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We hope you enjoy this year-in-review slideshow highlighting our students’ Kindness Club accomplishments. Read below for more Kindness Club highlights.

“It is really important to be kind to everyone. Right Mr. Miller?” asked a young student to his mentor.

This student among many others in Provo City School District are aware how one small act can make the world of a difference.

“Kindness club is awesome,” shared a student. “Being part of this club has made me feel accepted and heard.”

Another student shared their experience. “Before I was in the Kindness Club, I bottled up negative thoughts. I probably wouldn’t have told anybody because I was scared. I thought sharing would make me feel uncomfortable and guilty. It’s nice to know there are friends I have that I can trust.”

When asked how Kindness Club contributed to their school, one student stated, “I feel like we help students find friends.”

Due to the recent COVID-19 events that led to school dismissal, Dixon Middle School Counselor, Megan Cunico, reassures us that connection is continuing. “Even though school was dismissed, we continue to give kindness challenges to our students. Many have said that it has helped them not feel so overwhelmed, anxious and cut off from their friends.”

As students continue to meet virtually, they can’t help but reminisce upon what they accomplished in Kindness Club earlier in the year. Below are a few of their favorite activities.

Amelia Earhart Elementary

Amelia students set a goal to accomplish 500 acts of kindness. Students wrote down acts of kindness they performed and put them in a box to be counted. Before school was dismissed, Amelia Earhart students managed to reach their half way mark!

Canyon Crest Elementary

Canyon Crest students planned a weekly recess activity. Every Wednesday, the students would plan a structured recess game for everyone to join. “Everyone knew that Wednesdays were a day to play with someone new. It was fun to see the new connections made,” shared a Canyon Crest staff member.

Edgemont Elementary

Edgemont students created sticky notes with written affirmations that they posted on their school walls. They hung them all over the school and students could pick a note off the wall to keep for themselves or share with someone else. “We felt that the entire school was filled with more positivity that week,” shared an Edgemont staff member.

Provost Elementary

Provost students were geared up and ready to go for Kindness week. Even though school was dismissed before their big day, the students enjoyed preparing and found other creative ways to spread kindness.

Provo Peaks

Provo Peaks students made an effort to get to know the new students in their school through welcoming tours. One staff member shared an experience. “A student new to our school said they were worried about making friends. One of our Kindness Club leaders gave them a personal invite to join. This student made friends quicker than Anticipated.”

Westridge Elementary

Westridge students conducted a Kindness Countdown. Using an advent-type calendar, classrooms were challenged to perform a different act of kindness each day. This club, composed of an impressive 125 members, made a great impact.

Provo High

Provo High students performed a sticky note affirmation activity as well, but the teachers also benefited from kind words. “This made my day and I’m sure it’ll make every student’s day a whole lot better! ” shared a Provo High staff member. “

Timpview High

Timpview High students created three projects based upon the Golden Rule that would improve the culture of kindness at Timpview. Each group’s project was targeted to recognize a group that they felt were underappreciated or underrepresented.

Lakeview Elementary, Rock Canyon, Spring Creek Elementary

These schools built an “I Can Be Kind” photo opportunity for their students. Here, the kids took pictures against a poster and were the “i” in kind picture.

Thank you parents, teachers and students for finding ways to spread kindness throughout our schools. We look forward to what next year brings!


Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger