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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

The next school board meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13. The study session will begin at 2:20 p.m. and the business meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. 

Both meetings will be broadcast live on YouTube (see links below).  The meetings are open to the public with in person and via YouTube.  View the agenda below.


  1. 2:20 p.m. Study Session
    1. A. Welcome: President Melanie Hall 
    2. B. Roll Call 
    3. C. Motion to Convene 
    4. D. Search Consultant Presentations 
    5. E. Superintendent Hiring Process: Richard Stowell, USBA 
    6. F. Construction Update: Derek Anderson, Business Administrator 
    7. G. Student Travel Requiring Board Approval: Pres. Melanie Hall 
    8. H. Child Nutrition Salary Schedule: Derek Anderson, Business Administrator 
    9. I. Graduation Dates and Locations: Todd McKee Asst. Supt. Secondary Ed  J. Beginning of the Year School Report: Deputy Superintendent Jason Cox  K. Discuss Search Consultant Presentations 
    10. L. Consent Calendar Review and Questions: Pres. Melanie Hall  M. Upcoming Google Calendar Items: Pres. Melanie Hall  N. Motion to Adjourn 
  2.  7:00 p.m. Business Meeting
    1. A. Welcome: President Melanie Hall 
    2. B. Roll Call 
    3. C. Motion to Convene 
    4. D. Opening Remarks: Member McKay Jensen  E. Pledge of Allegiance: Suraj Syal, Director of Special Education 
  3. Community Connections
    1. A. Employee Recognition: Provo Way Award Recipients Presented by Jason Cox, Deputy Supt. 
    2. B. School Report: Library Media Report, Christine Durst 
    3. C. Public Input
  4. Business Items
    1. A. Approve Salary Schedule 
    2. B. Approve Student Travel 
    3. C. Select Search Consultant
  5. Consent Calendar
    1. A. Board Minutes as Part of the Consent Calendar 
    2. B. Board Minutes as Part of the Consent Calendar 
    3. C. Personnel Report as Part of the Consent Calendar 
    4. D. Home School, School Choice, eSchool Report as Part of the Consent Calendar 
    5. E. Financial Reports as Part of the Consent Calendar 
    6. F. Approve the Consent Calendar
  6. Board Member Report
    1. A. Member Gina Hales 
  7. Superintendent’s Report
    1. A. Approved Student Travel 
    2. B. Miscellaneous Items
  8. Adjourn
    1. A. Motion to Adjourn

Reunión de la Junta Directiva del 13 de septiembre

La próxima reunión del consejo escolar se celebrará mañana martes 13 de septiembre. La sesión de estudio comenzará a las 2:20 p.m. y la reunión de negocios comenzará a las 7:00 p.m.

Ambas reuniones serán ransmitidas en vivo en YouTube (ver enlaces abajo). Las reuniones están abiertas al público con en persona y a ravés de YouTube.

Sesión de estudio 2:20 pm YouTube Reunión de negocios 7 pm YouTube

Spanish Translation by DeepL

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