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At the recent Board of Education Business meeting, several individuals were recognized for their outstanding efforts within Provo City School District. These individuals received various awards which included “School Counselor of the Year”, Counseling Support Staff of the Year”, “Classified Employee of the Year”, “Teacher of the Year” and “District Teacher of the Year”.

School Counselor of the Year

Lori Rich, school counselor at Timpview High School, was awarded with “School Counselor of the Year”.

When describing her efforts to Timpview and the school district, individuals stated, “Lori Rich, the School Counseling Department Chair for Timpview High School has been in the education field for more that 30 years.  She is a strong advocate for her colleagues by pressing for increased resources in staffing and support systems such as more counselors, graduation trackers, and access to technology.  She has successfully mentored numerous new counselors into the profession and generously shares her wealth of knowledge and experience.  Lori is also a champion for students who need additional help to be successful and graduate.  She is particularly passionate about supporting English Language Learners and has helped implement peer support and after school programs for their benefit.  Lori is a significant asset to the programs and students at Timpview High School and Provo City School District.”

Counseling Support Staff of the Year

Along with the “School Counselor of the Year” award, there was also an individual recognized for “Counseling Support Staff of the Year”. This individual was Amanda Pino, who is the school registrar at Provo High School. Amanda “has done extraordinary and selfless work to benefit Provo City School District.  As a recent example of her skill and dedication, Amanda has spent countless hours this year in standardizing the course offerings for both Provo and Timpview High Schools.  She aligned every high school class title and code with the state registry.  Additionally, Amanda has mentored and supported a new registrar at Timpview this year all while preparing to transfer the significant operations of her office to a new facility this summer.  Without complaining a moment or making her personal needs or conditions a barrier, she has met all her team’s requests and deadlines.  She has truly been an MVP for Provo City School District this year.”

Classified Employees of the Year

The following individuals were awarded with “Classified Employees of the Year”, in honor of their extraordinary work done in their job fields.

  • Amber Hundley, Head Custodian, Amelia Earhart Elementary
  • De Ann Thompson, Adult Education Secretary/Office Manager
  • Deborah Harker, Spring Creek Elementary Administrative Secretary
  • Bryce Porter, Rock Canyon Elementary K-12 Tech
  • Jode Porter, Student and Family Support Office Truancy Specialist
  • Leah Jeppson, Sunset View Elementary School Custodian
  • Melissa Brown, Centennial Middle School Instructional Aide
  • Silvia Canedo, Provost Elementary Cook

Teachers of the Year

A teacher was recognized at each school as that specific school’s “Teacher of the Year”. Those individuals include the following: 

    • Joanna Pace, Amelia Earhart Elementary 
    • Maria Consuelo Briones, Canyon Crest Elementary
    • Tani Brown, Centennial Middle 
    • Jeremy Harris, Dixon Middle
    • Donna Chantry, East Bay Post High School
    • Scott Jennings, Edgemont Elementary
    • Kendra Davis, Franklin Elementary
    • Mark Williams, Independence High
    • Lily Bueno, Lakeview Elementary
    • Robert Bunker, Oak Springs School
    • Jim Davis, Provo High
    • Tina McCulloch, Provo Peaks Elementary
    • Haley Holland, Provost Elementary
    • Andrea Neilson, Rock Canyon Elementary
    • Heidi Isaacson, Spring Creek Elementary
    • Lance Vandermark, Sunset View Elementary
    • Desiree Vail, Timpanogos Elementary
    • William Valora, Timpview High
    • Mary Stewart, Wasatch Elementary
    • Meghan Parker, Westridge Elementary

District Teacher of the Year

Among the “Teachers of the Year” listed above, one individual was selected to be awarded the overall “District Teacher of the Year”. Mark Williams, who teaches at Independence High School, was the winner for this school year. Mark states that, “teaching is not just the dissemination of knowledge. It is allowing a young person to open up to new thoughts and ideas. I don’t just want students to memorize facts and dates and people, but to see that they can change the way things are, and make their lives and the lives around them better. They need to develop a love of learning that goes far beyond the classroom. I hope I am a catalyst in that process.”

Congratulations to all of these individuals and thank you for showcasing exemplary work throughout this school year. You are what makes our school district successful and a wonderful place to be. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger