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While learning about colors, textures and the weather, the children at Sunrise Preschool received a special visit from Provo’s very own Mayor Kaufusi. The children’s faces lit up with excitement as this new visitor greeted them and took a seat with everyone inside the story time circle.

With the kids eagerly waiting, Mayor Kaufusi revealed two of her favorite Halloween books she brought along to share with the class. With this fun and spooky holiday just around the corner, she couldn’t wait to dive into these festive tales. While reading with enthusiasm and spunk, Mayor Kaufusi would pause and talk with the preschoolers about the book as well as their plans to dress up for Halloween.

The children giggled and chattered until story time came to a close. Before the Mayor left, the preschoolers asked her favorite color and shared theirs in return. A promise was also made to send Mayor Kaufusi a picture of the cute kids dressed in their Halloween costumes.

We are so grateful Mayor Kaufusi took the time to come to Sunrise Preschool and share some exciting stories with the children.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss

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