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What do flashlights, shoe boxes, blacked windows, mirrors, laser lights, slinkies, and popsicle sticks all have in common?

They all combine into an interactive lesson about wave patterns.

East Bay Post High students collected, organized, and delivered the listed items as STEM Kits to 4th grade classrooms district wide.  The goal of the STEM kits is to supply all teachers from Kindergarten to 5th grade with materials for hands-on learning experiences this year. This month, East Bay Post High put together kits for fourth-grade teachers, assembling eclectic object groupings like mason jars, sand, and pipettes for a tactile lesson about rock-layer formations, or marble boxes, towels, rubber bands, and ping pong balls in minikits for a frenetic particle-collision experience. With easily obtainable household oddities like the ones in the kit, students can then recreate classroom experiments, discovering the magic of the cosmos within their homes.

Thanks to East Bay Post High’s kits and deliveries, teachers at Amelia Earhart, Canyon Crest, Edgemont, Franklin, Lakeview, Provost, Provo Peaks, Rock Canyon, Spring Creek, Sunset View, Timpanogos, Westridge, and Wasatch all received STEM Kits for their students.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei