Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Students at Dixon Middle School made over 2,200 tamales to raise funds for a fellow classmate on Saturday.

When the students in the Latinos in Action class heard about the loss of a classmate’s baby sister and the associated medical expenses, they wanted to help. Jose Perez, an eighth grader at Dixon, and a few other lead students decided they wanted to do more than just write a card. They chose to make and sell tamales to the community in order to raise the money. This was not only a demonstration of compassion, but a celebration of heritage.

The majority of the ingredients were donated, and all of the funds went to this family in need. Mothers and students worked for two days to properly prepare the tamales and were able to raise about $3,000 for their classmate.

It is amazing to see Dixon students show such service, leadership and selflessness. We are proud of our students and the compassion and kindness they show for one another.


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