Getting Started

Business Items

If you have not received your school materials, they have been ordered and should be arriving within 5-7 business days. There is another attachment with some ideas of what to do in the meantime (see the Contingency Plans attachment).

The Introduction to Online Learning for Virtual Schools is an online course accessed through the K12 OLS (Online Learning System) that covers how the K12 program works – how to access the system, submit assignments, etc. If you are new to eSchool, this course will likely answer ALL of your questions, so please watch this course before contacting me if you’re unsure of how to do something.  

You can also access videos on getting started, what your role is, etc. on “A Learning Coaches’ Journey” here:

The Learning Coach Training site provided by the district gives tips to better understand off-site learning.

K12 should have contacted you with the information to create and access your account. If not, please let me know and I will look into it.  

You can also visit for some great information and tutorials. Click on the Grades 6-12 tab for Middle School info and check out the K12 (Online MS/HS) section.


Starting School

The school year officially begins on Wednesday, August 19th, 2020. eSchool follows the Provo School District school calendar and will observe all district holidays and breaks. You can expect a weekly progress report sent to your email. Students are expected to complete 100% of their courses by the January 15 for the first semester and May 28 for the second semester.

If you are coming into the program late in the school year, your student’s progress goal will be prorated out. Please use the time waiting for materials to look over your courses. I will tell you what units can be skipped so your child will begin the curriculum where everyone else is working so they don’t have to start the curriculum over from the beginning!


We use the K12 curriculum, which is developed from the Utah Core Standards (see specific standards here: Materials from K12 are sent to you. Some are in hard copy, and some are only available online. You can print these as you wish, but eSchool will not be able to facilitate any printing for you.


eSchool is a flexible program which allows you to tailor the program to your student’s learning style and schedule. However, there are expectations:

1)    Students (or learning coaches) should log in at least once a week to record progress by marking lessons as completed and entering assessment grades in their courses.

2)    Students are expected to complete each assigned lesson in each course. Students in grades 6-8 are expected to complete 5% of each course on a weekly basis. Students who are more than 1 week behind may face truancy citations. If this becomes an issue, please contact me so we can discuss ways to ensure your student’s success in the eSchool program. You can read more about truancy in eSchool’s online handbook at

3)    Learning Coaches should check their email at least once a week to receive important information/updates from me.

Ultimately, the more we stay in contact about your student’s progress, the better things will be for everyone! 

Online Etiquette

During live sessions or individual tutoring sessions via video chat, appropriate Internet etiquette should be practiced at all times, but especially while interacting with other students.

• We have found that the use of headphones and a quiet room are most effective for your child’s learning during our sessions.

• We strongly encourage you to set up an appropriate learning environment that is distraction free for optimal success.

• Please be aware that the computer microphone is very sensitive and picks up all noise in the room.  Please plan to attend live video sessions in a quiet, distraction-free environment. The use of headphones by the student is highly encouraged.  

• Siblings should not be in the same room during video sessions, as that is often distracting and can be noisy.

• Students should also use a computer with a stable internet connection so the session will have a less likely chance of being interrupted.

Live Sessions

Beginning in September, we will have online weekly class meetings where all students are invited to attend.  This meeting covers upcoming events, opportunities, eSchool news, and gives the students an opportunity to “meet” each other and share their experiences with one another. This online meeting will last between 15-30 minutes and will be accessible from the OLS homepage once you login. These meetings are optional, though participation is encouraged and rewarded. Students who attend at least twice a month are entered into win a monthly prize.

If your student has any difficulties with a topic or simply would like to learn more about a topic, please let me know and we can set up an individual live session.

Contact Info & Availability

I will reply to messages within 24 hours during school days or the following Monday if contacted during the weekend or holiday. If you have a quick question, I can usually respond the fastest via email or text message.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone, text, or email! Please note I will respond to any mode of communication within 24 hours, or by Monday if you try to contact me over the weekend or a holiday. 

DeAnna Perry

Email: or

Phone/text: 801-400-0098

eSchool Office: 1591 N Jordan Ave. Provo

(It is the small building to the west of the large building.)

Students have the opportunity for online tutoring sessions with me if needed. Please contact me to schedule a tutoring appointment if you are interested.

Field Trips

Field trips this year are currently on hold. We hope to be able to schedule some field trips later in the year! Stay tuned.

Attendance and Grading

Provo District’s attendance policy looks a little different this year. Each week students will be given a participation score in PowerSchool, based on the student’s overall engagement in learning during the week.

Scores will be based on:

• in-class participation,

• login attempts,

• participation in coursework, and,

• response to teacher/school correspondence/feedback.

Link for Participation Rubric

eSchool Participation Rubric

Learning Coaches do not need to enter attendance online. Attendance will be based on course completion.

If your student has not logged on for 10 or more days, they will be dropped from eSchool as stated in Provo School District policy.

If your student is sick for more than a couple days, you are planning on going on vacation, or having computer problems, please let me know so I know why your student is not progressing that week. Your student will be expected to catch up on the work they missed so they can stay close to their weekly progress goal. Remember, these weekly progress goals are outlined on our class calendar. Many students prefer to work ahead if they know they are going on vacation.


Your student’s grade will be a weighted average of their weekly progress made in courses, scores on assessments, teacher graded assignments, and participation in i-Ready pre and post testing. i-Ready testing only happens in term 1 and 4, so weighted categories will be as follows:

Weighted Categories for Grading 2020


As stated in the student handbook, eSchool students will participate in school, district, and state mandated testing- RISE (3rd grade and up), and i-Ready pre and post assessment (1st and up). RISE is an in-person, summative end of year test. The i-Ready is a pre and post online adaptive diagnostic test and is a school-required assessment.

The i-Ready is an online “pre-test” at the beginning of the year in reading and math. This will help both of us to know where your student may have academic holes that we need to help fill. The i-Ready program will also provide online lessons to help cover those topics where your student may need a refresher- so cool! A “post-test” will also be administered at the end of the year to reflect academic growth made throughout the school year. More information will be provided to you as to when these assessments need to happen.

I strive to make your eSchool experience a positive one for both you and your student(s). I look forward to getting to know you and your child throughout the year and helping them to be and feel successful!


DeAnna Perry