Something tasty is cooking in the school cafeterias in Provo City School District. October 10th is the first day of National School Lunch Week, a weeklong celebration of nutritional school lunches. Child Nutrition Manager, Laura Larsen, decided to celebrate the week by introducing new flavor stations in all of the lunchrooms.

The flavor stations consist of a small cart that is equipped with 6 different salt-free spice blends and allow students to flavor their food in their own way. The six spices that will be featured are: Tikka Masala Curry, Italian Seasoning, Roasted Garlic Pepper, Sweet Chili Powder, Lemon White Pepper and Apple Pie Spice. The flavor stations will continue to be used in the kitchen for the remainder of the school year.

Students that utilize the flavor stations during National School Lunch Week will have the opportunity to fill out an activity sheet and submit it in a box at the flavor station. If their sheet is drawn from the box at the end of the week, they will win a customized apron.

At the secondary schools, students can pick up a recipe form at the flavor station and submit their own creative blend of spices. The winning spice blend will be featured at the flavor stations and will then be branded to the school. The winner will also get a reservation to the Restaurant Forte, a 6 course dining culinary experience put on by UVU culinary students, for themself and three other guests.

The new flavor stations will provide students with a fun dining experience, as they invent and discover new flavors.


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