Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Provo City School District and the Child Nutrition Department were featured in the Daily Herald today for the unique Aeroponic tower gardens that have been placed in our school cafeterias this year.

The Aeroponic Tower Gardens have not only added increased nutritional value into the cafeteria meals, but have provided a hands-on learning experience for many students. Laura Larsen, our Child Nutrition director, stated in the article “we have found that when students are active and they are the ones growing it and they are the ones doing this whole process, they are more likely and more inclined to eat it.”

The addition of the towers in our schools has had a great influence on many of the students. Working on the gardens creates a soothing experience for students while still providing a valuable learning opportunity.

Thank you to the Daily Herald for featuring our tower gardens and the positive impact they have had on our students!


On Tuesday, October 12th, the School Board held its monthly meeting The following topics were...