey Turnover day check out Cori’s pie dough rolling and turnover creating skills!

  • Silvia Sanchez

“Silvia works at Lakeview Elementary School and is an exceptional example of a responsible person. She never misses a day of work and is always on time. Silvia’s CNP Manager, Esperanza has this to say about Silvia, “She is always on top of everything, she is fast and finishes on time even when it is a very busy day. Some of the busiest of days Silvia will finish early and help those around her or will go on to get something ready for the next day.”

  • Gaby Durrant

“She is the CNP Clerk at Franklin Elementary. Gaby has been the CNP Clerk at Franklin for five years and in that time has created a great relationship with students, administrators, and staff alike. Gaby’s Manager at Franklin has this to say about Gaby, ” I can always look out into the lunchroom during or even after lunch and find students gathered around Gaby talking and laughing”. Gaby also helps out during crunch time here at the District Office processing Free and Reduced Meal Applications, last year worked in Franklin’s after school program, and has helped at Provo High School making calls to our Spanish speaking families.”

  • Rosario Castaneda

“Rosario has worked for PCSD CNP for ten years with the past two years at Franklin Elementary. Rosario’s Manager Capri had this to say about her, “Rosario is the most caring, loving lady and takes the time to get to know each student and welcomes them each morning with a smile. In the short amount of time here she has shown the students at Franklin so much love and knows them all by their first names. Rosario is a hard working dedicated employee and is always willing to help others, she goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Rosario comes to work every morning with a smile on her face and you can just feel the love and warmth from her. She is such a great friend to all of us.”

  • Patty Ramos

“She works at Timpview High. Patty has worked in the Child Nutrition Program since August of 2000. She is the Main Dish Cook at Timpview adding her special ingredient of love to everything she creates. Emelda Blake, Timpview’s Manager had this to say about Patty, ” I always count on Patty. She never complains when asked to do extra work and does an excellent job in all aspects of running our kitchen. Patty is always happy and the students are drawn to her. I always count on Patty to come into work early if I have to be out of the kitchen. She loves the students and staff at our school.”

  • Nadine Johnson-Phillips

“Nadine is responsible and never misses work. Nadine is a hard worker and great communicator. Nadine’s Manager Esperanza has this to say about Nadine, “Nadine has no impediments to all she has to do and works hard to get the job done.” Nadine works at Lakeview Elementary.”

  • Eva Szink

“Eva has worked for PCSD Child Nutrition for over 20 years. Currently at Timpview High Eva is known for her amazing baking skills and positive attitude. She does an excellent job in the kitchen and Emelda Blake, Timpview’s CNP Manager has this to say about Eva, “The student’s love Eva, she always has a positive attitude and in addition to the delicious meals her happiness helps to draws both the students and staff into the cafeteria”. We are thankful to have Eva be a part of our program!”

Congratulations to the Child Nutrition Department on this outstanding award and thank you for all you do to make your department a success! 

photo of department heads