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On January 24, Spring Creek students gathered together in the gym for an assembly. Can you imagine it? The chatter of elementary kids as they anxiously take their seats in neat rows. Teachers, as they continually tell the students to quiet down. The smell of lunch being cooked wafting in the air. All of this contributed to the atmosphere of the assembly about to take place.

Too often, we forget about how important our heart is. The assembly held this day was to help students realize how important the heart is and how to keep it healthy. For many of the students, this was new for them since they have never truly considered something going wrong with their heart. This assembly made students more aware of the importance to have a healthy heart, and the many diseases that can affect it as well.

Students also learned about the value of exercise, such as jump rope, and how regular exercise can keep a heart healthy and pumping blood. The students smiled and laughed as they learned how to jump rope in different ways and play various games with the jump rope as well. The students also learned that eating healthy is critical to having a healthy heart for the rest of their lives.

Provo City School District understands that the heart is important, and that students’ health is equally important. What a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn how to live healthy lives!

Shalee Hiskey
  • Shalee Hiskey