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The term “above and beyond” can quickly become a stale cliche, but in the case of our district’s endeavors, it’s a fitting adage. 

As noted in our article on Safety assessments, Provo City School District’s Safety and Security Committee procured services from Guidepost Solutions LLC to conduct a district-wide school and facilities safety and security assessment. To put the evaluation in simple terms, working with Guidepost means that our schools will ultimately offer superior safety and security than most schools nationwide.

Guidepost recently revisited all schools a few months after their initial assessment to see how our district progressed according to their guidelines and recommendations on physical security and operational policies and procedures.

While we can’t provide specific details of the assessment to keep the integrity of our safety and security plans secure, we are happy to announce that Guidepost noted drastic improvements according to their previously established criteria.

Guidepost assessors addressed some recommendations for more exterior physical security issues but noted that moving towards their suggested detection systems and practices would move beyond the current standard. We can point to secured vestibules and more consistency in our current Visitor Management System as one example of Guidepost implementation, improving guest filtration and tracking on campus.

Our safety and security system is still evolving– but our district constantly moves towards an ideal above and beyond the state standard.

We’re only moving forward from here, and we promise to continue making our schools the safest.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei