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Canyon Crest’s STEM Night was extraordinary, reminding those that visit that Canyon Crest and the surrounding community  is a place nurturing students to meet their potential; students can become who they envision themselves becoming and accomplish achievements they couldn’t imagine without aid.

Each classroom hosted exemplary mini-STEM lessons offered during school hours, ranging from Space Labs and Sphero bot coding and racing city planning, cardiovascular research, zoology, and more.

From piloting space missions to testing the scientific principles of buoyancy by casting golf balls afloat in tin-foil canoes to peeping into the display cases of the Northern blue-tongued skink and Kenyan Sand Boa to taking a bird’s-eye-view over the nearly-to-scale Provo City replicas, Canyon Crest staff and parents, along with Centennial, Timpview, and district staff, BYU and UVU students and professors, and community partners demonstrated how STEM disciplines interconnect in exciting and unexpected ways to create well-rounded, critically-thinking students. 

Each student has a personalized avenue to explore their passions and interests, take ownership of their learning, and chart their unique path toward growth.

The event was a testament to the Provo City School District’s commitment to providing students with a dynamic and engaging education that prepares them for future challenges. 

We look forward to seeing how the students of Canyon Crest will continue to flourish and grow in the years to come.

Canyon Crest Elementary and Provo City School District would like to thank UVU Chemistry Department, BYU Science Department, BYU Anthropology Department, Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, Utah County Health Department, Utah County GIS Information Systems, Provo City Development Services, and Utah Falconers Association, and all involved community partners and members for making this event successful. 

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei