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A walk around Timpanogos Elementary and it’s no surprise that the faculty and students are more than ready for the holiday season. A variety of creative displays of any and all things holiday-themed line the walls as one walks throughout the school.

Cassidy Chadwick’s third grad class is adding to the holiday cheer by creating their own special artwork. To do this, the students cut out paper layers of a Christmas tree, alternating light and dark green colors. Once all pieces are ready to go, the third graders glue their tree into place, making sure to add the yellow star on top.

Flipping the paper over, the students then write about their favorite holiday traditions and memories on the other side. As they work, many of the students sing their favorite Christmas tunes and chat about the upcoming holiday.

When complete, the students share their feelings about the holidays with the class. Many get excited talking about different snow activities, drinking hot chocolate, and seeing relatives over the break.

This activity not only allowed the students to get into the holiday spirit, it also helped them develop their writing and presentation skills.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss