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Jimmer Fredette and the Fredette Family Foundation partnered with Provo Kindness to visit Centennial Middle School, Timpview, and Provo High School. Students chatted about creating inclusive atmospheres at school and at large before concluding with a basketball shoot-out.

Centennial Middle School students brought Jimmer Fredette out with deafening applause. Jimmer took to the stage, asking students to share insights on creating kindness in their everyday dealings. After hearing from students, Jimmer told a story from his middle school years in which he and his friends invited a student new to the school to a party. “It was a small thing, but we knew it made a difference to help this student feel comfortable at school.” They concluded with a basketball shoot-off where Jimmer and students traded shot for shot from the equivalent of half-court– students erupted in cheers, wishing their schoolmates the best.

At Timpview, Jimmer challenged students to dive deep and ask how they might continue enriching their rich school culture. Jimmer reminded students that while sports and athletics are important, giving back to the community is equally vital. “Strengthening communities is the most rewarding part of my career– I love basketball– but this, this is what’s most important.”

At Provo High, he came full circle on the topic of inclusivity, telling a story where he received kindness rather than giving it. Jimmer recounted his first year in China as an English-speaking player in a foreign league with only his family beside him. He told how a fellow player invited him and his family to their house to watch American television and eat American food. “He made his house feel like home to me,” Jimmer shared. “I’ll never forget how he made me feel.”

In both high schools, students offered examples of community outreach; one worked with a group to build an orphanage in Mexico, one helped mentor students with disabilities, and another danced in local assisted living homes. Jimmer asked students to channel their positive outreach in their school. 

“Don’t be afraid to bring your ideas for kindness to the school. Tell your teachers, tell your friends. It starts with you.”

Thank you to the Fredette Family Foundation and Provo Kindness for organizing the event.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei