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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

The force was strong in the Amelia Earhart cafeteria on Friday as the school celebrated National Breakfast Week.

National Breakfast Week is a nation-wide celebration of the school breakfast program. Each district is able to pick their own theme for the celebration and utilizes the theme to teach the importance of eating breakfast to students.

Provo City School District’s theme for this year was a “Star Wars”. At Amelia Earhart, they had a celebratory breakfast fit for a jedi that included grapes made to look like light sabers, Star Wars frisbees, and teachers dressed as various characters from the movie.

Students were thrilled at the opportunity to eat with jedi masters and wave around their own light saber made of grapes, all while learning the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

staff members dress up as different Star Wars characters

students in cafeteria line use frisbees instead of lunch trays principal dressed as jedi talks to students eating breakfast food art of Star Wars characters

Mikayla Tate
  • Mikayla Tate