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Kindergarteners at Franklin Elementary are rolling their way into STEAM learning. Kendra Davis, kindergarten teacher, received a grant from the Utah STEM Action Center to provide her classroom with Sphero Balls.

Sphero is a company that strives to connect digital technology with immersive entertainment while igniting creativity and imagination. Sphero has created a robot-ball that can be controlled through an app. These robots respond to drawn commands.

While initially created for play, Davis has innovated the way she combines play with learning. “The kids can program them by drawing a line and it will follow it.” Davis said. These students are learning how to code and they are only five or six years old!

The Spheroballs can can be used to learn about language arts, math and science. One of the science standards for kindergarteners in learning about different types of movement. “So [the students] had to make it go fast versus slow, in a zig-zag versus a straight line, make it spin or float” Davis said. These robots give the students an immersive, visual learning experience, not to mention so much fun!

It is amazing to see our teachers create exciting, new learning environments for our students. #ProvoGotSkills

Paige Simpson
  • Paige Simpson