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Preschool students at Franklin learned problem-solving skills after exploring outside and finding two snails to adopt as classroom pets. The students made a list of things snails would like in a home and carefully constructed a place for their new pets. They named their snails Jack and Jill and wrote letters with pictures to the snails. The snails, also know as the teacher, responded to these letters with a problem for the students to work out. She let them know that the snails enjoyed watching the kids when they were at school but were lonely when they went home.

The class held a meeting and talked about possible solutions. Some students made decorations for the snails’ home, while others made snail toys. One group of students wanted to make “kid robots” in order to trick the snails into thinking the students were still at school. This group planned a robot, and then, using a variety of tools, worked collaboratively to create it.

A few days later a student brought three rolly pollies to class and asked if these bugs could be the new class pets. This is a great example of the amazing creative teachers we have in our district and their ability to find opportunities to engage and excite learning in our youngest of students!

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger