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It’s not every day you can see students as excited as the Franklin Elementary students during the Built 4 Life assembly, a commemorative event led by BYU student-athletes celebrating Emi Kim’s most recent book donations. Emi Kim’s latest bake sale earned her money to purchase more books capturing stories representing the diverse experiences of student readers, all of which Emi donated to the Franklin Elementary library.

Students cheered, rallied, clapped, and raised their hands for Cosmo’s Dunk Team and the BYU student-athletes of Built 4 Life. Some of the Built 4 Life student-athletes come to BYU from their homes in Utah, with others hailing from overseas to join BYU’s sports programs. In between an impressive array of acrobatic dunks, flips, and tricks, the athletes spoke on the four Built 4 Life tenets that empower them to lead fulfilling lives: being built to love, built to learn, built to connect, and built to work. The student-athletes used the four precepts to speak on universally valuable skills and qualities they strive for. They explored how everyone can seek out and care for others in need. They shared simple strategies to connect with people both inside and outside their cultural communities. They discussed how to implement practical work and study habits for a balanced life.

As exhilarated as the students were, the message wasn’t lost on them– the children chewed on the athlete’s words of healthy living and study practices the same way one hangs on the words of a cooler older sibling.

There was something beautifully cyclical and unifying about the event– young student-athletes from around the world visiting Franklin Elementary to impart their wisdom to kids of similarly different lifestyles and backgrounds in a celebration of stories that we can see ourselves within. Now that is a gathering that’s worth getting excited about.

Learn more about Emi Kim’s book drive here.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei