The InvestWrite National Essay Contest is sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation and involves students submitting essays based on prompts associated with the Stock Market Game. Students must be playing the game during the semester that they submit the essay. The Stock Market Game provides students the opportunity to dive into the world of finance and experience an online simulation of the global capital markets. This game has been proven to help students succeed in personal finance, economics, mathematics and develop the finance knowledge necessary to thrive.

Dixon student Santos Quintana was recently awarded 2nd place in state for his InvestWrite essay that was submitted by his teacher, David Starling. All students who were interested in participating submitted their essays to Mr. Starling, who then chose the top ten essays and sent them on to the second round of judging. In the second round, the essays are sent to financial professionals around the world to be judged and the top essays are then selected as winners and recognized by the SIFMA. State student winners and teachers are given awards for first, second and third place. The essays are judged based on how well the student understands the subject matter, their rationale and writing style.

The essay prompt for this year’s InvestWrite National Essay Contest was “What company would be a great place for you to work someday and why? What advice would you give their current Investment Manager on investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds for the best financial results, while also protecting from risk, so the company is still successful by the time you’re ready to work there? How would you recommend spending some of the money earned on these investments to help the company innovate and stay great?”

Congratulations to Santos, for winning second place in the state. As reward for his outstanding work, Santos was recognized at Dixon and received a $50 Visa gift card, $50 towards my529 (which is a Utah Educational Savings Plan) and a paper award noting his achievement.