Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

The BYU Engineering students return once again to Independence High School to help inspire and teach lessons on teamwork and reaching goals. Groups of BYU students came prepared with fun activities for each grade level to help demonstrate the importance of these lessons.

In tenth grade, the BYU students used the moon landing as an example of teamwork and reaching goals. This space expedition took years for the United States to achieve, and it only happened through working together and having an end goal in mind. Using this example as inspiration, Independence students were tasked with a challenge to create a newspaper structure strong enough to hold even the largest textbook. While seemingly impossible for such flimsy paper to support that much weight, the tenth graders communicated with each other to find a solution to this problem.

The other grade levels pursued similar tasks including nearly insolvable riddles and puzzles. Toward the end of these challenges, the students came together to discuss the importance of working together. Many decided that goals are essential, because they help us to know what exactly we are working towards. One student also made mention of teammates possessing different strengths, resources and background knowledge that helped them group reach their goal.

These activities may not rival the magnitude of the moon landing, but they did help show the students of Independence High that when they work together toward a common goal, anything can happen.


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